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Despite the scary faces we make, research says having a good cry is good for you! Grab a tissue, get in the fetal position and cry it out with us today. We talk tears in this show, and adult toys for your gift list, the way to get moving and motivate for exercise, the probiotic […]

Oct 25

24 min 54 sec

Social media goes down for a period of time and we freak out without it! A cell phone catches a coach in a compromising position and we freak out because social media is too invasive! We can’t have it both ways people! But, we CAN talk about it! Today, we talk about that, and we […]

Oct 23

33 min 38 sec

Who hasn’t been hot under the collar on occasion? Probably no one! The good news is, if this is you, we have some science based tips to walk yourself off that ledge! Also today, why you are so in love with pumpkin spice, the addictive behaviors of parasocial relationships, the Halloween candies some like best, […]

Oct 18

29 min 11 sec

Good thing Captain Kirk went into space after the astronaut bathroom issues had been fixed! Wait until you hear what the earlier astronauts had to do, just to do the do! Plus, today we have thoughts on infant swim lessons, the science behind the 9 minute snooze, Instagram trying to cut down on the hate, […]

Oct 17

33 min 50 sec

Can’t keep up with all of the TikTok trends? You are not alone, because we are in the same boat! We decided to go to our family beauty influencer for the latest tricks. Plus, today we talk about all the things Alexa and Ring can do, something new in raising kids called platonic parenting, how […]

Aug 30

29 min 59 sec

Skip the soap; Hollywood says bathing isn’t really necessary! A few A-listers in the celebrity set are spreading the word that they think the daily shower/bath is overrated. Let’s discuss that one! Plus, today too, we chat about the differences between bachelorette vs. bachelor parties, our favorite back to school memories, the wonderful world of […]

Aug 25

24 min 27 sec

Thank you to all the Grandmas’ or any other title they wear, what you taught us still holds true! We talk advice that you can take to the bank, because Grandma said so! Also in this show today we discuss: whether you should tell a child to wax their unibrow, how Covid may have affected […]

Aug 11

41 min 45 sec

Is the keyboard romantic on the other side of your relationship actually who they say they are? Hear from a woman who had her pictures stolen in an elaborate catfishing schem! Plus, in this show we chat comfort food by states, what Dolly Parton does to live long and happy, how much you need to […]

Aug 8

41 min 41 sec

Togetherness has many different meanings when it comes to getting a good nights sleep! today we share stories of the long-suffering couples who have decided that separate bedrooms makes everyone happier. Also in this podcast, we talk Covid haircuts and what the masks were hiding, Tinder and the way the app is trying to make […]

Jul 1

30 min 39 sec

Get out the red balloons and paint before you have that yard sale; we have the tips for success! Also today, we chat about owning your mental health, how to know who to trust, whether we would fight a bear or run screaming, why people seem to want to eat cicadas, how to be more […]

Jun 15

45 min 30 sec