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Shaundell Newsome and Jesse Ferrell will share insights on topics and subject matters intended to bring value to the listeners and viewers of the Brothers & Conversations Podcast series.

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Our special guest Jeff Ecker, President-RCLV LLC, Operator Paymon’s Fresh Kitchen Hookah LoungeJeff received an A.A.S. in Hotel Administration from the State University of New York at Delhi and graduated with honors from the top junior college Hotel Administration program in the nation.  He attended Cornell University while serving in several key management positions at Cornell during his eight years of service and applied the credits towards a B.S. degree in Business Management from the State University of New York at Oneonta.  His last position at Cornell was as General Manager of the Terrace Restaurant at the prestigious Statler Hotel. 

Apr 1

54 min 30 sec

Organic Conversation between Jesse, Shaundell & special guest Aaron Ford the first black Attorney General of Nevada 

Apr 1

54 min 30 sec

Adopt an animal mindset to succeed in life - use these top 7 success principles1. Know What Success Means to You2. Obsessively Focus on Your Goals3. Take Care of Your Mind and Body4. Learn to Manage Yourself5. Go Out of Your Comfort Zone6. Build Powerful Habits7. Focus on Solving Problems, Not Making Money

Mar 4

28 min 57 sec

Tamar Chansky, Ph.D., a psychologist article from WebMD Stay in your time zoneAnxiety is a future-oriented state of mind. So instead of worrying about what’s going to happen, “reel yourself back to the present. Follow the 3-3-3 ruleLook around you and name three things you see. Then, name three sounds you hear. Finally, move three parts of your body -- your ankle, fingers, or arm. Whenever you feel your brain going 100 miles per hour, this mental trick can help center your mind, bringing you back to the present moment Relabel what’s happeningPanic attacks can often make you feel like you’re dying or having a heart attack. Remind yourself: “I’m having a panic attack, but it’s harmless, it’s temporary, and there’s nothing I need to do,” Plus, keep in mind it really is the opposite of a sign of impending death -- your body is activating its fight-or-flight response, the system that’s going to keep you alive, Breathe in and outDeep breathing helps you calm down. While you may have heard about specific breathing exercises, you don’t need to worry about counting out a certain number of breaths, Chansky says. Instead just focus on evenly inhaling and exhaling. This will help slow down and re-center your mind

Feb 18

24 min 40 sec

The fear of judgement that develops can have an impact on all areas of life if it's not dealt with or overcome before it progresses. As we go through life, that fear of being judged can affect our relationships, friendships, jobs, social scenarios and even the ability to look after ourselves.

Feb 4

31 min

An original founding member of Gladys Knight and the Pips (founded 1952)·      Performing artist for more than 63 years·      Former President of “Perfection in Performance, Inc. and PEO (Pips Entertainment Organization); Current President/CEO of PIPCO #1, LLC (ENTERTAINMENT, MUSIC & EVENTS)·      Recording Artist for MCA, Columbia, Buddah, Motown, Max, Vee Jay, Fury, Huntom and Brunswick Records·      One of the First African American Musical Group to have a TV Summer Replacement Series (Gladys Knight and the Pips), on NBC Television 1975·      Performed in over 100 television programs including, the Tonight Show (with both Johnny Carson and Jay Leno), Mike Douglas Show, Ed Sullivan Show, Dick Clark’s American Bandstand, The Richard Pryor Show, Good Morning America, the Today Show, the Murphy Brown Show, ‘Soul Train’, Hollywood Squares and numerous Award shows ·      Performed around the world including Japan, New Zealand, Australia, England, Germany, Italy, Spain, Holland, Canada, South America, Norway, Dubai and various Caribbean countries

Jan 15

1 hr 7 min

Part 2 of 2 - The Craving Brain is book on helping us to understand that Addiction is not a matter of will.  You will listen to our notes from reading The Craving Brain by Ronald A. Ruden, M.D., Ph.D.  It is an amazing understanding of what causes addiction, from sex, to alcoholism, gambling, food, drugs and more.  

