The Talking Llama Podcast

By Ian M. Roth

This show gives you to tools and inspiration to speak your legacy and start your podcast. Join Ian Roth, a podcaster who is a father of three with a full-time job, as he interviews guests who can help you launch and jump start your podcast on top of your day job. The Talking Llama Podcast is a podcast for creatives who currently have or are looking to start a podcast or create other audio content. You will learn how to take your creative passion from idea to audio through simple and actionable steps.

  1. 1.
    Ahmad Jooma & David Chambers of The Authentic Dating Series - Dating Advice For Men
  2. 2.
    Ted Lawlor, Podcaster- If Only They Knew Podcast
  3. 3.
    Michelle Seidling, Podcast Host- Food Experience Unplugged
  4. 4.
    BONUS EPISODE with Russell Nohelty
  5. 5.
    Russell Nohelty, Podcaster and USA Today Bestselling Author
  6. 6.
    Lucy Norris
  7. 7.
    Sina Sadrzadeh
  8. 8.
    Jason Elkin, Founder/CEO of Bad Buffalo Media

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