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Interviews with the world's environmental leaders. A big picture look at key environmental issues and sustainability solutions. Through the voices of the environment movement’s biggest thinkers. Episodes released fortnightly.

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Dan Raven-Ellison has come up with some pretty inventive ways of getting people to see what’s already remarkable about their environment and to see the potential to make it way better. We’re not just talking about the environment as a place that’s out there somewhere. He’s often talking about where most of us live – the city. One example of his ability to shift thinking is that he’s managed to have his city, London, designated as a ‘National Park City’. In this interview he explains the origins of the National Park City and the thinking behind it. Plus some of his other interesting projects - like 'The UK in 100 seconds' - a stunning aerial video showing Dan walking across the United Kingdom's landscape in quick time. You can find more about the man who calls himself a 'guerilla geographer' via the profile of Dan Raven-Ellison on our website. 

Jun 14

23 min 7 sec

Jan Gehl trained as an architect but ended up spending 50 years studying the space between buildings. Or more specifically how people use that space.His research and ideas have been influential in cities around the world. His work has laid the foundation for major changes in cities around the world - including New York, Melbourne, and Sydney. And is revered in his hometown of Copenhagen.He says that city planning for a long while has been about managing cars and traffic. And that the planners had forgotten about people and how they're faring.Gehl's approach, as he says, is to "be sweet to the pedestrian and cyclist." And by doing that you get a city that's more sustainable, safe, lively, attractive, and better for citizen's health.If you live in a city, you really should listen to this interview. And if you know a traffic engineer in your city, get them to listen too. Find out more Jan and his work in our profile of Jan Gehl. And check out our collection of Jan Gehl's best quotes on cities. 

Dec 2020

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Paul Hawken is a luminary of the modern environmental movement. He’s written a number of groundbreaking books. Particularly on how business can work together with nature. Those books have included ‘The Ecology of Commerce’ and ‘Natural Capitalism’. Now he’s taken on the monumental challenge of climate change - with ‘Drawdown’.Read more about the man in our profile of Paul Hawken. Drawdown is an ambitious project that pulled together top researchers and scientists from around the world - to identify and rank the 100 most effective solutions to global warming. Not just to slow it down, but to reverse it.In this interview, Paul discusses the most important and bold ideas in Drawdown. Ideas that are refreshingly practical.But Hawken is a deep thinker. Listen out in this podcast for his philosophical take on the climate crisis. And for more of his ideas check out our collection of the best Paul Hawken quotes. 

Nov 2020

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Paul Watson is the founder and face of Sea Shepherd - the marine conservation organisation. He's also well known for his interventionist approach to protecting whales and other marine creatures.Watson has spent 50 years as an environmental activist. Some of the details of his exploits we've included in our profile of Paul Watson - Phil Stubbs recently interviewed Paul Watson to ask about life for him now, what he’s learned about activism, and the challenges for the natural world from human activity.Phil had interviewed Watson ten years ago in the midst of the ‘Whale Wars’ taking place between the Japanese whaling fleet and Sea Shepherd in the Southern Ocean (with Watson on a satellite phone from his ship in the Antarctic.) Listen to Phil's original interview.  One result of those clashes is the Japanese are no longer conducting whale hunts in Antarctic Waters. But Paul Watson is also now contending with legal restrictions slapped on him by the Japanese to prevent him from travelling and going to sea against them.Watson doesn't mince his words. In this post, you'll find a collection of Paul Watson's best quotes - 

Nov 2020

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Bill McKibben has been a key figure in the climate movement for over 30 years. In 1989 he wrote a book called 'The End of Nature' - which was the first to take the science of global warming and explain it to a general audience. Since then he's written many more books and articles on climate change. He founded to campaign globally for climate action. And he’s played a major role in kickstarting the divestment movement - which has put pressure on the funding of fossil fuel projects.McKibben has labelled the fossil fuel industry as ‘Public Enemy Number One’ when it comes to the survival of humans on this planet.In this interview, we ask about the fossil fuel industry's future plans, the changes we need to make to adapt to climate change, and what the world's wake-up call is going to be for us to finally and properly act. This interview was recorded when Bill was in Australia in 2019 - as part of's campaign to stop the Adani coal mine in Queensland. You can find a lot more about Bill and his work via - 

Nov 2020

9 min 49 sec

Jane Goodall has been the subject of many articles, books and films. The young English woman who ventured to Africa in 1960, conducted chimpanzee research and wound up revolutionising primate science.Now in her mid-80’s, Goodall travels 300 days a year as a tireless advocate for the natural world. You'll hear her commitment in this 15-minute interview. And you'll find a lot more of Jane's story in our blog post - We've also pulled together in this post, Jane Goodall's best quotes - 

Nov 2020

16 min 21 sec

The Environment Show features interviews with the world's environmental leaders. In this podcast trailer, you'll hear clips from our upcoming interviews. The host Phil Stubbs also outlines the Show's philosophy: we examine the big picture when it comes to environmental issues and sustainability. You can find out more about The Environment Show at - And you can read profiles of our guests at - 

Nov 2020

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