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Everybody talks about the Nordics. There live the happiest people, the most innovative people, the most fair societies, the most free press, and a lot of reindeer. What is the real secret of the Nordics? In our podcast we explore the secrets of the Nordic region having conversations that matter with leaders across the region and invite commentators from the rest of the world to analyze the secrets of leadership, communication, entrepreneurship, personal branding and AI (but not limiting ourselves to that only ;) ). Guests include former prime minister Alexander Stubb, innovation professor Alf Rehn, communication guru Matt Abrahams, and many others.

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This week we host Patricia Ryan Madson.Patricia is the author of "improv wisdom" and a professor emerita at Stanford university, where she started teaching in 1977.In 1996 she founded the creativity initiative at Stanford, an interdisciplinary Alliance of faculty who share the belief that creativity can be taught.Among other things she taught Design Improv for the School of Engineering and has been a guest lecturer for the renowned Stanford Technology Ventures Program and for the Mayfield Fellows Program.In the episode today we learn all her wisdom, not just about improvisation but about a lot more.We discussed with her1:57 - How can improvisation make us more innovative7:51 - What can leaders learn from improv techniques13:45 - How aiming for average can boost innovation20:43 - How to be comfortable with ambiguity24:10 - Why you should pay more attention to gratitudeTune in and have your weekly dose of insights in the world of leadership.Music by Shane Ivers - Spark of inspiration If you like what you hear we help our clients with leadership development, coaching and communication skills. Connect with Nick, David and Stefano on LinkedIn to ask our help!

Nov 23

32 min 19 sec

Perttu Pölönen is a futurist, inventor and author. In 2018 MIT Tech Review honored him among the 35 Innovators Under 35 in Europe.He has written two books and his latest, “Future Skills”, is out just now.In this book he argues that the next revolution is a human revolution. To counterbalance the world we digitalized, we need to develop creativity, perseverance, compassion, and curiosity—those same soft skills that give our lives meaning and set us apart from machines.In this interesting interview we explore with him: - What does it mean to be the first generation being born digital - How to bridge generational differences and collaborative gap - The importance of cross-generational dialogue - and how to start having that - What grandpa Perttu will tell to his grandchildren - What are the things that won't change - What should we be studying - How to find inspiration in the irrelevantTune in! If you like what you hear we help our clients with leadership development, coaching and communication skills. Connect with Nick, David and Stefano on LinkedIn to ask our help!

Nov 16

33 min 32 sec

“Everyone should do something to make the world a better place.”  Listen in to the inspiring tale of 17000+ vegetable boxes and recipes delivered to Finnish families.   The social economy in the EU comprises 2.8 million enterprises and organizations, 13.6 million jobs and 8% of GDP. It’s an important part of the economy, and the influence is increasing - so it was high time we invited Emilia Järvinen , co-founder of Venner, on to the pod to hear the story of rapid growth and social impact.  In just three years Venner has expanded from the original web-shop for grocery boxes that anyone can buy to also be a food education platform and has scaled up from local to national and now international.  Stefano declared himself “mesmerized” by Emilia’s food stories – and that’s something to impress an Italian with what you are doling with vegetables!  David found the story uplifting:  how Emilia and her sister Tuulia, and the Venner team, are making a difference on family dynamics and well-being, and at the same time boosting cooking skills.  Bonus: Venner Kitchen recipe service - one month for free! Check out Emilia's favourite Venner recipe: and get the Venner Kitchen recipe service one month for free, using the code:         NORDICLEADERS2021 If you like what you hear we help our clients with leadership development, coaching and communication skills. Connect with Nick, David and Stefano on LinkedIn to ask our help!

Nov 2

29 min 14 sec

We explore the world of meaningful values, story telling and The Inclusion Canvas with Essi Knuutila of Futurice.Essi is Global Head of Digital Marketing and discusses how Futurice's values of 'Care, Trust, Transparency and Continuous Improvement' shape this global digital innovation and engineering company. Essi also describes how the values came into being, 'We didn't invent our values — we found them on our journey'. She also describes the best leader she ever worked with and what she has learned about leading people and caring leadership.She also describes an innovative shared CMO role, there's mention of mushroom picking, learning Spanish, playing golf and a Jack Russell.Themes;The war on talent and 'Coming Home' with FuturiceThe story of how teenage girls temporarily took over the CEO role at Futurice and what they did with that responsibility!Diversity and Inclusion - not only words but action, and not only a HR responsibility but of key strategic importance; it's everyone's job in order to have better thinking, better products and better servicesThe Inclusion Canvas - check out Futurice's Inclusion CanvasValues that truly mean something and the importance of having a story behind your valuesCare, Trust, Transparency and Continuous Improvement - How to identify your core values and how they are applied everydayCaring leadership - the best leader Essi ever worked for and whyTrust is given not earned at Futurice and the question of, when do you stop trusting? If you like what you hear we help our clients with leadership development, coaching and communication skills. Connect with Nick, David and Stefano on LinkedIn to ask our help!

