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Erik Alexander

Life isn’t just a blog. It’s also Unafraid, Unique, and Unscripted: A NolaPapa Podcast. Join Nolapapa & friends as they laugh, cut up and interview fascinating humans from all walks of life- from non-profits to celebrities and all in between. Come along with Erik and Nikki as they drink & dish it out

from all things Nola, twice a month!

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Adoption process, 'Real World' insiders, and holiday celebrations. Join Erik as he celebrates National Adoption month with his guests, as well as gives the latest scoop on his interaction with  'The Real World: New Orleans' cast.SHOW GUESTS:Suzanne Loeb, Clinical Social Worker - suzy.loeb@yahoo.com Nikki Rockwood, NICU RN at Ochsner HealthJoe Motowidlak and Roberto Martinez, Gays With Kids - InstagramNOLAPAPA:WebsiteStoreInstagramFacebookYouTube

Nov 30

1 hr 19 min

Harsh realities of the entertainment industry, healing from trauma, energies and emotions. Join Erik in this exclusive interview with Eric Nies, a former reality television personality on MTV's The Real World, who speaks to his own spiritual journey built upon his travels around the world, meditation, and plant medicine. SHOW GUESTS:Eric Nies Facebook PageInstagramNOLAPAPA:WebsiteStoreInstagramFacebookYouTube

Nov 23

48 min 51 sec

Vaccinating children, Halloween recap, and Disney to 'Whose Line Is It Anyway?'. Join Erik as he engages with his guests covering the safety of getting the COVID vaccination booster, upcoming local New Orleans events, and an insider scoop into how 'Let's Make A Deal' adjusted to the pandemic lifestyle.SHOW GUESTS:Dr. Jake Kleinmahon, Pediatric Cardiology at Ochsner Health - InstagramNikki Rockwood, NICU RN at Ochsner HealthJonathan Mangum, Improver & Host of 'Let's Make a Deal' - InstagramNOLAPAPA:WebsiteStoreInstagramFacebookYouTube

Nov 12

54 min 34 sec

SHOW NOTES:• Local Chef and Restauranteur, Jarred Zeringue lets me in on the details of his new cookbook and how Hurricane Ida’s wrath is still being felt months after it’s gone. • Family Building: A Foster Journey with Fred Swanson, Gays With Kids• TikTok sensation and gay dad, Josè Rolón stops by to walk us through his viral adventures with his 3 babies and how his beautiful story began. 


Oct 29

1 hr 10 min

Guests: New Orleans Icon and Author,  Poppy TookerGayswithkids.com Co-founder, Brian RosenbergMTV’s The Real World: Las Vegas, Trishelle Cantanalla!! In my writings, I have always said that each of our paths are connected more than anyone may realize. But the truth is, we ALL have hopes. We each have dreams. We have ambitions, eagerness and desire.  And when we harness that positivity, THAT is when we can inspire. We each bring to life’s dinner table a bounty of beautifully diverse talents, passions and energy that can help so many people. Life is so much more than just a blog. It’s also Unafraid, Unique & Unscripted: a NolaPapa Podcast. Episode One of Season One:Erik catches up with New Orleans’ Talk show and culinary queen, Poppy Tooker about her newest cookbooks only to find out that her fabulous guardian angels helped her write it! She literally made me cry many, many tears. Then, Erik meets up with his friend, Nikki Rockwood, a local NICU nurse and contributor to The New Orleans Mom, theneworleansmom.com.Nikki opens up to me about her own path and how a tragedy in her life helped to direct her on her current 14-year-long journey to self-discovery, family and babies. Later, I open up about how I became a writer and how a national platform and website called Gays With Kids, gayswithkids.com, allowed me to write for them when our first child was born.Now, writing for them 5 years, I am honored to welcome the Co-Founder of GWK, Brian Rosenberg! I get to talk to him about his BEAUTIFUL and inspiring story of family building and constructing what is today the largest platform for gay dads and gay dads to be in the country! Brian will also set up the future segments with this incredible opportunity to speak to gay dads from all over the country- speaking about their own journeys, milestones and heartbreaks. Prepare yourself. Tissues.And lastly, I bet you don’t even know I live in New Orleans BECAUSE OF THE REAL WORLD. Yes- The Real World: New Orleans more specifically. And because of that, I have a DEEP fascination with Real World, most game shows, and reality tv. This segment is where I find those people that I personally love. Today, I found my friend, Trishelle!!!!!!! From The Real World: Las Vegas!!!!Yaassss! We drink wine and discuss her new show, baby making??? And future reality show plans!!??!!Do you have questions about family building? Please reach out! Info@nolapapa.store

Oct 15

1 hr 17 min