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The Techscopo news series podcast - where we talk about tech and game news with itty-bitty views. Between indie title updates to airplane toilet technology, we're looking to add a bit of variety to your news day - just because we can.

  1. 1.
    The Ice is Patchy in Iceborne, Dumb Cars to Smart Cars, and Tiny Phones get Tinier – It’s a Late Night for Techscopo!
  2. 2.
    Filter Air, Filter Water, Filter People – We’re Cleaning Things Up and Out This Week
  3. 3.
    New Year, New Episode – Just a Jibber-Jabber Show This Week
  4. 4.
    Physicality Getting Physical, Sea Water Batteries, Bop-It Steering Wheels, and More!
  5. 5.
    Switch Makes Time Magazine’s List of Influential Gadgets, Measuring Air Quality in the Neighborhood, Robot Farmers and More!
  6. 6.
    We’re Back, and it’s a Long Overdue BS Week – Talks About Previous Crowdfunded Projects, Halo MCC Talks, Holiday Discounts and More!
  7. 7.
    Subscriptions or DLC, VR and the Arctic, and AI to Tell You When You’ll Die – A Rollercoaster This Week!
  8. 8.
    Final Update Patches, Boney Biometrics, Autonomous Tech in Non-Autonomous Cars, and More
  1. 9.
    Hot and Fresh – Poop Research, Mario Kart Tour Multiplayer Beta, Corner-Sensing Cars and More
  2. 10.
    We’re back from hibernation!! – Steam Remote Play Together, artificial skin phone cases, and more!
  3. 11.
    Games That Finish Development, More FNAF? Oh You Know It!, Fake Plants/Real Drugs, Prosthetics You Can Feel, and More – I’m Feeling It This Week!
  4. 12.
    FINALLY – Cat Treadmill Technology! Oh… and Dog Shelter Simulator, Proactive AI to Tell When Your Fridge Will Break, Lavender-Scented Shower Water, and More – So Fresh!
  5. 13.
    It’s a BS Week Again! – Nerf or Nothin, Halo on PC, Facebook’s Clear History Tool Update, Gamescom and More Randomness
  6. 14.
    Epic Refuses DARQ Simshipping, Skyblivion’s Getting Close, More Robot Bartending, New Portable Sonar Tech, and More!
  7. 15.
    Scholarships for Smash Players, Blinking Eye Chips, Robotic Tails, and Fabric Electronics – We’re Weaving Our Way Through the News!
  8. 16.
    Jacked DEEEER, Vortex Hits Their 1.0 Release, Bubble Wrap 2.0, and Vibrating Dog Technology – We’re Up-to-Date This Week!
  9. 17.
    Another BS Week – Robot Bartenders, Console Game Talk, the Witcher Show, and More Random Talk
  10. 18.
    Drag and Drop Game Development, Congress and Rocket League, Cars with Solar Panels, and Dog Nose-Print ID – News Hounds on the Trail!
  11. 19.
    Farming Cats, Neuroplasticity, Plastic Bottle Houses, and Faster Ad Blocking – That’s a Lot of Hours!
  12. 20.
    Just a BS Week This Week – Firewall Gripes, Games Done Quick, Random News on the Fly, We’re Off the Cuffs so Come Hang Out!
  13. 21.
    VR Kitten Destruction, Bendy GPS Signals, Snail Glue, and More – Quite Ethical, Quite Fun!
  14. 22.
    Game Updates, Beer Controllers, AI Speech2Face Profiling, and Who’s Winning the Renewable Race?
  15. 23.
    It’s Raining Retro-Arcade Systems, Bulletproof Foam, and Solar Islands to Soak the Rays – Happy E3 Week?
  16. 24.
    Kids Learning to Code with Gaming, Cooling Wood, Side Cameras Instead of Side Mirrors, and Flying Cars – Fly Like an Eagle!
  17. 25.
    Industry Gamification, Pictures and Pups, Still Contending with People Not Wanting to Wear Their Damn Seatbelts, and the Future of Temperature Regulating Clothes – Stay Breezy!
  18. 26.
    Games and the Mind, Google Data Collection UNCHAINED, and VR in the Workplace – Celebrating Episode #10 with No Special Guest Unfortunately ☹
  19. 27.
    Video Games in the Hall of Fame (and more about FORTRAN you didn’t want to hear), How Kuwaii Can You Make Fallout’s Wasteland, No Cashiers, No Lines, a Checkout-Free Time, Future Air-Cleaning AC Units, and More!
  20. 28.
    More Stardew Valley Mod News, $9,000 Anime Breastmilk, and Kitty-Cats Being Fired into Space – No Shortage of the Weird and Interesting this Week!
  21. 29.
    Unofficial Patch Updates, Nostalgia Glasses, Electric Snowflakes and Audi Subscriptions
  22. 30.
    Monster Hunter Witcher Event, Millionaires with Private Islands, the Elusive FB Clear History Tool and the Future of Walmart Work Robots!
  23. 31.
    US Army Gets HUDs, Google Maps Gets More of the Waze Treatment, Quieter Toilets, and Flying Panties – It’s A Panty Party!
  24. 32.
    So Many Updates, So Little Time! Also, Big Volvo Watching You SHAKE and STIR Those Robocalls!
  25. 33.
    Celebrate Indie Developers, Boo Smart TV Ads, Drink Coffee, and Watch Your Comments: Happy Post-St.Patty’s Day Recovery!
  26. 34.
    Kickstarter Achievements, Essential v2, and Digital Doggies Get The Pets They Deserve
  27. 35.
    FIDO2, Robocalls, Elder Scrolls Blades Beta… Like Our First Episode ;)

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