Cyber Security Business Connect and Protect Central Coast: The Podcast

Michael Trimblett

Your monthly look at topics covered by the Cyber Security Business Connect and Protect Central Coast initiative.

Join Michael Trimblett the @cyber_informer for a look at the Australian Federal Government's Essential Eight and other cyber security best practices for your Small/Medium Business.

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This month is update month on the Cyber Security Business Connect and Protect Central Coast initiative. We talk about the Annual Cyber Security Threat Report released by the Australian Federal Government, updates to Windows, Apple and Android, what caused the mass exodus from Facebook’s WhatsApp app? And we get another update on the ransomware group REvil.Quick link: how to tell if you need to report a privacy breach:Add this link:

Oct 31

27 min 34 sec

In this special episode, I speak with Richard Cotter from Softgen Australia. Richard has done a deep dive into cyber insurance, and he shares his findings and thoughts with us. We talk about cyber insurance from a business and insurers point of view and, what cyber insurance includes and excludes. Richard shares his thoughts on the future of cyber insurance (and cyberattacks generally) and he suggests some tactics on how to decrease your cyber insurance premium. This is a must listen episode if you run a business and have an Internet connection.Download the fact flier: penetration testing or in-depth security assessments, contact Richard on (02) 9416 0416 or email more information about SoftGen Australia and the services SoftGen provide, visit

Oct 17

1 hr 8 min

In this episode, I interview Anna Cruckshank, the managing director of Aubrey Brown Lawyers. Anna has been a practicing lawyer for over 30 years and she will talk about her experience with, and her ongoing issues relating to, her identity being stolen. As we’ll find out, this was of no fault of her own, in fact it was probably just bad timing. This is a fascinating interview.

Oct 10

36 min 51 sec

In this episode, we’ll discuss the topic of the month - Daily Backups. We'll look into what makes someone a cyber security expert, we'll talk about what the Essential Eight mandates for daily backups and I'll recommend a robust backup framework I have used ever since I started in I.T. back in 1998. What are the threats to your data? It's not only hackers that can cause data loss. How well do you know your staff? Would they sell you out for a quick buck? We'll talk about Initial Access Brokers, a new form of malicious insider who sells remote access to your network, and hackers are rewarding them with cash payouts. In the real world, you'll be updated with the ongoing PrintNightmare and the increase in Smishing attacks. Is REvil still gone and has the DarkSide hacking group re-emerged? And, have you seen the ransomware special on Last Week Tonight with John Oliver? I'll tell you where you can find this must watch episode.

Sep 5

32 min 12 sec

In this out-of-cycle episode, I chat with Gabby Bowles who is the Business Development Manager for the Central Coast Mariners Football Club. Recently, Gabby's Facebook account was hacked. Whilst you may think "big deal, if someone wants to hack my Facebook account, good for them I have nothing of value", it's not just about a hacker profiting from the hack, it's the inconvenience caused by such a hack. Gabby takes us through how she found out she was hacked, her experience with Facebook's support and that sick feeling that comes with someone accessing something that is supposed to be private. This is a must listen episode for anyone who has a Facebook account or uses any sort of social media.

Aug 15

36 min 22 sec

In this episode, we’ll discuss the topic of the month - multi-factor authentication. We’ll talk about a journalist who was hacked and the reason he was hacked is almost as astounding as how they hacked him, and the simple security measure that could have prevented it all. I’ll talk about the vulnerable website I hacked as part of a penetration test. I'll update you on current vulnerability news, we’ve heard about PrintNightmare, what are some of the other fun names hackers have given their vulnerabilities? I'll list my top 11 fun vulnerability names and we’ll find out the program that is “vulnerable by design”, the answer is unbelievable.

Aug 1

31 min 57 sec

In this episode we are introduced to the Cyber Security Business Connect and Protect Central Coast initiative, the Federal Government's Essential Eight, I share a couple of hacking stories I have been involved with, we discuss the Australian Federal Police's Operation Ironside and discuss why patching your computers is very important.

Jul 1

28 min 49 sec