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The mission of Take Command Conversations is to share inspiring stories from people of all walks of life that created the next level of success in their life, their relationships, and their business... especially when the chips weren't stacked in their favor.

Paul Gowin is a former US Marine Corps Mustang Officer turned Peace Monger and Professional Speaker.

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In this Take Command Conversation, Annie talks about: Authenticity in the face of the “perfection” of social mediaLeaving behind the victim mentality and finding confidence in your experienceUnderstanding that grit and tenacity is so important to living the life of your dreamsAnd I asked: What lessons did she learn growing up as a woman in Texas and being a single mother running a cattle ranch? What she learned from immersing herself in another culture while rebuilding a 12th century castle. Which three things we should all do to move past the first blush of perception.For full show notes, go to www.PaulGowin.com/012Support the show (https://www.PaulGowin.com)

Aug 2020

58 min 10 sec

Herb Thompson retired in March 2019 after over 20 years in the U.S. Army.  He culminated his service as a Special Forces (Green Beret), Team Sergeant, in the 5th Special Forces Group. Before earning his Green Beret, he earned the 2008 U.S. Army Drill Sergeant of the Year award. He is the only person in the history of the Army to have earned this award and the Green Beret.  He is the award-winning and best-selling author of “The Transition Mission: A Green Beret’s approach to transition from military service.”Herb earned a B.S. in Business Studies from Southern New Hampshire University online. He attended the Tuck: Next Step graduate certificate program at the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth and is a student in Cornell’s EMBA program. He is currently a Management Consultant and resides at his slice of heaven in the woods near Washington, DC.  In his free time, Herb supports veterans in transition, hikes with his spoiled Labradoodle Liberty Belle, and spends time with his two amazing young sons.In this Take Command Conversation, Herb talks about:• The power of knowing you’re making a difference• How to go through transition with excellence• The power of reflection and introspectionAnd I asked him:• How he learned from his initial failure of transitioning from the military• The culture of entitlement • How to have differing perspectives in a conversation without being disagreeableAnd you’ll learn the surprising number of interviews he went on to learn more about how to interview.Learn more about Herb by connecting with him on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/herb-thompson-sf2biz/You can find out more about his nonprofit at http://www.sf2biz.com/And be sure to get a copy of his book, The Transition Mission at https://www.amazon.com/Transition-Mission-approach-transition-military/dp/1734301503Be sure to join the Take Command Crew on FacebookSubscribe to the Take Command Project on YouTubeAnd catch the latest Take Command Conversation wherever you listen to your podcasts!Find out more at www.PaulGowin.comOpening audio created by the Geniuses at www.DerrickMitchell.comSupport the show (https://www.PaulGowin.com)

Jul 2020

58 min 5 sec

Sarah Arnold-Hall is a High Performance Coach who helps people achieve impossible goals. Her own impossible achievements include climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, hiking to Everest Base Camp, walking the red carpet in Hollywood, and she is currently on a mission to hit 100 push ups in a row.In this Take Command Conversation, Sarah talks about:The importance of family in stressful timesHow she Takes Command of her thoughtsHow she overcame her fear of flyingAnd I asked her:How past lessons helped her uproot from her apartment in Britain and immediately move back home to New ZealandHow she was inspired to push past what’s possibleWhat superpower she’s growing right nowConnect with her at https://www.saraharnoldhall.com/Support the show (https://www.PaulGowin.com)

Jul 2020

56 min 11 sec

In this Take Command Conversation, Jim talks about:The accounting lesson he learned directly from the founder of SonyHow diversity and inclusion moves any group forwardThe power of asking “why” five timesAnd I asked him:About how we can improve the treatment for our veterans based on lessons learned from past warsHow to have a conversation with someone that has a differing perspectiveAnd where he’s seen the role of promoting leadership at all levels, both in and out of uniform.And you’ll learn the surprising success story around how Jim and his wife turned around a Pizza Hut franchise in Brazil that was losing a million dollars a month.Support the show (https://www.PaulGowin.com)

