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Josiah is the kind of guy you have to like, it's not even an option, upon greeting him, you'll like him instantaneously and where's there not to like? He's got a good smile, humorous, good looking and talented yet humble. He sits down with Steph to share his journey through fashion arts and his career as a stylist / creator today. We fell in love with Josiah and honestly, so will you.

Nov 29

36 min 9 sec

The Dude of SG speaks to Steph on all things AR / VR and his roadmap to building Mind Palace and DUDE.SG

Nov 23

26 min 42 sec

As part of the Voyage To The Vulva-verse campaign, @stripsg and come together with Arch Conversations and Dr Grace Huang (Dtap Clinics) have an open conversation on some vulva taboos women face growing up, what vulva care is, discuss vulva care products and why we should normalise vulva care. 

Nov 15

25 min 52 sec

Holly has gone through many phases in life with body image. The person she is today is comfortable in her skin, glowing and above all happy. Holly and Steph talk about insecurities with body image and how they worked through it.

Oct 4

30 min 18 sec

Martin shares with Steph the struggles of a fashion stylist, the discipline of a fitness enthusiast, staying lean at 38 years old and advise to freelancers.

Sep 27

28 min 41 sec

Some people succeed at work but don't know how to handle life. When he made a decision to co parent and be a hands on dad, change is inevitable. Steph and Andy share a child together, were once lovers then estranged and now a modern family. Listen to them navigate co parenting and share insights on how they made it work for them.  Disclaimer: Steph and Andy's thoughts on co-parenting are their own and do not reflect on how they feel about co-parenting objectively. They recognise that every scenario is different but hope to shed hope for those who don't see how co-parenting works out in their favour.

Sep 20

26 min 52 sec

Steph spoke with Yang in her home studio on how Yang slowly mastered the tools of her trade, how she manages time in order to achieve balance and how YouTrip has become her go-to for online overseas expenditure.  YouTrip is the best shopping card for your favourite international online shopping sites like Taobao, Amazon, iHerb and more! Enjoy the best exchange rates and no fees when you pay in any supported 150+ currencies. Get started with free S$5 when you apply for YouTrip with promo code . Valid till 31 October 2021

Sep 13

35 min 57 sec

Jasmine is always –– always spritely. Even when she's depicting a very traumatic scenario, she does it with a cadence in her voice like that of a dancer taking center stage solo. She takes on challenges with a strategic and pragmatic approach. Listen to how she channels her way through this pandemic for Lab Studios while having a baby at the same time.

Sep 7

31 min 45 sec

Steph speaks with one of her role models Lum May Yee. May packed her bags for hong kong in the 90s to pursue her modelling career, came back years later went corporate, fell in love got married, has two boys. Her life is still non stop but Steph believes she balances it all out effortlessly. If you are in need of a little motivation today, listen to May. 

Aug 30

30 min

Steph responds candidly to questions being posed to her via her personal instagram page. 

Jul 27

21 min 44 sec

Audrey opens up to Steph about working in Marketing for the club and f&b scene for the past 12 years. She talks about setting up "No party here" with Louis Lim and shares her insights on how the night life scene may be once things open up.

Jul 13

19 min 41 sec

Jin shares with Steph bringing up his pair of twins in NYC with his ex wife and how he has learnt how to listen to his kids in order to learn. He talks about moving back to SG and starting from ground zero finding work here. Most of all, he shares how "less work, more time" has enriched him. 

Jun 30

30 min 6 sec

Oliver share with Steph about OFC's edible garden, how OFC supports sustainable agriculture and how we can all do our part pragmatically to help.

Feb 24

21 min 53 sec

Jun, better known as Jenny is one of Steph's pillars in life and has been living as an expatriate most of her life. Steph talks to her about adaptability when moving and how life is life as a fashion merchandiser post covid. 

Feb 10

23 min 48 sec

Vinny, 4th generation F&B industry baby takes time to sit down with Steph to talk about his journey into Moonstone, a cult favorite bar along Amoy St. 

Feb 1

28 min 48 sec

Wannasiri is raw, candid and honest about her 17 year relationship with husband and business partner Jesse. She talks to Steph about the uphill climb to success for Boyy, her struggles and advice.

Jan 27

29 min 6 sec

Blink, a go getter, multi disciplinary creative has a chat with Steph about work and energy. 

Jan 19

36 min 28 sec

Alvin Gho and Ian Lim, co founders of RVLT sit down with Steph to talk about building a cohesive partnership.  And always, MAKAN, MINUM, MABOK!

Jan 13

23 min 28 sec

Brian and Tina from MULTEE PROJECT open up about starting a brand and having a home office while taking care of their child. Steph talks about Andy's return and what coparenting now means to her.

