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Welcome to The Events Insight, created to entertain, enlighten and inspire anyone involved in or thinking of joining our exciting and diverse events industry. We bring you illuminating tales from some amazing people in a vast array of roles and from all across the globe. Each week we chat to a different guest and share their stories with you; how and why they got into events, what they’ve learned on the way

and why they’re still here!

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For the finale of our 7th Season of The Events Insight podcast (yes, that’s right, seven wholeseasons already) we are joined by two more lovely listeners; Event Coordinator BiancaMureșan and Digital Event Professional Nyomi Rose. Bianca and Nyomi chat to Jack and Ellan about all things events and the unique individuals who make this wonderful industry so exciting, sharing their thoughts, ideas and opinions so candidly. Our wrap sessions are always extra special because we get to know our listeners better and hear what our they really think about each of our guests as we review every episode.So, thank you to all of you who have listened, shared, subscribed and contributed tomaking this podcast the success that it is. See you in Season 8!Quickfore Sponsor: Sixty7 Pr Ltd

Nov 3

57 min 55 sec

We’re joined in this episode by Nathan Angus, MD of Wildfire Agency in Sheffield, UK.  Nathan delivers a vast and varied array of experiences and activities for events; from props to hovercrafts and The Crystal Maze. At the ripe old age of 11, Nathan ventured into his field of expertise when he helped out a family friend who supplied squad bikes for kid’s parties (although, in reality, he mostly found himself feeding or plucking turkeys). When Nathan was 14, his dad bought the business and, a few years later, Nathan joined then him, becoming MD six years ago. Asked to name his favourite event, Nathan struggles because he has worked in so many beautiful venues and locations delivering so many different experiences, but there is one annual event for his local children’s hospital that wins the prize for the feel good factor - despite the cold and wet conditions.  Wildfire Events delivered their first virtual event just days before lockdown hit in 2020, resulting in many valuable collaboration opportunities over the coming months and bringing the events community together. Recognising the industry as one of the greatest in the world, he firmly believes in Sinatra, red wine and trusting one’s gut. We couldn’t agree more.Don’t forget to check out our new weekly content on YouTube now too.Keep a track of all that's going on with the Podcast via;


Oct 26

43 min 20 sec

Combining sports and music - “an amalgamation of peoples passions” - is the role of this week’s longer-than-usual episode, where Managing Director of Bournemouth 7s Festival, Craig Mathie, chats to Jack and Ellan about working in events. Craig highlights all the great things about working in events (and there are many), and shares his enthusiasm and passion for our brilliant industry. “As far as day jobs go, I’ve got a pretty good one” Craig admits. But along with this he is on the Board  of the National Outdoor Events Association,  he also recently set up the South Coast Events Forum and is currently launching The Event Crowd, an event management course for the next generation of event professionals. “Events people like to be busy” he ruminates. Knowing from a very early age that he wanted to work in events, he snubbed a career in law to study sports management and took the role of Events officer for the Student Union. But it was  personal tragedy that catapulted him into the world of events. A stint in the hospitality sector, some intensive volunteering and saying “Yes” to every opportunity gave him valuable grounding and knowledge and he joined the Bournemouth 7s team ten years ago, aged just 24.  Six years’ later he became Managing Director and he’s now keen to support the broader industry. Showcasing the value of teamwork and surrounding yourself with good people, the Bournemouth 7s Festival is an experience not to be missed - if you haven’t been and you’re in the UK, the next hour may convince you to attend sometime.Don’t forget to check out our new weekly content on YouTube now too.Keep a track of all that's going on with the Podcast via;

Oct 19

59 min 16 sec

With a huge passion for exhibitions, having walked thousands of miles in exhibition halls over thirty years, our guest this week shares his enthusiasm for our industry and explains why, for him, it’s all about meeting people face to face and engaging.Joining Jack and Ellan from the fair city of Dublin, Stephan Murtagh (a.k.a. The Exhibition Guy) takes us on his journey, starting with The Yellow Pages and radio advertising, to finding his true passion in exhibitions. On his first day working in the sector back in 1992, Stephan was handed a floorplan to fill and left to it. He’s been working with exhibition organisations and exhibiting companies ever since and still absolutely loves it.Listen now to learn about triskaidekaphobia and the three most important numbers whenexhibiting, and why we now need to focus on clients, take a step back and be more human in our approach.Don’t forget to check out our new weekly content on YouTube now too. Keep a track of all that's going on with the Podcast via;

