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The Done-By-Noon Podcast is a show for entrepreneurs who want to achieve more by noon than others in a full day. Serial entrepeneur Dave Ruel and his co-host Chris Lopez share the strategies that will help you optimize your Productivity, Performance and Lifestyle so you can reach new heights in your Business and Life. So if you're ready to become the most efficient and effective entrepreneur you know, you're in the right place!

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Think about your sleep last night. Was it okay, horrible, or great? If you’re like most people, your consistent sleep schedule may be passable, but deep down, you wish it could be better. We spend a third of our lives sleeping, yet so many of us KNOW that it’s not quite there. For many folks, hitting the pillow entails a nightly battle with incessant thoughts and intrusive wakefulness. On this new episode, Dave talks with certified bio-optimizer and BFF, Matt Gallant, about how Matt dialed in his sleep after years of fighting against it. Matt lays out the big six disruptors and no-nonsense steps to avoid them for good, the TELLTALE sign of disturbed sleep, and how to structure your sleep for YOUR life, not someone on the internet telling you to wake up at 5 am because they do…or want to.   In This Episode: Want to improve your sleep, and overall LIFE, in a hurry? Check out Matt’s top six “sleep disruptors” that are BIG NO-NOS if you want any semblance of a good night’s rest. Then, be sure to incorporate these TWO bedtime rituals to get your brain ready to shut down. Out of the MANY traits of disrupted sleep, figure out if you’re doing this ONE small thing when you sleep. Any time you do this, your sleep suffers. The internet is FILLED with people telling you to “wake up at 5 am!!”, but is this advice practical for everybody? Once you learn WHY the term “early” is relative, you’ll actually find a sleep schedule that works for YOU, not somebody else. Do you or someone you know suffer from insomnia? If so, then you HAVE to include THIS supplement in your daily routine, preferably an hour or so before bed, to RADICALLY improve your ability to wind down for the night and get that restful sleep you need.

Aug 9

35 min 29 sec

If you’re an entrepreneur, you may be familiar with feeling anxious for most of the day. In a culture of “hustle and grind”, it’s not surprising. While you may see that as your “edge” in the business world, it’s actually harming your mental health by preventing you from relaxing and thinking clearly. In this new episode, Dave and Chris sit down with Dr. Ellen Wong, a naturopathic doctor who’s spent her career studying the effects of high-functioning anxiety. They cover what “high-functioning” REALLY means, how our family history influences our mental health, and why it’s SUPER important to define a personalized version of “success”. In This Episode: Having a successful career doesn’t mean you’re not suffering. Once you hear Dr Wong explain why “high functioning anxiety” doesn’t fit the traditional mold, you may realize a lot about yourself. Science has shown that trauma in our grandparents impacts us today, but instead of feeling powerless, listen to Dr. Wong lay out a simple plan to break the cycle. Why we need to define our OWN version of success in order to genuinely respect each other, especially if you live in a culture of “hustle and grind”. How leaders can finally SHOW UP and captain their industries with confidence AND empathy, which will lead to more profits than pushing their employees to their breaking points.

Jul 26

59 min 14 sec

What does it mean to “bio-hack”? Contrary to what it sounds like, it’s not necessarily a shortcut to good health and performance; exercise and eating well should always be your foundation of health, period. However, for those of you who have the basics dialed it and are ready to level up, biohacking serves as a way to optimize your health even further. On this new episode, Dave and Chris talk with crowd-favorite Cary Jack about his non-negotiable methods for optimizing his body, mind, and spirit. It all sounds fancy, but as Cary explains, the pillars of health don’t require expensive equipment or a degree. It requires showing up for the basics and staying happy in your hustle. In This Episode: “Biohacking” has gained extreme popularity recently, but it’s not as simple as the name suggests. Before you go gung-ho on the “hacking” part, you NEED to get these aspects of your life in check FIRST, no excuses. Once you nail down the basics of healthfulness, Cary recommends these THREE steps to begin your optimization journey and become happier and healthier than ever. The internet is chock FULL of contrasting nutrition advice, workout programs, and some crazy supplements you’ve never heard of. If you want to avoid the noise and just move forward, remember THIS word and you’ll get farther than the people who spend too much time thinking.” Want to know the simplest but INCREDIBLY effective bio hack? It involves doing NOTHING at all and just following THIS simple rhythm, that’s it!

