The eMotional SH!T Show

A.M. Talley

You're the one to write, edit and tell yourSELF…CARE Stories…for stress and emotional release.

Sk!n Stories from the eMotional Sh!t Show is podcast, where we discuss self-care in the workforce and our daily lives. We are a platform dedicated to advocating for access to improved stress management programs and services that bring balance to the emotional wellness and well-being of workers

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Explore the origins of the tools and techniques used in the leading self-care sensory support group on NativeSelf Care Labs | Stress Recycling Center.  Leave your feedback to this and any ESS episode on my website. The current topic is, "heArt & story: The things your stress can do." Share a text comment or upload an audio or video message in my Self-care Curious Support group --- Send in a voice message:

Nov 2

18 min 42 sec

Follow along the stress recovery story of an army veteran, turned addiction counselor who took time off to address the burnout she experienced. Explore the idea of Self-care as a Service in the workforce for personal and professional development. Learn more on our website here Purchase Butta from the Sk!n Food Store here  --- Send in a voice message:

Oct 26

4 min 52 sec

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Oct 25

1 min 53 sec