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Sales For Founders

By Louis Nicholls

Learn to sell, find your first paying customers and grow a successful business. An interview series for (technical) founders who are fed up of building products nobody wants to buy... Your host, Louis Nicholls, interviews the best founders and salespeople out there. You'll learn how they found their first customers and grew successful businesses. With a focus on actionable insights from every area of sales.

  1. 1.
    Lessons from 20+ years of sales success — with Brendan McAdams, cofounder of Expertscape12/14/2020
  2. 2.
    3 ideas to build your own business that lasts - with Alex Hillman, author of The Tiny MBA08/14/2020
  3. 3.
    Listener Questions #1 - Sales Mindset, Cold Outreach, Positioning and More!07/05/2020
  4. 4.
    From struggling with first sales to a $2m ARR business - with Nick Davies, cofounder and CEO of Dentally05/27/2020
  5. 5.
    Zero to 5-figure MRR in just a few months by doing outbound sales - with Frank Breckner, founder of Finalytic05/15/2020
  6. 6.
    How to switch from outbound sales to inbound marketing - with Baird Hall, founder of Wavve and Zubtitle05/01/2020
  7. 7.
    What founders can learn from a sales leader - with Kristen Habacht, Global Head of EDR Sales at Atlassian11/29/2019
  8. 8.
    [Office Hours] "I have my first few paying customers, now what?" - with Pat Walls, founder of Pigeon11/18/2019
  1. 9.
    Turning a struggling startup into a $50k/month agency business - with Andrew Askins, cofounder and CEO of Krit.com11/09/2019
  2. 10.
    Sales tips from a successful, full-time salesperson - with James Urie, Close.com10/30/2019
  3. 11.
    What an early-stage founder needs to know about SEO and content marketing - with Nat Eliason, founder of Growth Machine10/23/2019
  4. 12.
    How to turn customer conversations into a profitable product - with Rob Fitzpatrick, author of 'The Mom Test'09/25/2019
  5. 13.
    How to write cold emails that get results! - with Laura Lopuch09/19/2019
  6. 14.
    1 year, $150k in revenue... and still no landing page! - with Jeremy Thiessen08/12/2019
  7. 15.
    Live S4F Office Hours #1: Gabriel Perez from 07/12/2019
  8. 16.
    Would a referral program work for your business? - with Manuel Frigerio of ReferralHero06/26/2019
  9. 17.
    How to grow faster by doing things that don't scale - with Corey Haines of Baremetrics06/14/2019
  10. 18.
    Bonus Episode: Why niching is a great way to start a bootstrapped business - with Tyler Tringas of Earnest Capital06/03/2019
  11. 19.
    How to close 7-figure deals as a technical founder with no sales experience - with Stephanie Hurlburt of Binomial.info05/15/2019
  12. 20.
    Taking a productised service from 0 to $10k MR in a few short months (plus, copywriting tips!) - with Dani Mancini of Scribly.io05/07/2019
  13. 21.
    How to close your first deals and do follow-ups properly - with Mark Fershteyn of Recapped.io04/25/2019
  14. 22.
    Bootstrapping to a 6-figure business by aligning yourself with the customer - with Lynne Tye of Key:Values04/15/2019

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