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From the Hollywood pop culture capital of the world, The Charity Stripe is led by the sports songbirds of the next generation. Listen in as hosts Joshua Fisher, Alexander Tassopoulos, & Nick Kreider bring you the young, fresh sports views you've been craving.

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Has Cincy finally made their way into the College Football Playoff with this weekend's Oregon loss? Is Russell Wilson playing his last season as the Seattle QB and who makes sense to trade for him? Did LeBron know exactly what he was doing when he threw that 'bow? That and so much more on a Josh-less episode of TCS. And Hit Ya Free Throws, Cuz They Free! 

Nov 22

43 min 41 sec

Enjoy the second part of our Radio program with special guest, Chris Harris Jr., of the Los Angeles Chargers. Some great NFL, Chargers, and College football talk in here! Enjoy and hit ya free throws!

Nov 18

21 min

We're back again with part 1 of our radio show. Here we give you our bets, talk Lincoln Riley potentially leaving for LSU, and the MLB award winners thus far. Enjoy and hit ya free throws!

Nov 18

21 min

We're about halfway through the NFL season, and it's time to reflect on who the contenders and MVPs are. Can we trust anyone in the AFC? Which QB is leading the way for MVP? We talk all this, and more, on an awesome show! Enjoy & Hit Ya Free Throws!

Nov 15

51 min 50 sec

If you've got money send it on these games we give you in this segment, and win some money. We've got picks and jokes in this one so enjoy our second radio broadcast of the day! Hit ya free throws!

Nov 11

21 min

The NFL is a full TMZ fest, and Commissioner Goodell is nowhere to be found. Like literally, has he said anything on anything? Feels like we haven't heard from him once. Also, would you want your team to sign Odell? We talk all this, and more, on an awesome show!

Nov 11

21 min

A top-5 team in college goes down, and the NFL is teetering on the point of disaster. If there was drama that would be one thing, if there were devastating injuries that'd be another, but both? Can the NFL handle all the injuries and drama...Week 9 was ugly. We talk all this and more on another great show.

Nov 8

35 min 28 sec

Here's part two of the our latest radio show on The Mightier 1090, and we break down the madness that was this week in the NFL. Thoughts and prayers to Tina Tintor and her family.

Nov 4

22 min 9 sec

Here's part one of the our latest radio show on The Mightier 1090, and we're giving you a WS, MLB Season, and CFP skinny. How will the way MLB season unfolded affect the league going forward? How did we react to the first release of the college football playoff? We talk all this and more! Enjoy and hit yeah free throws! Best, Josh

Nov 4

21 min 28 sec

Ripping through the World Series and NFL, while touching on college football and NBA, the boys break down the happenings from this past weekend. Did the Stros get all the momentum back? Is The NFC head and shoulders better than the AFC? Who's in the playoff come Tuesday? We talk all this, and more, on an awesome episode!

Nov 1

59 min 37 sec

We got a special one for our second segment as Arash Markazi & Ji Hae Wiley, of the Arash Markazi show join The Charity Stripe's radio program. We talk all SoCal sports on this one, enjoy!

Oct 29

21 min

Bets & Baseball are what paint this episode, as the boys give you some of their best picks for the weekend, as well as delve into what's to come in Atlanta as the Astros & Braves head there for games 3-5! Enjoy our first segment of our 1090 am radio show!

Oct 29

21 min

Here we get a quick recap of tonight's games. Special Shoutout to Harrison Barnes on the epic game-winner. Apologies for not giving it the nod on the pod. Make the man an all-star, who says no? Enjoy and hit ya free throws!

Oct 28

19 min 38 sec

No Josh, No Problem. Nick and Tass discuss the World Series with Game 1 on the horizon between the Braves and the Astros. They talk College Football and how things are playing out for teams to make their run for the playoff. And Nicky "Snax" hits a 6 leg parlay to win big money! Tass and Nick talk NFL breakdown through week 7 and who they are locking in  as teams that are already out of wild card contention. Next episode Josh comes back just like Kliff Kingsbury did today for the undefeated Cardinals. And as always, Hit Ya Free Throws!Intro: Pistachio GodsOutro: Desk Jockeys

Oct 25

45 min 13 sec

Ryan Lavarnway hops on to join the boys to talk some baseball. Having had a long major league career, being on a WS roster, and now playing in the Olympics for team Israel, no one is better to bring on. Enjoy as the fellas talk about the greatest game on earth, and hit ya free throws! Intro: Pistachio Gods Outro: Desk Jockeys

Oct 21

44 min 40 sec

The NBA season is here, and it feels so good. What are our biggest takeaways from the start of the basketball season? Overreactions? What doe we make of the MLB playoffs? We talk all this, and more on an awesome show! Hit ya free throws.

