Your True Self

James Kelly

We have all forgotten our true self in some way. But it matters if we are living from our true self or our false self! It makes all the difference in the world. Discover with James Kelly, the creator of the Miracle Choice game your true self. With stories, interviews and live events how to live from the inside out. This is of special interest for coaches and anyone who helps others online or in person.

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James introduces Season 2 the next 10 episodes that focus on Self-coaching. The pain and hurt or happiness and peace that comes from different ways of coaching yourself. 

Mar 19

17 min 34 sec

We sometimes still hold old beliefs and evaluation that result in us being unkind to others. James shares how he was shocked this week to become aware he was judging someone based on old beliefs. Listen to see how he learned to be kind. 

Mar 11

11 min 36 sec

James is open about the difference between seeing other falsely and as who they really are. We have learned to see others as a separate consciousness. Seeing who others are in truth is a miracle. Are you ready to live a miracle? Below is a blog post inspired by the blog. Seeing Others Truly I have learned to see others falsely: as separate consciousness, hiding somewhere behind those eyes, those balls of jelly. I sometimes try to wrap up this separate view in nice ways: romantically when I gaze into my partner’s eyes, spiritually during an eye gazing exercise or simply going along with the idea ‘eyes are the windows of the soul’. A miracle is needed to see others truly. A Course of Love and quantum physics looks at the relationship between the observer and the observed and questions the false learning ‘the idea that what was observable was “other than” he who did the observing.’ The truth is that you are notother than me! I remember being uncomfortable after an exercise, working in pairs to see the other person with the vision of my true self. During the feedback people said they experienced ‘you are me’ or ‘I am you.’ I thought this all was a bit much and I spoke up and said: ‘I would not use those words to describe my experience.’ I struggled for years to understand terms such as ‘unity’ and ‘unity and relationship’ in A Course of Love. They seemed like nice ideas, but their significance remained a mystery to me. Now, in this moment writing these words to you. I know you are separate from me in time and space but at the same time you are not. I know you have a separate physical expression than me, a body that is unique, a world view that is yours. And at the same time, I know you share the same Self as me. The deeper I look within the more you become me. There is a Self ‘inside’ that when I pay attention to it, we are the same. I have a choice about what to do with this truth. I can go on as normal and behave as if it is something that doesn’t make a difference to the way I live or I can let the truth inform my whole life and my goal naturally becomes to live this true Self in my everyday life. ‘Your observance of the truth of your brothers and sisters is the miracle.’ A Course of Love. Third Treatise, Chapter 17 and 18 James Kelly, Miracle Choice

Mar 5

19 min 1 sec

James Kelly interviews Juliana Kurokawa, the lead translator of A Course of Love into Portuguese, Teacher of A Course in Miracles. Her view on life is radical and practical. The conversation ranges from learning from teenagers to living your true Self. Come on in and feel at home!

Feb 28

40 min 30 sec

James Kelly invites you to think of a current issue your life or a desire - whatever is alive for you now - and apply the 4 cards he selects in the game to transform and get the answer you need. James plays the game with a personal issue and shares his emotions and his insights.

Feb 19

32 min 40 sec

How to move through learning (or unlearning) your True Self to expressing and living it in the world. A Course of Love is journey that is beyond words!

Feb 12

11 min 27 sec

James introduces A Course in Miracles and how his 20 year journey with it help discover his true self and inner choice.

Feb 5

29 min 38 sec

James Kelly introduces the work of Douglas Harding, the Headless Way. James has been using the 'Experiments' invented by Douglas to live from who his true self for the last 3 years. James describes leads you to do one experiment and gives examples of how the Headless Way makes a difference in your everyday life. Richard Lang has written books about Douglas, had a Facebook page and Youtube channel to support people living from their true identity.

Jan 28

22 min 1 sec

James Kelly explores if we were our true self as a little child. He looks at the work of Eric Burn  Transactional Analysis that said we were born princes and princesses. James quotes funny stories from Douglas Harding's work and bring in his own experience of what it means to 'become like little children.' 

Jan 22

24 min 13 sec

Catia Vasconcelos joins James Kelly to look at how being aware of inner choice makes a difference. They discuss especially listening to other people's and at the same time being aware of choice.

Jan 15

19 min 43 sec

James Kelly tells the story of how he came to create the Miracle Choice Game. His strong desire and challenges to find and live from his Inner Coach is an inspiration, a shared journey. His ups and downs, his pain and joy lead to a tool that can help you access you Inner Coach and solve any problem from that place. 

Jan 8

55 min 11 sec