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Welcome to the Wealthy Wellthy™ Life. We are committed to bringing you the very best research, hacks and world-renowned experts in money, health, and happiness. We want to change the world. Our intention is to create a movement that wakes you up to something more…to help you create extraordinary wealth and health…to live the Good Life.

Welcome to the Wealthy Wellthy Life
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This is Brave Legend and Megan Rose with The Alchemy of We. With their more than 20k hours of combined experience facilitating, coaching and community building, they’ve come to believe that relationships truly are our greatest assets and that the true gift of life is learning to navigate them in a way that they become our greatest delight. Megan Rose and Brave Legend believe that relationships have unique potential for cultivating the most rewarding intimacy, healing intergenerational trauma, accelerating growth together and providing a secure sense of belonging. In their practice, they’ve developed frameworks with simple and complex relating skills that help their clients effectively manage relationships to create more fulfillment in their lives together with love, ease, trust, authenticity and a clear sense of psychological safety.   The Alchemy of We is known for their brilliant capacity to hold deep, presence-based relational space for others with an emphasis on their 3 Step Alchemical Process: Education, Application & Integration, creating lasting developmental change for their clients. Brave Legend and Megan Rose are currently happy living in Austin, Texas, with their sweet and noble Cedar Bear dog. They’re thriving with an incredible community and wonderful friends. Life couldn’t be much sweeter. Links: Brave & Megan's Website Brave & Megan's Email  

Nov 19

1 hr 23 min

Jerremy Newsome started his fortune by the inspiration of Forrest Gump. Yup! That was the seed of success that energized him and planted the seed of success as a young child. Today, his main mission is to enrich lives and teach others about the stock market-- and use it to create active and/or cash flow. Jerremy and I discuss the power of the mind. The position of our thought life is everything. If your mind is SET-- that is simply the standard you will be at. However, Jerremy introduces the HEART-set. He poses the statement: you can change your beliefs, your structure your thoughts, and your feelings! A few nuggest from Jerremy himself... “Money does grow on trees, you just have to exchange it.”  “You have to circulate money to grow.” Topics Mentioned:  Retiring on $3k, How to Grow a Modest Investment into a Comfortable Retirement  Day Trading 101 Take the First Step, How to Reshape your Beliefs About Money  Knowing the Difference Between Fear and Greed Buying Stock at a Lower Price Using Stock Options Links Jerremy's Twitter Jerremy's Facebook Jerremy's LinkedIn Jeremy's YouTube

Nov 12

1 hr 3 min

Brian T. Bradley, Esq. is the Senior Managing Partner at Bradley Legal Corp and is a leading Educator and nationally recognized Asset Protection Attorney for High Risk Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Real Estate Investors and Ultra High Net Worth Families. Brian’s goal is to give you "peace of mind" knowing your assets are safe.  We talk about the following… What is Asset Protection What has changed in the legal system over the last 30 years. How do you properly layer an asset protection plan? What is an asset protection trust and how are domestic and foreign trusts different? What are the misconceptions of LLCs? 4 things for asset protection to work: Your system must be seen as impenetrable  Must be managed properly Cannot attract a lawyer It just MUST work Brian's Tips: Asset protection is the modern best bet.  Keep your assets in another name OTHER than your legal name-- get an LLC. Have an effective plan, always!  For assets that are real estate, use the state that the real estate is located in because you’re not gaining anything by using another state. You’re just doubling your maintenance cost! So, just keep it simple and properly layered. Success is not overnight. Links Brian's Facebook Brian's LinkedIn

Nov 5

43 min 41 sec

Alison Armstrong’s exploration of human behavior began in 1991, with her decision to study men, “To find out how I was bringing out the worst in them. And hopefully, how to bring out the best.” Her success in understanding men naturally led to studying women’s behavior and making vital connections between the two. Armstrong distinguishes human instincts that compel both men and women to behave in ways that contradict and undermine our own purposes, goals, values, needs and relationships. She offers partnership-based alternatives giving millions of people access to more fulfilling lives, loving relationships, stronger families and productive organizations.  I’ve got to tell you, Alison brought deep understanding to me. I felt like this whole other world was suddenly available to me and I know you will feel the same way.  Armstrong is a sought-after speaker and thought-leader amongst people with the desire to live empowered lives. Alison’s philosophy and approach is frequently referenced and taught by other authors, speakers, business consultants and therapists.

Nov 1

55 min 16 sec

Having overcome serious illness in his youth, Harry Massey founded NES Health in 2002. The company is dedicated to fostering a 21st-century system of healthcare based on the integration of physics and biology. Harry has created several cutting-edge technologies including BioEnergetiX, the world’s first practical clinical system for reading and correcting the body’s energetic field. Harry has written and produced “The Living Matrix” and other documentary films to educate and inspire the general public about bioenergetics and bio-informational approaches to health and well-being. He continues to innovate cutting-edge technologies that have made him the world’s leader in bioenergetic medicine. Harry and I spoke all about energy -- whether it’s depleting or adding energy in our lives! He is such a gem and especially in this field. I have no doubt that you will be filled with motivation and new perspective after listening to Harry’s wisdom. 

Oct 28

1 hr 1 min

My guest, Alex Boianghu, is a dedicated and gifted therapist with over 30 years of study and practice. He uses an integrative approach to therapy, emphasizing psycho-spiritual growth grounded in somatic therapy's focus on the unity of body and mind. Alex is trained in EMDR, a technique used to help people process and resolve trauma successfully. He is also a gifted couple's therapist, assisting the partners to reach deep levels of awareness and compassion. With compassion and discernment, Alex guides and models how to positively harness the psycho-dynamic energies we all possess to rediscover our common and innate holistic nature. “The body is where the story is written.” -- Alex Boianghu

Oct 22

1 hr 15 min

This week I spoke with Ani Manian, widely known as “The Mind Whisperer.” Ani is a trusted advisor and Psychedelic Therapist to the world’s leading visionaries, entrepreneurs & leaders as well as the host of the "You Are Limitless" podcast.   He is on a mission to empower humanity with the tools to understand and master their mind so they can become limitless creators of their reality and experience true abundance - an overflow of wealth, health, time, connection & freedom, anchored by a fundamental sense of safety. We dove deep in the conversation, and I am thrilled to share some gems from our chat with you (you will get the rest in the episode ;)). 