Oct 27

35 min 48 sec

We dive into the world of influence with Mikko Alasaarela, but influence with an algorithmic twist.Mikko is an impact-focused AI entrepreneur. He has founded and invested in several tech startups that have raised over $30M and employed over 700 people in Finland, Germany, and the USA. He currently serves as CTO of Cuckoo Workout and consults companies about AI, blockchain and algorithms at inbot.He is an expert in algorithmic influence, ok but what is algorithmic influence? That is what we explore in our chat with him: starting from diversity we dive into algorithms.We talk about:How seeking diversity helps you in lifeHow algorithms create information bubbles that kill diversityHow to minimize algorithmic influence on our brainsHow to actively cultivate diversityWhat is algorithmic influence?How to create viral contentAnd last but not leastHow to create the "algorithmic nuclear bomb"Tune in for the usually funny and insightful chat of this week.If you want to engage with Mikko he is very active on Linkedin and Twitter If you like what you hear we help our clients with leadership development, coaching and communication skills. Connect with Nick, David and Stefano on LinkedIn to ask our help!

Oct 19

34 min 56 sec

In today's episode we are delighted to welcome Matt  Abrahams, communication expert and lecturer at Stanford University. We will talk all things communication. The episode is packed with insights so please take a notepad and make sure to take notes.We are going to explore:How communication has changed during the pandemicHow to help our audience to be more engagedHow to make a great podcast even greaterThe most important skills of a podcasterThe importance of authenticity in communicationHow did Karate help Matt discover he was a great presenterHow to manage anxiety before a performanceWhat have learned from that pandemic that will stick with usHow to get diversity of thinking in a hybrid world At Stanford University Matt teaches two very popular classes in the strategic communication and effective virtual presentingHe's the host of the popular podcast "Think fast talk smart" where he explores tools and techniques to communicate more effectively. He's the co-founder of Bold Echo communications which is a firm specialized in communication consulting, and presentation  training. And also recently Matt published the third edition of his book "Speaking up without freaking out" a book written to help millions of people who wish to present in a more confident and compelling way.Podcast episodes we mentioned during this episode:Brains Love Stories: How Leveraging Neuroscience Can Capture People’s EmotionsHacking Your Speaking Anxiety: How Lessons from Neuroscience Can Help You Communicate ConfidentlyMake ’Em Laugh: How Humor Can Be the Secret Weapon in Your CommunicationPodcasts mentioned during this episode:Huberman LabHidden Brain If you like what you hear we help our clients with leadership development, coaching and communication skills. Connect with Nick, David and Stefano on LinkedIn to ask our help!

Oct 12

35 min 1 sec

In this episode, recorded in June 2021 our guest is Kati Tammisto, (then Head of CX at Sympa and now) CMO at Precisely. Kati is a modern leader with an entrepreneurial background who puts people front and centre in everything she does. Kati shares her insights on working in 'extremely fast growth' environments and the adaptability and flexibility that one needs to operate therein. She also explains the importance of recruitment and how to lead excellent people in growth companies."What we all need is to be led as individuals""The game today? Everything is fast. You can fail fast, but you can also succeed quite fast.""We need to all be understanding the need to adapt and he need to change your own thinking and your attitude"Our conversation includes;how the 'adaptability mindset' works in extremely fast-growth companiesKati discusses how to treat and lead people at work, and how to build a team; 'an open puzzle', which requires 'filling the spaces with mouldable pieces'; great people can put the right skills on the table, at the right timeDiversity and understanding, 'there's so much in what other people can bring to the table, especially when they're coming from diverse environments'Kati offers some tools for hiring great people, plus a rather unique, 'crystal ball' recruitment ingredient at Sympa, as well as some wonderful interview questions to steal.... What questions reveal the most about a person? And what to look for in a candidate? If you like what you hear we help our clients with leadership development, coaching and communication skills. Connect with Nick, David and Stefano on LinkedIn to ask our help!

Sep 28

29 min 8 sec

"I'm not a loser - the story I told myself for years" In this very frank episode Tommi Lähde - Founder and CEO of The Other Danish Guy brand - opens up with courage and radical candour.  Listen in to this most candid of interviews with the only CEO in the world to work just in his underwear for the first two weeks on the job.  What we cover:🎧 being honest with yourself and bouncing back (1,47) 🎧 facing failure and dealing with imposter syndrome (5,55)🎧 building trust in your team  (13,20)🎧 building a trusted brand with authenticity (19,31)Gems from Tommi:💥 "People deserve to be told the truth."💥 "Admit your mistakes, it’s o.k. to fail."💥"The answer to every question is inside me. I just need to find it, it's already there."💥 "Just as I was about to lose everything, then I was able to admit the truth." 💥 "Truth sets you free."Thank you Tommi for sharing your insights, with David Goddard, Nick Vertigans, and Stefano Mosconi.  Get in touch with us on LinkedIn by clicking any of our names and ask us how we can help you develop and coach the leaders in your company, or help you with communication and presentation skills. If you like us, please consider leaving a 5-star review for our podcast on Apple Podcasts. Just click the link, scroll a down a bit, and hit "Tap to Rate".

