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Even if you're new to trading, you'll no doubt have come across phrases such as "plan your trade; trade your plan" or "keep your losses to a minimum." Often however these clichéd idioms are more of a distraction than effective, actionable advice. If you're a new trader, you'll likely just want to speed up the learning process and start making some moolah.In this episode we talk about what factors increase (and dramatically decrease) your odds of succeeding in the markets.

12 oct.

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In this episode, we interview James North, experienced trader and one of our Support Coaches working with beginner traders at Trading College, about how he first got into trading, the biggest psychological challenges facing those getting started and styles of trading to maximize your free time but remain profitable. 

2 jul.

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In this episode we talk about the often overlooked topic of personality profiling & what effect these patterns of behaviour could be having on how you trade. We discuss the different types of personality, their dominant traits & what you can do to overcome nature's default setting in order to get the most return out of your trades.

7 may.

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In this episode, Lee, a former professional footballer himself, discusses the beautiful game with Arsenal & Liverpool legend, Michael Thomas. Together they talk about their career highlights, life after football and how the game has made progress on issues such as race, mental health awareness and the exploitation of players by shady financial advisors.

9 abr.

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In this episode we chat with TC student Stuart Page about his launch into trading during the 2008 financial crisis, fitting trades around a 10 hour workday, his evolving risk appetite, the difficult transition from day to swing trading and gives some hard-earned advice on holding your positions.

13 mar.

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In this episode we talk, somewhat philosophically, with TC Trading Coach Dan Brown about his journey from student to coach, training with Shaolin monks, transitioning from part-time to full-time trading and striking the right work/life balance.

16 feb.

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In this episode, we interview Rajan Dhall (MSTA, CFTe), Market Analyst, longtime trader and Senior Trading Coach at Trading College, about how he got started in the industry, how he reinvested his initial profits into getting the right trading education, the biggest challenges facing beginner traders, diversification of investments and the counterintuitive risk of losing money from winning trades.

26 ene.

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In this episode, Raj, one of our Senior Trading Coaches talks to Lee Sandford (MSTA, CFTe, BSc), former professional footballer and founder of Trading College, about the psychology of trading, the crossover skills between playing sports and playing the markets as well as the most difficult obstacles he's overcome on his trading journey to date.

12 ene.

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