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By SOCOM Athlete

SOCOM Athlete is America’s #1 resource for Special Operations Preparation. Host of the “Send Me” Podcast, Jason Sweet is a former Special Operator (USAF PJ), holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Biochemistry, and played Football for the University of Arizona & Baseball for Grand Canyon University. He and his father Maurice made American history, serving as Special Operators on the same team at the same time. Since founding SOCOM Athlete in 2017, Jason has trained over 1,000 students nation-wide alongside America’s top Special Guest instructors from various Special Operations Backgrounds: Navy SEAL, USAF CCT & PJ, Army Green Beret & Ranger, and more. This is SOCOM Athlete's very own podcast; "Send Me!" Discussing all topics surrounding Special Operations careers, training, and preparation.

  1. 1.
    LIVE Interview/Q&A Part II: Navy SEAL Matt Heidt "Spiritual Resiliency & Warfare"
  2. 2.
    LIVE interview: LTC Dan Schilling, Author of "Alone at Dawn," CCT/STO Tier 1 Operator, Guinness World Record Holder
  3. 3.
    The Story of SAS Major Dan Pronk: Doctor, Tier 1 Special Operator, Author, & Afghanistan War Hero
  4. 4.
    LIVE Q&A: MSgt Roger Sparks, Author of "Warrior's Creed" & Legendary USAF PJ, former USMC Force Recon
  5. 5.
    The Story of MSgt Roger Sparks: Author of "Warrior's Creed" & Legendary USAF PJ, former USMC Force Recon
  6. 6.
    LIVE Interview/Q&A: African American Navy SEAL Officer Jake Zweig
  7. 7.
    Welcome to "Send Me!" by SOCOM Athlete
  8. 8.
    LIVE Interview: Stew Smith, former Navy SEAL Officer, Tactical Fitness Expert, & Author
  1. 9.
    The Story of Jay Stokes: SMU/Tier 1 Special Operator, Guinness World Record Holder, HALO/MFF Legend & Skydive Hall of Fame
  2. 10.
    LIVE Interview/Q&A: SEAC 4 Ramón "CZ" Colón-López, U.S. Military's Highest Enlisted Rank; USAF PJ & Tier 1 Operator
  3. 11.
    LIVE Interview/AAR & Big Announcements w/ Olympic Athlete/USAF CCT Mike Hazle & Army Ranger Pearce Cucchissi
  4. 12.
    LIVE Interview/Q&A: Navy SEAL Matt Heidt "Spiritual Resiliency & Warfare"
  5. 13.
    LIVE Interview/Q&A: Special Warfare Recruiter TSgt Kris Tomes; USAF PJ & Former PJ INDOC/SPECWAR Prep Course Instructor of the Year
  6. 14.
    LIVE Interview/Q&A: Navy SEAL Sniper John Wilson
  7. 15.
    The Story of Chief "Super" Sanchez: Retired Pararescueman (PJ) & Tier 1 Operator, serving on SEAL Team 6 Blue Team, JSOC, & more.
  8. 16.
    Interviews/Stories: "Swift, Silent, Deadly!" Senior Instructors/Cadre of USMC RTC (Reconnaissance Training Company) & Hell Day San Clemente III Debrief/AAR
  9. 17.
    LIVE Q&A: Hell Day by SOCOM Athlete w/ Special Guest Instructors-Arnold Stocker, Kini Cole, JP Cervantes, Mike Penticura, and Timothy Branch.
  10. 18.
    LIVE Interview/Q&A: Nutrition, Meal planning, & Supplements w/ Courtney Reeves, Nutritionist & Pro Bodybuilder
  11. 19.
    African Americans in Special Operations: The Story of Kini Cole & Lt Colonel Arnold Stocker
  12. 20.
    The Story of Green Beret Charley Stetson: A Warrior & Lancero/Commando + LIVE Q&A & Nat. Guard Special Forces Life
  13. 21.
    "Warrior Leadership" w/ Author JB Spisso, US Army Ranger & Sergeant Major (retired)
  14. 22.
    LIVE Interview/Q&A: Major Chris Walsh, USAF Special Warfare Officer & USA Bobsled Team member
  15. 23.
    LIVE Interview/Q&A: US Army Recruiting & Green Beret Travis Wilson; Special Forces Contract (18X) & Becoming a Green Beret.
  16. 24.
    LIVE Interview/Q&A: Elite Athletes vs. Special Operators w/ Olympian/CCT Mike Hazle, Pro MMA fighter/CCT Connor Matthews, USAF PJ/2-Sport NCAA Athlete Jason Sweet
  17. 25.
    The Story of SOF TACP Verne Patterson: From College Athlete to Combat-Proven Warrior
  18. 26.
    LIVE Q&A: TACP/JTAC 147th ASOS SrA Travis W. Ross talks Recruiting, Training, Pipeline, & life as a National Guard TACP
  19. 27.
    Interview: Mike Mahroney, USAF Pararescueman (PJ) & Legendary PJ INDOC Instructor
  20. 28.
    LIVE Q&A: Navy SEAL Sniper Aaron discusses BUD/S, training Tips & his career as a Navy SEAL
  21. 29.
    LIVE Q&A: SWOE-V Explained w/ USAF Special Warfare Recruiters & Connor Matthews, CCT/Pro MMA Fighter
  22. 30.
    Explained: Air Force SWOE-V (Special Warfare Operator Enlistment-Vector): SOCOM Athlete’s Jason Sweet
  23. 31.
    Interview: Father-Son PJs (USAF Pararescuemen) Maurice & Jason Sweet. First & Only Father-Son Teammates in Special Operations History
  24. 32.
    RASP 3-20 Graduation. Former SOCOM Athlete Student Matt graduates as an Army Ranger
  25. 33.
    Interview: CCT Graduate & Former SOCOM Athlete Student John discusses his path to becoming an elite USAF Combat Controller
  26. 34.
    Interview: Isaiah Staley Navy SEAL Officer retired who was formerly both a USAF PJ & CRO

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