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Would you take a trip on the rocket to space with Jeff Bezos if you had the chance? --- Support this podcast:

Jul 27

41 min 21 sec

JC got verified on Twitter and Matt is salty!! --- Support this podcast:

Jul 13

1 hr 24 min

JC reveals what it's like working at Deviation Games with studio head, Jason Blundell. --- Support this podcast:

Jul 9

1 hr 19 min

Noah is in Los Angeles and joins the irrelevant podcast for the first time! We talk about 100 thieves, gaming, his youtube career, what he likes to do in his free time and his take on crypto.  --- Support this podcast:

Jun 2

1 hr

JC is, in fact, a dad... --- Support this podcast:

May 25

1 hr 10 min

We answer YOUR topics and questions! --- Support this podcast:

May 18

1 hr 10 min

We prepared to talk about multiple topics you sent in, and then completely pivoted to the meaning of life. Typical. We're back! --- Support this podcast:

May 11

1 hr 31 min

This is how we ACTUALLY feel about Jake Paul fight... --- Support this podcast:

Apr 20

1 hr 25 min

Youtube - we love it and we hate it! JC and Matt talk about what Matt should do with his content moving forward on YT. What should the guys do to become relevant on youtube again? What should Matt do? Continue on mcsportzhawk or start a "new" channel? --- Support this podcast:

Apr 13

1 hr 15 min

Are content creators fake friends? Let's find out.  --- Support this podcast:

Apr 6

1 hr 40 min

The internet is full of drama still, but we get into their own "beef" on whether or not time travel is real and how it would work! --- Support this podcast:

Mar 30

1 hr 44 min

We talk about Mr. Beast's "Creative Juice" YouTuber investment company and possibly the biggest talk on the internet this year so far: David Dobrik and the vlog squad are under fire.  --- Support this podcast:

Mar 25

1 hr 5 min

NFTs are taking over the spotlight in the crypto and blockchain world. Today we discuss some of Beeple's NFTs selling for record breaking money, WandaVision and some of your best podcast topic suggestions. --- Support this podcast:

Mar 15

1 hr 21 min

Lex joins Matt and JC to talk about YouTube, gaming, his career, his girlfriend, Outbreak zombies, and more. This is easily one of our best episodes yet and you definitely don't want to miss it.  --- Support this podcast:

Feb 28

1 hr 33 min

#FreeLex and tell him to come be on the next episode! We talk about the Texas power outages, Lex being banned on twitter, where we'd want to live in the world, and one crime we'd commit if we could get away with it! --- Support this podcast:

Feb 18

1 hr

Our thoughts on the new Cold War Zombies Firebase Z map, how Treyarch could drastically improve zombies with ranking system, competitive tournaments and better rewards and a little update on ZWC --- Support this podcast:

Feb 11

1 hr 19 min

Today we're talking about Gamestop stock, wallstreetbets, hedge funds, $AMC, and Dogecoin. What Robinhood did to change the entire game of trading stocks on stock market forever and how Matt believes cryptocurrency, namely Bitcoin and Ethereum are going to benefit even more from this entire situaiton taking over Wall Street. --- Support this podcast:

Feb 1

1 hr 36 min

Space, aliens, android, singularity and technology taking over the world. This episode quite literally is going to blow your mind as Matt and JC ask questions that nobody has ever been able to answer.  --- Support this podcast:

Jan 25

1 hr 19 min

Emmie joins JC and Matt for a couple beverages, some horoscope readings, virtual reality, bitcoin and more in this "sh!t show" of an episode. --- Support this podcast:


Jan 18

1 hr 16 min

Our good friend Pat, Thesmithplays, announces he is leaving his main channel for the indefinite future. Other YouTubers are taking breaks as well. Today we're talking about YouTuber burnout, following your passions, and predictions for some of our YouTuber friends in the next 5 years. --- Support this podcast:

Jan 11

1 hr 15 min

Goodbye 2020! We're wrapping up 2020 with our 2020 awards, the best things that happened to us this year and our goals for 2021. --- Support this podcast:

Dec 2020

1 hr 27 min

Happy Holidays! Today, we're diving into our favorite TV shows of all-time and going through our list of best and worst TV shows from the past few years.  --- Support this podcast:

Dec 2020

1 hr 14 min

Belle Delphine, the uber popular anime cosplay icon, has broken the internet time and time again, just revealed some crazy things about herself, how much she makes, and about her upcoming film that's dropping on Christmas.  --- Support this podcast:

Dec 2020

1 hr 10 min

Ch0pper (Sam) joins Matt & JC to talk about YouTube and Twitch streaming as a career path, why you should or should not go to College, and how great it is to be Tesla owners. Also, would Sam and JC fight each other in a boxing match for $1 Million Dollars?  --- Support this podcast:

Dec 2020

2 hr 2 min

Who will win: JC & Emmie, a new 3 month relationship or Matt & Jess, an established 8 year couple? --- Support this podcast:

Dec 2020

29 min 24 sec

Meet Jess & Emmie, our girlfriends! Today we're sharing funny, awkward, and insightful stories about our relationships from 3 months (JC & Emmie) all the way to 7.5 years (Matt & Jess). --- Support this podcast:

Nov 2020

1 hr 15 min

In this episode we're talking about PS5, Xbox Series X, the new Call of Duty, and our stance on a very important bit of drama in the YouTube Gaming Community. --- Support this podcast:

Nov 2020

58 min 40 sec

Get your FREE stock right now ➔ Today we're talking about investing in the stock market for beginners, how to manage your money, bitcoin and cryptocurrency, building credit, paying off your student loans quickly, and how you can get a FREE stock right now on Robinhood!Although many schools still don't teach much about these important things within finance, it's great to learn about them as early as you can so you can take advantage of these strategies and practices that will set you up for financial freedom in your future. --- Support this podcast:

Nov 2020

1 hr 52 min

Why did the Z House end? Will it ever come back? Matt & JC discuss the history of Z House and where it would be now, if it had continued. --- Support this podcast:

Nov 2020

1 hr 43 min

What are the biggest struggles with content creation? What's it like to be in a relationship with a content creator or streamer? --- Support this podcast:

Oct 2020

1 hr 31 min

Welcome to the irrelevant podcast, where your 2 irrelevant hosts talk about somewhat relevant topics. You can expect some very interesting guests, discussion of hot topics in the entertainment scene, and life tips & stories from Matt and JC. --- Support this podcast:

Oct 2020

1 hr 13 min