Oct 12

44 min 26 sec

Revealing some of the magic about working in large-scale event production, Director of BH Events, Andy Dunlop, chats to Jack and Ellan about his work, his industry and how someone who wasn’t really into live music ended up making it his career.Over the last 15+ years, Andy has worked with some BIG names in the entertainment industry, such as Tom Jones and The Spice Girls, as well as with the BBC and Sky TV, and he’s travelled the world as a band promoter and tour manager. In true rock & roll style, Andy’s first ever live music event ended with the police shutting them down, but that, along with challenges like a mid-act power cut, didn’t put him off and he has continued to seize every opportunity, working with some really special crews, building his business and raising a family in our often crazy events industry.Now settled back in his home town of Glasgow, his busy schedule sees him continuing to  promote his beloved home city with local events, concerts and live music festivals, and 2022 is looking “insanely busy” - but “it’s good to be back!”  Don’t forget to check out our new weekly content on YouTube now too.Keep a track of all that's going on with the Podcast via;


Oct 5

46 min 22 sec

We travel across the pond again in our 2nd episode Season 7, all the way to Wisconsin, U.S.A, to meet the delightful founder of Planners on Purpose and Customer Success Director for Meetings and Incentives Worldwide, Naomi Tucker. With over 25 years industry experience and a passion for her peers’ emotional and mental health and wellbeing, Naomi coaches ambitious and driven planner out of their burnout and overwhelm - a common issue in this high-pressure environment of events. Starting our straight from college at the Hyatt Regency, Naomi worked her way up to catering management, where she discovered her love for events. Moving into event planning took her all over the world, leading a team delivering around 2,000 events per year. This led her to her current role with Meetings and Incentives Worldwide, alongside founding her coaching business. A lifelong learner and advocate of active listening, hear how Naomi uses her experiences of working hard and playing hard to help and advise others in similar situations, encouraging them to make time for self-care so that they can continue to live their best life and enjoy everything that working in events has to offer - which, as we know, is a lot! Don’t forget to check out our new weekly content on YouTube now too. Keep a track of all that's going on with the Podcast via;


Sep 28

40 min 54 sec

Welcome to Season 7 of The Events Insight. We’ve made a few changes this season, including a new Producer and a few new features! We kick off with a fabulous guest; the highly entertaining magician, mind reader, hypnotist and thief, Paul Newton. As an entertainer, author and keynote speaker, Paul is storming the events circuit blowing minds using magic and mind reading to steal words from your head and hack your personal information. Pinpointing the origins of his interest as the moment he received a Paul Daniels magic kit at around six years old, Paul has honed his craft so well that it has been said that he could now actually pose a national security risk! Paul’s enthusiasm for the entertainment, hospitality and events industry is infectious and he had us laughing throughout the whole recording. Hear how he got to where he is now, from his involvement early on in youth theatre to finding his niche and quitting the “day job”. Listen as he takes us on his journey through the theatre and entertainment sector to keynote speaking and making the most unflappable minds start to feel uneasy. Don’t forget to check out his skill with elastic bands on our social media too!Keep a track of all that's going on with the Podcast via;


