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An insightful series of Sonica Talks and Cryptic Conversations...

Sonica Glasgow, sonic art for the visually minded, produced by  Cryptic, is an award winning 11-day biennial festival, dedicated to world-class visual sonic arts, presenting exceptional international artists alongside UK talent.

Preview: Cathie Boyd visits Llum BCN, Barcelona
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One year on from the festival, Pär Carlsson takes you on a first-hand tour of Sonica Glasgow 2019 in this retrospective special for Resonance FM. Highlights include: Jorge Crowe's chiming electronic soundscape, Ludotecnia; Luke Fowler's subtle deep-listening experience, Gourd Composition #2; Navid Navab & Michael Montanaro’s fantastical liquification of the ways we communicate, Aquaphoneia; the lithe, skittering, glitchy electronica of Line Katcho's Immortelle, and the digital-choral drone of ASUNA's 100 Keyboards.

Nov 2020

57 min 16 sec

Artist Katie Anderson discusses Sound Horn, her curious cluster of six outdoor copper and aluminium sound sculptures inspired by gramophone speakers. Each of the six emits one part of a field-recorded composition that she made during a Cryptic Cove Park Residency. From choral notes, spoken word parts and a bassline hum, listeners can experience each element in isolation before they combine into one deeply resonant whole sounding from all six speakers at once.

Aug 2020

9 min 6 sec

Travel may be restricted, but inspiration is not... enjoy a long-distance listen to Artistic Director, Cathie Boyd's podcast from Barcelona where she lives and breathes all the Llum BCN festival has to offer, exploring many landmarks along the way and accompanied by digital artist, MAOTIK & Director of Eufònic, Vicent Fibla.

Apr 2020

23 min 26 sec

Travel may be restricted, but inspiration is not... enjoy a long-distance listen to Artistic Director, Cathie Boyd's podcast from Barcelona where she lives and breathes all the Llum BCN festival has to offer, exploring many landmarks along the way and accompanied by digital artist, MAOTIK & Director of Eufònic, Vicent Fibla.

Apr 2020

42 sec

How science can inform and inspire the creation of art works, with Tim Murray-Brown, Navid Navab and journalist, Colm McAuliffe. Tim Murray Browne works with code, sound, graphics and interactive technology to create immersive spaces for installations that change in response to the behaviour of their audience. Navid Navab is a media alchemist, multidisciplinary composer, audiovisual sculptor, phono-menologist, perSonifier, gestureBender, and interdisciplinary artist-researcher. Interested in the poetics of schizophonia, gesture, materiality, and embodiment, his work investigates the transmutation of matter and the enrichment of its inherent performative qualities.

Nov 2019

55 min 9 sec

Can nature and art intersect to create a response to climate change and its impact upon the environment? Artists Kathy Hinde and Kian McEvoy create works at the intersection of art, nature and technology. Kathy Hinde invites a heightened awareness of the world around us and Kian McEvoy's series of videos documents a still-vibrant ecosystem. Yulia Kovanova explores the environmental factors and interactions between human and non-human animal, offering an opportunity to get closer to the intricate balance of natural forces upon which life is built.

Nov 2019

1 hr

Money as a physical entity, the rise of alternative and complementary currencies, the informal ‘black’ economy, the currency market’s speculative volatility, intelligent machines and AI – what does this mean for society and democracy? Artists Michela Pelusio and Nicolas Varchausky discuss their work and invite us to imagine the alternatives with journalist Colm McAuliffe.

Oct 2019

57 min 27 sec

Cryptic's Artistic Director, Cathie Boyd and Australia's leading audiovisual artist, Robin Fox discuss Sonica 2018 at Kings Place with Ben Eshmade. Presenting the best emerging British and established international talent, Sonica 2018 highlights include the expansive and intense sound worlds of Fox's Single Origin; mezzo-soprano Els Mondelaers (Belgium) and composer Dyane Donck's (the Netherlands) silent disco-style opera, NYXedelica; Robbie Thomson’s (UK) pounding, immersive performance installation, Infinite Lives; Lakker AV (Ireland) which mixes eerily beautiful vocals, propulsive dance music and pulsating visuals and, Phase Transition, Kathy Hinde’s (UK) sculptural sound installation raising awareness of global climate change.

Mar 2018

11 min 8 sec

Heather Lander and Robbie Thomson in conversation with Alexia Holt, Visual Arts Programme Producer at Cove Park and Project Coordinator at Little Sparta. How do artist residencies support an artist at all stages of their creative career, whether emerging or more well established and what is their role? Artists Lander and Thomson discuss their experience and the influence of artist residencies both internationally and within the UK.

Nov 2017

1 hr

Artists from the UK, Québec and Czech Republic share their knowledge and experience of developing and presenting work for an immersive audience experience following their performance at Glasgow Science Centre Planetarium.

Oct 2017

1 hr 4 min

Madeleine Flynn, Tim Humphrey, Robert Pravda and Manuel Rocha in conversation with Dr Alistair McDonald, Composer.

Oct 2017

58 min 24 sec

A discussion between Cryptic Artist, Kathy Hinde, Vivian Ross-Smith and Professor Peter Nienow which explores the impact of climate change on the creation of their work and creative practice.

Oct 2017

1 hr 12 min

Created for Cryptic's night-time nautical extravaganza on the River Clyde, Sound to Sea as part of the XX Commonwealth Games. Sound to Sea featured over 140 performers, live music, aerial dance, fireworks and spectacular visuals on the dynamic and inspiring waters of the Clyde’s Canting Basin. Boats and ships doubled as stages embracing a diverse range of musical styles, spanning the genres of folk, rock, traditional, techno, bhangra-pop, classical, opera and choral. Presented in partnership with Glasgow Science Centre and in association with the Royal Navy. Supported by Creative Scotland, Arts & Business Scotland, PRS for Music Foundation, Glasgow City Council, The Craignish Trust, The Hugh Fraser Foundation, Hope Scott, The James T. Howatt Charitable Trust, The Hub and Inner Ear Ltd.

May 2014

4 min 29 sec

Cryptic's Artistic Director Cathie Boyd discusses her journey with the company and the people, projects and innovations responsible for establishing us an internationally-renowned producing art house. Recorded and edited by Keith Beattie for the Scottish Music Centre, 2013.

Oct 2012

20 min 47 sec

What do your dreams sound like? Sonic Dreams is a fantastic sound world with the power to transport you from New York to the jungle, from the mind of a purring cat to an Italian opera house. Anything is possible on this 3D sound journey where the only limit is your imagination! Commissioned by Edinburgh’s International Science Festival created by Cryptic and ARUP. Developed with support from the Scottish Government’s Edinburgh Festivals Expo Fund. Supported by Digital Design Studio.

Apr 2010

16 min 44 sec

A radiophonic adaptation of Jackie Kay’s The Adoption Papers, which dramatises her experience of a black girl’s adoption by a white Scottish couple. It presents three narrative voices, daughter, adoptive mother and birth mother, each in a different typeface. At times these are separate monologues, at others, skillfully interwoven creating a polyphonic symphony. The cumulative effect is of more than three voices. A 24+1 (Rescue Kit for Radio), the pilot project for the EBU (European Broadcasting Union) led by Belgian artist Ward Weis. Composer & Sound Designer: Anthea Haddow Performers: Veronica Leer, Louise Ludgate & Michelle Rodley Text: Jackie Kay Director: Cathie Boyd Recorded and Produced by: Ward Weiss

Aug 2006

24 min 30 sec