Jul 12

43 min 17 sec

Let’s get honest here: Is it possible to have a fulfilling marriage while running a successful business? Contrary to what public breakups or other more cynical entrepreneurs may tell you, it is! However, that doesn’t mean it happens overnight. A marriage, just like anything worthwhile, requires patience and a commitment to show up every single day, no matter how hard it feels sometimes. On this new episode, Dave and Chris invite their wives on the show to discuss the ONE thing you need to keep aligned with each other to weather any storm, how to incorporate “couple time” no matter how busy you are, and THE MOST IMPORTANT WORD in any marriage or business. No one said this stuff was easy, but that means it’s worth it.

Jun 28

56 min 25 sec

Ever felt like, in order to build your business, you had to make some tough sacrifices? If your body was one of them, you’re not alone. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the grind and forget about your fitness. However, as you’ll discover in this new episode, physical health is the key to everything else! Chris and Dave sit down with the owner of High Performance Founder, Dan Go, to discuss how Dan has helped dozens of entrepreneurs accelerate their profits AND quality of life through foundational healthy habits. Dan lays out the #1 WORST mistake that thousands of entrepreneurs make (and it’s not about their body), what fitness REALLY means to Dan, and the KEY to Dan’s (and his clients’) success. In This Episode: Dan breaks down the #1 WORST mistake entrepreneurs make for their health, but spoiler alert: It has NOTHING to do with their bodies. Once you understand the “three parts of the mind”, you’ll have your “Aha!” moment and NEVER self-sabotage your progress again. For Dan, what inspires him to be in shape is MUCH more than appearance or ego. If you nail down THIS in your life first, then taking care of yourself is a no-brainer. Losing weight is about WAY more than a number on a scale. From scientific studies to business performance, Dan lays out why exercise is the KEY to success.

Jun 14

52 min 59 sec

Is starting a business as easy as all the gurus online claim it is? Anyone CAN start a business, but if anyone tries to sell you on THEIR ebook or claim that you have to be working CONSTANTLY to find success, cover your ears. On this new episode, Dave and Chris sit down with the godfather of marketing, Ryan Lee, to talk about how Ryan has built multiple successful brands over two decades WITHOUT burning himself out or obsessing over the latest social media trends. Ryan dives into his “secret sauce” that helps him get and KEEP customers forever, what Ryan eventually realized is ACTUALLY important in life AND business, and the ONE lesson that keeps people from accomplishing anything but tricks them into believing they are. Full disclosure: We already know the answer!

May 31

58 min 58 sec

There’s no instructional manual for running a business, but there ARE systems that, when put in place, serve as a guide in the right direction. In this new episode, Dave sits down with entrepreneur and EOS implementer, Mark Henderson, about how the EOS entrepreneurial system has helped SO many business owners discover their weaknesses, double-down on their strengths, and light the path. They discuss how THESE two critical but opposite roles need to interact with each other, how to leverage the “Five Leadership Abilities'' to always push through roadblocks, and the ONE rule that helps Mark stay grounded and remember the reasons he’s an entrepreneur in the first place.

May 17

42 min 51 sec

The world of podcasting is bigger than ever, and chances are that either you or someone you know has considered launching one of their own. Awesome! If you’re in this camp, it’s easy to feel unsure of where to start, but don’t fret! In this new episode, Dave and Chris sit down with Luis Diaz, who developed an art of podcast production and whose company has overseen over 47 podcast launches and 5,000,000 downloads! They discuss the TRUTH about podcasting that motivated Luis to completely change his life path, how to develop a FLAWLESS system to take an episode from concept to upload, and the SINGLE BIGGEST lesson behind why most new podcasts don’t succeed. 

May 10

1 hr

If you’re a parent, you’ll relate to this next sentence: Raising a family can be hard. So, as imperfect people, how do we show up for ourselves AND our kids every single day? In this new episode, Dave talks to Chris and Rozanne Lopez about why family and career chaos motivated them to write down their NON-negotiable values and live by them daily. They discuss how the simple act of writing their statement was the much NEEDED FUNDAMENTAL change amidst the chaos, the TRULY EFFECTIVE way to deal out punishment, and how Rozanne and Chris revealed their mission statement to their children and created a beautiful “lightbulb moment” that shines to this day.

Apr 26

57 min 12 sec

Creativity can feel overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Your brain is designed to bounce between ideas and form unexpected connections, but how do you keep track of it all? In this new episode, Chris and Dave dive into the nuances of a Personal Knowledge Management System (PKM) and how it’s been a game-changer for their creative processes. They talk about the daily practice that’s CRUCIAL for controlling your creativity, why you SHOULD connect the dots whenever possible, and how to activate your “second brain” and the tools that will transform your free-flowing creativity into action.