Oct 15

1 hr 13 min

​​This week, my special guest is my very own personal financial advisor, Kim Butler! Kim is Founder of Partners 4 Prosperity. Kim has shunned common financial products such as stocks, bonds, savings accounts and CDs in favor of alternative investments, private lending, and creative life insurance strategies outside of the typical financial planning “box.” Kim is an entrepreneur who proves you really can have it all. With a booming financial practice and a rich personal life, she’s also a committed coach who wants to help other entrepreneurs achieve for themselves the same kind of results she’s enjoying. “Mindset is the most critical thing. I CHOOSE positive. It’s a daily, sometimes hourly, minute-by-minute choice.” -- Kim Butler

Oct 6

44 min 2 sec

This week on the WW Podcast I spoke with Dr. Simon. He's An internationally-recognized expert on manipulators and other problem characters and the author of 3 bestselling books: In Sheep’s Clothing (which has been translated into 12 foreign languages), Character Disturbance, and The Judas Syndrome. In our conversation, I reminisced on a time I decided to speak up about what I was facing (relationally), which turned out to be the catalyst to my healing! A dear friend of mine suggested books to read and even admitted her similar struggles. This made me realize, once again, how VITAL it is for us to share what we are going through. “I really believe in the importance of character above all else. Building character is what it’s all about.” -- Dr. George Simon Dr. George tells us this: “There are psychological conditions that occur in people that are basically OK as a person… They are suffering from conditions that are either caused or influenced by biochemical imbalances and they are affected by circumstances and need a little bit of help. THEN, there are individuals whose problems and the problems they cause others are a direct result of who they have fashioned themselves to be…” Dr. Simon gives insight on how to trust your gut instinct but also some tried and true signs of character faults and toxicity. Make sure to tune in!

Sep 28

1 hr 9 min

[First Name], This week on the WW Podcast I spoke with Vanessa Ford,  cofounder of Menolabs. Vanessa’s life mission revolves around menopause! Vanessa discovered menopause for herself at age 44. The word wasn’t really in her vocabulary and certainly not on her radar but when she realized that menopause was the source of some challenging changes in body and emotions, she soon discovered that there was very little information available on the subject. She found that shocking! That every woman will experience menopause in their life yet it wasn’t something that women talked about nor was it very understood. So, Vanessa turned that into a challenge -- to make menopause a conversation that could be had at the dinner table and all women understand it, or at least can easily find support and help when going through this transition. I don't know about you, but I didn’t grow up talking about this kind of thing-- and by that I mean periods, pregnancy, menopause-- let alone perimenopause! Vanessa is the voice we all need in today’s world. For starters, I learned that menopause is 12 whole months without a period. The ~average age of menopause is 51. Whereas the ~average age of perimenopause is around 45-46 years old, even as early as 35 years old. Vanessa reminds us: “It’s something you need to be aware of in your mid-30s.”

Sep 17

45 min 55 sec

Trey Kauffman is an entrepreneur, a podcaster, and an advocate for demanding better for ourselves. His goal is to empower others to look inward and find the happiness they deserve. His spiritual awakening occurred after realizing others don't hold the key to his happiness, and through ridding himself of corporate toxicity, he was able to build a business and life he can reflect on daily with extreme gratitude.   Trey’s Tips: Search for what *actually* brings you joy and happiness. Seek where you are spending your money! This will help answer the first point.

Sep 10

1 hr

Sarah Seidelmann M.D.was a fourth- generation physician living a nature-starved, hectic lifestyle until a walrus entered her life and changed everything. She’s a practicing Shamanic Mentor and Woman of Medicine and leads transformational travel retreats around the world. She’s also the irrepressible author of several popular books including Swimming with Elephants, How Good Are You Willing to Let It Get? Born to FREAK, and The Book of Beasties!. Sarah resides in northern Minnesota, near Lake Superior with her family and two dogs. Find her at followyourfeelgood.com

Sep 3

1 hr 5 min

This week, my special guest is one of my students! I love sharing these real-time conversations with you... My client and I go over some numbers and breakdown the importance of them and the role they play in real estate investments.  One of the key parts to being successful is knowing YOUR courage in all of it!  “I want YOU to be proud of you.” -- Krisstina Wise

Aug 27

31 min 24 sec

Isabelle Tierney, M.A., is a licensed therapist and the founder of The Feel Good Life and The Stress Reset, which provide stress management tools for at home and at work. Isabelle developed a proven Methodology for reducing stress and choosing well-being in minutes—anytime and anywhere. She is a celebrated international speaker and authority on the subject of stress, whose work has helped thousands lead lives of less stress and greater well-being, productivity, and health.   Topics Mentioned in Episode:  The #1 obstacle and the #1 solution to a wealthy and wellthy life How stress and money are intricately intertwined How Isabelle's relationship to money changed and how yours can too A 3 step process that helps you access abundance inside and out How limiting beliefs inform our relationship to money

Aug 20

1 hr 8 min

Jeremy Slate is the founder of the Create Your Own Life Podcast, which studies the highest performers in the world. He studied literature at Oxford University, Specializes in using podcasting and new media to create celebrity and was ranked #1 in iTunes New and #78 in the iTunes top 100. He was named the #1 Podcast to Listen to by INC Magazine in 2019, as well as being named a Top Influencer by Forbes. After his success in podcasting, Jeremy Slate and his wife, Brielle Slate, founded Command Your Brand to help entrepreneurs get their message out by appearing as guests on podcasts. Topics Mentioned in Episode: How brands can utilize the 1 Billion Dollar podcast market PR vs. Marketing: The Right Combination How to Position yourself as the go-to in Your Space Growth: How Command Your Brand Grew by 71% in a Down Economy and How to Apply the Same Principles

Aug 13

58 min 25 sec

My guest this week is Kristina Mand-Lakhiani, and she is the Co-founder of Mindvalley and has been in the personal transformation industry for over 17 years. She is an incredibly talented international speaker, serial entrepreneur, artist, philanthropist, and a mother of 2 kids. Kristina is also the author of a transformational quest, "7 Days To Happiness" and "Live By Your Own Rules.” Kristina talks about personal transformation, authenticity, understanding and accepting oneself, and a path to happiness. She was recognized as one of the Top 10 influential people online making a difference in the world today and was awarded the Influencers For Change (IFC) by the Global Impact Creators (GIC).

Aug 6

1 hr 2 min

In this episode, I speak with a client of mine who is part of my Money Course over at Sovereignty Academy. She asked me: "How do you calculate PLM?" and "How can I best organize my money?" We also talk openly about where we see the world going, as individuals and as a collective.    You don't have to worry about eavesdropping here-- this once private conversation is now open for your ears, too! This is your exclusive invite to join on in :)

Jul 30

38 min 47 sec

My guest this week is Udo Erasmus. At a young age, Udo wanted to know how people could live in harmony, which led him to study science later in life with the desire of learning how “things” work. This then led him into biological sciences because he wanted to understand how “life and creatures” worked. That got him curious in psychology to see how “thinking and believing” works. And as a curiosity junkie, he finally studied medicine, to see how “health” works. “What I really needed to know -- that took me 30 years -- was I needed to know how “I” work.” -- Udo E. Udo is a unique story. He grew up in war which caused him to live much of his life in fear. He was a man who was scared and dissatisfied and always looking at the glass half full. He finally realized how annoyed with himself he was. He was fed up...with himself! He then realized that what he “hated” in the city was the same thing that he hated in the woods--  it was him! Udo is a thoughtful storyteller, you will want to listen in.

Jul 23

1 hr 13 min

My guest this week is Dr. Francisco Contreras. He is a cancer specialist renowned for integrating alternative therapies with conventional cancer treatment. For the last 38 years, he has treated tens of thousands of patients who have come from more than 60 countries seeking alternative cancer treatment at his Oasis of \hope Hospital in Mexico. He has spoken around the world and appeared on CNN, MSNBC, and Fox & Friends. He is the author of twelve books including his new release "the Art & Science of Undercoming Cancer". He has dedicated his life mission to helping patients in body, mind, and spirit. He and his team have created an environment that is very different from a hospital. My favorite was when he said: “We spend more time, here at the hospital, providing emotional and spiritual resources to our patients than medications.” (Francisco C.; 23:00) They don’t view their patients as ill patients, or as test results, they treat them as their neighbor, their friend.

