A Closer Walk, by Mississippi Christian Living

Katie Eubanks

Each month, "A Closer Walk" will feature a 30- to 45-minute conversation between MCL Editor Katie Eubanks and a Mississippian featured in that month's issue of MCL magazine. Whether it's a parent or a pastor, a coach or a business owner, each person will share their story a little more deeply than the printed page allows. Get ready for a closer walk with your neighbors, and be inspired to seek a closer walk with Christ.

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Barb Martin, a licensed professional counselor and former columnist for Mississippi Christian Living, talks about setting boundaries and giving grace to in-laws, and even shares some of her own in-law moments! Whether you're married, want to prepare for marriage, or just want to better relate with loved ones in general, this is a good one.

Jul 2020

41 min 37 sec

In this episode, Katie talks with Neddie Winters, president of Mission Mississippi, an organization promoting racial reconciliation within the body of Christ. Neddie gives his perspective on current racial tensions that have been amplified in light of the murder of George Floyd by Minneapolis police - and, more importantly, what white and black Christians can do to stand for truth, justice and reconciliation. (NOTE: At one point our recording cut off in the middle of the podcast, and we had to start a new one. Our apologies for the brief "Can you hear me now?" moment!)

Jun 2020

54 min 35 sec

Stevie Franks had an unstable and sometimes scary upbringing with his single dad, who often took Stevie to work with him at nightclubs in Charleston, Mississippi. But through an aunt and uncle, a special coloring book, FUGE camps and more, God led him to trust and serve Jesus. Now Stevie ministers to teens as a student pastor in Jackson - and he is a big believer that anybody can impact a child for Christ.

May 2020

34 min 43 sec

Just over a year ago, Kellye Smith got the worst headache ever - and that was only the beginning. A few months later, God told her, "This is about to get worse, but I need you to trust Me." He has helped her do just that. 

May 2020

42 min 33 sec

In 2011, Amy Bates and her husband, Cliff, were 37 years old, with two sons and zero plans to add to their family. Then they were called to adopt. They prayed for a year, and then realized they had to obey no matter what lay ahead. Walking by faith, Amy said, was the hardest part. But, spoiler! They now have a 7-year-old adopted son named Levi, and they can't imagine their lives without him.

Apr 2020

39 min 37 sec

Jacksonian and Thimblepress owner Kristen Ley chats with Editor Katie Eubanks about how we can make the most of a pandemic, prioritize our time, and even find ways to celebrate life's little moments while sheltering in place. Kristen is a strong believer in Christ. She works mostly out of her studio, located downstairs from her apartment, so she's been "working from home" for a while! As the creator of everything from push-pop confetti to colorful coffee mugs, beach towels and greeting cards, Kristen believes in bringing people joy in the everyday.

Apr 2020

33 min 58 sec

At 17 years old, Jan Schaefer prayed for "true love," and in a matter of weeks, she met a fireman named Rick May. But Rick's impact on her life would be far bigger than a romantic relationship. She was about to learn about true love in more ways than one.

Feb 2020

33 min 13 sec

Welcome to "A Closer Walk," by Mississippi Christian Living! Each month, MCL Editor Katie Eubanks will record an informal conversation with someone featured in the magazine. It could be anybody - from the person on the cover to a columnist or someone who shared their testimony.So why is the show called "A Closer Walk"? Some episodes (hopefully most of them!) will encourage you to draw closer to Christ. Some will bring you closer to your neighbors as you listen to their stories. Some might bring you closer to yourself as you realize, "Hey, that sounds like me!" And others might just give you a closer understanding of a helpful topic found in the magazine, like the connections between mental, physical and spiritual health.Though the format and topics might change over time, the end game of the podcast - drawing closer to God, our neighbors and ourselves in love - will stay the same.

Jan 2020

2 min 4 sec

Neil Woodall Jr. was a natural athlete and a "tough" guy - exactly who he'd been raised to be. Then a freak accident introduced him to prescription painkillers. In MCL's pilot episode of "A Closer Walk," Neil explains how he fell into addiction, and how he met God in a powerful way after finally reaching out for help.

Jan 2020

44 min 43 sec