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Join Spryker’s Co-Founder and Co-CEO Alexander Graf and his special guests every other week as he breaks down different commerce or digital topics from what they mean, why they are important, and where to prioritize them in your own digital commerce journey with special guests. Our guests typically include real Spryker Commerce OS customers, international experts in the industry at large, and many more thought leaders within the digital transactional space that will be sure to entertain and inspire how your business approaches the growing industry that is digital commerce. Email us for any questions on the podcast:

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Ocado Group is a UK-based grocery solutions and logistics business that licenses its technology to grocery retailers around the world. It started as grocery delivery business, which is still a strong pillar, but now powers a dozen ambitious grocery delivery projects wordlwide. I discuss with Richard the future of grocery delivery, the challenges of most brick and mortar retailers and many more. Web:

Sep 29

38 min 13 sec

One of the biggest growth bottlenecks in the ecommerce industry is availability of logistics services. On top of the availability topic comes the trackability topic, which is one of the challenges FarEye tries to solve with a very innovative platform approach. Where is my delivery might sound like a simple question, but is hard to solve with the outdated tracking approaches in the market. Learn what the future of logistics looks like by listening to Kushal’s insights.

Sep 24

36 min 2 sec

Lands’ End is a more than fascinating case, as this company was able to transform itself from a brick and mortar business towards a modern ecommerce company - something that I have never seen before. That leads to the question: How was that possible? Why is Lands’ End now looking again into brick and mortar options? Could others maybe learn from this case? European Managing Director Constanze Freienstein answers to all this questions.

Aug 27

49 min 18 sec

Nobody would have expected another "fight" for the food delivery customers in Berlin after the super expansive "the winner takes it all '' competition only some years ago. But here they are - Wolt - a unicorn from Helsinki, operating in over 20 countries with a verticalized delivery approach. They are winning market share with a superior customer experience. How are they able to do it? Will it be profitable? What will be the future of the “inner” city? Find all the answers in the podcast

Aug 16

54 min 53 sec

Jon Reed has been building enterprise communities since 1995. These days, Jon is a roving blogger/analyst. He also advises vendors and startups on reaching today's informed enterprise buyer, now that the sales funnel is discredited. He is a diginomica co-founder, Enterprise Irregular, and purveyor of multi-media content. We try to identify successfull US Retail transformation cases. (very hard to find any) and discuss the false promises of personalization, microservices and more. About Jon: About Spryker:

Aug 11

43 min 51 sec

Thomas Prommer is a global digital native technology leader with 20+ years of experience in planning, building and running best-in-class, highly scalable, omni-channel marketing and commercial platforms, in partnership with world-class product, user experience, data science and analytics teams. As a technology executive on the agency side, he has partnered with progressive clients and CXOs across industries including Google, Apple, Nike, Hulu, McDonalds, Toyota, Carnival Cruises as well as nimble digital-native D2C and start-up companies to define and realize future-proof platform strategies. Thomas has also held in-house executive roles for companies such as Adidas, Bain Capital and Sweetgreen in the same capacity. As an early web entrepreneur and hands-on engineer at heart he has single-handed built, grown and commercialized digital properties that have a reach of over 10M visitors a month. Nice! About Thomas: About Spryker:

Aug 2

38 min 36 sec

On his website Phillip writes: "We are a collective of eCommerce operators who have helped to build digital commerce channels for some of the world's most recognizable brands." After reading and listening to some of his content it became clear that he is a "must have" guest for commerce talks. His experience with Magento, his views as a developer and his operational insights in some of the biggest US commerce projects create a very cool base for our conversation. About Spryker: FutureCommerce:

Jun 23

48 min 51 sec

Claret ist part of the new ecom super business in Mexico, trying to partner up with Amazon brands in order to make them even more successful. Claret gives very interesting insights into the recent e commerce boom in Mexico, the role that Amazon plays there and the chances of former brick and mortar retailers. About Spryker: Spryker Youtube: Alexander Graf:

May 26

1 hr

Host Alex Graf talked with Pavel Orlov from the Russian grocery giant Magnit (USD 20b revenue) about how 3-hour delivery is now considered slow. Orlov gets honest about building the e-commerce operations and provides his unique perspective on the Russian market for e-food. This talk includes questions like, how the ozon IPO changed the e-commerce dilemma, what fast delivery means in Russia, and how fast everyone is expanding? About Spryker: Spryker Youtube: Alexander Graf:

Apr 28

42 min 11 sec

Join us to talk about the role of industry analysts, their ability to help customers with complex e-commerce decision-making, and the new rise of review platforms. Will review platforms like Trustradius and g2 replace the analyst as replaced the travel agent? Take a listen in for our thoughts and tell us yours in the reviews!

Apr 21

33 min 26 sec

“The center of gravity has changed from monolithic systems to flexible, cloud-based commerce.” Andy Hoar, the founder of Paradigm B2B and commerce expert, has a fascinating discussion with Alex Graf on the vast opportunities for B2B companies in digital commerce. From Amazon lessons learned to the two key-value points all B2B enterprises focus on when selecting a commerce ecosystem, take a deep dive into the identity of a B2B customer, how the industry has changed, and the technology that will be needed to not just survive these changing times but thrive.

Apr 7

58 min 24 sec

The podcast formerly known as Wimlex, has a new and exciting life as Commerce Talks. Let's kick things off with commerce veterans Andrej Maihorn and Alex Graf as they breakdown commerce tech, vendors, and the whole ecosystem on a weekly basis. In this episode, we cover: - The US Intershop journey - Andrejs view on the different software vendors - Is there an "EDV Leiter" persona in the US - the Seeking Alpha article about Shopify as Commerce OS: Alexander Graf: Andrej Maihorn: Feedback: Spryker:

Mar 24

52 min 45 sec

Welcome to the first Spryker podcast of 2021 where we talk with Robert Meshew the Chief Information Officer of Murdoch's Ranch & Home Supply, and Spryker customer. Meshew shares his story along with how he chooses companies to invest in. Tune into this informative and fun podcast, and stay tuned for future conversations with Spryker.

Jan 14

55 min 39 sec

Alexander Graf (Spryker Systems GmbH) sits down with VP of E-Commerce of DELL Technologies Harsh Acharya to talk about everything from his experience in switching from monoliths to microservices, managing large developer teams, and much, much more. This informative and honest talk will give you an inside look at how the powerhouse DELL Technologies approaches new ideas, tech, and the future of computing.

Oct 2020

1 hr 9 min

Global Venture Capitalist, Bay McLaughlin (, sits down with fellow entrepreneurial spirit Alex Graf (Spryker Systems GmbH) to share his very inspiring story about how he became the influencer that he is today, providing our Le WimLex listeners with valuable insights and learnings that may help you inspire your own entrepreneurial journey.

Oct 2020

37 min 42 sec

B2B commerce expert, Brian Beck, returns to talk through actual case studies with Alex Graf. In this informative and educational conversation, you will learn what actually happens when a B2B commerce company makes the leap into the digital world, and what successful long-term transformation looks like right from the expert himself. Enjoy this chat and don't forget to subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts!

Sep 2020

49 min 7 sec

CEO, advisor, and author of the recently published book 'Billion Dollar B2B Ecommerce' joins Spryker CEO Alexander Graf to talk about the key differences in the US market when compared to the European market and how to utilize that knowledge towards success. Beck shares his 20+ years of experience in e-commerce in this insightful and entertaining conversation.

Sep 2020

53 min 30 sec

Philippe de Chanville, one of the two Founders of ManoMano, talks openly and honestly about the DIY and e-commerce landscape in this revealing and enjoyable episode of LeWimLex. Get a detailed view of what it’s really like to grow a business that’s traditionally brick-and-mortar focused, and how his team has calculated success based on the current market. Enjoy!