Jul 16

59 min 29 sec

My guest this week is Heath Armstrong. Heath honestly shared with me his story on when he woke up on the couch, face down, pants down. He told me that he struggled with alcoholism. “It was something everybody did…I would drink to numb myself.” (Heath A.; 2:45). One of his big moments was a story he shared with me when he was on the plane a few years back. He was approached by this man who simply asked him: “What are you doing and where are you going?” (6:20). His follow-up question was: “Do you love it?” And at the time, this completely threw Heath off. He had never been asked that before. Any of it! Heath reminds us of all the dreams, ambitions and goals we had as kids, yet most of us are not living the lives we once imagined. As he puts it: “Overwhelm and resistance come really heavily from too big of a vision— or not clear enough of a vision, and so un-chunking it is super helpful. But, to actually bring things to life, or to manifest things, it’s sort of a multi-part system (Heath A.; 27:00).    If you’re feeling stuck or even if you could use that extra oomf of encouragement today, this is the conversation for you. 

Jul 9

1 hr 8 min

In this episode, I spoke with a client of mine who is part of my Money Course over at Sovereignty Academy. She asked me: " Is the intention to have as little business write-offs as possible to grow the profitability of the company?"  You too can have access to the open conversation we have about running your own business, the ins and outs of what write-offs are really about, and so much more. This is your exclusive invite to join on in!

Jul 2

29 min 22 sec

Guess what?! In this week’s episode, I shared my first EVER experience with drugs…! And let’s just say it was a funny moment I will never forget.  My guest, John Malanca and I talked all about Cannabis and this topic really hits home for me, as I’ve dealt with cancer within my family— so I have a different narrative about cannabis than before.   There’s a whole new world out there! John went through a family hardship in 2011, and he and his wife, Corinne, founded United Patients Group (UPG), a trusted resource and leader in medical cannabis information and education for patients, physicians, pharmacists, governments, and organizations, both domestically and internationally. John’s Cannabis company was the first to be invited to the United States Government in the U.S. Capital!

Jun 18

1 hr 10 min

Michelle Mercier is a Business Strategy Coach and is also the host of The Resilient Entrepreneur Podcast which debuted on iTunes at #15 in the Entrepreneur category and cracked the top 100 in other countries across the globe. She has 20+ years of corporate and professional experience.  Michelle has worked with a wide range of different businesses – from nationally acclaimed non-profits to major corporations like PayPal. Today, she primarily works with entrepreneurs, small/medium businesses & executives to help them grow and maintain long-term success. She loves leveraging her years of experience and expertise to help bring individuals and companies to the next level. “If you’re dissatisfied, something’s got to change or adjust, and sometimes you just can’t do that by yourself— you can’t see your own blind spots.”

May 28

1 hr 46 min

This week, I chat with the incredible Christy Whitman. Christy is a Transformational Leader, Celebrity Coach, and Law of Attraction expert, as well as the two-time New York Times bestselling author of The Art of Having It All and Taming Your Alpha Bitch. She is also the author of the international bestseller Quantum Success. Her forthcoming book, The Desire Factor, will be released April 21, 2021. Christy has such a fire in her that you can’t help but catch a flame when you’re around her! She has a gift that makes you feel unstoppable. She not only helps us remember the desires that are inside of us, but she also guides us into tackling them and making them a reality. Attracting what it is that we truly desire. What are you attracting?

May 14

1 hr 7 min

In today’s episode, I chat with Diania Merriam, the founder of The EconoME Conference, also known as the “Ted talks of the FIRE Movement (Financial Independent Retire Early). She is also the host of the popular podcast, Optimal Finance Daily where she narrates articles from the best personal finance blogs on the planet. After getting out of $30k of debt in 11 months, she used her newfound financial freedom to negotiate a remote working arrangement with her employer, take a 2-month sabbatical to walk 500 miles across northern Spain on the Camino de Santiago, and launch her own business. Diania saves 60% of her income and is on track to be financially independent by the time she’s 40 years old. Diania is such an inspiration for guiding all of us into learning how to be more mindful and grateful for the little things in life. During our discussion, she also gets candid on how clarity with our finances is optimal— and even understanding where we are mentally and emotionally in our relationship with money.  “Money is only as valuable as your clarity of how you’re going to use it and your comfort level of how much is enough.” - Diania Merriam 

Apr 30

47 min 36 sec

In today’s episode, Krisstina chats with Erin Pheil. Erin breaks down what it is to have “junk value”. The definition of this is described as defining a big goal but not really knowing or understanding the ‘why’ behind it.  “We do things and act because we want to feel a certain way. We want to feel safe, we want to feel at peace…but sometimes when people are disconnected from their feelings… [there you will] find ‘junk values’”. She gets even deeper into sharing how many entrepreneurs are actually driven by fear. Fear of not being enough. Fear of being poor. Fear of any kind!

Apr 16

58 min 28 sec

In today’s episode, Krisstina interviews Steve Goodman. Steve is an expert in business succession planning and estate planning. His knowledge and first-hand experience are exactly what we all need to better understand the importance of planning out our finances for the future. It doesn’t matter if you’re a small or big business; making thousands or millions— we all have the responsibility to tackle such major decisions.  Steve and Krisstina both share real, raw stories and personal experiences in the day-to-day practice of working with lawyers, family matters, money moves, and all that fall under that legacy umbrella we’re scared to open!

Apr 2

50 min

In today’s episode, Krisstina interviews Trent LaMonica. Trent is a financial adviser and he helps his clients create an investment plan for achieving their long-term financial goals.  Krisstina and Trent dive into the conversation on how to make your money sprout like this is the last spring season! Trent shares his fun fact: “I’ve been working and receiving a paycheck since I was 12, so that’s sort of woven into the fiber of my being: understanding and participating in the economy.” Trent LaMonica (33:20). And Krisstina could attest the same for herself! These two really signify what it means to work hard and how far your work ethic can (and will!) take you.   Here’s one last little nugget for you to carry for the day: “You should always take pride in your work. No matter what it is.” Trent LaMonica (34:10).  ——————————————————————————————————————- 3 Topics Mentioned in Episode:  - Getting started in real estate investing (securing financing). - Maintaining cash flow for opportunities (bridge loans - collateralizing your securities). -Divesting yourself from your investment real estate (1031 into REIT also using a REIT as a point of entry for the real estate market).  ———————————————————————————————————— Fun Take-Aways from Episode:  —> Did you know you could use your stock portfolio to buy real estate without selling any stock?!  —> Also, there is a 1031 exchange option that can be a smart place to invest your money in the sale of a real estate asset! ———————————————————————————————————- Favorite Moments: “Everyone is interested in getting into [real estate], so we talked about a few strategies that aren’t necessarily well advertised… we help our clients move through those important things so that they can live a life they want to live…” - Trent LaMonica (2:33). “I can’t help but feel there is a significant amount of pressure to get into real estate…I feel that some people aren’t necessarily prepared for the good, the bad, and the ugly. With any asset, with any investment, clarity, and transparency are critical to getting in there… You need to have advocates.” Trent LaMonica (21:45).  To LISTEN to this Wealthy Wellthy Podcast Episode — CLICK HERE! PS: As always– if you enjoy the show, it helps me so much for you to SUBSCRIBE and REVIEW on iTunes!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ And please take just a moment to share with your friends and family and social channels– many thanks!

