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Dave Koss & Matt Milstead

Dave Koss & Matt Milstead of discuss the world of Cinema 4D and Motion Graphics. With many regular, big-name guests from the industry. Regular topics are anything from Cinema 4D tips & tricks to features & woes. After Effects, Render Engines like Octane, Redshift and Arnold, or even Hardware configurations. We'll even get into industry discussions like clients, contracts, and work efficiency. Join us each week while we catch up on what we've learned and what we're learning.

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Jules Urbach is here, and you know what that means… get your brains ready to soak up some information! We talk Octane, RNDR, NFTs, Crypto, and the Metaverse. You may need to play this twice to soak it all in.

Nov 29

2 hr 35 min

Arnaud Mellinger joins us to talk about the mechanics & art of the incredibly gorgeous projection maps he helps create at Moment Factory. We also discuss David Ariew’s recent hack and how to protect yourself.

Nov 22

2 hr 1 min

We’re so excited to finally talk with Andrey Lebrov about Youtube, C4D, Houdini, Render Engines, NFTs, and all the things!

Nov 15

2 hr 40 min

Steve Bell & Randi Miller are here to talk about architectural rendering, interior design, and the random introduction that started their business.

Nov 8

2 hr 4 min

All-around bad-ass, Angie Feret is here to talk HUD, FUI, her work, music, motorcycles, and more.

Nov 1

2 hr 12 min

It’s our annual Spooky Special with Ariew and EJ. We take some calls, talk real-time render engines, and nerd-out on NFTs.

Oct 26

2 hr 37 min

Jake Ferguson joins us to talk about his art, Ringling College, working for Otoy, and parenting.

Oct 18

2 hr 15 min

Ariew and EJ join us to celebrate 300 episodes and reflect on the journey. Also, Dave finds out he's gotta leave for the hospital to have a baby.

Oct 5

2 hr 14 min

Ryan Summers joins us again to talk about the state of the industry & changes we’ve faced over the last few years working for ourselves and/or studios.

Sep 27

2 hr 6 min

Mark Cernosia is here to recap all things Camp Mograph with us. Prepare yourself for the FOMO!

Sep 20

1 hr 47 min

We chat with David Ariew, Luis Miranda, and collector Peter Costi about the NFT world and where it's headed.

Sep 13

1 hr 57 min

Husband and wife filmmaking team Sashia Dumont & Paul Robinson of the Go Guerilla Filmcast join us to talk about indie film, writing, acting, shooting, and motion graphics.

Sep 6

2 hr

Chris Bjerre shares his influences & experiences as we learn about his cinematic-inspired, Mograph journey.

Aug 30

2 hr 6 min

This week we dive into Fabian Oberhammer’s amazing dailies & discuss what it takes to keep up such an arduous daily task.

Aug 23

2 hr 33 min

Blake Kathryn joins us again exactly 1 year later to update us on her work and how this crazy NFT thing is going.

Aug 16

1 hr 53 min

Caroline Le joins us to chat about freelance life and many other random topics our scatter-brains throw at her.

Aug 9

2 hr 36 min

Brandon Parvini is here with some GIANT knowledge bombs for you to ponder and prosper.

Aug 2

2 hr 12 min

A Live Camp Mograph Fireside Reunion with Erin Sarofsky, Barton Damer, & Ryan Summers. An update on how the industry has changed since camp.

Jul 27

2 hr 24 min

A unique conversation on stop-motion, 3D Printing, and painting with the award-winning, Tory Bryant.

Jul 20

2 hr 12 min

Joel Thomas joins us to chat about working remote for Territory Studio.

Jul 12

2 hr 10 min

Amanda Godreau joins us to share her experiences as a student and popular budding artist. Meanwhile, Dorpy is recovering from a long 4th of July weekend.

Jul 5

2 hr 5 min

Rachel Brickel joins us for a creative discussion on her many mediums of art which include props! Dave rants on customer service and companies that seem too big to care.

Jun 29

2 hr 28 min

The multi-talented Nicole Ruggiero joins us to talk about 3D, VR, AR, Unreal, NFTs, and the latest hacking incidents in crypto. A special thanks to Nicole for taking the time to do this while recovering from a recent security breach.

Jun 15

1 hr 47 min

Andy Lefton is here to talk medical animation, music, and of course Star Wars! David Ariew drops by to tell us about his new NFT drop on Nifty as well.