Jul 2020

49 min 8 sec

Rose Bikes is one of the most desirable bike brands in Europe. Their USP is to sell the most affordable premium bikes possible, which generated a huge fan base. In the Podcast the Spryker COO Chris Rauch discusses with Sebastian about what digitization and UX means for the leading bike brand and how Spryker changed the role of IT at Rose Bikes.

Jul 2020

36 min 23 sec

Volvo has proven to be as customer-centric as possible when it comes to the retailing model of the car. The Care by Volvo initiative, driven by Patrik Illerstig ís only one example of many. But what about the retailers? How will car manufactures like Volvo handle the infotainment systems in a world where Tesla is now setting the standard. Will the "normal" customer will even buy cars in the future? Learn more about these questions in the podcast. Care by Volvo:

Jun 2020

55 min 44 sec

Haglöf is a very impressive brand from Sweden which is now expanding into more and more markets through advanced digital strategies. Moritz Kuhn, the Head of Digital Sales at Haglöfs, provides some exciting insights into those strategies and also shares the digital challenges of a DTC brand. Shop Haglöfs: 20% Discount Code: wimlex20

Jun 2020

44 min 43 sec

Recorded live in the superstore of Kamera Express, LeWimLex host Alex Graf interviews Ben Cornelisse, Founder and CEO of Kamera Express. How did the retailers for photo and video equipment online and offline become a market leader in the Netherlands? What does the future hold for video and photo retailers? And who masters omnichannel right now...? This and much more in episode 37. Tune in!

Mar 2020

52 min 3 sec

LeWimLex host Willem interviews Michiel de Gooijer, Founder of one of the largest video publishers worldwide, Brightvibes. The content platform has set on amplifying the good in the world and reached 200 million views in the past 12 months. LeWimLex dives into Michiel's track record in media and the three goals that the platform pursues in influencing 20+ million weekly users.

Feb 2020

44 min

LeWimLex episode 35 dips into the making of the leading Swedish premium umbrella brand Carl Dagg. Lena & Alex had the pleasure of interviewing Co-Founder and Partner Markus Fougstedt. Listen in to find out how Carl Dagg takes a different approach to branding and online customer experience that have resulted in astonishing customer loyalty and above-average re-order rates.

Feb 2020

50 min 5 sec

Lena Hackelöer & Alex Graf interview August Bard Bringéus, Co-Founder of Asket. The Swedish fashion brand takes a different approach to business success: they ultimately want everyone to buy less - and invest more into quality Asket. August talks about their very beginnings and explains why wholesale doesn't work for them and what they use as their key differentiators to disrupt the wasteful fashion industry.

Jan 2020

51 min 6 sec

In this Le WimLex episode, Lena & Alex had the pleasure of getting Pierce CEO Henrik Zadig in front of a microphone and got some exclusive insights. The self-named Petrolheads of E-Commerce are one of the most successful Swedish online retailers of all time and the European market leader in digitally selling motorcycle parts. Insights on the strong community of the brand, which has helped them to above-average organic traffic, and the 'how' behind their solid profitability core, make this an absolute must-listen.

Jan 2020

50 min 45 sec

In this Le WimLex episode, Alex & Willem interview Thijs Verheul, Founder at United Wardrobe. Listen in to find out what made the Dutch-founded second-hand marketplace that sells brands like Nike & G-Star Raw, so successful in the Netherlands and gets them closer to leveling up with competitor marketplace Vinted. High return rates have become a big problem, especially in the fashion industry. United Wardrobe might have found a solution that would even help brands like Zalando. BONUS: our new Le WimLex closing question!  What's United Wardrobe's biggest project at the moment? Adding a new product for young parents & expanding the marketplace to France. Exciting stuff!

Dec 2019

42 min 10 sec

Lena Hackelöer interviews Martin Malmström, the former CEO of Bikroy, the leading Bangladeshi second-hand marketplace. Martin shares his journey at Bikroy, building the company from the ground up to becoming the number one classified site and a category leader after only one year of operations. In spite of tough competition, political uprising and a corruptive market environment, Bikroy has become a pioneer in not only being one of the most googled businesses in Bangladesh, but also as a role model in corporate culture and a highly profitable trajectory. Listen in for some first-class entrepreneurial insights. The episode Lena and Martin talk about in this session, can be found here:

Nov 2019

43 min 25 sec

Interviewing Ron Simpson, Founder at The Avocado Show in this Le WimLex episode. How could an avocado revolutionize the hospitality industry? Ron talks about how founding a creative agency was the perfect foundation for launching a new generation of restaurant brand.