Sep 21

51 min 19 sec

We can’t quite believe it but we’re wrapping up our sixth season already! Our wrap sessions are always great fun because we get to chat with real listeners and find out exactly what they think of the podcast - and we get the chance to re-visit the last six episodes. In this season’s wrap we chat with the lovely independent meeting planner from Washington D.C., Anne Knox, and brand & marketing strategist from the North West of England, Aidan Campbell, also a former Quickfire sponsor. It was good to hear why they both listen to the podcast, both being inspired by our guests valuable insight into the industry through the individual stories. Much of our guests’ words resonated with Anne’s experience working in event planning, whilst Aidan, keen to move into events with his marketing business, highly valued the opportunity to learn more about it. From valuing the community feel to managing expectations and constantly learning to name just a few of the topics discussed, we also covered dodgy karaoke songs, TV and film inspired ambitions and similarities to Mary Poppins.  Enjoy our wrap session - and we’ll see you in Season 7 (coming soon)!  Keep a track of all that's going on with the Podcast via;


Aug 17

40 min 38 sec

Our final guest this season is well-known in the international events sector, a real superstar lady with a superstar name (drum roll please), the award-winning businesswoman, media commentator and marketing consultant, Liz Taylor. Starting out over thirty years ago with just £200, Liz seized an opportunity to create an event, completely by chance, and had that same “lightbulb moment” that many of our guests have talked about.  Since then she has built a multi-million pound international corporate event and luxury party planning business. Exuding energy and confidence - and with much humour - she generously shares some of her no-nonsense advice to all those working in the events industry. Agreeing that you are only ever as good as your last event, she acknowledges that “everyone has a story to tell, always listen” and explains why you should “never underestimate anybody”. A firm believer that live events would return (she was right), Liz has made the most of the last 18 months setting up a consultancy, broadcasting the podcast “Events That Made Me” and finishing her book, “Taylor Made” (out in September), which tells her story in far more detail than we have time for in this episode - so take a listen, we know you’ll want to know more.Keep a track of all that's going on with the Podcast via;


Aug 10

41 min 52 sec

We’re all about demonstrating the vast range of roles that make up our diverse events industry, and this episode does just that as we chat with paramedic, Ben Sévellec. Whilst he may not have always known he’d end up in events, let alone run  his own business doing so, Ben knew from being a small boy that he wanted to be a paramedic (he admits to us here that watching Casualty played a bit part in this).  In 2018, after a number of years achieving his dream, Ben set up a medical support service for events and is currently busy planning for a number of events over the summer. He hopes to simply be sitting drinking coffee at these events, but attendees can rest assured that he’ll be ready to step up and deal with any medical emergencies in is mobile A&E department.This has to be one of the best (and longest) quick fire rounds we’ve had yet, where we are left with visions of Mr Bean hovering two inches off the ground, using jump leads and a Mini battery as a defibrillator.  Rest assured that in reality he does actually keep logical and focused under pressure - but only so long as he gets a certificate.Keep a track of all that's going on with the Podcast via;

Aug 3

38 min 51 sec

Joining us this week from Sydney, Australia, Jack and Ellan chat with the Chief Creative Officer of Orbits,  Nena Salobir. One of our most recent additions to the full-time events profession yet, Nena co-founded immersive online venue, Orbits,  during the Covid pandemic and is now creating engaging online venues and experiences for a number of big, global names. A law school dropout who found her calling in visual marketing and creative design, Nena and her partner Lachlan Phillips were running a start up business creating automated video advertising when the pandemic hit. The impact was significant and they had to be innovative and pivot quickly in response. Spotting an opportunity to ensure that life online was not a lesser experience, they set up Orbits to translate real world experiences online without compromise.  Talking about how she deals with managing her high expectations in an industry known for things not always going right, Nena encourages people starting out in the current climate not to give up on their dreams but “be prepared to throw your expectations out” sometimes.Keep a track of all that's going on with the Podcast via;

Jul 27

39 min 13 sec

Taking a deeper look into the performance aspect of events, this week we are graced with the company of Dublin-born, musician, actor, writer and producer, Ged Graham. Ged has spent the last 40+ years both on stage and behind the scenes, touring large parts of the world as a musician and theatre performer and producer, and he’s happy to admit that “every day has been fantastic!” One of the few people that knew from a very early age (four years old, in fact) what he wanted out of life, he was a professional musician by the age of 16. Embracing the punk ethos of the 1970’s of “doing it yourself’, he started out playing in bands across Europe, eventually becoming tour manager. A little later on he returned to education, where he landed the role of Head of Music at Trafford College, later becoming Centre Manager for the British Academy of New music in London and eventually opening his own music schools. When the admin got too much, he moved across to theatre and toured a large part of the world as a featured performer, leading to writing and producing his own shows. A keen advocate of continuous learning, Ged takes us on his exciting journey from performing to producing, offering some excellent advice for those starting out both on and off stage in the world of live performance, and reminding us that “you don’t have to reinvent this industry - it’s all there for you to explore.”Keep a track of all that's going on with the Podcast via;


