Anxiety Warriors Podcast

By Anxiety Warriors

We explore what it means to be human together. We are teachers, friends, yogis, storytellers, and most of all anxiety warriors! We've learned that our anxious feelings make us stronger. We believe in community. We believe in transparency and vulnerability. This space isn’t just about us, it’s about ALL of us. That means you! We want this platform to be a place to call home. In each episode we'll dive deep on a new topic, tell stories, share experiences, and get real about navigating this thing called LIFE. There will be guest interviews, games, and giveaways!

  1. 1.
    30. Letting Go is Self Care
  2. 2.
    29. Embrace Who You Are with Lou Redmond
  3. 3.
    28. Separation Anxiety
  4. 4.
    27. Feelings are for feeling; An empath's journey with Jessica Mougis
  5. 5.
    26. Take the Risk or Lose the Chance
  6. 6.
    25. Pushing through; An introverts guide to anxiety with Nicole Smith
  7. 7.
    24. Anxious Experiences with Our Appearances
  8. 8.
    23. Overcoming Addictive Patterns with Rebecca Robbins

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