Mar 19

40 min 35 sec

Have you ever heard of  Shared Equity? Well, neither had I until I talked with this week’s guest, Matthew Sullivan.     If you are like me,  you have a decent amount of home equity locked into your home with no easy way to access that cash that could be put to better use.    The traditional means to try to access the cash -- through a HELOC or Cash-out Refi -- comes with a lot of hassle (sending in all of your financials and the blood of your firstborn) to the mortgage bank. You have to qualify all over again just to get what’s yours out of an asset you own. And, it comes at the cost of adding more debt to your balance sheet along with a higher monthly payment.    What if I told you that you could access that equity without having to re-qualify and without having to take on more debt and respective debt payments?    This innovative way to tap into your equity is called a Home Equity Agreement. Instead of taking on debt, you share the future equity as a means to access your cash. Since it’s equity and not debt, there is no loan,  no monthly payments, and no interest payable. The Home Equity provider banks on your property going up in value and they share in those gains with you when you sell your house.    The Home Equity Agreements (HEA) might be interesting to an Investor as well. Through a HEA, an accredited investor could invest in a house that they do not own.    If I’ve piqued your curiosity, then you’ll wish to listen to this episode. I learned about an emerging new field that I’d never heard of before when it comes to home finance. So, if it’s new to me, I’m guessing it’s new to you as well. And, since you’re like me, you LOVE to learn new things :).   Matthew Sullivan is the founder and chief executive officer of QuantmRE and the founder of Crowdventure.com. Matthew spent a number of years working alongside Richard Branson and the Virgin corporate finance team in London, UK.   In this conversation, we run through scenarios and talk everything about home equity.   * Traditional Types of Home Equity. * How he stumbled across the concept of shared equity * How a Home Equity Agreements is different from the more traditional options. * We walk through the process a homeowner would take to capitalize on this * How much money might be on the table for you * What the setup fees look like * What Risks a Homeowner Might Encounter * How you could become an investor in this growing sector * How he wants to incorporate BlockChain technology into his business * The potential pitfalls and rewards of being an investor in this sector.

Mar 8

51 min 45 sec

On a scale from 1-5, how happy are you? 1 would mean flat-out depressed most days. 3 is living the status quo. And, 5 means you are living your good life and wake up fulfilled and happy (most days, anyway!).    If you are between 1 and 3, the question to ask oneself is WHY? What is the source or circumstance that is (or at least appears to be) the “cause” of life of so-so (at best)?    If you are less than a 4 -- what if I told you that there is a Happiness Formula? That by following the code, you could pretty quickly and easily push up your score.    Let’s give a couple of tenants of happiness a practice. Assuming you are less than a 4 -- try these:    Create a Happy Mental state via a Deliberate Physical Action  Deliberately Smile (until you feel Happy) Observe a Physical Action that can come via a Deliberate Mental State Think to yourself, “I’m Happy,” (until you Smile)   In this episode, I interview Matt Gersper. Matt literally wrote the book on “how to live a happier life” based on a Happiness Quotient that he assembled after studying happiness for many years. He witnessed the uncommon level of happiness in others who lived by this formula. And discovered for himself that it works! He is now a self-proclaimed happy person!!    And, I proclaim the same. I met Matt at a Paleo f(x)™ conference. Before I knew what he did, my thought upon meeting him was “wow, that guy is happy!” When I quickly learned he authored a book on happiness, I was immediately curious … “what secret does that guy know that the rest of us do not …”   To find out his secret I asked him to be on the Wealthy Wellthy podcast -- since the mission of my company is to help others architect a healthy, happy, and fulfilling life.    So, if you wish for a little more happiness, no matter where you are on the scale -- you’ll wish to listen in.    Here are a few threads we explore:   - How Matt Found Happiness  - The Happiness Formula   4-elements of Happy - How Money Doesn’t Buy Happiness  - How Money Can Be A Amplifier  - Can Healing & Money Co-Exist? - Finding Purpose & Passion    Enjoy!

Feb 22

1 hr 2 min

Are you curious what question I get asked most these days is? “Krisstina, what do you think of Cryptocurrency?” 6 months ago I was rarely asked this question.    You’d have to live under a rock to not know that Cryptocurrency, especially Bitcoin, has been exploding. That, had you purchased one coin a year ago at $3000, you’d see that investment being worth about $40K today. So, where historically Bitcoin and cryptocurrency has been something we’ve known exists, it’s seemed to be of little consequence so we paid no attention to it. Well, it now has our attention! Why has Crypto, out of nowhere it seems, skyrocketed in price and therefore awareness?    There are many complex reasons that are above my pay grade. To sum those explanations up into one ‘at the end of the day’ reason is that major institutional investors with millions and billions of dollars, who have never before invested in the blockchain, are now moving their fiat currency (government-backed) to this new land of opportunity. The sentiment has become, “if those smart cookies are moving their money there, well, maybe I should too.”    What is cryptocurrency in a nutshell and is it safe?    It is a newer way of decentralizing our financial system that allows for full transparency. “Decentralized” meaning there is no central authority that manages the records or has any say in the network. The government-controlled US dollar is reaching record highs of inflation and devaluation. Old forms of retirement funds and investments are becoming less and less reliable as a way of saving for your future.    So, for those who see the current financial system as fragile due to the current state of affairs (printing dollars like monopoly money), crypto is fast becoming the new marketplace to transact and store money (among many other cool things).     As a result, it’s becoming easier and easier to transact using a token like bitcoin. Payment processors such as Square’s Cashapp and Paypal give the option to buy and sell bitcoin in their apps. These bigger institutions are starting to recognize that cryptocurrency is here to stay and they don’t want to miss the boat.    Blockchain technology is considered radically disruptive in that it has the capability to transform every trust-based interaction of our lives, from financial services to identity, from health care to our election system. There are endless possibilities for the framework that cryptocurrency is built around. So, blockchain technologies are considered highly disruptive and expected to radically change life as we know it. Like trying to remember the day pre-internet, there will be a day in the not so far away future where we’ll try to remember life before cryptocurrency.    What about cryptocurrency as an investment?    Cryptocurrency may become a leading place to steer investment dollars. If you ask my  Crypto-genius friends they wholeheartedly believe that the BlockChain and Cryptocurrency IS the future. It’s just a matter of time. And where it was believed to be a way out, it’s now believed that the time is now.    What is the difference between Blockchain and Cryptocurrency?    This was one of my first questions when I was trying to understand the basics of this new landscape. The two terms were often conflated and used interchangeably which caused me to think they were the same thing. One doesn’t really exist without the other, but they are different. To over-simplify, think of Cryptocurrency as “virtual money”. It’s considered a digital asset that functions as a medium of exchange (like cash in digital form). The “technology” behind the cryptocurrencies are called Blockchains -- which serve as a shared ledger that records all transactions and is controlled by a global network of computers (not people).    New decentralized “solutions” are being built using the blockchain to give more freedom and privacy to those who value these two things. For example, if you wish to use a search engine to post your information and/or search information and not be censored, retargeted, or see Ad-based and/or Google censored rankings, you can find a blockchain-based startup called Presearch. It’s a decentralized search engine in direct competition with Google. This is an early-stage startup so who knows. But for me, it’s something I’m curious about because I for one am sick of Google monitoring my every move. And, I can’t imagine I’m the only one.    Okay. That’s my download on Cryptocurrency. I hope that made some semblance of sense! If so, and you're now thinking “what next…”   Here’s what next:    I’d like to introduce you to my good friend and Crypto-coach, Boris Peysakhov. He’s been my Crypto guru, mentor, teacher, and advisor. I’ve put six-figures into Crypto so far this year (yes 2021) with the guidance of Boris. And, so far so good! Thank you Boris <3.    After working with and coaching me (and a few others) he’s put together a Beginner’s guide to Cryptocurrency. It will teach you everything you need to know to get you comfortable with and acclimated to the Crypto world. You’ll be able to meet friends out for dinner and sound like you know what you’re talking about! :) And, you’ll get Boris’ allocation spreadsheet as a guide to help you place your first investment -- that I have no doubt you’ll want to do after watching his program. Even if it’s just $100, you’ll finish knowing the basics and be able to say that you made your first investment into Cryptocurrency.    Click here to learn more. And, be sure to let me know your overall experience.    Keep me posted,  Krisstina   PS:  If you want to get your feet wet in this conversation my latest WW podcast release is with Boris!  If you want to get an “introduction” to him and Crypto, check it out.    PSS: Boris is hosting a Campus Lab for all Campus Members on February 22nd, at 3:00 pm CST. Mark your calendars. We will be sending more information out regarding the lab later this week. To attend, you’ll need to make sure you are a Campus Member. Join for just $1 today!  We talk about all things investing in this episode such as * What is Cryptocurrency * What is BlockChain Technology * Why To Invest In Digital Currency * Fraud Happening With Traditional Retirement Funds * Taking Back Sovereignty Of Our Retirement * What Other Applications The Technology Is Being Used For * Why Gold & Silver Are A Great Investment As Well