Jan 1

1 hr 12 min

The Craving Brain is book on helping us to understand that Addiction is not a matter of will.  You will listen to our notes from reading The Craving Brain by Ronald A. Ruden, M.D., Ph.D.  It is an amazing understanding of what causes addiction, from sex, to alcoholism, gambling, food, drugs and more.  

Jan 1

30 min 24 sec

Holidays, Family, Depression or Desire? This episode focuses on the good sides and the difficult sides of holiday seasons.  Shaundell will share his magic of focusing on desire versus his old days of depression.  Jesse will create magical conversation with Shaundell and the audience. 

Dec 2020

33 min 5 sec

The Power of Unbreakable Relationships helps us understand the dynamics of creating powerful unbreakable relationships starting with connection and ending with actions taken!

Dec 2020

33 min 2 sec

Shaundell and Jesse share conversation highlighting what you are thankful for!

Nov 2020

28 min 9 sec

This episode focuses on REALationships and shares the difference that insuring that all of your relationships with others are REAL, authentic and adds vulnerability is the key to living into the best REALationships!

Sep 2020

46 min 20 sec

Relationship Comfort Featuring Sheree Hunter - This episode explores the challenges when we become too comfortable within our close relationships.  The closer we are to others we often get very comfortable within those relationships and we begin to take them for granite that they will always be there.  Even when we lose respect, care, attention to detail, honor our promises, say thank you and please, we still think they will be there.  It is a form of entitlement that ultimately crashes our important close relationships.  This concept was born from our JessTalkisms.  A JessTalkism is a new or unique way of looking at important or interesting matters.

Aug 2020

25 min 18 sec

Special Guest Alex Bybee - Director Of Development For Community In Schools "Practicing The Art of Communication" helps others learn how, when and why to communicate more effectively with self and others! We reveal sensitive challenges faced by self and others regarding why effective communication is essential for building great relationships!

Aug 2020

56 min 44 sec

This episode focuses on daughters that grow up without their fathers and the impact it has on their lives.

Jul 2020

57 min 38 sec

Navigating Business Through These Tumultuous Times features Guy Martin, President of Martin Harris Construction.  Guy shares his wisdom with you and how they have remained successful in business over many years simply by living their promise...."Building People Before Projects"

Jun 2020

1 hr 5 min

This episode hosts our special guest, Craig Knight talking about walking in the footprints of fame.  Craig is the son of Bubba Knight, a former Pip from Gladys Knight & The Pips.  Gladys is the aunt of Craig Knight and this powerful family continues the legacy of doing great things through Craig Knight, the General Manager of KCEP 88.1 Radio in Las Vegas

Jun 2020

57 min 18 sec

This episode focuses on the the challenges of dealing with hate crimes, racial profiling and race matters.  Stay tuned to hear what the murder victim Ahmaud Arbery's mothers says about the national attention that brought her son's violent murder into the media spotlight!Gregory and Travis McMichael are the murderers arrested 10 weeks after the crime.  William Roddie Bryant reported the crime and is now getting death threats.

May 2020

1 hr 1 min

Where Leaders Focus During Times of Disruption is intended to help professionals learn and practice where to focus during difficult times.

Apr 2020

58 min 9 sec

This episode shares the best foundational principles to help you work and live well with your spouse!

Apr 2020

47 min 52 sec

This episode offers recommendations of how we can breakthrough our current global challenges today and preparing for a better future. Tune in and savor the real life experiences shared by Jesse and Shaundell.

Apr 2020

56 min 37 sec

This episode focuses on what we can do as leaders to help others during these uncertain times.  Our special guest is commissioner Lawrence Weekly.

