The Horrorble Idea

Stephanie and Jack

Stephanie is frightened by scary movies, and Jack thinks that's hilarious (he’s maybe a little scared too). But as dedicated film lovers, they’re setting out to fill in this blank spot in their viewographies. Together they will dive deep into the genre of horror and find some laughs in-between the screams.

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Stephanie and Jack head south, way south, to Antarctica for 1982’s The Thing. Is it Kurt Russell at his hottest? Is it the best dog acting of its generation? Is it too gross or just gross enough? Take a sip of J&B and find out.

Aug 23

32 min 11 sec

Jack and Stephanie take a look at their first Giallo film! It's the 70s, it's Italian, it's bloody and creepy and fun. It's Dario Argento's The Bird with the Crystal Plumage. "Send in the perverts."

Jul 12

38 min 17 sec

¡Ay dios mio! Stephanie and Jack tackle Guillermo del Toro’s first major film, Cronos. Old man vampires? Disappearing mustaches? Is Ron Perlman the best? (Yes.)

Jun 28

49 min 45 sec

The power of Christ compels you to listen to Stephanie and Jack revisit their traumatic childhood viewings of the 1973 masterpiece, The Exorcist!

Jun 14

56 min 39 sec

Jack and Stephanie don't know what comes at night, but it certainly isn't excitement. Maybe the true enemy is the friends we made along the way? Also: the dog dies.

May 31

34 min 54 sec

Stephanie and Jack are back and diving into a well full of weirdness with 2019’s Color Out of Space! Nic Cage and mutated alpacas make for a strange psychedelic romp that both scared and grossed out both hosts.

May 17

45 min 52 sec

Stephanie and Jack take a trip to 1980’s SoHo to figure out what the mysterious initials C.H.U.D. stand for and what the heck this movie is and why Daniel Stern & John Heard are trying so hard in it?

May 1

34 min 23 sec

Stephanie and Jack get a first class ticket to fun with 2016’s action packed zombie flick, Train to Busan. They debate fast zombies vs slow zombies and give much respect to the thicc king Ma Dong-seok.

Apr 5

41 min 57 sec

Jack is very loud about his dislike for A Quiet Place, though Stephanie enjoyed the film and its monsters. Will either be swayed by the other’s argument?

Mar 22

47 min 14 sec

Stephanie and Jack say Candyman five times in the mirror and learn all about the 1992 movie that bears his name. They look forward to the Nia DaCosta/Jordan Peel sequel and wonder if a movie written by a white British man based on a white British man’s short story can say anything about the Black experience in America.

Mar 1

52 min 8 sec

Quid pro quo, did you really think we would let the 30th anniversary of The Silence of the Lambs go by without talking about it? Let us enthrall you with our acumen and dig into one of our favorite films like it's a census taker and we just opened a nice bottle of Chianti.

Feb 15

1 hr 10 min

Jack and Stephanie get in the wayback machine and visit 1930’s Berlin for Fritz Lang’s M. They talk about Peter Lorre’s creepy eyes and wonder why the Germans have so many different contraptions for smoking tobacco.

Feb 8

49 min 45 sec

Stephanie and Jack open the Lament Configuration and are transported into a hellworld where there is no line between pain and pleasure. By that, I mean they talk about Clive Barker’s 1987 disasterpiece Hellraiser. Spoilers: Stephanie didn’t like it.

Feb 1

54 min 14 sec

Jack and Stephanie go back into the Wan-iverse as they are haunted by 2010’s Insidious. Stephanie talks about her love for the red-faced demon’s “chaotic energy” and Jack tries to figure out what James Wan’s deal is.

Jan 18

46 min 32 sec

A horror podcast about a horror movie about other horror movies? Stephanie and Jack sacrifice 35 minutes to talk about 2012’s meta horror Mutant Enemy joint, The Cabin in the Woods. We focus on Thor’s pecs, giant snakes, and Fornicus, Lord of Bondage and Pain.

