Raising Resilience

Sara Olsher

Parenting is hard enough on a good day. But when you’re facing a huge change, whether it be divorce, moving, a health crisis, or even a pandemic, it can be downright overwhelming. My name is Sara Olsher, and I’m the founder of Mighty + Bright, where I help your kids cope with the uncertainty that comes from major changes. Together, we can help you AND your kids take this hard time and turn it into resilience that you can use for the rest of your lives. Join me for a quick and easy 5 to 10 minute episodes that will leave you 100% positive that you got this.

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As parents — especially those of us who are going through a really difficult season in life — getting time to ourselves is not only important, it's downright necessary. It not only makes you feel better, it makes you a better parent. Here are some real-world tips for getting time to yourself, even if it's just five minutes. Show Notes: https://mightyandbright.com/blogs/raising-resilience-podcast/episode-47-how-to-get-time-for-yourself

Jun 11

9 min 27 sec

What does it mean to "receive" help versus "take" it? To me, the difference is all in the way you approach people. In this short episode, I share a simple mind shift that might just make it easier for you to accept help. Show Notes: https://mightyandbright.com/blogs/raising-resilience-podcast/episode-46-the-difference-between-taking-receiving

Jun 7

5 min 41 sec

People like to tell other people how to live. What you should eat, how much you should exercise, how you should spend your money. And most of us know what's good for us — we just don't always do it. Here's how I manage to live a healthy(-ish) life. Most of the time. Show Notes: https://mightyandbright.com/blogs/raising-resilience-podcast/episode-45-getting-a-do-over-creating-a-new-life

May 29

7 min 40 sec

What happens when we don't allow ourselves to process what's happened to us? In the book, "the Light Through the Leaves," by Glendy Vanderah,  I came across a passage that really spoke to me. In today's episode, I share it with you. Show Notes: https://mightyandbright.com/blogs/raising-resilience-podcast/episode-44-trauma-and-decay

May 21

6 min 58 sec

We all want to know what we can expect when we're entering a new situation — who will be there? What's expected of us? Our kids are no different. Show Notes: https://mightyandbright.com/blogs/raising-resilience-podcast/episode-43-no-one-likes-to-be-surprised

May 14

5 min 47 sec

Kids know that they're made from both of their parents — even if that connection isn't biological. What happens when parents divorce, and the kids feel like you hate their other parent? Here's how I have handled talking about my daughter's dad. Show Notes: https://mightyandbright.com/blogs/raising-resilience-podcast/episode-42-you-have-all-the-best-parts

May 7

5 min 30 sec

I have a friend who has always made "crazy" decisions, like working for questionable startups and jumping off tall buildings. One day, I realized that I always looked at him with awe not because of the particular decisions he made, but because he seemed to operate in the world with the faith that everything would just *be okay.* I will never be the kind of person who base jumps, but I now operate in the same way — with the belief that things will work out, one way or another. Today, I share a little bit about how I made the change from control-freak to a person of faith (in myself). Show Notes: https://mightyandbright.com/blogs/raising-resilience-podcast/episode-41-learning-to-trust

Apr 30

13 min 58 sec

When something happens to us — either an ongoing traumatic experience or a single incident — there are many ways to deal with it. I read something recently that reminded me of what happens to us when we don't cope. Today I wanted to share that with you, in addition to the things that have helped me cope with my PTSD. Show Notes: https://mightyandbright.com/blogs/raising-resilience-podcast/episode-40-dealing-with-trauma

Apr 23

6 min 58 sec

When kids are having a tough time, they don't come to us and calmly say, "I am struggling and could use some assistance." They melt down, they sass . . . basically, they push every button we have. Today, I'm talking about the #1 way I've been able to maintain patience through some of the hardest times ever. Show Notes: https://mightyandbright.com/blogs/raising-resilience-podcast/episode-39-the-1-thing-that-helps-me-stay-patient-with-my-kid

Apr 16

8 min 32 sec

Many of us label various emotions as "good" and "bad." Joy is "good" and anger or sadness are "bad." In this short episode, I share how I realized that I judged anger as "bad" and what I learned to value in it. Show Notes: https://mightyandbright.com/blogs/raising-resilience-podcast/episode-38-the-gifts-of-anger

Apr 9

5 min 12 sec

Studies show that good parenting and good relationships don't come from being perfect. They come from repairing when we mess up. Today, we're talking about apologizing to our kids and accepting our own imperfection. Show Notes: https://mightyandbright.com/blogs/raising-resilience-podcast/episode-37-accepting-imperfection-and-learning-to-apologize

Apr 2

7 min

This month, we're talking about accepting help and coping with pity. Why do we have such a hard time accepting help? Show Notes: https://mightyandbright.com/blogs/raising-resilience-podcast/episode-36-why-is-it-hard-to-ask-for-help

