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By Reinout te Brake

Gaming News and Video Gaming Podcast! We’ve got it all here. Whether you want to keep updated on all the latest game news, get the ins and outs of your favourite games, or have a laugh with people who like games too. Whatever you’re looking for, we’ve got you covered here! This video gaming podcast brings the latest video gaming news, game reviews and game previews of the most exciting releases, and game industry reports about the biggest gaming companies and titles in the gaming industry. Check out our site for more game news;

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    Nordic Game, or NG20, is a video game developer conference and trade show held annually in Malmö in Sweden, NG20 is November 25th-27th.
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    Episode 41; Second Part Interview Ivan Filletti On GamingMalta And Timothy Bendt Explains Tamatem Games, A Publising house In The Middle East
  3. 3.
    Episode 40; Tamatem Games and MENA, Tim shares his insights, India and its gaming growth, Rahul explains the vision of Games24x7
  4. 4.
    Episode 39; GamingMalta, Malta and Gaming, Ivan Is Explaining What His Governmental Foundation Is Offering The Games Industry And Eitan Is The Founder Of A New Games Fund Vgames
  5. 5.
    Episode 38; Is A New Gaming Fund From Israel, Eitan Explains How To Back Game Studio Founders And Robby Yung Shares His Vision About Blockchain In Games
  6. 6.
    Episode 37; Blockchain And Games, Great Insights By Robby Yung, CEO Of Animoca Brands, Who Talks About The Ownership Of Digital Goods In Gaming
  7. 7.
    Episode 36; Talk with Matthew of the Iterative Indie Games Fund, FaZe Clan exec to start XSET and part 2 interview with Rob
  8. 8.
    Episode 35; Esports Be Like, And Its Business Model, MegaDev Introduces Cheats For Esports With Plitch And Torque Esports And Fan Engagement
  1. 9.
    Episode 34; Darcy Lorincz Of Torque Esports (Engine Media) Explains Their Content Strategy But Also Talks About Moving To The Nasdaq, Brand- & Fan Engagement And Ai & Machine Learning
  2. 10.
    Episode 33; Niklas Of GameBuddy Talks About His Company, Twitch New Suspension Rules, Mixer's Shutdown, Abusive Language Against Female Streamers And Future Insights
  3. 11.
    Episode 32; Hype Esports Is The 1st Global Esports Accelerator, The Program Is Trying To Solve The Esports Industry’s Real Problems
  4. 12.
    Episode 31; The Evolution Of Helsinki's Gaming Ecosystem, Burn Out In Esports And Some Attention To An Upcoming Latin Game Event BIG And Webinar
  5. 13.
    Episode 30; Carlos Estigarribia Talks About Gaming in Latin America (LATAM)
  6. 14.
    Episode 29; Mobile Growth Association (MGA) And Their June Event MGS Global Virtual Conference 1.0 For Mobile Marketing Professionals
  7. 15.
    Episode 28; Venture Parter Of Makers Fund And Investor Aðalsteinn "Alli" Óttarsson Talks About Investing In Gaming And Joakim Talks About The Perfect Pitch Deck For Gaming Studios
  8. 16.
    Episode 27; Our Games Podcast In The Top 40 Gaming Podcasts Of Feedspot, Esports And Legal With Justin Jacobson, Items of Joakim and Cris, Indie Games Spotlight And Nordic Game Online Update
  9. 17.
    Episode 26; Esports In Southeast Asia Is Booming And This Esports Organization Is Leading By Example; EVOS Esports has A Clear Roadmap To Become The Dominant Player In Southeast Asia
  10. 18.
    Episode 25; Joakim About Supercell And Five Items That Stood Out​, Doki From Utomik Explains How Indie Game Developers Can Showcase Their Games, Nordic Game Update About Game Music
  11. 19.
    Episode 24; Horizon 2020 Is Offering Free Funding, Grants And Loans For Gaming Companies In Europe, Xsolla Is The Video Games Business Engine And Nordic Game Event 2020, NG20, Update