Mar 2020

55 min 15 sec

Larry Lewin, Hotel & Casino Gaming Consultant share a great conversation with Jesse Ferrell about his role models and legends in the hospitality industry! Tune in and catch the best nuggets from this program

Mar 2020

54 min 45 sec

Featured guest Michelle Johnson shares our podcast stage with Shaundell Newsome, Jesse Ferrell and our Facebook Live audience. They offer great insights to the 5 little known black history facts. This is a very exciting episode.

Feb 2020

59 min 40 sec

This episode features Shaundell Newsome a Marketing Expert, Vital Germaine a former Cirque du Soleil performer & Jesse Ferrell an International Speaker & Master Success Coach. We focus on the challenges other have growing up without a father. They tend to manage challenges such as depression, suicide, eating disorders, obesity, addiction-formation, difficulty holding onto loving relationships. There is a lot of vulnerability shared in this episode by all 3 of these men.

Feb 2020

1 hr 20 min

Exploring what is in your review of the past 10 years.

Jan 2020

37 min 41 sec

This is a discussion on how to move into celebrating the holidays and not allowing depression to rise during the holidays.

Dec 2019

58 min 27 sec

This episode will focus on a world of shifting priorities, intuition, time and timing, creating a flow experience to meet your priorities, do the hard things first and often, F.O.C.U.S. (Finish One Clear Uninterrupted Service at a time) Serving too many masters. 

Nov 2019

1 hr

Everything rises and falls in language and the this episode speaks to some of the rich language that Jesse and Shaundell have learned and shared over the years.

Nov 2019

1 hr 20 min

This episode helps you raise your awareness in how damaging living with false limiting beliefs can be for you and others in your life.

Oct 2019

59 min 29 sec

Why being humble to a fault may be hurting your development and opportunities to serve yourself and others.

Sep 2019

1 hr 1 min

These 10 things will help you elevate your relationships and prepare you to get promoted at work.

Sep 2019

51 min 51 sec

This episode focuses on how you can use failure to up level your life!

Aug 2019

1 hr 1 min

Jesse connect with his favorite teacher from Hawthorne, Nevada Sandie Essenpreis. Sandie was Jesse's 4th grade teacher and they parlayed their teacher/student relationship into a lifetime friendship backed with care, love, support, openness, truth telling, help and all held up by remaining in touch and there for one another with empowering epic communication.

Jul 2019

17 min 26 sec

We talk about what it means to have the Raiders coming to Vegas as well as the Aviators baseball team, Vegas Golden Knights hockey team, Las Vegas Lights Soccer Team and the Las Vegas Aces.

Jul 2019

58 min 40 sec

This episode speaks to the wellbeing of the whole community and the whole person, physical, mental, spiritual, emotional and financial balancing. Part 2

Jun 2019

29 min 50 sec

This episode speaks to the wellbeing of the whole community and the whole person, physical, mental, spiritual, emotional and financial balancing.

Jun 2019

38 min 35 sec

This episode is about why 3 key reasons why values matter and showcases real life examples and proof that this is true.

Jun 2019

1 hr 1 min

The profound thing about this story is each of us are standing in the middle of our own acres of diamonds in our own backyard.  If we would only use the wisdom, and patience to intelligently explore the work that we are now engaged, we will find that it usually contains the riches we seek, maybe financial, intangible or both.

May 2019

56 min 59 sec

The #1 Reason Small Businesses Fail - And How to Avoid it

May 2019

1 hr 4 min

This episode takes a look at why it is time to not be humble to a fault and how to overcome it.

Apr 2019

1 hr 51 min

This program focuses on prescription drugs and street drugs. It speaks to the power of drug use and the damage it causes for people in their lives. It hits everyone from the ordinary person on the streets to the most famous celebrities. Join our Brothers & Conversations Facebook group and participate in the conversation.

Apr 2019

54 min 29 sec

This episode focuses on why the media squashes black on black crime. We use the story of Rapper Nipsey Hussle to launch this unfortunate truth. Other life matters are covered both related and unrelated during the conversation. The point of this episode is to help others move beyond the unfortunate challenges of life matters.

Apr 2019

54 min 13 sec