Oct 21

1 hr 2 min

The boys did it in the West, now it's time for the East. Who comes out on top? Who Surprises? the East finally better than the West? We talk all this, and more, on an awesome show! Hit ya free throws!

Oct 19

42 min 57 sec

The NBA Season is here and the fellas are ready to kick it off with previews. Here's their Western Conference Power Rankings and predictions. Enjoy and hit ya free throws!

Oct 18

42 min 43 sec

In segment 2 we bring you advice and lots of it. We got picks and we got fantasy start/sits. Who do the guys got? Do they agree? We talk all this and more on an awesome segment 2. Hit ya free throws!

Oct 14

21 min

We're breaking our show into two parts this week, and here is part 1. In this segment we talk the value of Ben Simmons vs Kyrie Irving. Who's more valuable? Who would you rather trade for? Plus, we weigh in on the ALCS. Enjoy and hit ya free throws!

Oct 14

21 min

Check out another great show from the boys of The Charity Stripe. What were the biggest takeaways from this weekend's NFL games? How about the Wilder vs Fury fight? What do we make of the MLB playoffs so far? We talk all this, and more, on an awesome episode of The Charity Stripe.

Oct 11

44 min 11 sec

The Boys are back in this isn and ready to recap some football. What were the biggest surprises across the NFL & College landscapes? What do we make of the MLB WC games? Do Josh's Sox have a chance? Enjoy this awesome (homer) pod, with our new outro featuring The Desk Jockeys! Intro Pistachio Gods ft. Bruce Buffer

Oct 5

30 min 14 sec

The boys are back with a returning guest in comedian Mark Ellis! The Rotten Tomatoes movie expert and sports fanatic, joins the gents to talk everything NFL. What are the biggest surprises? How was Mark's first experience at the opening night of the Vegas Raiders? What's the best football movie ever? We talk all this, and more, on another awesome show! Enjoy & Hit ya free throws!

Sep 30

51 min 37 sec

The boys are joined for an awesome episode by NBA vet, and Iowa St. legend, Georges Niang. The fellas talk everything hoops from Georges' high school days, to college, to the pros. Best players he's faced? his favorite sports memory? Georges gives us all this, and more, on another great one! Enjoy & hit ya free throws!

Sep 27

41 min 13 sec

Enjoy our latest radio rewind as we give fantasy and betting advice on another great 1090 show!

Sep 24

41 min 45 sec

The Boys are joined for another awesome show, as they welcome OKC big Isaiah Roby on the show. The fellas talk everything, from ball, to Isaiah's  journey, to his dogs, and more. When did Isaiah realize the NBA was a possibility? What's his favorite sports memory? Who's the best to come out of Illinois? Find out on The Charity Stripe. Hit Ya Free Throws!

Sep 23

47 min 28 sec

The boys are back baby and here to give you a recap of NFL week 2. What were the biggest takeaways? What were the biggest questions? Are the Bucs too good? Also, can Bama be beat? We talk all this, and more, on an awesome show. Hit Ya Free Throws!

Sep 20

50 min 57 sec

The NFL, College Football, & Fantasy Football are in full swing; so here comes so advice. Who are some Boom or Bust picks for fantasy this week? What bets should you make for the NFL or College? We have all this, plus some good Padres banter on an awesome show. Hit Ya Free Throws!

Sep 16

42 min 19 sec

A lot of shock in a glorious week 1 of the NFL. Too soon or not soon enough on rookie QB's? Worried about the Titans, Packers, & Bills? Will either the Rams or Seahawks be the ones to take down the Bucs? Can anyone beat KC in the AFC? We talk all this and more on an awesome SODE!

Sep 13

57 min 52 sec

Another great one for the boys as everyone's favorite time of year is here...the NFL begins! Who does everyone have for their division winners, SB picks? What odds are we taking for MVP? We talk all this, and more, on an awesome show! Hit ya free throws!

Sep 9

41 min 50 sec

Check out another awesome episode with The Charity Stripe squad as they're joined by fellow Longhorn, Myles Turner. From off the court work, to the future of Pacers hoops, to level of skill in the NBA, the boys talk it all. Enjoy the show, and hit ya free throws!

Sep 7

32 min 34 sec

The boys are here to ring in the fantasy season in style, as Lisa Ann comes back to preview fantasy football with The Charity Stripe . Who are everyone's favorites at each position? Who are players they're avoiding? Who are this years sleepers? And yes...What are some of the best punishments and team names. We talk all this, and more, on an awesome episode of The Charity Stripe. Hit ya free throws!

Sep 2

59 min 52 sec

The boys breakdown the bigger picture in the college football landscape, along with some of the biggest games of the season. Plus they toss in a little fantasy fun in the mix. Enjoy and hit those damn free throws!

