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Actor and Sopranos star, Drea De Matteo and her close friend, entrepreneur & New Jersey native Chris Kushner, invite listeners into the ultimate inner circle. Made Women: A Sopranos Re-Watch Podcast takes listeners deep inside the mafioso world of television’s most iconic crime drama. Head back to the New Jersey Turnpike with De Matteo and Kushn

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Jul 22

3 min

On Episode 13, Drea and Chris take a deep dive into the Season 1 Finale of The Sopranos, "I Dream of Jeannie Cusamano". The girls not only unpack the epic culmination to Season 1 but also provide no shortage of personal stories and "relating" moments in this very special extended episode!Please show some love to our amazing sponsor by visiting their website:PROOF 

Jun 29

141 min

On Episode 12, "Isabella", the girls are joined by Drea's ol' buddy, Chris "Chicken" Collins, production coordinator on The Sopranos. Together, the three of them unpack all the excitement from the penultimate episode of the groundbreaking first season of The Sopranos and share some fun stories from "Chicken" and Drea's time together on the set.Please support Made Women by visiting the link below and supporting our sponsor:PROOF

Jun 22

97 min

Join Drea and Chris as they break-down Episode 11 of The Sopranos, “Nobody Knows Anything”, exploring everything from Big Pussy’s backache to Vin Makazian’s gambling debts to the surprise return of Jimmy Altieri…and so much more!Support the show by giving some love to our sponsors:PROOFTheragun Get $150 off your device with Promo Code: MadeWomen

Jun 15

71 min

Join Drea and Chris as they breakdown episode 10 with special guest Michael Imperioli. Get an insiders account of Adriana's desire to break into the music industry, Hesh's run-in with a hip hop star, and Christopher's desire to keep his lady happy at all costs.

Jun 8

69 min

Drea and Chris talk with the Sopranos star about his iconic role in the series that redefined television drama.  

May 28

47 min

Juliette Lewis, the OG, Gen-X, Gangster Goddess joins Drea and Chris for Fanabla Friend + Fan Thursday!! 

May 21

58 min

Join Drea and Chris as they dive into Episode 9 of The Sopranos, “Boca.”This episode is brought to you by

May 18

81 min

Nia Renee Hill and Bill Burr are back for Part 2 as they join Drea and Chris for Fanabla Friend and Fan Thursday! This episode is brought to you by

May 14

46 min

This week BILL BURR and his wife NIA RENEE HILL join Drea and Chris for a deep (hilarious) dive into episode 8, The Legend of Tennessee Moltisanti. They discuss the looming FBI investigation, the impact Italian culture has had on civilization and Christopher’s deepening existential crisis... all that and so much more!This episode brought to you by

May 11

70 min

This week, Drea and Chris get into Episode 7 of The Sopranos, taking a deep dive into Tony’s past, AJ’s growing delinquency, and so much more!This episode is brought to you

May 4

71 min

On Episode 6 of Made Women, Drea and Chris dig into “Pax Soprano”, exploring the complicated relationship between Tony and Dr. Melfi, Carmela’s resulting jealousy, Junior’s newfound power…and so much more!This episode is brought to you by TheraGun.

Apr 27

64 min

Catch up with Drea and Chris as they share some announcements, chat about what’s been going on in their lives, and catch everyone up on all things Made Women.

Apr 23

56 min

On Episode 5 of Made Women, Drea and Chris are joined by none other than Tony Soprano‘s daughter, Meadow, otherwise known as Jamie Lynn-Sigler! The ladies and Jamie-Lynn share stories and memories from days on The Sopranos and chat about Episode 5, College.This episode is brought to you by TheraGun

Apr 20

66 min

This week on Made Women, Drea and Chris are joined by a very special guest…none other than Tony Soprano‘s son, Anthony Jr., otherwise known as Robert Iler! The ladies and Robert take a trip down memory lane as they reminisce about days spent together on the Sopranos set and dig into Episode 4, Meadowlands.

Apr 13

48 min

Join Drea and Chris as they unpack Episode 3 of The Sopranos in all of its emotional glory doing what they do best adding humor, lightheartedness, and relating episode themes to what’s going on in the world today. This episode will lead you on a journey through the various stages of grief with Drea, Chris, and the whole Sopranos crew – and we promise, grief has never been this much fun!

Apr 6

54 min

Drea and Chris take a deep dive into Episode 2 of The Sopranos, toggling back and forth between their own lives and experiences and how they relate to the wide range of themes seen throughout “46 Long”. With the help of special guest, Seth Menachem, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, the ladies peel back the layers of Episode 2, including Tony and Livia’s relationship, the rise of corporatism, racism, narcissism, and so much more – plus, all of your favorite regular Made Women segments!

Mar 30

57 min

Buongiorno! Welcome to the ultimate Sopranos re-watch podcast! On today’s episode, Drea and Chris unpack the pilot episode of the iconic series, The Sopranos, exploring essential themes while sharing personal stories, insight, and so much more!

Mar 23

49 min

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