Apr 19

28 min 47 sec

Are you defined by your past actions, or is every day a new opportunity to carve your place in history? It’s easy to get bogged down by your past mistakes, but ultimately, your life is defined by what you do TODAY, nothing else. On this new episode, Dave talks with previous business partner and official BFF, Matt Gallant,  about how Matt survived addiction and went on to build an eight-figure business, all while continuing to push his limits AND practice daily gratitude. They discuss how doing “nothing” and practicing the “serenity prayer” are crucial to finding quiet in a noisy world, why Matt is thankful for the toughest years of his life, and the ONE subject that Matt studies vigorously to stay hungry and grateful.

Apr 12

1 hr 3 min

When winter comes, do you fight it or accept it? So many people find comfort in momentum, meaning that once one project is done, another takes its place. High energy and output has its place, but just like the seasons, they ebb and flow. So, when things need to slow down, how will you react? In this new episode, Dave and Chris share examples in their own lives about slowing down and taking time to just “be”. Dave talks about how he redefined the word “self-respect”, why you need Karine Ruel’s advice on how to disconnect from the noise every now and then, and this HUGE reason that Dave strives to have LESS control in his life.

Apr 5

41 min 44 sec

Back in the days of printed map directions and those huge monitors, the internet wasn’t what we take for granted nowadays. Not only was the internet smaller scale, but people weren’t making livings off of it like they are now. To transform your passion into a career on the internet 15-20 years ago was unheard of, but the people who figured it out were pioneers, and that’s EXACTLY what today’s guest did. On this new episode, Dave and Chris interview the OG of online bodybuilding coaching, Lee Hayward. The three discuss the GOLDEN opportunity that Lee saw in those early days that radically transformed his life, the philosophy that’s allowed him to relate to his customers in a genuine way, and Lee’s ONE crucial piece of advice for STICKING to your journey, no matter what life throws your way.

Mar 29

1 hr 4 min

Whether you’ve seen probiotics in the store or heard the term “leaky gut” before, what does it all mean? Is there a piece of health that we’ve been missing? Turns out, yes! In the past twenty years or so, more and more science has discovered the HUGE importance of caring for your gut bacteria. If you’re looking for new ways to improve your athletic performance AND quality of life, then this episode is for you! Dave sits down with retired bodybuilder and BiOptimizer, Wade Lightheart, to discuss why Wade sought a spiritual guide to figure out what he was missing in life, how he was able to SMASH a feat that EVERYONE said was “insane”, and the ONE thing that Wade learned to help him recover from gaining 40 pounds of “fat and water” and will help YOU get in the BEST shape of your life, no matter your age!

Mar 15

54 min 36 sec

In light of the recent U.S. Capitol riots, people around the world have shared their interpretation of WHY the events happened. Whatever your politics may be, this episode is NOT about which policies are “correct” or blaming one side of the political aisle. Instead, we want to ask this simple but powerful question: Do you lead yourself, or does another person/idea lead you from the shadows? In this new episode, Dave and Chris dive deep into the issues of leadership, charisma, and much more. They cover what the riot revealed about PEOPLE (and not just politics), the HUGE lessons that we can learn from Trump REGARDLESS of his policies, and the TRUTH behind self-leadership and making ACTUAL progress as people and a country.

Mar 8

32 min 44 sec

When your mind is overflowing with more ideas than you know what to do with, how do you sort through the noise to find the gems? Creativity is a free-flowing process that shouldn’t be restricted, but if you want to actually take action on those ideas, you need to establish a structure to transform thinking into doing. In this new episode, Dave and Chris discuss how implementing a daily structure empowered them to embrace their active minds AND be able to take action consistently. They cover practices that you can do at home RIGHT NOW to determine your long-term game plan, what EVERYONE needs in their life to determine if an idea they’re passionate about is actually good, and THREE questions that will help you see through the trap of perfectionism and LOVE action, no matter how imperfect.

Mar 1

35 min 14 sec

If you’re someone who wants to ditch the 9 to 5 and create your OWN career, the journey is more than “work 18 hours until something happens”. In essence, in trying to escape one rat race, you may place yourself in another. So, how do you find that happy balance where you’re making strides in creating your own destiny without letting the work consume you? On this new episode, Dave and Chris bring on Cary Jack, an entrepreneur, author, podcast host, professional actor/model, biohacker, and eco-warrior. The three dive DEEP into where your focus should be if you want to see REAL long-term results, a foundational shift happening RIGHT NOW in cities that could be YOUR key to financial freedom, and Cary’s “3 P’s” that have allowed him to BREAK the cycle of constant work, take back his career, and “put the happy back in the hustle”.

