hopnology: Hop Growing and Brewing for Craft Beer

hopnology: Hop Growing and Brewing for Craft Beer

Join us as we discuss hops in all forms from rhizomes to finished craft beer.

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You’re our fans, and we love you all.  However, this episode is about moving air around, not you.  We’ll get to you later.

Nov 29

37 min 52 sec

Hopnology listener Bob Scruggs reached out to tell us about a machine learning model that he’s developed to identify issues with your hops.  This could get very complicated if you want it to…and that’s how we like it!

Nov 22

1 hr

After a Halloween retrospective we (eventually) get to the 2021 Hop Harvest report, then segue into another one of our IPA theories. This centers around a concept called Survivor Bias which can be boiled down to being stuck in a market where there are IPAs to the left, IPAs to the right and you’re the […]

Nov 15

39 min 6 sec

How does the IPA trend continue to perpetuate?  There’s actually some psychology to discuss here.  Activation energy, risk tolerance and FOMO. Plus, Leadership Lessons from Dancing Guy:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fW8amMCVAJQ

Nov 8

46 min 9 sec

At what point is it time to start paying people for the work you’ve been doing yourself?

Nov 1

39 min 24 sec

It’s our show, we can talk about whatever we want, and today it’s twine.  Mechanical spiders spinning PLA twine?  You heard it here first.

Oct 25

40 min 32 sec

Trevor Easton from Wisconsin’s Alt Brew joins us to talk about what’s missing in his beer.  Hint: it’s gluten!  As if brewing wasn’t difficult enough, Trevor takes us through the additional obstacles inherent in operating a gluten-free brewery. www.altbrew.com

Oct 18

1 hr 1 min

Sorry, I had to.  All about leaf biology.

Oct 11

38 min 52 sec

This week we dissect the aroma science, sales and philosophy around flights.  Plus, robots!

Oct 4

44 min 21 sec

Marketing, sales, advertising, promotions.  What’s what?  And how does a garbage bag full of hops differ from one that has your tagline on it?  This one’s got some low-hanging fruit.

Sep 27

40 min

Growing hops as a side hustle?  This week we talk about priorities, big rocks and hop widows.

Sep 21

36 min 20 sec

Don’t call it dirt. Dirt is dead. Soil is alive (insert Vincent Price laugh)!  Bwah-ha-ha-ha!!!!!

Sep 13

39 min 34 sec

This week we sit down with Exhibit A Brewing Company head brewer and co-founder Matthew Steinberg to talk about his path into the industry and local collaboration.  Then we drink some of his beer. https://www.exhibit-a-brewing.com/

Sep 6

1 hr 12 min

Is this a rant, sciency science or a marketing discussion?  I’ve listened to it three times and I’m still not sure.  Polyphenols and all kinds of -humulones run rampant as we discuss addition timing and where hop bittering comes from.

Aug 30

41 min 45 sec

Okay, we’ve talked about the HOW behind hop breeding.  Now let’s examine WHY you would do this.

Aug 23

40 min 36 sec