Jul 20

39 min 50 sec

Continuing the international feel of the Season, we’re joined in this episode by the “excuse-buster from Down Under”, Lizzy Williamson, who joins us from Sydney, Australia. Hold onto your hats as the Event Energiser, Personal Trainer, TV star and author of “Two Minute Moves” shares her story and gets us (well, Jack) moving.As a child, Lizzy dreamt of becoming a professional dancer; dancing was her life and her ticket out of the small town in which she grew up. She achieved her dream and was loving her life when an irresponsible and inappropriate comment changed everything.  Around the same time she put her career on hold to become a mother and, two kids later, found herself in a dark place, eventually being diagnosed with postpartum (or postnatal) depression.Lizzy tells us how she found her way back to being one of the most positive, energetic and inspiring people we’ve ever met. Starting slowly, she began to share her story with others with stories of their own, and she soon recognised and built on her skill in lifting people up both physically and mentally.Then one day, after being at one too many events watching audiences flag after sitting for long periods (we’ve all been there), Lizzy decided she’d get up on stage to deliver bite-size energising wellness breaks, from “chair yoga” to full-on dancing, to help delegates re-focus and re-engage. Now in demand at virtual and live events all over the world, Lizzy spreads her joy, lifts people up and helps them to fly. Keep a track of all that's going on with the Podcast via;

Jul 13

39 min 50 sec

We kick off Season Six with Glen Kopelchak, founder and MD of Hong Kong based consultancy, Illuminate International Sourcing. Calling himself an “old soul”, Glen’s career in events and exhibitions spans over 30 years and has taken him to all four corners of the earth.  Currently working from Shanghai, he started his career in his home town in Toronto, Canada. Back then the events industry was known as a “phantom industry” because nobody really understood what it all meant. But with a strong desire to see the World, he left a secure corporate job in search of international travel after seizing an opportunity to work for a weekend at an exhibition install. He worked from 6am until midnight on both days (“it was fun - it wasn’t like I was working”) and he never looked back, staying with that same Company for 26 years!  Glen set up his company in Hong Kong seven years ago and really enjoys the short route to satisfaction working in events, along with the unspoken language of trust and community that crosses cultures across the globe - but he stays mindful that “when it comes down to it, you’re only as good as your last job.” Another keen advocate of humility - as many of our guests have been - he believes a mix of confidence and humility works best, warning that “if you’re not humble, eventually you’re gonna get humbled.”  Keep a track of all that's going on with the Podcast via;


Jul 6

37 min 32 sec

For our Season 5 Finale, Jack’s flying solo and is joined by two avid listeners and industry volunteers. Sasha Hollie Green is an events management student studying at Leeds Beckett University with the UK Centre for Events Management. She is currently deferred from her studies due to a cancelled placement year but has been juggling a part time job and various volunteer work. Joining Sasha is Jessica Waugh who is a final year events management student. She is also studying at the UK Centre for Events Management at the same University. Jess is currently also working as a wedding and events coordinator and is due to graduate this summer. Jess has been supporting the Events Insight Podcast with their social media over the last few months.Whilst they talk through each guest episode of Season 5, they also discuss volunteering, the events industry in general, and why they were drawn to it as a future profession.Listen as Hollie and Jess both give frank and honest opinions on the content that has been shared and what they took away from each of the guests. Their opinions might help direct you in returning for a second listen, or even downloading a specific guest to listen to as you venture out for a walk, run or on your journey to work!Keep a track of all that's going on with the Podcast via;