Feb 22

40 min 27 sec

Money. That word can cause an avalanche of feelings in people, and no wonder. There are countless opinions flying around about what, where, and how to spend your money, leaving people feeling lost and anxious. Some people strive to have $100 million in the bank and five cars, whereas others would rather spend that money on experiences. Ultimately, money is the vehicle for YOUR life, not its destination. On this new episode, Dave and Chris discuss how to make the most out of your money, not how to make the most money. They cover how Chris’s family of seven undertakes the “100 Day Challenge” to stay on top of their expenses, important routines that have saved Dave THOUSANDS per year, and THE key mental shift that will empower you to reduce waste in ALL areas of your life.

Feb 15

43 min 3 sec

If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that genuine human connection is both in high demand and more important than ever. So, how can we apply the lessons learned about ourselves and our economy in 2021, especially if you’re trying to finally build that business or freelance career? In this new episode, Dave and Chris dissect the approach that allowed them to foster deep, long lasting relationships and create businesses on their terms, pandemic or not. They warn us against seeing entrepreneurship as a finish line, how to avoid the temptation of the “business dick pic”, and the simple but fundamental reason why Mom and Pop shops are able to create customers for life. Spoiler alert: It’s not multi-million dollar ad campaigns or influencer marketing.

Feb 8

33 min 30 sec

If you’ve ever questioned how much you actually learned in school, you’re not alone. More and more people are challenging the effectiveness of traditional education, but what’s the alternative? Is homeschooling a viable option, especially if you’re an entrepreneur? On this new episode, Dave sits down with co-host Chris Lopez and his wife, Rozanne, to discuss how they’ve homeschooled a household of FIVE children. Rozanne tells the story of how ONE phrase convinced them to make the switch, why all learning needs to involve the “Nerdy Dopamine Rush'', and how raising empathetic and independent children starts with raising yourself.

Feb 1

59 min 56 sec

We all know how important fitness is, but when life gets in the way, where can we find the time? Doesn’t every workout need to be super intense and last an hour to be effective? On this new episode, Dave and Chris dispel the myths about what you “need” to get an effective workout, laying out a more realistic and empowering model for OWNING your physical fitness. They tackle the “no pain no gain” mentality, fundamental movements every workout should include, and a more holistic approach that will keep you coming back for more, no matter what life throws at you.

Jan 25

24 min 8 sec

In a world full of entrepreneurs telling each other to scale their business because “that’s what you do”, can you choose a different path? How do you build a business that can SUSTAIN itself for years to come, escaping the rat race and guaranteeing you financial freedom and peace of mind? In this new episode, Dave and Chris lay out how to approach building, marketing, and leadership in your business to prioritize LONGEVITY, allowing its mission to carry on for years to come and give you the financial empowerment you deserve.

Jan 18

38 min 32 sec

When people imagine running an online business, the image of “relaxing by the beach, laptop in lap” often comes to mind. While that scenario isn’t impossible, it’s a bit of a fantasy. Growing a business, whether physical or virtual, requires hours of dedication and persistence. Success doesn’t happen overnight. An online business will present its own unique challenges, but as you’ll hear on today’s new episode, pushing through those difficulties will get you closer to living the life you want. Dave and Chris discuss what “overnight success” really means, how to utilize email and websites to foster engagement, and an actionable step-by-step guide to growing any kind of business. In This Episode: An “overnight success” takes YEARS  Why EVERY business needs to be “online” in some capacity, especially with COVID The advantages of an email list and website vs. social media Why implementing a rigid schedule is CRITICAL to successfully running an online business Dave’s concrete steps for developing a self-sufficient system

Jan 11

40 min 23 sec

Imagine with me for a second: You open your email, see a message from a budding and gracious writer who wants to provide you “content” or “value”, and it seems all too familiar. You’ve seen this before, haven’t you? Someone reaching out to establish a “relationship”, but in reality, they’ll want something from you. So, in a world chock FULL of those emails, how do you find the genuine relationship that will last a lifetime, free of expectations? In this new episode, Dave and Chris differentiate between your business and “bros”, a foolproof checklist to test the health of a relationship, and the simple but TRUE definition of friendship. In This Episode: Use THIS simple gauge to know if your relationship is rock solid Why you need to share values, NOT “value”, in your relationships How to approach new people WITHOUT wanting something from them If you only talk about THIS in a relationship, watch out! What it means to have a colleague vs. your “bro”   Connect with us: Productivity Tools & Trainings Here: Follow Dave: LinkedIn: Facebook: Instagram: Claim your copy of the Done By Noon book:

Jan 4

33 min 24 sec

When you read this episode’s title, what comes to mind? That Chris woke up one day, worked for 18 hours for the next four days, then made $48k? Chris did make $48k in four days, but the truth doesn’t stop there. In this new episode, Chris lays out everything that happened beforehand that made those four days possible. Chris and Dave discuss what it means to play an “infinite game”, why small but consistent progress is so powerful, and the ONE word that spells success. In This Episode: This ONE word is the KEY to achieving creative, financial, and time freedom How Chris transformed his friendship into a golden opportunity Why you need to play an “infinite game” to succeed long term What it truly means to “show up” every single day Connect with us:   Productivity Tools & Trainings Here: Follow Dave: LinkedIn: Facebook: Instagram: Claim your copy of the Done By Noon book:

Dec 2020

26 min 52 sec

There’s so much talk about hustle and sacrifice, but where do YOU fit in? In a world of 80-hour work weeks and no salary, how do you create a routine that enriches your life AND grows your business at the same time? In this new episode, Dave and Chris list out the essential components of a self-care routine that puts YOU first. Before you can be an exceptional leader to others, you have to lead yourself. In This Episode: What Dave does FIRST THING in the morning that too many people overlook Why practicing gratitude is the KEY to feeling fulfilled everyday How Dave and Chris personalize their wellness to stay young forever As long as you achieve THIS balance, you don’t need perfection Connect with us: Productivity Tools & Trainings Here: Follow Dave: LinkedIn: Facebook: Instagram: Claim your copy of the Done By Noon book:

Dec 2020

59 min 32 sec

When somebody asks you, “hey, how’s it going?”, is your default answer something like, “Busy. I’m so crazy busy.”?The life of an entrepreneur doesn’t have to be that way. In this episode of the DBN podcast, Dave & Chris pull from their athletic & sports backgrounds and break down 3 essential principles that will double your productivity and will help you get MORE done in less time. You’ll learn how to adjust your workload & tasks according to your energy levels; how to plan your day, week and quarter according to the Effic Methodology and how to recover and restore your energy so you can approach each day with the same focus.

Nov 2020

47 min 32 sec

In this episode, Dave & Chris talk about the 3 Types of Freedoms that you achieve with Entrepreneurship and the pluses & downsides to each. In this episode you’ll learn: [3:11] Dave (6’2”, 250lbs) and his irrational fear of insects [8:50] Freedom, and the appeal of entrepreneurship; what types of “freedoms” does entrepreneurship give you [11:25] Dave talks about the type of freedom entrepreneurs really want [15:55] How the guys view Money and Financial Freedom [24:00] The reality of the “3 Freedoms” and your ability to counter-balance your priorities References: Herbert the Pervert Hotline Bling - Kalon Surf Camp in Costa Rica - Dave’s Instagram - Chris’ Instagram -

Nov 2020

40 min 8 sec

Setting goals are great. But as they say, a goal without a roadmap to achieve that goal… is just a wish. In today’s podcast Dave & Chris show you how to take your big goals and break them down into actionable tasks so you have roadmap to achieve them.

Nov 2020

44 min 30 sec

Are you doing EVERYTHING in your business? There are tasks in your business that are just “busy work” and then there are your HIGH LEVERAGE tasks… tasks that only you can do with your unique ability… YOUR ROCKS. Today, Dave & Chris will show you how to determine what your BIG ROCKS are and how to identify, delegate and/or outsource/eliminate from your schedule so you can focus on what grows your business and puts money in the bank. The guys talk about their general disdain for traditional “meetings” in the workplace, the need for entrepreneurs to stay creative and why building processes within your business is so important to your productivity (and sanity).

Nov 2020

44 min 19 sec

Episode 1 of the Done by Noon Podcast introduces you to Dave Ruel and his co-host Chris Lopez where they talk about productivity, performance, Lifestyle Businesses, the illusion of entrepreneurship, their origin stories and how there is no “one set path” to success.

Jan 2020

45 min 10 sec