Feb 5

48 min 51 sec

Do you have a tax planner on your side? How about a bookkeeper?  Are you subconsciously abdicating all the decisions when it comes to your numbers? Do you only focus on making money in your business (revenue) but give all of the rest of the financial power away to a 3rd party? Do you think your tax planner or bookkeeper cares about your money as much as you do?  Knowing how (and where) your money flows through your business and tracking the performance of every dollar is a game-changer when it comes to maximizing and optimizing how much money you ultimately make. And when I say make, I mean KEEP.  Yes. You need an A-Team to help you manage your money and build your wealth -- BUT, that does not mean abdicating your finances to these experts. A lot of accountants that are preparing your taxes have only a fraction of the picture that necessary to maximize your profits and minimize your taxes owed. And, bookkeepers are administrative. They are there to take direction, not make decisions on how to report/track your monies. Not to mention, they have usually overworked themselves, trying to make ends meet, and don’t have the time it would require to pay attention to your books as necessary.  You are the one that is the most intimate with your business and the most passionate to see it succeed. That is why knowing your numbers is so important. Cash flow management is the name of the game. Looking only at your top line is useless. You need to pay attention to your bottom line. That’s where the money is! Think profit first then all the rest will fall into place. Figure out what your short term and long term goals are. Figuring those out will help you set your profit goal which ultimately determines your revenue targets. I enjoyed this conversation with Tatiana Tsoir. She is a CPA and bookkeeper who is not your average CPA and bookkeeper. You'll hear how she and I are completely aligned with how we coach business owners to think about their money and as a result manage it! Tatiana helps business owners become the boss of their bottom line so that they can make money doing what they are most passionate about.   We run the gamut of topics in this interview! What is a Tax Planer Having Sovereignty Over Your Numbers Cash Flow Management Entity Matrix Long Term & Short Term Goals Why You Need To Think Profit First Are You Volume Oriented Or Quality Oriented Price Theory Why You Need Three Tiers To Your Product And Or Service.

Jan 12

52 min 55 sec

For show notes and to stay updated with me head over to my Podcast Page   If you had to narrow down to the ONE THING that you believe is holding you back from achieving everything you dreamed of, what would it be? Could it be as simple as not “Asking” for what you want?” On a scale from 1-5 -- 5 being you are an Expert Asker -- how would you rate your Asking willingness and ability?    This episode is all about learning how to ASK. My guests, Mark Victor and Crystal recently wrote a book called Ask! They claim that much of not getting what we want out of life is a direct result of not asking for exactly what we want out of life.    A starting place they offered in the interview is to begin by asking yourself these crucial questions: Where are you in your life right now? Where do you want to be?  What questions do you need to be asking to bridge the gap?  Who could you be asking to help?    Chances are that you are not asking the right questions. And, you are not asking others to help you in your quest to manifest your goals and dreams. Merely asking sounds pretty simple. But, it tends to be one of the most difficult things for us to do.    Why?    Because of those same demons that continue to sabotage our potential: guilt, shame, fear, avoidance, and/or lack of clarity of purpose.  Most especially the fear of being rejected by being told “no.” We give up all those “yeses” in fear of getting an occasional “no.” Which, at the end of the day -- keeps us playing small! Robbing us of ever reaching our potential.    I took copious notes during this interview.  Some of the topics discussed are The Power of Asking Why You Need a Seven Year Old On Your Board How To Get Yourself Unstuck Flipping the Script On Feeling Unworthy How To Ask For What We Want How To Inspire People The Seven Roadblocks Of Asking Seeking Connection Gender Differences In Asking  Mark Victor Hansen is probably best known as the co-author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul book series and brand, setting world records in book sales, with over 500 million books sold. Mark also worked his way into a worldwide spotlight as a sought-after keynote speaker and entrepreneurial marketing maven.   Crystal Dwyer Hansen is an international speaker, researcher, corporate consultant, author, and entrepreneur. Her expertise is in the field of human potential. Through her years spent as a Transformational Life Coach and Wellness/Nutrition Expert, she has seen people experience profound and lasting transformation in relationships, career, health & wellness by tapping into their inner resources.   These two are amazing humans. Let me know your takeaways! 