  12. 20.
    Episode 23; Kate Edwards About Her Passion For The Global Game Jam And Endorsing GameWorkers Unite But Concerns Like The Negative Cultural Force In Gaming like Bad habits, Poor Management And Leaders
  13. 21.
    Episode 22; Yvette Wohn studies the role of algorithms and social interactions in livestreaming, esports, gaming, and social media
  14. 22.
    Episode 21; How to organize the branding for your games and game studio with Jussi Solja and the Report from Akmal Soliev about gaming in SEA region
  15. 23.
    Episode 20; Interview about 'European Video Games' report with Richard Williamson of the Edison Group and Fast Forward Games, a Covid-19 initiative
  16. 24.
    Episode 19; Gaming acquisitions Q1 2020, Reed Thinks about esports, highlights in gaming and more
  17. 25.
    Episode 18 with Cris Reed, Joakim Achren, companies GameBuddy and AfterMath and the latest game news
  18. 26.
    Episode 17; Game News, esports item of Cris Reed, Two companies to watch and #PlayApartTogether campaign
  19. 27.
    Episode 16; User Acquisition Advise from Games Marketing Guru himself; Oliver Kern
  20. 28.
    Episode 15 with Esports item of Cris Reed and interview Doki Tops of about Cloud gaming, streaming and indie game developers
  21. 29.
    Episode 14; What will Covid-19 Corona Virus do with the Games Industry 2020-2022?
  22. 30.
    Episode 13 Quick Overview of the Latest Game News by Reinout te Brake
  23. 31.
    Episode 12; Jacob and Teddy explain Nordic Game, New item (Cris) Reed thinks is about esports and latest game news
  24. 32.
    Episode 11 Interview with Oscar Clark, Former Evangelist for Papaya Mobile, Applifier and Unity Technologies
  25. 33.
    Promo Episode 11; Mister Oscar Clark, Mister Unity, Mister Experience in Gaming 20+ years
  26. 34.
    Episode 10 with interviews Dean Takahashi of GamesBeat and Odile Limpach
  27. 35.
    Promo Episode 10 with Dean Takahashi, the Lead Writer of GamesBeat and Odile Limpach, autor of The publishing Challenge for independent videogame developers
  28. 36.
    Episode 9; Special Podcast about the risks of Game Conferences and should we go online with these conferences
  29. 37.
    Episode 8; Indie Game devs LATAM and Gaming, Games For Change, Beat the Intro and more
  30. 38.
    Promo Episode 8 Game Consultant, the weekly games industry podcast
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    Episode 7 Game Consultant; ESL And Corona Virus, Kicked up of appartment and sell to Ubisoft, Israel and Games and Game Consultant Jay Powell
  32. 40.
    Quick Episode; Corona Corona! The virus has hit the Games Industry
  33. 41.
    Promo Episode 7 Game Consultant with Jay Powell, Guy Ben-Dov, Daniel Stammler, Utomik and more
  34. 42.
    Episode 6; Deconstructor of Fun, Recruitment in Games, Game News and Game Companies to Watch
  35. 43.
    Promo Episode 6; Recruitment in games, Deconstructor of Fun, Games Watch list
  36. 44.
    Episode 5; Tim Sweeney of Epic Games, Esports, facts and Figures, Legal in Games, Workshop by BizTech and Elite Game Developers
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    Promo Episode 5 of Game Consultant
  38. 46.
    Podcast Game Consultant Episode 4; GDC and Corona Virus, Mobile Revenues, Funding and Marketing
  39. 47.
    Promo For This Weekend's New Podcast Episode Of Game Consultant; "Mobile Gaming Revenues On The Rise"
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    Topics like China, GameBizCon, GameRefinery, Big Karma Games and more!
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    Why da heck are we going to game conferences?
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    Intro trailer

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