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Sarah Weir, Luis Gualberto, and Steve Hicks talk about better and more modern ways to think about people and teams. Rather than defining engineers as back-end or front-end, developer archetypes better capture the value an engineer brings to a team. And when scaling teams, Team Topologies provide a model to escape Conway's Law and build for user needs. Notes* Team Topologies book* Conway's Law

Dec 2

34 min 15 sec

Erik, Pavlos, and Anna talk about tools for productivity such as our desktop setup and code editors, as well as tools and ideas for collaborating across different time zones.

Nov 18

26 min 18 sec

Artsy Legend and Art Enthusiast Barry Hoggard's joins host Sarah Haq to talk about his experience as a collector. Listen to his incredible journey as a collector, from where it all started to how his partner, James Wagner, and him have filled their beautiful home with 1,000s of artworks. We would like to apologise for accidentally calling our wonderful Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Everette, Elliot in the podcast.

Nov 11

33 min 1 sec

Emily, Adam, and Matt talk about Artsy's recent efforts to hire more engineers to grow our Berlin office. What surprises and challenges have we faced? How do we think about employee leveling and retention of new employees? Find out on this episode!

Oct 28

30 min 44 sec

At Artsy the Data and Engineering Teams work together really closely. Listen as Abhiti Prabahar and Jon Allured chat about this collaboration and how this has evolved over time. Also find out what even is a data pipeline!

Oct 14

23 min 12 sec

Jon Allured, Sultan Al-Maari, and Steve Hicks talk about knowing when to give up on a problem and when to keep digging. Sultan talks about how he got into software development, and how things are going at Artsy so far. Come hang out with us!

Oct 7

26 min 7 sec

Join Laura Bhayani and Chris Pappas with host Jon Allured as they have a conversation about refactoring. What is it? How is it done? Why should we do it? When are we finished?

Sep 23

27 min 10 sec

Artsy Engineer Laura Bhayani returns for another episode of Artsy Engineering Radio with host Sarah Haq, to share her inspirational journey into the field and the challenges she faced along the way. Laura and Sarah talk about everything from keyboards to unicorns and being a fricking badass.

Sep 16

34 min 33 sec

Artsy's Group Product Manager Guillaume Delgutte shares his path to product management at Artsy with Artsy Engineering Radio host Anna Carey. They discuss product manager and engineer collaboration, Guillaume's experience with improv and how that's informed his work as a PM, and how to remain both humble and confident as a leader.

Sep 9

37 min 39 sec

This week, Anson joins Matt Dole to talk about his role as a tech lead, going through the Bloomberg internal bootcamp, the importance of effective communication in software, and his new-found love for wine tasting. Take a listen.

Sep 6

28 min 40 sec

On this episode of Artsy Engineering Radio, Anna Carey talks to Director of Engineering Sarah Weir about her path to Artsy, what it means to be a Director of Engineering at Artsy, and reflections on our team Offsite.

Aug 26

32 min 25 sec

This week, Artsy Engineer Laura Bhayani tells Steve Hicks how she approaches making large changes in a codebase, and why she enjoys that kind of work.

Aug 19

29 min 2 sec

Longtime Artsy engineer Oksana joins Matt Dole to talk about what it means to be a product-focused engineer, balancing the demands of a career in engineering with the demands of parenting, and much more.

Aug 12

36 min 24 sec

Two new Artsy engineers, Tanjie and Irakli, join Matt Dole to talk about their experience joining Artsy. From the interview process to their "rotations" through different teams, what have they liked? What would they change about how Artsy interviews and onboards? Listen to find out!

Aug 5

35 min 17 sec

Jenna Poczik and Jon Allured discuss the vast topic of SEO and explain Artsy's approach. Listen as they go from answering questions like what even is SEO to how website performance impacts a site's rankings.

Jul 29

35 min 45 sec

Artsy Engineer Kaja Santro returns for another episode of Artsy Engineering Radio with host Sarah Haq to discuss what it is really like to be a woman in tech. Kaja and Sarah discuss the barriers to entry for women and how language and gendered toys have played a negative role in deterring women from pursuing careers in engineering.

Jul 22

31 min 24 sec

Artsy engineer Roop joins Artsy Engineering Radio host Anna Carey to discuss how he got into designing art books and then programming after getting kicked out of college. Roop also shares his dual background as a cartographer for art world institutions and how that experience informs his work at Artsy.

Jul 15

28 min 37 sec

Jon Allured and Steve Hicks talk about how to review non-trivial pull requests, and life as a remote-solo employee during COVID. 

Jul 8

27 min 40 sec

On this episode of Artsy Engineering Radio, Kaja Santro joins us for a "who are you and how did you get here" interview. We'll learn about her transition from philosophy and linguistics to programming, the ways she thinks Artsy could improve our developer workflows, her love of learning new skills, and much more.