Oct 2019

32 min 32 sec

Interviewing Ynzo van Zanten, Chief Evangelist at Tony's Chocolonely in this Le WimLex episode. Insights into the life of a chocolate Evangelist and Tony's Chocolonely's journey to not only revolutionize the way they produce chocolate but to improve standards of an entire industry.

Oct 2019

33 min 55 sec

This episode takes the discussion outside of e-commerce. Interviewing Wessel van Eeden, Global Marketing Director at Justdiggit in this Le WimLex episode. "Beside Trump, the whole world is now aware that we are facing serious issues when it comes to climate change." What to do against it?

Oct 2019

30 min 31 sec

Interviewing Nils Zünddorf, Managing Director at Factor A in this Le WimLex episode. From optimizing product data on Amazon to gaining marketshare, Nils shares his experience of working with Amazon vendors for over 10 years.

Oct 2019

39 min 45 sec

Interviewing Hans Scheffer, Founder Helloprint in this Le WimLex episode. The platform economy has arrived in the printing industry. Deep diving into the success of Helloprint, Hans gives detailed insights into the multi-million-euro player.

Sep 2019

39 min 6 sec

Interviewing Paul Kemp Robertson, Contagious in this Le WimLex episode. Why does creativity kick the living crap out of non-creative work? What are best & worst bractices of branding today - and why should brand awareness even matter for B2B companies?

Sep 2019

29 min 31 sec

Interviewing Huub Vermeulen, CEO at in this Le WimLex episode. is the Amazon of the Netherlands and has even managen to achieve the concept of a fair marketplace. How will they secure their growth in future, especially once Amazon enters the Dutch market?

Sep 2019

49 min 7 sec

Interviewing Dirk Ramhorst, CIO at Wacker and Axel Schmidt, CDO Customers at Wacker in this Le WimLex episode. The €5bn B2B chemistry business has managed to drive organizational change in a pioneering fashion. How did they manage to leverage the knowledge, motivation and spirit of each individual in the company? Recommended follow up:

Aug 2019

57 min 20 sec

Lena Hackeloer is a German-born, Stockholm-based fintech entrepreneur. Prior to starting the Brite Payment Group she served as CEO for Qliro and Director of Marketing at Klarna. She is a thought leader on digital developments in the Nordics and the fintech ecosystem. Lena on LinkedIn:

Jul 2019

38 min 36 sec

Dekbed Discounter is disrupting the Benelux Home & Living market with a super smart business model. Founder and CEO Niels Verwij opens up to WimLex Show hosts Alexander Graf, CEO at Spryker and Willem Blom, Director Data & Intelligence at Dept Agency. Dekbed Discounter: Willem at LinkedIn: Alex at LinkedIn:

Jul 2019

49 min 50 sec

Join Mathias Hedlund, CEO Etraveli Group & Alexander Graf, CEO Spryker as they discuss the future of the online travel industry.

Apr 2019

36 min 30 sec

Who will win the Online Fashion Race: Zalando vs. Asos vs. About You? In this episode, taped live at the Digital Commerce Summit in Stockholm, Georgi Ganev, CEO of Kinnevik opens up to WimLex Show hosts Alexander Graf, CEO at Spryker and Willem Blom, Director Data & Intelligence at Dept Agency.

Apr 2019

30 min 20 sec

How to build a new underwear brand for men? Christian Larson, founder and Creative Director of Swedish underwear disruptor CDLP opens up to WimLex Show hosts Alexander Graf, CEO at Spryker and Willem Blom, Director Data & Intelligence at Dept Agency.