Jan 11

38 min 48 sec

We’re starting the new year off with an artsy noir Persian Horror Western Vampire flick, Ana Lily Amirpour’s 2014 A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night. We focus on amazing cat acting and one character’s sweet sweet ride. Plus, Stephanie explains her desire to become a vampire.

Jan 4

36 min 59 sec

Stephanie and Jack find out the call is coming from inside the house! A holiday special with 1974’s Black Christmas. Plus a little extra stocking stuffer with end of the year picks for best killer, kill, setting, and final girl.

Dec 2020

42 min 25 sec

Jack and Stephanie take a look at Wes Craven's first and most edgelord film, 1972’s Last House on the Left. We contemplate the raw animal power of Krug Stillo and wonder why two groovy chicks in the Lower East Side had no idea how to score weed.

Dec 2020

49 min 14 sec

Stephanie and Jack howl about a horror-comedy classic, An American Werewolf in London. Should you date your nurse? What do you do when your best friend is a meatloaf?

Dec 2020

31 min 25 sec

On a special solo episode, Jack talks about his favorite horror adjacent movie: Ghostbusters! Featuring weird facts about the movie and about Jack, the story of Ghostbusters' origins, and all sorts of spectral fun.

Nov 2020

16 min 12 sec

Stephanie and Jack go for a double feature, talking about the 1973 and 2006 versions of The Wicker Man. Come listen to the Salmon of Knowledge tell you everything you ever wanted to know about bees, phallic symbols, and Nic Cage on a bike.

Nov 2020

40 min 49 sec

1, 2, Freddy’s coming for you! Jack and Stephanie have A Nightmare on Elm Street and find out they really dig Freddy Kruger. Plus F, Marry, Kill with Freddy, Jason, and Michael Meyers.

Nov 2020

38 min 33 sec

Just in time for Hallows’ Eve, Jack and Stephanie carve into Halloween! They discuss the strangeness of the suburbs, Michael’s motivations, along with a campy Stephanie’s Six Degrees of Cinema and an avant garde pitch of the week from Jack.

Oct 2020

38 min 21 sec

Stephanie and Jack head uptown to talk about Vampires vs the Bronx! Chopped cheese, gentrification, blood sucking, and method acting with Method Man. Plus Stephanie’s Six Degrees of cinema, Jack’s Pitch of the Week, and a roundup of a few favorite Vampire flicks!

Oct 2020

37 min 46 sec

Stephanie and Jack take a Baba-look at 2014’s meme-tastic The Babadook. Featuring Stephanie’s Six Degrees of Cinema segment and Jack’s elevator pitch for a Babadook sitcom.

Oct 2020

41 min 28 sec

James Wan conjures up some strong mixed reactions as Stephanie and Jack talk about 2013’s The Conjuring.

Oct 2020

54 min 45 sec

Jack and Stephanie empathize with poor Leatherface. Family dinners can be traumatic. Especially when grandpa is the creepiest thing ever. You guessed it, they are watching 1974’s The Texas Chain Saw Massacre.

Sep 2020

50 min 31 sec

Stephanie sneaks in an art film and takes Jack on a journey into a meditation with Amy Seimetz’s She Dies Tomorrow. What is this movie? Is it horror? Is it a tone poem? Stephanie is a fan, Jack is trying to figure it all out.

Sep 2020

45 min 43 sec

Stephanie and Jack are heeeeeere with Poltergeist! After a not so scary first episode, we finally get a few jumps out of Stephanie. They ask the important questions, like: Why didn’t you get rid of that scary-ass clown? And, are blonde children inherently creepy.

Sep 2020

47 min 10 sec

Stephanie and Jack dive into one of the classics of American horror with Friday the 13th. They pick apart this quintessential slasher film in all of its early eighties weirdness. Stephanie gets deep into her hate of Ned and Jack has some hard-hitting questions about the logistics of Strip Monopoly. 

Sep 2020

44 min 9 sec