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The Alcohol, Drug Addiction and Mental Health Services (ADAMHS) Board of Tuscarawas and Carroll Counties is an agency established for the purpose of planning, funding, monitoring and evaluating contracted mental health, alcohol, and drug treatment services.

Break the Stigma is a podcast focused on the true stories of individuals from the community who have experienced problems with substance addiction and/or mental health.

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On this episode, Polly Patin-Mellor joins the show. Polly is a member of the ADAMHS Board board of directors, a role she's held for 24 years. She is a mental health consumer, which means she has had some type of behavior or mental health treatment in the ADAMHS Board system of care. Polly shares her experiences with mental health and how the ADAMHS Board has impacted her life. Listen as she shares her story that began with postpartum depression after the birth of her son. She came to realize that her mind was, as she says, broken. And so she set out to get it fixed. Polly talks about the stigma surrounding mental health illnesses and the self-pity, shame, and blame that can accompany that stigma. When Polly asked her doctor why mental illness had to strike her, the doctor replied, "Why not you? Why shouldn't you have to deal with problems in this world?" And that made Polly realize that her mental illness wasn't her fault or the fault of anyone else; mental illness was an unfortunate circumstance like a broken arm, and circumstances can be dealt with and overcome. This story is truly inspiring. You'll feel Polly's passion on her mission to break the stigma of mental illness. Want to learn more about the ADAMHS Board? Visit ( Email ( Mental health affects us all differently. Let's come together and break the stigma today.

Oct 2020

30 min 13 sec

The 4th and final installment of the Perci Garner mini-series recounts the memories when Perci's dream to pitch in the Major Leagues finally came true. After years of pitching in the minors, Perci got the phone call he'd been waiting for - the Indians were bringing him to Cleveland. Through all the fears and doubts, the ups and downs, the struggles with confidence and experiences with success, Perci had finally made it to the top. It's not every day you get to hear a hometown kid tell the tale of stepping into the professional sports arena, but that's exactly what Perci did. He was able to overcome his mental blocks and remove the barriers in his mind that held him back. Perci's story is one we all need to hear. A big, strong, athletic, happy young man with a smile that never wavers - it would be easy to think, "There's nothing this guy worries about." But the stress and anxiety in his life, though well disguised, combatted him nonetheless. His story will inspire anyone dealing with stress, anxiety, or confidence issues to seek the help they need to overcome their hangups. Because you CAN and WILL overcome. Want to learn more about the ADAMHS Board? Visit ( Email ( Mental health affects us all differently. Let's come together and break the stigma today.

Oct 2020

42 min 27 sec

Part 3 of the Perci Garner mini-series features the story of Perci's transition from college sports into professional sports. Perci describes getting drafted by the Philadelphia Phillies and how his confidence was affected by expectations at the professional level. Perci's interactions with teammates and coaches display how we as individuals can become so focused on our performance from our own perspective that we miss what others are telling us. Without realizing it, we allow our blinders to block out what people outside of ourselves see and recognize in us. This transitional phase sets the stage for the fourth and final episode of Perci's story where he gets called up to the Cleveland Indians to pitch at the highest level in baseball. You don't want to miss it. Want to learn more about the ADAMHS Board? Visit ( Email ( Mental health affects us all differently. Let's come together and break the stigma today.

Oct 2020

38 min 17 sec

In Part 2 of the Perci Garner mini-series, Perci continues his conversation with Natalie Bollon. As Perci transitioned into college sports, he was faced with the reality that every athlete encounters as they move from high school to college: you're no longer leaps and bounds above everyone else. Everyone in a college locker room is extremely talented, and this situation can make even the most confident athletes question their abilities. Perci explains his experiences at Ball State with both the football and baseball programs and how he struggled with confidence issues during his transition into college sports. And stay tuned for Part 3 when Perci talks about getting drafted in the MLB by the Philadelphia Phillies and the effects that professional expectations had on him. Want to learn more about the ADAMHS Board? Visit ( Email (

Oct 2020

24 min 44 sec

Welcome to Break the Stigma. In this first series, Natalie Bollon sits down with Dover native and former pitcher for the Cleveland Indians, Perci Garner. Perci has dealt with mental health throughout his life, dealing with anxiety and confidence issues, self-doubt and the yips. But as you'll hear quickly, Perci approaches everything with a big smile and an even bigger laugh, and his positive outlook on life has helped guide him through adversity. Perci walks through his childhood growing up as a young black man in a predominately white community. Perci found support in numerous adult figures and close friends, but his family dynamic was complicated. Listen as Perci talks about his life and the impact his father's influence continues to have on him today. Stay tuned as this is only the first episode of a 4-part series about Perci Garner and his struggling, understanding, and mastering of mental health. Want to learn more about the ADAMHS Board? Visit Email

Sep 2020

40 min 17 sec