Dec 2020

34 min 19 sec

In a raw, candid conversation Jasper shares with Steph his journey into film making, how he got into making MVs and the true meaning of "Ice Cream."

Dec 2020

29 min 23 sec

Patra is someone Steph deeply respect. She has a compelling life story wrought with emotional ups & downs and yet she maintains a positive outlook on life. 

Dec 2020

38 min 24 sec

Sophia shares for the first time her story behind The Juice Market. We truly apololgise for the shitty audio. We have since bought new mics. Thanks for your patience.

Nov 2020

28 min 50 sec


Nov 2020

39 min 14 sec

Lindsay opens up to Steph about conceptualising and growing Yardbird and other brands under her sleeve. They discuss raising kids in a non traditional family setting.

Nov 2020

47 min 12 sec

Christabel and Steph talks about emotional healing through trauma and understanding that life is a work in progress.

Nov 2020

37 min 8 sec

Chris talks to Steph about Dearborn, how it conceptualised, where he wants to take it and tips for F&B owners on how to pivot.

Oct 2020

24 min 7 sec

Derrick, Steph and Ara sit down to talk about their love of animals, responsible pet ownership, animal abuse and how you can help. At the end of the video, things take a turn when Ara speaks on pet care.

Oct 2020

34 min 44 sec

Jeff chats over zoom with Steph, he takes us on a journey backwards in time for the Staple brand, talks about his OCD (undiagnosed), his favorite shoe + a multitude of pigeon poop type stuff.

Oct 2020

1 hr 21 min

Charlene Koh, breast cancer survivor talks to Steph about her cancer journey and post treatment emotional healing. Steph shares her experience as an emotional supporter through various loved ones who have contracted cancer through her life.  Steph: "My heart goes out to anyone who's lost something through sudden death by any means. And to those who are going through a tough time in disease or loss, here's a lil of my peace, I share unto you."


Oct 2020

43 min 12 sec

Andrei and Steph discuss adaptability through living in different cities, creative direction and how team works makes the dream work.

Sep 2020

32 min 55 sec

Brandon talks about his journey from being a student in NYC to living and working in Berlin ten years later. He shares advice and thought provoking sentiment and what home means to him.

Sep 2020

28 min 48 sec

Sabrina and Steph discuss parenthood, how to stay friends with your kids into teenage years, time management and tips on their parenting style.   We apologise for the sound in this video. There were some technical issues, bear with us please, content is solid.

Sep 2020

29 min 56 sec

Beatrice Ding of tells her holistic nutrition tale, shares some receipes for a healthier meal that'll keep you full for longer and the new arm of the Cru brand, Cru Yoga!

Sep 2020

32 min 28 sec

Jade shares with me her journey to becoming a tattoo artist and constant growth. She also shares her one year sabbatical journey and tips. 

Sep 2020

33 min 30 sec

Caxs and Steph come together to talk about the various aspects of life they enjoy, time management and debunk certain stereotypes.

Aug 2020

29 min 5 sec

Rozz and Steph are firm believers that your childhood upbringing does leave you with scars, stregnths and weaknesses. As adults, we have learnt how to wield that sword for good. We hope to shed light on how you can turn abuse to your advantage as well.

Aug 2020

50 min 17 sec

Felix Nai on leaving Singapore and moving to Japan to pursue Indigo farming, how he copes with lonliness and tips for anyone who's thinking of career change. 

Aug 2020

18 min 33 sec

You asked, I answered. My answers are entirely my point of view and my opinions are not to be miscontrued. =)

Aug 2020

23 min 42 sec

My day 1 regular customer at Sugarfin turned friend Stef Yim and I talk about her path to become a vet,  animal health and what it means to be a responsible pet owner.

Aug 2020

25 min 52 sec

I posted up an instagram story for your questions.  You asked, I answered.  My answered are entirely subjective point of view and my opinions are not to be misconstrued. =)  

Aug 2020

18 min 19 sec

Stephen and I talk about why he decided to switch from pro fighting to personal training and why he decided to open a 1 on 1 personal training gym.


Aug 2020

17 min 12 sec

Hilary from A bite Atelier and Linette from Floral Magic sit down with me to discuss entrepreneurship, how covid has affected their businesses, what they did to pivot their business and how we can unite in our struggles.


Jul 2020

50 min 25 sec

Asmine and I discuss life as a freelancer and our idea of success and happiness.

Jul 2020

24 min 15 sec

An interview with my daughter, Ara. We talk about how not to be bored and how to be best friends with your child.

Jul 2020

15 min 34 sec

Martin Wong, a freelance fashion stylist of 16 years discusses his fitness journey.     PS: Apologies for the abrupt ending our recording was cut off.

Jul 2020

11 min 27 sec