Jul 1

28 min 31 sec

Sarah Haq and Matt Dole talk about "engineering culture." What exactly do we mean when we say culture? What does bad culture look like? What about good culture, and how do we get there?

Jun 24

30 min 8 sec

Jon Allured, Anna Carey and Matt Dole talk about Volt, the Artsy CMS system. After some history, we get into how this project has evolved over time and where it might be going next.

Jun 17

39 min 44 sec

David Sheldrick and Steve Hicks talk about Artsy's journey to build an Android app. This episode is filled with tips and perspective on breaking down a large project into actionable steps.

Jun 10

27 min 5 sec

Anna Carey and Steve Hicks talk about how communications—writing, speaking, podcasting—intersects with engineering.

Jun 3

32 min 12 sec

Steve Hicks and Justin Bennett talk about empathy in workplace culture, how to build trust and safety, and the importance of providing space for people.

May 27

37 min 51 sec

Join Tricia and Damon as they discuss how they design and build software with accessibility in mind.

May 20

37 min 24 sec

Anna Carey, Jon Allured, and Steve Hicks hang out and talk about what they're working, what excites them, and the challenges and rewards of 3rd-party integration.

May 13

30 min 47 sec

In part 2 of Anna Carey's interview with Artsy's Former CTO Daniel Doubrovkine (dB), dB talks about his move to AWS, the future of NFTs, and his love of art.

May 5

26 min 56 sec

Anna Carey speaks with Artsy's Former CTO Daniel Doubrovkine (dB) about building and scaling a strong engineering culture, why Artsy became Open Source by Default, and what makes a great CTO. He also shares stories of the most exciting—and sometimes stressful—moments in the early days of Artsy Engineering.

Apr 29

46 min 2 sec

Jon Allured, Pavlos Vinieratos, and Devon Blandin talk about moving across the globe, device naming schemes, and building mobile apps with React Native.

Apr 22

34 min 7 sec

Anson Wang shares his experiences as a tech lead with Steve Hicks. They talk about navigating feedback, leading projects, and being a supportive leader. Anson leaves you with a fun fact you can't unsee.

Apr 15

31 min 41 sec

Join Anna Carey, Jon Allured, Justin Bennett, and Matt Dole as they discuss how Artsy's engineering culture has changed as the team has grown, making the software industry more inclusive, and what it means to be a 'good engineer'

Apr 9

40 min 8 sec

Matt Dole and Director of Platform Engineering Joey Aghion discuss Joey's life as an engineer. What has he learned from working at multiple failed startups? What is he excited about building at Artsy?

Apr 1

23 min

Jon & Steve hang out and talk about stuff. Steve gives Jon (probably) bad advice about building a content strategy, and Jon talks about the habits in his personal operating system.

Mar 25

36 min 45 sec

Artsy's Executive Vice President of Product and Engineering Sam Rozenberg joins us to talk about his transition from finance to tech, moving from Spotify to Instagram to Artsy, and what he thinks is most special about Artsy’s engineering culture.

Mar 17

21 min 47 sec

Orta Therox tells Jon Allured and Steve Hicks how he became a top contributor to open source software, and teaches them how to get better at things like design and pair programming.

Mar 11

37 min 18 sec

Anna Carey joins us to talk about overcoming impostor syndrome, asking for help, and her path from Artsy to coding bootcamp and back to Artsy.

Mar 4

32 min 31 sec

Eve Essex talks to Steve Hicks about the differences between building infrastructure and building products, the intersection of software engineering and creative practice, and why you can't afford to be precious about the product.

Feb 25

31 min 24 sec

Jon Allured and Joanna Brocksen discuss the structure of Arty's Product team. What even is a PDDE??

Feb 18

28 min 50 sec

Jon Allured, Ash Furrow, and Steve Hicks discuss scaling your impact as an engineer. How can engineers be more effective and create more value than we capture?

Feb 4

34 min 53 sec

Matt Dole asks engineer Chris Pappas who he is and how he got here. Tune in to learn about BBSes and how skateboarding started Chris's career in software.

Jan 21

26 min 50 sec

Ash Furrow and Steve Hicks talk about hiring practices to avoid, how Artsy hires engineers, and the right questions to ask in an interview.

Jan 5

35 min 36 sec

Ash Furrow talks with Steve Hicks about facilitating meaningful and inclusive team meetings, and how meetings are part of building teams, trust, and systems.

Dec 2020

27 min 41 sec

Jon Allured, Matt Dole, and Steve Hicks introduce you to Artsy Engineering Radio and help you understand why you need another podcast in your life.

Dec 2020

9 min 2 sec