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"The Pure Flix Podcast" is a weekly show hosted by journalist and author Billy Hallowell that offers interviews with your favorite pastors and celebrities, insight, inspiration — and a preview of what's to come in faith and family-friendly entertainment. This is the official podcast of Pure Flix, a faith and family-friendly streaming service that offers movies, TV shows, documentaries, and original series for the entire family.

  1. 1.
    Actor David A.R. White Explores the New 'God's Not Dead' Film — and End Times Expert Jeff Kinley Breaks Down the Rapture, Tribulation & More!
  2. 2.
    VINDICATION AFTERSHOW EPISODE 9: One Character's Deeply Tragic Death, Travis' Test & Joe's Fall (WARNING: SPOILERS!)
  3. 3.
    VINDICATION AFTERSHOW EPISODE 8: A Chaotic Sting, a Shocking Cliffhanger and the Tomlinson vs. Travis Battle Heats Up (WARNING: SPOILERS!)
  4. 4.
    Inside the Book of Revelation: Exploring the 7 Churches Mentioned in the Prophetic Scriptures
  5. 5.
    VINDICATION AFTERSHOW EPISODE 7: Confronting Real-Life Struggles, Twists and Turns and More — Surprising Moments From Episode 7 (CAUTION: Spoilers!)
  6. 6.
    Hollywood Director and 'Blue Miracle' Writer Chris Dowling on His Passion for Bringing Truth to the Big Screen
  7. 7.
    VINDICATION AFTERSHOW EPISODE 6: A Potentially Deadly Clash With a Rogue Ex-Cop — and Other Shocking Moments (CAUTION: Spoilers!)
  8. 8.
    VINDINATION AFTERSHOW EPISODE 5: Breaking Down the Most Shocking Twists & Surprises (CAUTION: Spoilers!)
  1. 9.
    Comedian Michael Jr. on His Calling to Help People 'Understand That the Bible Is Real'
  2. 10.
    VINDINATION AFTERSHOW EPISODE 4: Kris' Chaos, Doris' Surprising Request & Confronting Race (Caution: SPOILERS!)
  3. 11.
    Her Husband Was Killed at the World Trade Center on 9/11 — Here's How Shelly Genovese Calhoun Found Hope Amid Tragedy
  4. 12.
    VINDINATION AFTERSHOW EP. 3: What's Up With Kris' Brother, Travis' Big Faith Lesson and the Ongoing Doris Conundrum (CAUTION: Episode 3 Spoilers Ahead!)
  5. 13.
    VINDINATION AFTERSHOW EP. 2: Do You Trust Doris? (CAUTION: Episode 2 Spoilers Ahead!)
  6. 14.
    VINDINATION AFTERSHOW: Breaking Down the Season 2 Premiere of 'Vindication' (CAUTION: Episode 1 Spoilers Ahead!)
  7. 15.
    Anxious? Fearful? Author Jon Seidl Helps You Find Rest Amid the Uncertainty and Dive Deeper Into Your Faith
  8. 16.
    Hollywood Director, Writer and Producer Chris Dowling Describes Finding Faith — and What It Takes to Make a Successful Movie
  9. 17.
    Happiness vs. Joy: Finding Peace Amid the Chaos: Daniel Fusco Shares His Journey — and Advice for You
  10. 18.
    'God Your Will, Not Mine': Singer Danny Gokey on Dying to Self and Truly Encountering God
  11. 19.
    BONUS: The Moment 'Farmer and the Belle' Star Jenn Gotzon Cried Out to God and Discovered True Identity
  12. 20.
    Kendrick Brothers Filmmaker Stephen Kendrick Drops By to Unveil Details on His New Movie — and Some 'Courageous' News
  13. 21.
    SEASON PREMIERE: Surprise Co-Host Joins the Show, Pandemic Family Changes and One Actor's Near-Death Journey Back to Faith
  14. 22.
    SEASON FINALE: Candace Cameron Bure Talks Prayer, Her Dreams and Seeking God in Everything (PLUS: Join Pure Flix Family Camp!)