Jun 15

39 min 53 sec

Joining us from a performance and language background this episode is Chloe Richardson, Master of Ceremonies and Content at GDS, a corporate event management company based in the UK and USA. Performing and presenting on stage, coupled with her impressive language skills, paved the way to her current role as Master of Ceremonies and Content. Her energy and enthusiasm for our industry shines though in our last guest episode of the Season - and we think you will agree that she has the most original and useful superpower!Keep a track of all that's going on with the Podcast via;


Jun 8

36 min 25 sec

Talking to Jack and Ellan this week about mental health and wellbeing in the events industry, is founder and CEO of EventWell, Helen Moon. With 25 years under her belt as an event professional, she keeps us laughing with some of the funny stories fromm her career in the industry. Advocating “work hard, REST hard - the play will take care of itself”, she believes “if you choose to work in events, it’s the best career you’ll ever have” - and we could not agree more.Keep a track of all that's going on with the Podcast via;


Jun 1

40 min 44 sec

From growing up in the Caribbean to investment banking in New York City to impacting communities in Washington DC, Strategic conference director Jeanne Procope joins Jack and Ellan to talk about what it means to be a change agent.  Unapologetically honest and a self-confessed “learner’, Jeanne demonstrates that by putting your heart and soul into something, you can leverage the power of events to make an impact.Keep a track of all that's going on with the Podcast via;


May 25

38 min 42 sec

Event Consultant, freelance event manager and University Lecturer Paul Walters chats to Jack and Ellan and shares insights how he found himself getting bitten by the events bug. Hear how he went from the design route to producing exhibitions, volunteering at Denmark’s ground-breaking Grøn Concert and inspiring event graduates to succeed in our rich and varied industry.Keep a track of all that's going on with the Podcast via;

May 18

39 min 3 sec

Seeing things from the both sides is Lloyd Major, who joins us this week to talk about his career with the Police and the National Counter Terrorism Unit, ending up in the events industry. After sitting on one side of the Safety Advisory Group table, he switched over to the other side when he left the Force and started planning public safety at events, eventually leading to co-founding tech start-up, Halo Solutions Ltd.Keep a track of all that's going on with the Podcast via;


May 11

40 min 35 sec

Kicking off our 5th Season, we’re joined by Robert Lamb in from Dubai, where he is currently actively involved in delivering live events as GL Wicked Dubai’s Senior Commercial Manager. Hear about how he has had to adjust to how events work in Dubai, why it’s not always so different from his first career choice of nursing and how we surprised him in the quickfire round.Keep a track of all that's going on with the Podcast via;


May 4

40 min 23 sec

Yet another Season draws to a close as Jack and Ellan are joined by another two listeners;  Ashleigh Reed, a final year Events Management student at the University of Huddersfield, and Hannah Jarvis, a 2019 event graduate from the University of Chichester. Reviewing Season 4’s six guests, there was much laughter as we explored the different roles and characters featured. We love hearing from our listeners and inviting them on as guests - next time it could be you?Keep a track of all that's going on with the Podcast via;

Apr 27

40 min

Our final guest of season 4 is Steve Taylor, Director of Internships for the Department of Sport & Entertainment at the University of South Carolina. Steve talks to us about the joy of nurturing students and watching them develop a passion for working in events. Steve takes students all over the world to work at a wide variety of sporting and entertainment events and he believes humility and a sense of urgency are vital to success. Keep a track of all that's going on with the Podcast via;


Apr 20

37 min 10 sec

We chat this week to Sabrina Meyers, who tells us about how she became a social media and content marketing specialist within the global events and hospitality industry. Raised in Singapore, educated in Australia and with a career taking her to Europe, Sabrina entertains us with her story and offers some valuable advice to those wanting to succeed in the events industry. Hold onto your hat though - she’s a bit of a whirlwind!Keep a track of all that's going on with the Podcast via;

Apr 13

35 min 55 sec

We’re joined this week by Charlie Mussett, an events and safety project manager with over 25 years’ experience managing and delivering televised mass events. After spending many years working on The Great North Run and its many regional counterparts (including Ethiopia), he is currently teaching a new generation of events professionals as well as consulting on many other differing event projects. 

