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The COVID in Sport podcast presented by My Sport Live is here to tell the stories of influential figures in Australian sport. Join Andrew Weiss, as he chats with leading sporting administrators about the impact that COVID has had on the world around them. From the challenges and opportunities, to the plans for the future, we aim to find out how different sports have responded, survived and thrived.

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Kristie Middleton is the CEO of Baseball Victoria and she joins us on this week’s show. Kristie has held a diverse range of positions within multiple sporting organisations at both a national and state level, and is a respected figure within the sporting landscape. She goes in depth with Andrew about managing the COVID crisis, keeping staff, clubs and members engaged with regular communication, using technology to stay connected, collaborating with other sports and industry bodies, sharing resources, the financial ramifications for baseball in Victoria, personal learnings and much, much, more!


48 min 31 s

After a brief hiatus, we’re back bigger than ever with a larger than life guest on episode 10. Tony Doherty has built up his Doherty’s Gym brand from nothing but a kid with a dream, into the global empire that it is today. Tony is so much to so many people – a partner, a motivator, a trainer, a businessman, an entrepreneur, an emcee, television presenter and promoter.  He is the face of what it means to be resilient, and after facing and conquering years of challenges, COVID was just another thrown in his way to overcome. He unpacks his journey with Andrew – talking gym closures, cancelling Arnold, the financial impact, being a spokesperson for the fitness industry in the push to get gyms reopened, mental health, key learnings, what’s in store for 2021, and much more!



35 min 37 s

Our most emotional, raw and honest episode yet. Former President of Darts Australia Kelvin James recounts his greatest challenge.   After being rushed to hospital last September, Kelvin was booked in the next day for surgery to remove a large benign brain tumour. Doctors told him to say his goodbyes before the operation. This podcast is as much about learning how a national sporting organisation has dealt with the challenges of COVID, as it is learning how one individual has dealt with the challenges of life. After tackling the COVID phenomenon ‘head on’ in the Darts Australia role, Kelvin details the challenges of keeping the sport going, the financial impacts, volunteers and states banding together, online darts tournaments, his public resignation letter, personal health issues, the support from the industry, his recovery & much more!


36 min 19 s

Brett Connell joins Andrew Weiss on episode 8.  Brett is the CEO of the Victorian Amateur Football Association – the VAFA, one of the biggest community sporting associations in the country. With almost three decades of experience working in the football industry, he talks about the crazy past 12 months for the league, what season 2021 will look like, engaging with clubs in lockdown, the financial impacts of COVID, collaborating with other footy leagues, the social aspect of community sport, personal learnings, and much more!


35 min 44 s

It’s episode 7 and we are joined by Anytime Fitness Australia franchise owner, and Head of the Victorian Marketing Group, Fred Drew.  Fred has owned multiple Anytime Fitness franchises in Victoria for a number of years, and has had a long and extensive background in the fitness industry, joining the Anytime family in 2014. He dives into what the past 12 months has been like for the gym industry, the Anytime community banding together, digital initiatives to keep members engaged, Government support, clubs reopening, and much more!


26 min 38 s

Liam Murphy is the CEO of Calisthenics Victoria, a role he has been in for nearly three years. In that time, Liam has led the sport through an exciting re-birth of sorts across the organisation. He joins Andrew to dissect the past 12 months in the world of CV, the challenges of venues restrictions, supporting staff, clubs and members in times of uncertainty, the financial ramifications of the pandemic, promoting the sport, and much more!


36 min 10 s

This week on the show we are joined by the President of Armwrestling Australia, Phil Rasmussen.  Volunteers are the lifeblood of any sporting organisation, and Phil gives us an intriguing look at how the last 12 months have been for a volunteer administrator in a key role at a national level. There’s so much to unpack including the financial effect on the sport, the cancellation on events and competitions, marketing and branding on social media, the massive event coming soon and much more!


33 min 9 s

This week’s special guest is none other than the Chief Executive Officer of Vicsport, Lisa Hasker.  Vicsport is the peak body for sport and active recreation in Victoria, and provides advice, assistance and support to its members and the broader sports community. Lisa chats to Andrew about the past 12 months and the impact that COVID has had across the industry, liaising with governments, balancing staff workloads, the reliance on technology to communicate, the challenges of advising members and affiliates in times of uncertainty, and much more!


42 min

This week on the show we welcomed the Chief Operating Officer at Karting Australia – Lee Hanatschek. In addition to his role as COO, Lee manages the Australian Kart Championship, and it’s fair to say that 2020 was a challenging year for Lee and the organisation on many fronts. Lee chats to Andrew about the challenges and frustrations of the pandemic, managing restrictions across multiple state borders, getting back on track in 2021 and the logistics that come with it - and much more!


52 min 8 s

This week on the show is Hockey Victoria and Hockey South Australia CEO, Andrew Skillern. In a year of total chaos, Andrew has held the reigns at two State Hockey Organisations – one where he has already been able to create significant positive change, and another at the infancy of plan implementation. Andrew gives us an amazing insight into the different issues faced across multiple borders, the value of his team, his decision-making approaches, the role of technology to engage with stakeholders and much more!


51 min 47 s

Our guest for the inaugural episode of the COVID in Sport podcast is Table Tennis Australia CEO, Scott Houston. Scott talks to Andrew about how TTA managed to overcome the turmoil of 2020 with plenty of positives to focus on. Including becoming debt-free for the first time in years, growing staff numbers throughout the pandemic, the launch of Spinneroos, the completion of a huge project to document the complete career records of Australia representatives and much more!


47 min 42 s