The AfricArena Podcast with Patrick Craig

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Welcome to the AfricArena Podcast, the African tech and innovation audio show. For those who don't know, AfricArena is a pan-African ecosystem accelerator whose mission is to help African startups access bigger markets and raise more capital. Each year during our tour, we scour the major capitals of the continent in search of the most game changing startups in each region which we then bring to our annual summit in Cape Town in Nov of that year. In each episode we chat to the the most interesting thought leaders, founders, investors and corporate change makers of our time, about their work, impact and ideas. We unpack their many insights around innovation, growth, challenges, mindset and investment because our mission is to accelerate the rate at which our ecosystems are growing throughout this amazing continent.

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    #Ep 11 - Next Generation Angels facilitated by Tim Harris (Wesgro) featuring Tomi Davies (AFCA) and Iyinoluwa Aboyeji (Future Africa).
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    #Ep 10 - The 4th Industrial Revolution is No Silver Bullet facilitated by Charlie Stewart (Roger Wilco) featuring Rochelle Mountainy (Microsoft), Antoine Paillusseau (Finchat Bot), Gwen Ngwenya, Courtney Bentley (Visibility Insights), Vusi Thembekwayo (My Growth Fund)
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    #Ep 9 - Investing in the tech sector globally and what needs to change in Africa facilitated by Tanya van Lill (CEO at Southern Africa Venture Capital Firm) featuring Clive Butkow (CEO of Kalon Venture Partners), Sascha Breuss (CEO Zando part of the Jumia Group, Mike Mompi (CEO of Enza Capital, Aaron Fu (Head of Growth at Catalyst Fund), Ben Marrel (Founding partner at Breega).
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    #Ep 8 - The State of Tech Innovation in Africa - facilitated by Patrick Craig (AfricArena) featuring Philip Kiracofe - ( CEO of Startupbootcamp AfriTech) Seraj Toefy - (CEO of Ukondla Holding & Lecturer at University of Stellenbosch ), Tanya van Lill (CEO of SAVCA), Rochelle Mountany (Strategic ISV Partner, Microsoft), Femi Adeyemo (CEO, Arnergy), Madjid Harfoush (Operation Director, Leroy Merlin South Africa), Vincent Viollain (Co-Founder ofVivaTech)
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    #Ep 7 - How to build a successful African startup that you can take global - facilitated by Alison Collier (Endevour) featuring Iyinoluwa Aboyeji (Flutterwave / Andela), Ryan Harris (SA SME Fund), Zachariah George (Startupbootcamp AfriTech) & Yvonne Maitin (One Africa Capital)
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    Ep #6 - Smart Education: Recruiting and retaining more women in the tech sector " - facilitated by Aaron Fu (MEST) and featuring Andrea Bohmert (Knife Capital), Matsi Modise (Fuhara Solutions), Otemba Yirenkyi (Nexinova), Kate Wilter (We Think Code)
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    Ep #5 - Scaling into Africa and beyond. How to build scalable businesses - facilitated by Charles Ojei (Founder of HYBR) and featuring Aubrey Hruby (Insider & African Expert Network), Antoinette Prophy (88 Business Collective), James Milne (Wesgro) and Eitan Stern (Legalese).
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    Ep #4 - How to find the right partner for your fund raising process - facilitated by Antoinette Prophy (88 Business Collective) and featuring Siby Diabira (Proparco), Charlotte Koep (4Di Group), Clive Butkow (Kalon Venture Partners) and Justin Stanford (Founder of 4Di Group).

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