Apr 6

38 min 26 sec

Join us as we chat to wedding planner, Megan Gillikan, in North Carolina, U.S.A. Along with running a successful wedding planning business for luxury clientele, Megan is also a podcast host (“Weddings for Real”) and founder of “The Planner’s Vault”, an online site for wedding planners in the first five years of running their business. Listen to Megan as she shares some of her favourite moments, along with some of the wisdom she has learned, much of it the hard way, from her experiences in the industry. 

Mar 30

40 min 32 sec

We’re joined this week by Dom Stokes, Head of Live Events for Sheffield City Trust. With a background in events spanning more than 30 years, Dom takes us on his journey, explaining that you’ll have the “best time of your life” in events, and why you have to “live it, love it, breathe it”.  He also quotes T S Elliott, denounces apple sauce, and fancies himself as a young Robert Redford.  Listen now to find out why.

Mar 24

36 min 44 sec

We kick off Season 4 with the amazing Fay Sharpe, founder of Fast Forward15, co-founder of leading venue finding and event production company, Zibrant, (which we sold to BCD in 2016)  mentor, mother and self-confessed workaholic. Fay dreamt of becoming a millionaire by the time she was 30 - did she make it?


Mar 17

38 min 54 sec

For our Season 3 Finale, Jack and Ellan are joined by two lovely listeners, Jan and Lisa, to review the season’s guests whilst also celebrating International Women’s day. This episode is longer than normal, mainly because Jack is in the company of three women with a lot to say.  


Mar 10

49 min

Dan Assor talks to Jack and Ellan about his career running successful, large consumer and trade shows. Whist recording, Dan was preparing to embark on a 24-hour live vodcast to raise funds for the industry’s mental health and well-being charity, EventWell.

Mar 3

33 min 39 sec

Founder of the Smyle Group, Rick Stainton joins Jack and Ellan this week. Hear how a broken neck and failed events business didn’t stop him building a successful global creative agency and founding the influential and widely-recognised One Industry One Voice campaign.

Feb 24

40 min 22 sec

Jack and Ellan are joined this week by Australian-born Paul “Digger” Barrett, owner of PBGlobal Events, specialists in project management and event overlay. His journey intoevents started with a bottle of Jack Daniels and led him to work and live all over the world,before settling in the UK. Hear more about this and how he’s keeping out of trouble duringlockdown here.

Feb 17

36 min 41 sec

Joined this week by Kelly Frew, Events Director, podcast and mentor, Jack and Ellan hear tales of the Big Brother house, David Attenborough and chartering your own plane. For 20+ years Kelly has worked in events in the media and travel industries, and is now embracing the world of large-scale, global virtual events - and on the lookout for new team members! 

Feb 10

32 min 21 sec

We’re joined this week by Paul Griffin of event infrastructure provider, Actavo Events,talking about luck, seizing opportunities, the myth of perfection and the importancecreating and maintaining a great team. Did you know we are all magicians?

Feb 3

39 min 47 sec

Jack and Ellan return for their third season, kicking things off with Neil Thompson, founder of The Delegate Wranglers. Neil’s enthusiasm is infectious and, in 2019, his contribution to the industry was recognised when he was named Events Personality of the Year. When you listen to him talking, you can understand why.

Jan 27

40 min 36 sec

As Season Two comes to an end, Jack and Ellan are joined by listeners Clemy and Katie for the slightly longer than usual wrap session (lots to talk about!). They review this Season’s guests, put the hosts in the spotlight with some questions of there own, and discuss why this really is the best industry in the world!

Jan 20

42 min 46 sec

Ending Season Two with a bang, Jack and Ellan chat to the award-winning keynote speaker, virtual MC, TEDx talker, Women in Events Board member and much, much more, Rachel Sheerin. Hear how she took the spirit of events from catering to motivational speaking and why she believes that this is “the best industry in the entire world!”