Mar 26

6 min 38 sec

There are people who truly want to help, and then there are "grief tourists" who are in it because helping makes them feel good about themselves. What do you do when you've got a grief tourist on your hands? Show notes: https://mightyandbright.com/blogs/raising-resilience-podcast/episode-35-when-someone-is-not-actually-helpful

Mar 19

7 min 49 sec

Asking for help is vulnerable. What if we open ourselves up for help and no one shows up? Today, let's talk about how to move past fear and ask for help when we need it. Show Notes: https://mightyandbright.com/blogs/raising-resilience-podcast/episode-36-how-to-move-past-fear-and-ask-for-help

Mar 12

8 min 56 sec

"I don't want anyone's pity." Ever said that to yourself? This month, I'm talking about accepting help, and what keeps us from accepting us. Today, it's about the difference between pity, empathy, and sympathy — and how they're all about the other person. Show Notes: https://mightyandbright.com/blogs/raising-resilience-podcast/episode-33-pity-empathy-and-sympathy

Mar 5

7 min 46 sec

Did you know cancer is a disability? Once it's over, it's never actually over. This is what it's like to live with a disability — and what you can apply to your own life. Show Notes: https://mightyandbright.com/blogs/raising-resilience-podcast/episode-32-what-ive-learned-from-living-with-a-disability

Feb 26

9 min 38 sec

During my divorce, I replaced my old dresser with a new one at no cost. During cancer, I became obsessed with replacing my couch. I got rid of all my books. Here's why. Show Notes: https://mightyandbright.com/blogs/news/episode-31-why-i-gasp-got-rid-of-all-my-books

Feb 19

9 min 1 sec

How do you get through a long period of time where things are really hard? What makes it easier, and how does that change when it's a hard time with a definite beginning and end date (like chemotherapy) versus something that keeps going on and on, like a pandemic or divorce? Join me for three easy-to-implement strategies in eight short minutes. Show Notes: https://mightyandbright.com/blogs/raising-resilience-podcast/episode-30-helpful-strategies-for-a-long-period-of-suck

Feb 12

10 min 31 sec

Have you ever noticed how your mind gets when you're anxious, running 10 million miles an hour? Kids are the same way. We tend to want to organize ourselves to make things easier, but kids don't have that skill. What if I could tell you that there was one thing you could hang on the wall that would help your kids deal with their worry? Show Notes: https://mightyandbright.com/blogs/raising-resilience-podcast/episode-29-how-showing-kids-what-to-expect-clears-the-clutter-in-their-head

Feb 5

8 min 42 sec

My whole life, my inner life was a horrible swirling of emotions I didn't understand. After decades of trying to (unsuccessfully) analyze what was going on inside in order to STOP it, I found a solution that works for me — including meditating in a way that is unlike most everything I've heard. Today, I share what I do with you, from the comfort of my Sanctuary Closet (ha). Show Notes: https://mightyandbright.com/blogs/raising-resilience-podcast/episode-28-finally-meditation-that-worked-for-me

Jan 29

12 min 41 sec

Whether it's a pandemic, cancer treatment, or a divorce, surviving a long period of suck is HARD. I am here to tell you that it's OKAY if it's hard, and it's okay if you're not learning the lessons you need to right away.  Show Notes: https://mightyandbright.com/blogs/raising-resilience-podcast/episode-27-surviving-a-long-period-of-suck

Jan 22

10 min 9 sec

Self-care is a buzzword that brings to mind visions of mani-pedis, bubble baths, and a glass of wine. But TRUE self-care is about creating a life you don't need to escape from.  Show notes: https://mightyandbright.com/blogs/raising-resilience-podcast/episode-26-why-mani-pedis-and-glasses-of-wine-are-not-self-care

Jan 15

10 min 56 sec

Whether it's an office, a bathroom, or a closet, we all need a place where we can go to calm the eff down. Show Notes: https://mightyandbright.com/blogs/raising-resilience-podcast/episode-25-creating-a-sanctuary

Jan 8

8 min 20 sec

How do we want to begin 2021? What do we do when the clock doesn't start fresh at 12am on January 1st, there's still a pandemic raging, and not too much has changed?  Show notes: https://mightyandbright.com/blogs/raising-resilience-podcast/episode-24-starting-the-new-year-with-a-new-perspective

Jan 1

9 min 44 sec

It's really hard to wait patiently for hard stuff to be over. Often, the process SUCKS. Here's why it's so important. Show notes: https://mightyandbright.com/blogs/raising-resilience-podcast/episode-23-patience-with-the-process

Dec 2020

8 min 39 sec

Losing my breasts to cancer and choosing to rock my flat chest and scars has given me a different perspective on my body and what it means to be authentically oneself. Here's the insight it's given me and why I decided not only to remove my breast reconstruction, but also stop wearing prosthetics. Show Notes: https://mightyandbright.com/blogs/raising-resilience-podcast/episode-22-insights-about-body-image-from-a-flat-chested-cancer-survivor