Aug 30

38 min 3 sec

Join the boys for another episode where they delve into the latest decisions on QB battles and the NFL futures brought to you by Who's got the best value bet? Any odds a head-scratcher? Plus, we talk some baseball! Enjoy and hit ya free throws!

Aug 27

41 min 50 sec

This one’s got all the feels as the Josh talks about good times in the studio, and a thing or two he’s learned here. He also talks a little baseball. God help the Padres.

Aug 23

25 min 55 sec

On this one we breakdown betting the latest World Series Odds and dissect the best ways to go about setting up your fantasy league. Are the Giants and Rays being undervalued? Where do the Yankees stand in our value-pick rankings? PPR, half-PPR, or Standard: What's the best scoring method? Plus...ESPN vs Yahoo! We talk all this, and more on an awesome show! Hit Ya Free Throws!

Aug 19

42 min 4 sec

With fantasy football on the horizon the boys get together to do an all-time fantasy football draft! Only picking players who peaked from the year 2000 on, the guys construct the best possible roster they can! Enjoy and hit ya free throws!

Aug 16

44 min 47 sec

Another fun one in the books as we double up here on the pod and radio show for The Mightier 1090 am. Heisman picks are due with the college football season right around the corner, so we give them. Plus we talk what's to come for baseball and throw down a hypothetical involving Brady, Manning, and Drew Bledsoe. Enjoy and hit ya free throws.

Aug 12

41 min 35 sec

Josh jumps in on a solo show to do some quick hitters across sports. We talk Olympic Takeaways, MLB updates, and the NBA summer league start. Enjoy and hit ya free throws!

Aug 9

23 min 17 sec

Get the radio show before it hits the radio as we recap the NBA free-agency. Who's got the best chance at the title now post first-wave of signings? Biggest let-downs? We also talk the potential timelines of Lance-Fields-Jones as camp begins, and the fall-out of the MLB trade deadline. Enjoy & Hit ya free throws!

Aug 5

42 min 1 sec

The gents welcome in one of the greats of the podcasting world in Roger Bennett! Talking everything from his book (Re)Born in The U.S.A to Futbol to Succession. Enjoy this great episode and check Roger's show (Men in Blazers) and his book out! Hit ya free throws.

Aug 2

51 min 1 sec

The Charity Stripe boys are joined by a leading NBA reporter, straight from Sports Illustrated, in Howard Beck. From big trades, to the next steps for Chris Paul, and discussion about team U.S.A. The Charity Stripe team covers it all with Howard Beck! Plus we get the story on how he got into sports! Enjoy and hit ya free throws!

Jul 29

43 min 59 sec

The boys are joined by one of the most electrifying players of the 20-21 college hoops season, and the man who could turn out to be the steal of this years draft, Sharife Cooper. The Charity Stripe boys cover all things with the young point-guard out of Auburn, from his High School days, to college, to time spent prepping for the draft. You don't want to miss this awesome show! Hit Ya Free Throws

Jul 28

25 min 29 sec

Another day, another awesome show for The Charity Stripe podcast. We're joined by yet another future NBA player (as our draft series continues) in Herb Jones. We talk everything basketball from his time at Bama to NBA prep. We also delve into Herb's interests off the court! Enjoy the show, and Hit Ya Free Throws!

Jul 27

36 min 58 sec

Absolute epic time with one of the stars of the 2020-2021 college basketball season, Corey Kispert. We talk about a lot on this one, including: his game, time at Gonzaga, and of course...the upcoming NBA draft. Don't miss this awesome episode! Hit Ya Free Throws!

Jul 26

32 min 9 sec

Always an absolute pleasure to have a fellow Longhorn on the mic with us! Caden Sterns comes to chop it up on all things ball, from the college ranks to the pros! We talk Big-12 vs SEC, adjusting to the pro-game, and the best DB's out there doing it (plus a whole lot more). Enjoy and hit ya free throws.

Jul 22

59 min 51 sec

The release of our latest radio show on The Mightier 1090 am radio station!

Jul 22

42 min

The Title of the show says it all. Bucks are on the brink, some MLB teams gotta think, and Cena is back baby. Shoutout out to Morikawa on the win at The Open. Hit ya free throws!

Jul 19

30 min 30 sec

This episode is also our radio show...boom! 2 for the price of 1. Here's what's on the docket: 1. Game 4 recap 2. Giannis' legacy 3. MLB ASG fall-out 4. Ohtani vs Trout

Jul 15

42 min 53 sec

Great show for you all to enjoy. Here's what's on the docket: - UFC 264 reactions - International: USA vs Nigeria & Italy vs England - Bucks vs Suns - Typical Nonsense

Jul 12

48 min 36 sec