Dec 2020

1 hr 5 min

For show notes and to stay updated with me head over to my Podcast Page   What self-limiting beliefs do you have that may be holding you back? What stories are you stuck in that hold you back from achieving your goals and dreams? Unbeknownst to most -- the thoughts and words people use on a regular basis are what shape their behaviors which creates the trajectory of their future. This episode will help you identify your recurrent thoughts and patterns that may be sabotaging the life you desire and will help you redefine them.    Paul Ross is an expert in NLP. What is NLP? Listen in and learn all about it. I’m familiar with NLP, but wow, Paul uses examples in this episode that had my jaw dropping throughout our conversation. I realized for myself that there are many words I use that are weak in comparison to what’s possible.    Paul emphasizes that our language (thoughts and words) create our realities -- both good and bad. When our self-talk is full of negative thoughts (invisible words) -- our reality will match up with those words because those words create our reality. Our moods and narratives become the life story we live in. So, if the life story isn’t the way we want -- it’s time to look at and change our language.     This starts by reflecting on: “Where did these beliefs and stories come from? Are they mine that I chose? Or, were they handed to me from my family and/or environment? Am I attached to these? If so, Why?”.   That’s personal. What about professionally? Paul states that every conversation we have is an attempt to sell our point of view and our perspective. In each conversation, we can expand each other's minds in how we view a topic. If you know how to model and better influence a person, you have a much higher chance of getting your point across. Which can lead to more sales. And, better relationships. This is a powerful episode. I learned that NLP is one of the most effective methods for creating rapport with your unconscious mind to rapidly release old programming, shift your beliefs, and change your behavior to create massive results in your life and business.Let me know your Ahas! I had many of my own.    Paul Ross is an author, speaker, trainer, Master Hypnotist, and Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. For the past 30 years, he's taught thousands of people the power of language to persuade, sell, heal, turn stumbling blocks into stepping stones and pain into passion.   Some of the topics we dive into are: How To Develop A Sense Of Trust With A Person How To Make A Person Think Your Idea Is Their Own. How To Grab People's Attention Subconscious Communication Hypnosis Pattern Interrupts Mirroring When To Be Vague And When To Be Specific Trance Phrases

Nov 2020

53 min 54 sec

What would you do with a second lease on life? Are you grinding away working away at all times? Are you exchanging your wealth for health?   These are big topics in today’s episode. My guest, Matthew Korbin, and I have both faced death in the eye as a result of living life totally out of balance. A life where our entire focus and primary purpose was on business growth and super start Identity. Our health (and relationships) took a backseat -- until our bodies said, “enough is enough.”    This episode is about discovering what lights you up. Finding that homeostasis between life and work. To remember that the business is to serve you and your personal dreams, goals, relationships, and wellness -- not the other way around.   Matthew Korban, Certified Health and Life Coach, has spent over 25 years connecting with people. First, as an international marketing consultant traveling the world and making millions to now -- a reformed “business addict” who helps others avoid burnout (and potential death) as an impassioned coach by teaching workaholics how to restore ‘purity’ and balance to business so that there is no need to compromise the best things life has to offer -- love, health, and memories.    Matthew has opened spots to have a free call with him HERE!   Get ready to jump in to this episode where we talk: Building A Empire And Walking Away Laying On Death’s Door Reinventing Yourself Outside Of Your Job Balancing Of Life How To Be Honest With Yourself Burn Out Discover, Pivot, Launch Method.

Nov 2020

48 min 56 sec

People are taking action to be more conscious of their money lately. One of the things you might never have thought about is your medical bills. Do you know if your medical bill is right? Often they will overcharge and or include something extra on your bill. Who knew, right?   Today’s guest is Angel Cellucci. Angel is a sought-after speaker, trainer, and consultant who inspires audience members and clients to take charge of their health care expenditures. The knowledge and training she provides is the first line of defense against medical fraud, waste, and abuse, which currently robs all of us an estimated $80 billion dollars every year. Angel is the Owner and CEO of two medical fraud investigation companies;  and she is a Board-Certified Family Nurse Practitioner. Medical Fraud Fighters  Overbrook Consultants    Some of the topics we discuss when it comes to reviewing the bills and fighting the erroneous charges are:   Guilty Til Proven Innocent Dove System (Document • Organize • Verify • Engage) The Four Most Common Things To Look For on Your Bill How To Change Your Mindset Around Medical Bills How to Advocate for Yourself To Remember -- You Have All The Power   If you have current, outstanding, or upcoming medical bills (or know someone else who has), you don’t want to miss this episode with Angel Cellucci!   And, Angel has a FREE gift to help you along this path. You can go HERE  to get your free ebook on how to protect yourself.

Oct 2020

53 min 34 sec

With our words, we create… so what are you creating? We are casting spells on ourselves every day with the words we choose to say. What internal dialogue are you having with yourself, and would you treat friends that way?  Our inner reality helps to create our external reality. What are you manifesting into your life? You have so much control over your reality! Where your focus goes, your energy flows. Christy Whitman is the CEO and founder of the Quantum Success Learning Academy & Quantum Success Coaching Academy. Christy is a two-time New York Times bestselling author of The Art of Having It All and Taming Your Alpha Bitch. She is also the author of the international bestseller Quantum Success. Her forthcoming book, The Desire Factor, will be released on April 21, 2021. Some of the insightful topics covered are: Mediation Affirmations Mantra Feeling Into Energy Quantum Field Money Practicing Feeling Safe Choosing Your Thoughts Mindsets Emotions Law of Attraction

Oct 2020

58 min 34 sec

Are your financial books dirty, or are they clean and organized? Chances are you are abdicating your business’s financial responsibilities. The big myth around doing accounting for your business is that it has to be hard and confusing. Instead of giving all of your power away to your CPA, you should be partners with them.  Knowing where your cash is flowing is the greatest way to know where you are needlessly spending. With that extra money,  you could do something such as hiring an assistant. Discover how to better support yourself so you can better support your business. Your books tell a story-- and we talk about how to reframe those narratives to the affirmative. Mercedes Gomez is a Wealthy Wellthy Certified Money Coach. She is a CPA based in Florida and serves clients across the world. Mercedes is originally from Lima, Peru and now lives in Boca Raton, Florida. She has Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Accounting. After 10 years of working in various accounting and consulting jobs across private and public companies, Mercedes decided to quit the comfort of a paycheck and start her own company in an effort to reconnect with true passion and mental health. Some of the topics you will learn about: What are Dirty Books? Why Organized Books Are Key What The Common Mistakes Are Do Your Books Give You Anxiety? Finding a CPA Why Abdicating Your Finances Is Not The Answer How To Find Money Left On The Table Gamifying Your Finances Learning Where To Cut Costs Income Statements Cost Of Services Sold Operational Services Net Income Or Net Loss Balance Sheets Wise Money Bookkeeping & Consulting

Sep 2020

59 min 31 sec

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a spy? I dreamed about being a spy growing up and have been fascinated by that world ever since.    How does that knowledge transfer over to the business world you might ask? It comes down to knowing your surroundings and doing your research.    The skills that you need to learn to be a spy will get you out of your comfort zone. They help teach you the subtle art of persuasion and deal-making. You learn how to take calculated risks, mitigate the fallout, and cut through everyday noise to focus intently.    Our guest today is Jason Hanson,  a former CIA operative turned business entrepreneur. He founded  Spy Escape & Evasion in 2010. Jason won a deal on ABC’s hit reality series, Shark Tank, and he’s a New York Times Best Selling Author with his book Spy Secrets That Can Save Your Life. He lives on“Spy Ranch,” a 320-acre facility where he teaches spy skills like Evasive Driving, Pistol, and Rifle Shooting, Intelligence Operations, Cyber Security, and more. Jason has a new book out called Survive Like a Spy.. Jason has been featured on The NBC Today Show, Dateline, Rachael Ray, Fox & Friends, Forbes, NPR, and The Huffington Post among others.   Here are some the intriguing topics we talk about: How to Build Rapport Benefits of Doing Deep Research The Art Of Persuasion The Entrepreneur Mindset Strategic Alliances Mental Triggers Playing The Long Game SADR Cycle (Spotting Accessing Developing Recruiting) Boundaries Cyber Security Enjoy This Episode With Jason Hanson!

