The Al Nicoletti Show

By Al Nicoletti

Hey everybody! My name is Al Nicoletti and I'm an attorney here in Florida. I am rolling out this brand new show where I'm going to be bringing on BIG TIME Florida Real Estate super-investors, rising rock stars, movers, shakers, and leaders of clubs all over the state of Florida to talk about how you can take your company to the next level. These people are going to be educating, entertaining and inspiring all of you on how to take your company to the next level. Learn how to not only find deals, but how deals can find you. I'm going to be having some really big names like Gregg Cohen of JWB, Ron- THE Ron Legrand, Pat Flynn of YellowBird, Doron Nissim out of the Tri-County of Miami, Eric Parrow and Tyler Austin, who are going to be out in the panhandle of Florida, Dominic Felix, and Gonzalo Corzo from The Cash Geeks... SO many more big-timers in our community. I hope you tune in, there's going to be tons of value, content, and information for you to absorb and dive in. Be sure to subscribe to get alerts when the episodes drop!

  1. 1.
    Acquisitions Are King: Sales Skills are the Key to Your Success
  2. 2.
    Getting Schooled On Everything Florida Land with The Land Mogul
  3. 3.
    Building Legacy Wealth In Multi-Family & Single Family Real Estate for Generations with Matt and Jake Hansen
  4. 4.
    Change of Pace, Dynamics and Take on the Real Estate Business
  5. 5.
    Probate Deals, Marketing Tactics and the Craziest Deal Killer You've Never Heard Of
  6. 6.
    Build Your Cash Flow with Automations, Mobile Homes and the Ideal Tenants
  7. 7.
    Find Success with the Right Questions, Goals and Attitude
  8. 8.
    How to Renovate Like a Pro: Tips From A Wholesaling General Contractor
  1. 9.
    Why Relationships and Community Have the Best ROI
  2. 10.
    Grow Your Profits with Data, Marketing and Community
  3. 11.
    The Power of Momentum
  4. 12.
    From Employee to Entrepreneur - Is It Really Worth Abandoning Your Paycheck?
  5. 13.
    Are You Making the Most of Your Self-Directed IRA?
  6. 14.
    Building Teams and Relationships - Let's Go Champ!
  7. 15.
    Be a Leader in Real Estate Marketing with Rainmaker Jannah Jordan
  8. 16.
    How Authenticity Can Make or Break Your Real Estate Business
  9. 17.
    Delivering Value and Building a Winning Team
  10. 18.
    Raising the Bar for JAX REIA with Mike Grandjean
  11. 19.
    Underwriting, Managing Expectations and the Impact of COVID with Leah Miller
  12. 20.
    The Power of Relationship Marketing and Probate Real Estate with Justin Cromartie
  13. 21.
    How Authenticity, Intention and TikTok Make Sales Happen with CC Underwood
  14. 22.
    Timeless Tips to Selling Properties in Today's Market with Kim Knapp
  15. 23.
    Strategically Leveraging Super Creative Financing And Time Blocking To Scale Your Real Estate Business With April Juliano!
  16. 24.
    Dissecting The Strategic Science In Direct Mail Marketing In The Florida Real Estate Market With Jeff Rhodes
  17. 25.
    Tackling Florida Wild Title Dilemmas In A Hot Seller's Market with Lisa Andrews
  18. 26.
    Gaining Local Superstar Status Leveraging Social Media In The Real Estate And Construction Space with Jesse Lane!
  19. 27.
    Diving Deep In Florida Probate Real Estate With Investor Warrior Kari Lyke!
  20. 28.
    A Big Flipping Deal: Mastering the Stylistic Art of Flipping Real Estate In Any Market With Viktor Jiracek
  21. 29.
    Land Land Land: Diving Deep Into The Florida Land Game (Virtually) with the Land Queen Alicia Jarrett
  22. 30.
    Shifting Your Real Estate Business Into High Gear In Hot Dual State Markets: Oklahoma and Florida with Eric Parrow
  23. 31.
    Conquering Small County Florida Markets Using Creative Approaches with Brett McCollum
  24. 32.
    Strategically Searching For Florida Real Estate Through Persistent Marketing with Doron Nissim!
  25. 33.
    Navigating Complicated Messy Florida Title Issues with Gena Dodson
  26. 34.
    Ninja Sifting Through Untapped Incomplete Real Estate Data With REISIFT Ninja - Tyler Austin
  27. 35.
    Crushing the Florida Real Estate Wholesale Game with Dominick Felix and Gonzalo Corzo
  28. 36.
    Leading by Example and Inspiring Motivation: Diving in the Yellowbird mindset with super investor and major community group leader Pat Flynn
  29. 37.
    Legrand The Legend: Mastering basic Real Estate investing with 39 year super investor Ron Legrand
  30. 38.
    Exploring the Wild Wild World of Insurance (and business) with Insurance Ninja Whitney Ricci
  31. 39.
    Don't miss the Al Nicoletti Show!
  32. 40.
    Building Massive Cash Flow with Rental Property Portfolios with Gregg Cohen

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