Living Intuition with Gaby Guzman

Gaby Guzman

How can you know you are on the right path, guided, and supported? It happens when you are finally ready to listen to and trust your intuition. Living Intuition uncovers the magic, truth, and freedom that comes when you deepen your connection to yourself. Intuitive Business Coach and Energy Worker, Gaby Guzman leads you through moving stories and practical steps so you can start or deepen your own intuitive journey.

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When you’re ready to get real about living in alignment with your intuition - you start setting intentions. What do you want to create? What do you want to cultivate? Are you ready to be in a dance with the Universe to make it happen? Gaby shares deeply personal stories of how she learned to lean into intention and recognize that the result can be more magical and special than you ever imagined.

Dec 6

29 min 33 sec

Many of us were raised to be “good girls”, and it follows us right into adulthood. The good girl is led by people pleasing, putting everyone else first and numbing out our intuitive wisdom and desires. To live an intuitive life, we need to see the good girl in us, and let her go. Learn how to recognize her and let her go, on your way to becoming a whole, grown woman who is owning her power and wisdom.

Nov 22

31 min 15 sec

We often rely on our intuition to make the biggest decisions of our lives. What happens when what our intuition is asking us to do - brings up our fears, impacts other people and challenges our identity? Listen as Gaby shares the story of relying on her intuition for one of the toughest decisions of her life - leaving her role as CEO of Las Comadres.

Nov 15

38 min 56 sec

Learn more about what you'll experience in this space, and your host, Gaby Guzman. 

Nov 15

32 sec

So many of us feel deeply that there is an impact we are meant to create in this lifetime. Whether it’s in your work, family, friendships or all of the above. This episode walks through Gaby’s 15-year journey to get closer to and find her purpose through learning to listen to and follow her intuition. Listen in for the specific exercises and insights that guided her along the way.


Nov 9

29 min 22 sec

Does your external life support you in becoming and creating what you desire? As you work to deepen your intuition - you want your life to support you, not be in conflict with you. Think of this episode as an honest and compassionate life audit, where Gaby shares specific ideas to start to shift your context towards your light, joy and intuition.

Nov 9

31 min 21 sec

The first thing that happens when you decide to expand and be a bolder, more authentic version of yourself is your fears start acting up. This is completely natural. Now, how do we make peace with our fears and create a practice to be in relationship with them so they never haunt us again? Listen in on Gaby’s experience and learn to move through this with compassion and grace with heart-centered Shadow Work.

Nov 9

39 min 8 sec

Our intuitive journey happens subconsciously until we decide to wake up and actively live it. That’s when the magic, healing, and power within you amplifies like never before. Listen in on Gaby’s personal story of how intuition kicked in high gear when she suddenly quit a job after nine days, as a single mom. She shares the key universal truths to know as you start to discover and continue to deepen your own intuition.

Nov 9

32 min 2 sec