Jun 7

2 hr 27 min

The one, the only, Fvckrender is here to catch us up on his incredible NFT journey since we last chatted over a year ago. We talk depression, FOMO, and crypto.

May 31

1 hr 57 min

Ross Morris is making waves at Cryptobiotica. He’s here to talk about his recent entry into this industry and how he stays (or doesn’t stay) sane while working 48 hour days.

May 24

2 hr 20 min

We’ve been waiting a long time to catch up with Jan Sladecko, and he’s here! We talk about his incredible career path, his amazing & entertaining animations, and his adventures away from the computer screen.

May 18

2 hr 19 min

Julia Siemón joins us to talk about contract work, teaching, and IRL farming.

May 10

2 hr 29 min

Veronica Falconieri Hays is here to talk about medical animation and the background / education needed to get into this niche industry.

May 3

2 hr 26 min

Seth Worley joins us to talk about VFX, Red Giant, and NERDY project organization techniques.

Apr 27

2 hr 33 min

Sasha Vinogradova is here to talk Camp Mograph, S24, her background in art, moving from web to 3D, and her favorite NFT artists.


Apr 19

2 hr 20 min

Shams Meccea shares how her experiences prepared her for the world of NFTs and what she’s learned in the process.

Apr 12

2 hr 5 min

Lauren Fisher joins us to talk community, sports graphics, career path, & artistic journey.

Apr 5

2 hr 40 min

Chad Ashley is here to geek out with us on the state of render engines,, and the latest from GSG.

Mar 30

2 hr 57 min

Johana & Maxim Kroft join us from Idea and Maker. We learn about how they met, started designing together, and moved around the world.

Mar 22

1 hr 53 min

We chat with David, EJ, and Clint about the Beeple Christie's auction, Matt selling his Beeple NFT for a killing, Community DROPS, and the future for Crypto Artists.

Mar 15

2 hr 10 min

David Brodeur is here to talk about teaching, internships during Covid, and of course his BIG announcement about his Nifty drop.

Mar 9

3 hr 15 min

Dave & Matt just like old times. We concentrate on what we’ve learned in business and mental health over the last few years. Second half of the show is #nft #cryptoart but ALSO mental health during this wild shift.

Mar 2

2 hr 48 min

Anthony Abbott joins us to chat about animating for big tech. We also talk a TON about Cryptoart as we launch a new weekly segment that will be it’s own weekly Youtube video.

Feb 23

2 hr 40 min

Our new Mograph friend, Nathan Shipley, is here to give us insight on how he creates really cool AI-based artwork. We geek out about AI, DeepFakes, and Crypto art.

Feb 9

2 hr 5 min

Robert Hranitzky joins us to talk about his projects, including Wacom and Elgato. We chat about work/life balance, the value of personal projects and teaching, and Mac vs PC.

Feb 2

2 hr 21 min

Stuart Lippincott joins us along with guest host, David Ariew, to talk about his Nifty drop & sticking with dailies.

Jan 26

2 hr 48 min

Caitlin Cadieux joins us for some Toon Talk Time!

Jan 19

1 hr 59 min

Isaac Taracks is here to talk Career, TikTok, Youtube, Crypto, and more. We also talk about motivation vs discipline.

Jan 12

1 hr 57 min

Mitch Myers joins us to have an open conversation on his work, recent hardships, and dealing with health, depression, and life while juggling design work.

Jan 5

1 hr 44 min

Sarah Gibson is here to chat about her work, freelance, and 3D printing. #HotWetandSticky

Dec 2020

2 hr 11 min

EJ Hassenfratz and David Ariew join us for our annual Holiday show.

Dec 2020

2 hr 29 min

Nick Campbell is here to talk about the history of GSG, his background, and doing what you love. AND… of course, we also talk about Beeple’s history-making drop on Niftygateway.

Dec 2020

1 hr 53 min

Casey Hupke joins us to talk about 2020, gaming, working from home during Covid, and to help us keep our sanity in quarantine.

Dec 2020

1 hr 45 min

Chris Schmidt of Rocket Lasso is here to geek out with us, give us the low-down on Recall, talk about Cinema4D R23, 3D Printing, and accidental fires.

Dec 2020

2 hr 13 min