Jan 13

40 min 41 sec

Kicking off 2021, Jack and Ellan chat to Richard Goulding, owner of Exhibition Vision EventServices and Stadium Announcer for Birmingham City FC. Hear about the twists and turnsof his journey into events after starting out as a professional DJ, why embracing rejection isso important, and why he believes people management is the most valuable skill in thisindustry.

Jan 6

37 min 33 sec

Jack and Ellan celebrate the festive season with Canadian-born Mike O’Connor, formerprofessional ice-hockey player and now the Commercial Manager for the SheffieldSteelers. Hear him explain why he feels he has “the best job in the world!”


Dec 2020

39 min 19 sec

Another international guest chats to Jack and Ellan this week when crowd and eventssafety specialist Mark Breen of Cuckoo Events and Safe Events joins them from Dublin. Hearhow Mark stumbled into this industry and why he believes self-awareness and doing thingsdifferently are so important.


Dec 2020

40 min 26 sec

Demonstrating the diversity of our wonderful events industry this week is the lovely Emma Holling, MD of Pure Records and Director of Underneath The Stars. Hear how Emma went from being a Maths teacher to running a record label and music festival, and why, when you’re not sure what to do, “just make tea”!

Dec 2020

34 min 15 sec

Jack and Ellan follow a very different journey into events this week with Martin Fullard, Editor of Conference News and Editorial Director with Mash Media. From motorsport to media, Martin would encourage anyone thinking of working in this exciting industry to throw themselves into it!

Dec 2020

32 min 25 sec

Concluding the inaugural Season, this wrap-up episode features a Season Review and Jack and Ellan are joined by two lucky listeners to chat about their interests in events, what they’ve learned from listening and what they’ve liked best about Season One. Look out for Season Two - COMING VERY SOON!

Nov 2020

39 min 19 sec

Sharing his unique and colourful upbringing and possibly one of the most interesting journeys into events, Rupert Bassadone, joins Jack and Ellan in the penultimate episode of the season. Rupert was born into events and, after running away from the circus, he soon returned.  Hear him share his stories of Russian vodka, how to gain an unfair advantage and why a bad decision can be better than no decision.

Nov 2020

36 min 51 sec

Listen to the multi-tasking, award-winning events planner, leadership influencer, blogger, public speaker, mentor and campaigner, Carrie Abernathy, who joins Jack and Ellan from across the pond to share her story and explain why she feels so lucky to have her “rock star job”.

Nov 2020

35 min 18 sec

This week we are joined by an old football team mate of Jacks, Rugby League World Cup 2021’s Commercial Director, Jonathan Neill, who shares his journey from writing for a weekly football magazine through a range of sports PR & marketing roles and into commercial sponsorship of some of the largest major international sporting events.

Nov 2020

36 min 28 sec

This week we are joined by Brazilian Architect and Urban Planner, Ariel Fertinani, founding partner of Daale. He talks to us about his career so far, his love of the industry, how travel has been such an important part of his development and why he believes that softer skills are so most important.  

Oct 2020

38 min 45 sec

This week Jack and Ellan chat with Ben Keast, the UK Managing Director of Neptunus, provider of event structures and temporary buildings. With a career spanning just over twenty years, Ben has gained vast experience working on a wide variety of projects. His colleagues and peers speak very highly of him - listen for yourself why.......

Oct 2020

28 min 14 sec

In the first episode Ellan and Jack speak with Judith Patten MBE.Judith has been working in conferences and exhibitions since 1975. Here she shares her story of how she got to where she is today, still very much involved in the industry and with no plans to stop anytime soon, why she loves it so much and what she chatted to Her Majesty about when receiving her MBE.

Oct 2020

32 min 5 sec

Welcome to The Events Insight official trailer! Here we reveal what our brand new podcast series is all about; where it all started, what we’ll be talking about, who we’ll be chatting with, and, of course, who should be listening (you!) and why. We’ll also attempt to explain what we hope to achieve by undertaking such a thing!

Oct 2020

22 min 33 sec