Maggie Lindemann

hi i'm maggie lindemann. this is my podcast.

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on tour !

Nov 27

30 min 38 sec

how we made scissorhands 

Jul 18

9 min 50 sec

how gaslight came to be <3


Jul 2

5 min 1 sec

taking you behind the songs in my ep “paranoia” starting with knife under my pillow!

Feb 12

7 min 42 sec


Jan 21

25 min 59 sec

💉 i talk about some of my favorite horror movies that i think you should watch during spooky season! lemme know if i should talk about more creepy weird shit

Oct 2020

30 min 5 sec

been feeling crazy paranoia and was talking about this on instagram, lemme know if anyone relates!

May 2020

10 min 53 sec

A lot of you were interested in my take on the zodiac signs, so you ask and i deliver !! this is just my opinions and personal experiences with each, so don’t be offended!! hope you enjoy!

May 2020

24 min 14 sec

all of the music i have been listening to recently, summarized-ish!!! playlist is on spotify, called drunk dancing!! cheCk iT oUT!!!

Apr 2020

13 min 6 sec