The Bad Read

By Bad Producer Productions

Andy Lane and Luke Mounsey want to read early drafts of classic screenplays so you don't have to, and with a little help from their friends (lots actually) that’s just what they do. Each season a new movie, each episode the next act, and for Season 3 we’re celebrating the holiday season in style... Jeb Stuart's 1987 second revised draft of Die Hard. Based on a novel, that was written as a sequel to a movie starring a 60-something year old Frank Sinatra, that was based on a novel. What can go wrong? If you would like to read along, a pdf of the draft we're reading is here -[1987-10-02].pdf  Follow The Bad Read on Twitter - @badreadpodcastInstagram - @badreadpodcastFacebook - The Bad Read Gmail - The Bad Read is part of the Bad Producer Podcast Network.

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