Dec 2020

11 min 49 sec

Many of us aim for perfection, or at the very least, our best work. Sometimes, though, that's at the expense of getting things DONE. Today, I'm talking about taking the cheap and easy path to podcasting even though I have no idea what I'm doing  (and that I did the same thing when I started my business). Show Notes: https://mightyandbright.com/blogs/raising-resilience-podcast/episode-21-be-willing-to-show-up-mediocre

Dec 2020

7 min 49 sec

Listener request time! I have anxiety, and today I share how I parented through it when I was single, what I wish I'd done differently, and how I've learned to deal with it now that my daughter is older. Show Notes: https://mightyandbright.com/blogs/raising-resilience-podcast/episode-20-parenting-through-your-own-mental-health-issues

Dec 2020

17 min 52 sec

My entire perspective of life changed when I started to recognize the “miracles” that kept happening to me and started writing them down. Here are some examples and how this can change your perspective, too. Show Notes: https://mightyandbright.com/blogs/raising-resilience-podcast/episode-19-recognizing-everyday-miracles

Nov 2020

11 min 46 sec

What happens when we don't know how we're feeling? We end up making decisions out of our desire to control, rather than allowing ourselves to make the actual *right* decision. Today, I talk about how I realized that my emotions were controlling my decisions — and how I stopped. Show Notes: https://mightyandbright.com/blogs/raising-resilience-podcast/episode-18-how-not-to-make-decisions-out-of-fear

Nov 2020

11 min 40 sec

When something awful happens, sometimes our friends and family don't show up for us the way we expected them to — and that can *hurt.* Losing friends during a personal disaster is (unfortunately) common. Here's why it happens and how to handle it. Show Notes: https://mightyandbright.com/blogs/raising-resilience-podcast/episode-17-when-your-friends-family-disappoint-you

Nov 2020

9 min 39 sec

Going through something hard? Creating routines and rhythms in your family can help reduce your stress in a MAJOR way. Here are a few tips for creating a simplified system in your household to reduce everyone's stress and anxiety.  Find the show notes here: https://mightyandbright.com/blogs/raising-resilience-podcast/episode-16-creating-systems-for-stress-reduction

Nov 2020

11 min 46 sec

In this episode, Sara talks about how growth mindset and control are related, and how they help kids deal with life's hardest challenges.

Oct 2020

11 min 37 sec

Animals have ALL SORTS of benefits for kids, including raising levels of serotonin and dopamine, which make them feel calm. This week, learn all about the benefits animals have for kids, and how to get them involved in animals even if you don't have (or particularly want) a pet. Show Notes: https://mightyandbright.com/blogs/raising-resilience-podcast/episode-14-how-animals-help-kids-cope

Oct 2020

12 min 7 sec

Parenthood is hard enough on a good day, but throwing in other issues can make it feel downright overwhelming. What do you do when it feels like it's crushing you? After surviving divorce, cancer, and many other bumps in the road, here's Sara's take.

Oct 2020

11 min 46 sec

Sometimes, life is hard. Sometimes, we feel super sorry for ourselves, and then we feel guilty because other people have it worse than we do. What do we do when we're in a slump?

Oct 2020

7 min 49 sec

Our beliefs and values shift as we learn more about ourselves and the world around us. Here's why re-evaluating your core beliefs can help you build a life you — and your family — love.

Oct 2020

5 min 46 sec

After 15 years of dealing with a lot of hard things, I have found five main things that have helped me build a foundation for a more peaceful balanced and stable life. These principles are what I will be talking about in this podcast - so that we can help ourselves and stay one step ahead of our kids.

Sep 2020

9 min 50 sec

What happens when we aren't ready to learn a lesson?

Sep 2020

8 min 54 sec

During hard times or periods of stress, it’s hard for our brains to focus on all the stuff we need to do. Here is a quick tip about how to help yourself and your kids.

Sep 2020

4 min 14 sec

What do you do when you don't get what you need? Do you get crabby? Do you feel guilty? Take a listen to this.

Sep 2020

4 min 6 sec

In this quick episode, I share a hack I learned from therapists about how to get off the worry train, for both kids *and* adults.

Aug 2020

5 min 18 sec

When you’re forced to *do less* because you experience a major life change like divorce or a cancer diagnosis, you find what you truly need - and want - to do.

Aug 2020

9 min 44 sec

What does it mean to put yourself out there? What does sharing your scars, either physical or emotional, do for you? What does it do for other people?

Aug 2020

7 min 48 sec

When someone says, “it will be okay,” every fiber of your being might be screaming, “NO IT IS NOT!” It is, I promise - take a listen.

Aug 2020

5 min 28 sec

Mighty + Bright founder Sara Olsher talks about surviving hard things - including cancer at age 34 - and why she wanted to help kids build resilience and cope with uncertainty.

Aug 2020

31 min 2 sec

In this quick 10 minute episode, Mighty + Bright founder Sara Olsher talks about creating a routine, how to get your kids involved so they will actually follow through, and how to get your kids to be consistent without adding yet another thing to your to do list.

Jul 2020

10 min 14 sec