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By Mary Marantz

How do I overcome the FEAR that it’s too late to chase a dream? How do I get out of being STUCK in perfectionism, worrying that people will judge me, and being caught up in comparison and self doubt? How do I stay motivated and stop procrastinating out of fear of failure, always feeling unprepared and unqualified before I even begin? How do I prioritize and start making consistent progress on my goals and dreams with highly successful habits, discipline, and focus? And the biggest question of all, how do I OWN my muddy story with bravery, courage, conviction and faith? If you have ever asked yourself these questions, take a deep breath, because you’re in the right place. Welcome to the Mary Marantz Show. Where we answer ALL those questions and more! A space to own the muddy parts of your story, build things that matter, and where slow growth always equals strong roots. Listen in each week as host, Mary Marantz, brings you honest conversations and her best tips about business, relationships, faith, goals & more... where we feel the fear and move forward anyway. Along with serving her best business and life tips, you’ll also hear motivating interviews from some of the best in the industry - authors, speakers, leaders, and entrepreneurs like Natalie Franke, Jess Connolly, Jessica Honegger and more– to bring you one step closer to your goals. You’ll learn business strategies to more effectively serve your audience, receive inspiration to dig deeper and find freedom in relationships, and learn how to build a legacy that lasts. You’re here and you have scars. You’re here and you have dirt in your story. You’re here and you’re afraid both of those disqualify you before you even start. But you have a place here. Your story already matters. Because one day, when we get to where it is we’re going, it won’t be despite these scars we bear. It will always be because of them. Slow growth equals Strong roots.

  1. 1.
    Walking Through Loss? How to Seek God's Faithfulness in Seasons of Grief with Jonathan Pitts
  2. 2.
    Tired of Surface Friendships? How Just One Word Can Change Everything with Laura Tremaine
  3. 3.
    X: How to Multiply Your God-Given Potential with John Bevere
  4. 4.
    The Power of Writing it Down: 6 Ways to Get Unstuck & Unlock Your Brain with Allison Fallon
  5. 5.
    Goals That Stick: How to Make Exercise a Gratitude Habit with Andrea Montalvo, founder of Embrace MVMNT
  6. 6.
    Stop Living on Autopilot: How to Discover a Bolder, Happier You with Antonio Neves
  7. 7.
    Beyond the Baby Steps: Discovering Your Personal Money Mindset with Rachel Cruze
  8. 8.
    Fighting Forward: Beating the Lies Holding You Back with Hannah Brencher
  1. 9.
    Pouring from a Full Cup: 5 Ways to Combat Anxiety with Hope Taylor
  2. 10.
    Quit Syndrome: How to Stop Quitting on Your Dream with Lindsay Teague Moreno
  3. 11.
    5 Things No One Tells You About Being an Entrepreneur with Lindsey Schwartz
  4. 12.
    Switched: How to Stop Comparing and Start Empathizing with Alexandra Boylan
  5. 13.
    Setting Boundaries: 7 Ways to Protect Your Joy & Rest This Holiday Season with Kelly Balarie
  6. 14.
    Never Enough Time? 5 Time Management Fixes You Need Now! with Candice Coppola
  7. 15.
    These Nameless Things: How to Find Freedom through Forgiveness with Shawn Smucker
  8. 16.
    How to Prioritize Genuine Connection > Faux-Vulnerability with Rachel Awtrey
  9. 17.
    How to Pray When You Don’t Know What to Say with Sheila Walsh
  10. 18.
    In Awe: Embracing Wonder When the World’s Gone Hard with John O'Leary
  11. 19.
    You Be You: How to Use Your God-Given Voice with Jamie Ivey
  12. 20.
    Standing Strong: How to Break Free from What's Holding You Back with Alli Worthington
  13. 21.
    The Cozy Minimalist: How to Embrace the Rhythms of The Season in Your Home with Myquillyn Smith
  14. 22.
    Dirt: Growing Strong Roots in What Makes the Broken Beautiful with My Dad
  15. 23.
    The Powerful Purpose of Introverts: Why the World Needs You to Be You with Holley Gerth
  16. 24.
    A Search for Common Ground: How Far Apart Are We Really? with Jordan Blashek + Chris Haugh
  17. 25.
    The Power of Determination: The Story of Jamie Otis
  18. 26.
    The Refined Woman: How to Love Yourself and Others in the Waiting with Kat Harris
  19. 27.
    Abundant Living > Timid Living: Living the Life God Designed for You with Teresa Swanstrom Anderson
  20. 28.
    The Greater Story: Believing That Your Mess is The Beginning of God's Miracle with Sam Collier
  21. 29.
    The Life Minimalist: How to Start Decluttering TODAY! with Allie Casazza
  22. 30.
    The Power of Standing Together: Letting Love Open Our Eyes with Terence Lester
  23. 31.
    Storytelling > Stereotypes: Shining a Light on the Rich History of Appalachia with Ashley York
  24. 32.
    God-Sized Dreams: How to Get On Fire For Your Calling with Banning Liebscher
  25. 33.
    Mindset Matters: How to Make a Change and Build Generational Wealth with Anthony ONeal
  26. 34.
    The Enneagram Journey: How to Take Off the Mask and Live Your Truest Self with Ian Cron
  27. 35.
    Rooted > Striving: How to Stop Spinning Over the Pressure to Find Purpose with Shari Rigby
  28. 36.
    Your Hidden Superpower: How Kindness Makes You Unstoppable with Adrienne Bankert
  29. 37.
    All Things Reconsidered: How Rethinking 'Why' Helps Us Know 'What' We Believe with Knox McCoy
  30. 38.
    Laughing Through The Ugly Cry: Experience Joy Even Through Pain with Dawn Barton
  31. 39.
    Purpose > Perfect: Why Meaning is More Important Than Success with Caitlin Crosby
  32. 40.
    Relentless: Finding God Even When He Feels (Radio) Silent with Michele Cushatt
  33. 41.
    Let's Get Real: How to Resist the Pressure to Blend In with Natasha Bure
  34. 42.
    Understanding Each Other: How the 9 Enneagram Types Respond Differently to Crisis with Beth McCord
  35. 43.
    The Fight to Flourish: How the Struggle Makes Us Stronger with Jennie Lusko
  36. 44.
    Your Blue Flame: How to Tap into What Makes You Come Alive with Jen Fulwiler
  37. 45.
    I Still Believe: Trusting God to Redeem Your Story with Jeremy and Adrienne Camp
  38. 46.
    Jesus Over Everything: How to Stop Complicating and Start Simplifying with Lisa Whittle
  39. 47.
    Real > Pretend: How to Live Fierce, Free and Full of Fire with Jen Hatmaker
  40. 48.
    How to Rise STRONG in Times of Uncertainty with Lisa Bevere
  41. 49.
    Facts over Fear: 7 Steps for Managing Your Money in a Pandemic with Rachel Cruze
  42. 50.
    True Calling: Finding Peace and Purpose in Times of Uncertainty with Paula Faris

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