Ricardo De La Blanca

By Ricardo De La Blanca

Ricardo De La Blanca is an expert in Strategic Communications with more that 25 years of experience working in Europe, Asia, US and Latam. ​ During the last decade, driven by his personal inclination toward building strengthening Freedom and Democracy, Ricardo has added to his experience, Political Communications through his work with several center-right political leaders and parties around the world. In January 2017 at Harvard Business School, Ricardo created Freedom App, a platform designed to Empower People and generate more Efficient and Honest Groups. ​ Today there are more than 100 Organizations benefitting from Freedom App and the platform has been recognize by the most important organizations that promote citizen participation and freedom around de world: International Democrat Union (IDU) in Germany, Westminster Foundation for Democracy (WFD) in the United Kingdom, Union de Partidos Latinoamericanos (UPLA) in Chile, International Institute for Democracy (IDEA) in Sweden, amount others. ​ “Humans begins are social by nature. We enjoy working in Groups. The better the tools we have to improve interactions, the best results we will obtain. Freedom App was created to transform the way we work! Simple Evolution!” RDLBIII.

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