Apr 2019

48 min 48 sec

Son Of A Tailor is a Copenhagen start-up which offers made-to-measure t-shirts online. Alex and Willem speak to its founder and CEO, Jess Fleischer, about his innovative supply chain and how he ensures customers remain loyal following their first purchase. Not content to be only on the receiving end, Jess has a few questions of his own for the presenters, turning the tables on Alex and Willem towards the end of the podcast and making the interviewers into interviewees. The two take it in good humour, though, and are happy to offer answers – and their opinions about Son Of A Tailor’s chances in the market.

Mar 2019

49 min 4 sec

Beijing-born Yu grew up in Sweden, obtaining two masters before returning to China in 2007 to start his first business P1, a fashion community. The serial entrepreneur later went into other areas, most recently dating, where he founded “the Tinder of China”, Tantan, now the Middle Kingdom’s biggest dating app. Here, Yu takes Alex and Willem through the dating scene in China, talks about how TanTan managed to establish itself in the space, and gives some indications of where the 200-million-user platform is headed.

Feb 2019

31 min 24 sec

With his background in mobile and audio-visual technology and easy on-screen manner, James was a successful presenter for consumer electronics on television shopping channel QVC – which is where he met Sharon, now his business partner, who fronted interior design segments at the time. After Sharon came across augmented reality technology as applied in mobile decorating applications, the two decided to create a business in this area, using AR technology to create a play product for children, Mardles, and using their home shopping experience to sell it on television.

Feb 2019

46 min 20 sec

Asi Sharabi is co-founder of Wonderbly, a start-up that offers highly personalised children’s books. Wonderbly started life with a single title, “I Lost My Name”, but now boasts 15 titles. Asi describes Wonderbly as a “full-stack publisher” that handles every aspect of the process of creating books and serving customers through its zero inventory, direct-to-consumer model. Wonderbly’s infrastructure, he says, give it the potential to become a scalable platform for all manner of customised publishing products.

Jan 2019

51 min 36 sec

The Trouva mission statement is to “champion independents”. Started as a way to help small owner-run shops manage their inventory in real time and make it available online, the marketplace aims to extend their reach beyond the limited potential number of customers in-store and on their websites. Trouva sees itself as a platform linking discerning customers with the very best of small-scale bricks-and-mortar stores. Shop-owners can not only upload their inventory, make it available on the worldwide marketplace, and then rely on Trouva to take care of logistics and payment, but also create a profile about their values and in-store experience.

Jan 2019

43 min 4 sec

bunq Founder & CEO Ali Niknam shares how bunq is aiming to replace bank branches, what makes online banking secure and what challenges bunq is tackling right now.

Dec 2018

30 min 32 sec

MediaMarktSaturn has become Europe’s largest consumer electronics retail group, running around 1,000 stores in 14 countries (mostly as the market leader or number two) and employs 65,000 people. The company's CTO Atul Bhardwaj talks about their transformational journey in technology and why stores are sexy again. #11 Atul Bhardwaj - MediaMarkt/Saturn: consumer electronics by The WimLex Show is licensed under a Creative Commons License.

Dec 2018

45 min 2 sec

Norman Nielsen is an expert in Performance Marketing who heads up the Global Content Marketing team at German online-fashion retailer Zalando. He has been working in the field of online marketing for over twelve years in a career that has taken him as far as New Delhi and put him at the helm of large digital-marketing teams at Axel Springer. Alex and Willem took the opportunity to speak to him on the fringes of the Emerce Update event in Amsterdam.

Dec 2018

43 min 3 sec

Having worked on the world’s first cell-cultured burger back in 2013, Daan was no stranger to lab-grown alternative meats before moving to the USA as a research strategist for New Harvest, a not- for-profit foundation to further cell-based agriculture. Having come up with a road-map for cultured meat, he has joined forces with Cambridge neurosurgery clinician Mark Kotter and founded Meatable with Krijn De Nood as CEO. In this podcast, he takes Alex and Willem through the scientific process behind lab-grown meat and answers questions about how he intends to turn it into a business.

Dec 2018

46 min 33 sec