Jul 2020

1 hr 8 min

In this Take Command Conversation, Lukas talks about:Impacting his university department head with his thesis How confronting a class bully earned his respect The three steps people can take to move past fearAnd I asked him:What it was like to lead some of his leaders About the importance of personal leadership in the world right now What is his biggest fearAnd you’ll learn the surprising facts around how much a 1% improvement each day totals up to at the end of a year!If you enjoyed this episode, show notes and more at https://www.paulgowin.com/008 and follow at instagram.com/paul.gowinSupport the show (https://www.PaulGowin.com)

Jun 2020

46 min 37 sec

In this Take Command Conversation, Susan talks about:Making choices after survival is assured to advance interests and passion projectsHow she succeeded as one of only a few women in her workplace early in her career as an attorneyHer passion project as she pivots to her second careerAnd I asked her:How shared experiences create bondsWhat she learned from being taught to suppress her emotions at workResources for people wanting to better communicate across the generationsAnd you’ll learn the surprising facts around the similarities of being a woman attorney and a male Marine.If you enjoyed this episode, show notes and more at https://www.paulgowin.com/007 and follow at instagram.com/paul.gowinSupport the show (https://www.PaulGowin.com)

May 2020

48 min 23 sec

In this Take Command Conversation, Kelly talks about:Need vs want within relationshipsShowing up with energy is a choiceSmall steps lead to big changeAnd I asked him:The impact of rapid promotions on his family How he Takes Command of his relationshipsWhat is his “why” that defeats his liesIf you enjoyed this episode, show notes and more at https://www.paulgowin.com/006 and follow at instagram.com/paul.gowinSupport the show (https://www.PaulGowin.com)

May 2020

1 hr 3 min

In this Take Command Conversation, Sam talks about:How to change your training What inspired her to enter the Secret Service How to move through anxiety and depression And I asked her:What to do when the imposter voice is screaming About her experience as one of the few women in the Secret Service How to redefine titles that others use to describe youAnd you’ll learn the surprising way she incorporates her training to be in service of others today.If you enjoyed this episode, show notes and more at https://www.paulgowin.com/005 and follow at instagram.com/paul.gowinSupport the show (https://www.PaulGowin.com)

May 2020

48 min 56 sec

In this Take Command Conversation, Jake talks about:The effectiveness of a Marine leader being vulnerableHow Jake transformed the retention rate of his team’s interpreter in war-torn AfghanistanHis take on how people with post traumatic stress take short term pleasure that has long term effectsAnd I asked him:How to innovate and pursue process What his biggest lesson he learned from his parents and how he and Janet raise their kidsHis steps to change his mindset and outlook on lifeAnd you’ll learn the surprising facts around the fatal flaw many organizations have with their people.If you enjoyed this episode, show notes and more at https://www.paulgowin.com/004 and follow at instagram.com/paul.gowinSupport the show (https://www.PaulGowin.com)

May 2020

1 hr 10 min

In this Take Command Conversation, Shay and I talk about:When she challenged a teacher who was acting outside of school policy (9:49)Her drive to innovate at Dell (23:19)How she leverages past lessons learned for the future (26:29)And I asked her:About the tradition of choosing to wear a scarf in the religion of Islam (12:26)How she grew her team into a new section of her company (22:24)What compels her to make a choice to change (16:19)If you enjoyed this episode, show notes and more at https://www.paulgowin.com/003 and follow at instagram.com/paul.gowinSupport the show (https://www.PaulGowin.com)

Apr 2020

50 min 55 sec

Questions I asked:What are the lessons you learned from your service in the military? (11:19)How does a person take the first step when you are stuck? (15:00)How to leverage military training around uncertainty in the private sector? (26:00)You will learn:The rule that Anastasia put in place for her growth (6:45)How Anastasia faced her fear of public speaking. (8:00)How COVID-19 is an opportunity for leaders. (14:14)The mask that she wore after her military service. (20:48)The pain of continuing to wear the mask (31:00)If you enjoyed this episode, show notes and more at https://www.paulgowin.com/001 and follow at instagram.com/paul.gowinSupport the show (https://www.PaulGowin.com)

Apr 2020

50 min 15 sec