  15. 23.
    He Says He Nearly Died and Visited Heaven — Hear Where 'Heaven Is For Real's' Colton Burpo Is Today
  16. 24.
    'Because of Gracia' Star Chris Massoglia Drops By — and Singer Tim Timmons Shares His Incredible Personal Story
  17. 25.
    'Engulfed in a Fireball': The Literal Explosion That Transformed 'Jurassic Park' Star Kristoffer Polaha's Life & Faith
  18. 26.
    'I Heard God Speak to Me': Columbine Survivor Craig Scott Reflects on the Moments That Saved His Life
  19. 27.
    From an Atheist Journalist to One of the Most Popular Christian Evangelists: Lee Strobel's Crazy Conversion Story (Plus: Roma Downey Drops By)
  20. 28.
    Stephen Baldwin and Harry Connick Jr. Share Their Faith Journeys (Plus: We Honor the Life of a Truly Heroic Fallen Cop)
  21. 29.
    David A.R. White Drops By With Behind-the-Scenes Details on 'Beckman' (Plus: Hear the Late Luis Palau in His Own Words)
  22. 30.
    Meet the Sisters Who Teamed Up to Bring Us 'Switched,' a Powerful Movie About Bullying, Prayer — and Hope
  23. 31.
    Actress Miya Horcher Breaks Down New Film's Powerful Message (Plus: A Lesson About Love and God's Plan for Our Lives)
  24. 32.
    Christian Comedian Leland Klassen Takes Us Inside His Faith, Life and Career (Plus: The Incredible Heroism of Corrie ten Boom)
  25. 33.
    Singer Jordan Feliz Talks New Music, Faith, Struggles — and the Prayers That Healed
  26. 34.
    Diving Into 2021 With God — Plus: Kim Dolan Leto Reveals the Missing Link to Fitness Success
  27. 35.
    Inside the 'Christmas Star' That Will Light Up the Skies for the First Time in 800 Years — and the Historic Roots of Santa, Wreaths and Christmas Trees
  28. 36.
    COVID, Chaos, Hate & Rage: Becky Thompson on How to Find Peace in the Midst of Pandemonium
  29. 37.
    He's a U.S. Army Vet and a Homeland Security Alum Who Quit His Job to Become an Actor — and His Story Is Incredible
  30. 38.
    Singer Colton Dixon Reveals a Real-Life Miracle — and His New Christmas Song
  31. 39.
    Checking In With 'I'm Not Ashamed' Star Masey McLain Stanley on Hollywood, Faith and Life
  32. 40.
    'Vindication' Star Todd Terry's Hollywood Journey, Meet the Cast of End-Times Show 'The Dark' & More
  33. 41.
    'War Room' Actress Karen Abercrombie's Incredible Message About Grace and God (and Her Journey to Fame)
  34. 42.
    Actor Kevin Sorbo Tackles the Science vs. God Debate and Details His Path to Faith
  35. 43.
    'The World Is in Ruins': Actor Kevin Sizemore Reveals the Details of His New End Times TV Show
  36. 44.
    What Does the Bible Say About Suicide? (Plus: 5 Ways to Strengthen Your Faith)
  37. 45.
    Allie Beth Stuckey Says You're Not Enough (and That's Okay) — Plus: Luis Palau Tells His Story
  38. 46.
    As the Nation Battles Hate and Chaos, This Author's Timeless Solution Is What We Truly Need
  39. 47.
    After Megachurch Pastor's Tragic Suicide, His Widow Offers a Powerful Message for Us All
  40. 48.
    Doctors Said This Actor Had Almost No Chance. Now, He's Literally a Walking Miracle (Plus: Hollywood + Jesus?)
  41. 49.
    The Incredible Way Hymns Transform Lives...Generation After Generation
  42. 50.
    Bible Project Promises to Revolutionize Scripture Engagement — and David A.R. White Explains 'Finding Love in Quarantine'

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