The Obvious Isn't

By Winston Perez

Concept model your business. Tech. Movie. Idea. Master innovation. Perfect your project. Learn how to perfect anything you are doing—drive innovation and capture the essence or core of your idea—while we walk through fascinating, concept-based deconstructions of businesses, movies, baseball, the Beatles, more movies, IP, technologies—everything and anything. HOW WE DO IT: We use concept modeling, a discipline founded by your host Winston Perez. The secret to that idea you’ve had for ages is how concept itself works—how the abstract world functions—the way it dictates how the physical world works. Have you tried other ways?—Unless you are lucky, brainstorming doesn’t work. This does! Award winning author, entertainment professional, and concept expert, Winston teaches us the best way to get to the essence of anything—believe it or not, that is the hardest and the almost-always-missing piece. Hidden concepts are the stuff eureka moments are made of—find out why. Once featured in the NY Times, Winston works on movies/TV, IP, ideas, technologies and business. His past clients include: NBC/Universal, Warner Bros., Dreamworks, Relativity, Cineflix and many others. As Winston says, “Ideas and concepts are two different things. In fact, they are housed in two separate worlds.” Here you will begin to learn that difference. And that difference will help make you and/or your idea successful. “Let’s rock this concept thing!” - Winston Perez

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