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The How Might We podcast is a series of conversations I'm having with other thinkers, exploring potential solutions to complex problems with both honesty & optimism.

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Today's bonus episode of The How Might We Podcast is a conversation I had on The Happy Startup School Community Podcast with Carlos Saba. We have lovely discussion about child-led education and how it connects to our behaviours as adults particularly with work and organisations. I hope you enjoy :)

Jul 2019

1 hr 6 min

In this conversation with Carl Miller, Research Director at the Centre for Analysis of Social Media at Demos, we discuss cyber war, cyber crime, digital democracy and power in the digital age through the context of his great book The Death Of Gods: the new global power grab. Enjoy! ~ subscribe to my newsletter at

Jul 2019

1 hr 39 min

This is a bonus episode, from a recent interview I did for the Liquid Futures podcast, hosted by David Ernst a co-founder of, a digital democracy platform in the US. In this episode we discuss content from both my books Democracy Squared and Tech Monopolies, we talk about education's role in democracy and go into some of the details of liquid democracy. Enjoy. If you'd like to be notified of these episodes, you can join the newsletter at

Jun 2019

1 hr 29 min

In this episode of the podcast I speak to Gustav Kuhn, a professor in psychology at Goldsmiths University London where he has done fascinating research about the science of magic and what this reveals about our psychology, our illusory sense of free will and more. You can support the podcast on a pay-what-you-want monthly basis on Patreon (, by subscribing to the newsletter (, by sharing it with friends, or by rating it positively on your podcast app.

May 2019

1 hr 16 min

In this conversation I speak to one of the internet's treasures, Douglas Rushkoff. A renowned media theorist and thinker, Douglas is behind terms and ideas like 'Viral Media'. Here we discuss his new book Team Human (, briefly exploring topics like Transhumanism, Digital Capitalism and Darwinism. Douglas has been a great influence on me and my work and I'm really grateful to share his ideas with you. For more info visit:

Apr 2019

1 hr 10 min

How might we use Philosophy At Work? This is a question that my guest Dr Brennan Jacoby asks himself everyday, helping organisations and their people think their best and do more meaningful work, by giving teams the thinking tools needed to take their critical thinking, decision making and curiosity to the next level. You can find out more about Brennan's work in the links below. Enjoy the episode! Brennan's website: His upcoming event “Sex Religion and Brexit: How to have good conversations about awkward things” can be found here: -- To receive regular ideas providing alternatives to obsolete norms, visit, sign up to the newsletter:

Feb 2019

2 hr

In this conversation I speak to Shu Yang Lin, a member of the vTaiwan movement which following the Sunflower Movement in Taiwan has successful supported social change, and even changed laws thanks to its innovative blend of technology (namely AI) and in person facilitated discussions to create a more inclusive form of democracy. The movement is now spreading across the world and gives a hopeful framework for future models of democratic deliberation and inclusion. ~ More info:

Feb 2019

1 hr 51 min

For the first episode of 2019 I speak to neuroscientist Susana Novais about the effects of meditation on the brain. We discuss its benefits in terms of stress reduction, decrease in suffering, increase in memory, benefits to the ageing process and more. Enjoy and be happy. Jon - If you enjoyed this episode please subscribe to the podcast, share it on social media, sign up to my newsletter on and even support it on a monthly pay-what-you-want basis on

Jan 2019

1 hr 39 min

In this conversation I speak to co-founder of and, Richard Bartlett ( We talk about his experience in the Occupy Wall Street Movement, about digital and direct democracy, about distributed organisations, group facilitation and personal growth. If you find this episode valuable, you can support The How Might We Podcast either by subscribing to the newsletter, or donating on a monthly pay-what-you-want basis for extra content at - Enjoy! -- PHOTO CREDIT: Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

Dec 2018

1 hr 44 min

You can now support the podcast and subscribe for extra benefits on Patreon on a monthly 'Pay-What-You-Want' basis. Visit for more details. ~ In this episode of the podcast I speak to social entrepreneur Susana Antonio. She is a co-founder of where she is the proud grand-daughter of 92 grandmas, helping older people to live creative lives and helping society to see older age in a better light. In this episode we discuss what it's like to age, how we should look forward to it, and how to prepare for it. To see the beauty in old age, I recommend you check out their work at Fermenta is a not-for-profit doing beautiful work. If you are touched by what you hear, you can support them here by donating to the following details. DONATE TO FERMENTA HERE: "Be our sponsor for the Dutch Design Week! For we will become unstoppable October 20-28, in Eindhoven, in the Netherlands. Grandma Came to Work will work at the event, promote an exhibition and workshops. Sure there will be quality time to taste some Dutch beer and have fun at the Music Festival. Aren’t we awesome? Contact us: | +351 936 243 762 I For contributions: IBAN PT50 0010 0000 4953 1550 0017 9 SWIFT / BIC - BBPIPTPL

Oct 2018

1 hr 32 min

Elif Sarican is a political activist supporting the Rojava Revolution in Northern Syria where they are building a form of extremely direct democracy with a strong focus on gender equality. In this conversation we cover feminism, gender equality, the war in Syria, direct democracy and more. You can follow Elif's work on Twitter @elifxeyal, she has also provided a reading list which is at the bottom of this episode description. If you would like updates to The How Might We Podcast, you can find out more on //READING LIST You can download these PDF’s for a better understanding of Democratic Confederalism - history and background. 
 • War and Peace in Kurdistan: • Democratic Confederalism: • Liberating Life: Women’s Revolution: • Democratic Nation: • You can also order the Revolution in Rojava book from here: • My Whole Life Was a Struggle (The iconic memoir by one of the first female fighters of the PKK):

Oct 2018

1 hr 58 min

Marcelo Valansi is the Co-Founder of a democratic school in the jungle of Costa Rica called Casa Sula ( We discuss some of the common problems with traditional schooling, particularly psychologically and the alternative that Casa Sula has created, based on a blend of theories and experiences from around the world. Enjoy the podcast, and find out more on my website:

Sep 2018

2 hr 7 min

In this episode of the How Might We podcast, I speak to my friend Bruno Marion ( We discuss chaos theory and how knowledge of it can give us tools for thriving in a world that is scientifically defined as chaotic. We discuss democracy, social media, tech monopolies, spirituality and more, before Bruno gives his top tips for creating a routine which can allow us to benefit from chaos. For more info, visit:

Aug 2018

1 hr 22 min