Sep 2020

54 min 16 sec

Do you value your freedom? It seems like for so long, I took for granted our civil liberties. I ignored the politics game until I woke up to this reality. Have you heard of shadow banning before? The major social media platforms have been censoring the information we see for a while. They have a narrative they want you to see, and if your narrative is different, they manipulate what shows up on news feeds and search engines.    This is something our guest this week An0maly has experienced first hand. He talks about how this has affected his livelihood. This is not a one-off event; it is anyone that refuses to conform to the narrative pushed by the mainstream media.   Our guest in this episode goes by the name An0maly. He speaks at schools, universities & events worldwide. He is a self-made hip-hop artist & news analyst with 250 million video views without a manager, label, or significant news publication. An0maly saw the lack of representation and the spread of misinformation, so he decided to take a stand. An0maly started as a hip-hop artist, spoken word poet & a DJ. He’s well equipped to perform any set from a stadium concert to a poetry lounge to an event conference to a classy vibe as a very rare DJ.   We run the gamut of topics including: How to Stay Objective How to Find Your Truth Shadow Banning The Current Political Environment Similarities to Marxism and Communism How he Organically Grew His Following The Psychology of Freedom Propaganda Spoken Word Music   Enjoy This Episode with An0maly!

Sep 2020

47 min 12 sec

What do you think of when you hear retirement? It can have negative connotations and/or lead to heart palpitations for many.    Instead, think of it as an exit strategy, which I think better describes moving on to your life's next adventure. The old paradigm of “retiring” is being retired itself in recent years to suit our evolving life architecture.    It is never too late to start planning for your future. Sixty-two is the new forty-two as we move forward from the industrial revolution when the quality of life and life expectancy was much lower. Your wealth is your health, which I am always saying!    The first step is to admit where you are currently on this financial journey. Let us help you take the next step forward with this episode.   Dr. Gregg Lunceford is a retirement researcher and a 25+ year veteran in the financial services industry. He is the author of the book Exit From Work, where he helps to redefine what retirement can look like when you take actionable steps in your life. Dr. Lunceford earned a BBA from Loyola University of Chicago, an MBA from Washington University in St. Louis, and a Ph.D. in Management from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, OH where he conducted studies on retirement. He is a Certified Financial Planner professional and holds a Certificate in Financial Planning Studies from Northwestern University. Dr. Lunceford is also a registered financial advisor with the NFL Players Association.   We touch on lots of topics that I resonate with, including: Gregg’s philosophy on retirement Mentors How people are reinventing themselves after they exit What is meaningful to you, as opposed to what is only productive and or expected Strategies that take you to that next stage Career Design Lifestyle Architecture Wealth, Health, Love Rules of thumb such as the Rule of 72 and the 4% Rule   Enjoy this episode with Dr. Gregg Lunceford.

Sep 2020

50 min 58 sec

Have you been struggling to stay focused in the last several months? Where your focus goes, your attention goes. Focus is something that seems so simple, and yet so unattainable at times. It can be easy to lose sight of what you should be focusing on and let all the small details drag you down. Today we are faced with so many decisions that it can be easy to get analysis paralysis. Let's get you focused on this episode.   Our guest Erik Qualman ”Equalman”  has a new book out called The Focus Project, and it offers great insight on how to stay focused. Erik is an alumnus of the podcast, and I am so honored to have him back on. Erik is a Bestselling Author of books such as Socialnomics, Digital Leader, and many more. Erik has worked with clients such as IBM, Google, FBI, National Guard, Disney, Sony, etc. Erik has performed in 55 countries and reached over 35 million people in the last decade. Erik was voted the 2nd Most Likeable Author in the World behind Harry Potter's J.K. Rowling   Today's episode is full of actionable items you can use to take back your focus and achieve your goals. Some of the topics talked about are. Creating Systems To Keep Organized Making Not-To-Do Lists Reducing Clutter Decision Fatigue The Art of Saying No Focusing On Only One Thing A Month Why You Need to Act Like a Cowgirl or Cowboy. Focus On The Big Not The Busy Focusing As A Habit Enjoy this conversation with Erik Qualman!

Aug 2020

57 min 20 sec

How are you dealing with all the fear and anxiety in our uncertain times? We talk this week with former Navy Seal Mikal Vega, who has been to the brink and back. He shares with us some of the practices that saved his life. The traditional route fighting depression with SSRIs failed him, so he found what worked for him-- modalities like Kundalini yoga, sensory deprivation tanks, acupuncture, massages, and meditation.   Whether in a war zone or at the grocery store, the easiest and cheapest way to handle stress is to learn how to properly breathe so that you can down-regulate your nervous system. Breathing is something that we certainly for granted and yet is so powerful.   We covered a lot of ground in this episode, including His definition of being a warrior How everything starts and ends with love-- the universal truth What it’s like to be on the front lines  How do you deal with intense levels of fear every day  How to come back from life-threatening injuries and the emotional trauma associated with them  How he found peace amidst all the chaos in his life   Mikal Vega is a combat veteran that served 22 years within the Naval Special Warfare (Navy SEAL Team) and EOD (bomb squad) communities. While deployed in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom, and while manning the turret of an HMMWV, an IED detonated dangerously close while returning from an otherwise uneventful mission. The injuries sustained included severe cervical trauma, ulnar nerve damage, and Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (MTBI). He has since created The Vital Warrior Program to help active military and retired veterans find peace and deal with their PTSD. He has created an album that is available on your favorite streaming platform called Vital Warrior.   Enjoy this Episode with Mikal Vega!

Aug 2020

50 min 2 sec

Have you ever considered a life coach? Do you feel fulfilled in life, or are there areas that could use improvement? We have all gone through trauma in our life. Jennifer Jiménez is Chief Innovation Officer and Director of the Health & Well-Being Division at Brave Thinking Institute. At the Brave Thinking Institute, they will help you reframe the stories that you perceive are holding you back. Jennifer will help you discover your inner power and purpose. So that you can start listening to your divine guidance on this journey of life. She likes to use evocative coaching compared to directive coaching to guide you through discovering yourself. Some of the stories we have created in life are disempowering. Narratives and programs that you picked up somewhere along the way that once served a purpose. They will help install new empowering reframes in your life. Often we fall into the self-sabotaging paradigm. It might be time to press pause on all the criticism, the harsh inner critic, and the comparisons. You are what you think and what you focus on the most grows. One of the biggest takeaways from this conversation is how pivotal gratitude is to live a fulfilled, abundant life. Our guest on this episode is Jennifer Jiménez. She is a world-renown transformational life and heart-centered business coach, international speaker & author, health & well-being industry leader, and conscious dance maven. Jennifer has been featured alongside some of the world's greatest thought leaders, including Marianne Williamson, Bruce H. Lipton Ph.D., Maya Angelou, Byron Katie, Bob Proctor, Wayne Dyer, and Deepak Chopra. Her life-enhancing programs and products can be found in Self, Shape, Oxygen, Woman's World, and more. Jennifer has helped thousands of people worldwide become more confident, healthy, joyful, abundant, and full of life. We talk about self-mastery, conscious dance, going from the corporate world to the coaching world, love languages, how important the small things in life are. When you are open to receive guidance, it will come. We talk about the pillars she focuses on the most. They are health and well-being, relationship with self, vocation, time and money, freedom, love, and relationships. She has a gift for you to download that enables gaining confidence and so much more in five minutes. Enjoy this conversation with Jennifer Jiménez!

Aug 2020

56 min 54 sec

Do you feel like you are too busy to go to the gym or think I wish I had more hours in the day? What would you do if your basement flooded or another emergency happened, and you had to take the time to fix it? Would you be able to find the time? Have you tracked where your time is going with an application like Toggl? There are 168 hours in a week. What are you doing with them all?   This week's guest is the fantastic Productivity specialist Laura Vanderkam. She has an exciting new book named " The New Corner Office" it is a very timely book since it is all about how to be successful while working from home.  Laura Vanderkam is the author of several time management and productivity books. Her work has appeared in publications including the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, Fast Company, and Fortune. She is the host of the podcast Before Breakfast and the co-host, with Sarah Hart-Unger, of the podcast Best of Both Worlds. She is a mother to five children and runs a blog. So she knows how to get the most out of her time on any given day.   In this episode, we explore how to set boundaries with your personal and work life. How to hold yourself accountable in using your time wisely. What are you making a priority in your day? Are you being honest with how you are spending your time? We talk about how you should audit your future, not your past performance. You also might be wondering how she could be productive with five children running around all time? We talk about these topics, and more.   Enjoy this week's episode with Laura Vanderkam!  

Aug 2020

45 min 49 sec

What does productivity look like to you? Has your productivity taken a nosedive since the pandemic hit? Working from home can be a hard balancing act to pull off. Are you trading your health for wealth? This is one of the topics near and dear to my heart since I sacrificed everything for the sake of being productive until I burnt out. We trade stories on how we both walked that tightrope for so long and overcame those obstacles. We discuss lots of tips and tricks to maximize your efficiency. We talk about working hard and the need to be able to recover even harder. We talk about how we set ourselves up to succeed every day, whether our environment or mindset. How for many, those variables feel like they been upturned with having to work from home. Streamlining your day can be much simpler than you realize. The struggle is real for many people, and if you are reading this, you are embracing your genius instead. This episode will help you redefine what productivity is and how to work smarter, not harder. It is time for you to be proactive with your productivity, and discover how to be more productive to get out of the grind. Thanh is the Founder and Managing Director of Asian Efficiency. He is considered one of the top thought leaders in the productivity industry and has been featured in Fast Company, Inc.com, Forbes, Huffington Post, and The Globe & Mail. Enjoy this episode with Thanh Pham.

Jul 2020

46 min 42 sec

Do you want an Unfair Advantage when it comes to money? Then listen to us money mavericks talk about how you can have mastery over your money and life. Do you and your spouse disagree on where the income goes every month? Do you have a problem trying to instill good habits concerning money with your children? Is your cash flow working for or against you? Are you playing a rigged game with the bank?   Adam Carroll is an internationally recognized financial literacy expert and author of Winning The Money Game, 30 Days To $1K, and Mastery of Money for Students. He is a two-time TED talk speaker, with one of his talks surpassing 4 million views. The synergy between the two of us make this a very insightful and profound conversation about how to design your life. Money doesn't have to be the convoluted, scary thing it is made out to be. Fear is what holds most people back from money mastery. Take control of your money situation now and uplevel your life. Enjoy this episode with Adam Carroll.

Jul 2020

58 min 18 sec

These days we are all looking for passive revenue streams. Have you ever considered franchises? In this episode, we have Erik Van Horn who coaches entrepreneurs on how to get their franchises off the ground and making a profit fast. We are breaking down the franchising models so you can understand the advantages and pitfalls. Having a proven business model laid out for you with support can make all the difference. This is one of the biggest advantages is that it is a business in a box essentially. Enjoy this week's episode with Erik Van Horn and enjoy your free copy of his ebook The Franchise PlayBook.

Jul 2020

47 min 48 sec

Are you a risk-taker? Are you an overachiever? Do you want to feel empowered by running your own business? If any or all of those resonate with you then you will be glued to this episode with Gay Gaddis.    Gay cashed in her IRA for $16,000 in 1989 to create a new breed of agency, T3, that rose to national prominence for innovation under her leadership for more than 30 years.   Today, Gay is focusing her always-on energy to empower entrepreneurs and the next generation of women business leaders to take big leaps in their careers and lives. She is an active speaker on women’s leadership, company culture, and entrepreneurship. Her book, Cowgirl Power, released in January 2018, shares insights and examples for women to develop personal power and lead like fearless cowgirls.   This podcast is a primer of how to take your business from its infancy to being an eight-figure powerhouse. You will learn that with great risks comes greater reward potential. We talk about how to embody your power as a CEO, which also means not shying away from the difficult, unfavored decisions.    We talk about how knowing your numbers is sexy and vital to being successful. And how do you walk away from a business that is your baby?  Find this out and more with our amazing guest this week, Gay Gaddis.   I am sure you will be wowed by her and will want to learn even more from Gay. You are in luck she has a series of webinars coming up for you. The next one is Wednesday, July 15, 2020. You can find more information by going to her Webinar Page.    Enjoy this episode with Gay Gaddis.

Jul 2020

1 hr 2 min

Welcome back, this is your host, Krisstina Wise. Have you ever thought about writing a book? If so -- Then you’ll want to listen to this conversation with my good friend, Sam Horn. In this Episode, Sam inspired me to write my Book #2 by sharing her magical book-writing framework that makes outlining a book and writing it super simple. She took away any great excuse I’ve had to procrastinate to get to writing! Sam is a prolific author who specializes in helping people crystallize their communications and write their books. She is truly one of the most clever people I have ever met!   Sam is Founder and CEO of the Intrigue Agency, and she’s done 3 TEDx talks and written 9 books. One of her most well-loved books is called Tongue Fu!, which gives you an idea about how clever she is. Another book of hers that I absolutely love is called POP, which is all about naming and pitching things. If you are a business owner -- you know how important this skill is!    Sam is an internationally popular speaker, and she is also one of the founders of the Maui Writers Conference, which is like the Cannes film festival for writers. She has helped countless writers by teaching them and inspiring them-- and she has definitely just inspired me to get my second book done!    So grab a coffee, sit down and be inspired-- Please enjoy my conversation with the great Sam Horn.

Jul 2020

55 min 27 sec