Sep 14

32 min 32 sec

Welcome to Season 4 of the Nordic Leaders Podcast! In this episode we interview André Noël Chaker, speaker, entrepreneur, executive and lawyer that came from Canada to Finland 30 years ago.What we cover:André's beginnings and his move from Quebec to Finland(4:54) What Arnold Schwarzenegger taught him(6:09) How he turned a hobby into a profession (and got all these cool "gigs")(9:23) Trust as a key driver of value(14:06) The essence of great speaking (20:14) The secret of his success(22:05) His upcoming book "Speak or Die" and why he wrote it(25:14) GratitudeA fantastic and charismatic chat that blends wit, humour and wisdom with your favourite hosts David Goddard, Nick Vertigans, and Stefano Mosconi. Get in touch with us on LinkedIn by clicking any of our names and ask us how we can help you develop and coach the leaders in your company, or help you with communication and presentation skills. If you like us, please consider leaving a 5-star review for our podcast on Apple Podcasts. Just click the link, scroll a down a bit, and hit "Tap to Rate".

Sep 8

32 min 47 sec

Building on 140 years of engineering innovation, Merja Ranta-aho, Executive VP of HR at Elisa, Finland’s leading telecom, shares her own learning with Stefano, Nick and David on •Daily experimentation and continuous improvement as a way of life•How a high trust culture leads to deep learning •Embedding coaching in the leadership culture•Anticipating well-being needs in teams•Lessons from a decade of hybrid workIf you want some inspiration on letting learning flourish to build a better a future, this is the pod for you! Thank you Merja.

Jun 16

34 min 38 sec

In this bonus episode we share some more Joel Willans with you.  Joel describes how he works his magic online to build high value content which reaches more people, including pointers on:How to create more buzz, build a community onlineHow to get get heard with your podcastHow to lead your own creativityHow to lead other creativesJoel also ponders his next steps as an author, podcaster, and leader of a creative agency.Honest, open and amusing as ever with some important lessons  encoded in the conversation; are we grown-up enough to hear them? This was originally recorded as a bonus part of Episode 38 – it is every bit as insightful, and possibly more fun ! What do you think?

May 31

26 min 24 sec

In this episode we explore with Elli Holappa, CEO of Jungle Juice Bar, values-based leadership during a crisis. Elli had spent just 12 days with her new management team in spring 2020 when the global pandemic struck.  Listen in to our fascinating conversation with Elli on how values-based leadership has helped her: recruit and lay-off staff in difficult times with the same kindness and thoughtfulness;manage a ‘High – Low role’, going from leadership meetings to peeling carrots in a bar; understand the importance of culture fit andhaving a bit of craziness in order to get in ‘the game’;find  the ‘silver lining’ to crisis moments;lead sustainably, achieve carbon neutrality and aim for carbon negative.All this plus some good news about bananas and will  David land an interview at Jungle Juice Bar? "This is who I am as a leader, and now I know that If the business is heading into the crisis, I know I can act on it. And I know that I can make quick decisions. I can make tough decisions. I can make difficult decisions. I don't paralyze. I don't freeze. I'm completely capable of acting in a crisis."

Apr 21

33 min 57 sec

Alf Rehn, thinker, contrarian and provocateur leaves his day job as Professor of Innovation, Design and Management at the University of Southern Denmark, for half an hour to share with us his secrets including  🎧 What does it really mean to think?🎧 Where to find a treasure trove of wackiness in design school🎧 Teaching gender theory to engineering students or getting butchers to  consider veganism🎧 Danish leadership and Danish humour🎧 Making a business model out of confusion🎧 How his memory works🎧 Thoughts on books and writing and of course gin gets a mention too Challenge your own thinking and see if you can keep up with Alf and his mental landscape of tricksters, scrapes and adventures .  

Mar 24

37 min 36 sec

🎧 How does change scale up from small actions to system level changes?🎧How did Satu shift her mindset to become a positive change agent in academia?🎧 What is - or could be - biodiversity respectful leadership?🎧 Why does Satu discuss psychological safety and values to start every class and workshop ?🎧 What is the role of trust, openness and respect in leadership?🎧Is there a collective consciousness of our minds?🎧 How can we get a social media balance in our lives?Listen to the inspiring Satu Teerikangas, Professor of Management & Organization at the University of Turku and Honorary Professor, University College London to find out.David, Nick and Stefano have a sparkling conversation on change and leadership with the uplifting Satu Teerikangas, leaving us full of hope and positivity and the belief that we can all as individuals make a collective difference.  "Be the change you wish to see in the world: We could all find the Mandela within ourselves, or the Gandhi within ourselves, instead of complaining or keeping to a passive stance.”“By daily rewiring your brain and reframing your thoughts towards the positive, towards the expansive, there is a visible positive effect on a daily basis. And individual action can lead to collective action.” 

Feb 23

36 min 37 sec

What is Alexander Stubb, former prime minister and politician and now Director at the School of Transnational Governance, hopeful about in the future of Europe?How does he manage to achieve so much in life (and does he think of himself as an overachiever)?What's the problem with how media tell the world? And what's their role in the future?How is life after politics?What is leadership in today's world?What can the Nordics export to the rest of the world, and what should they import?Who will win the premier league this season? Tune in to hear about these and more into this episode of the Nordic Leaders Podcast.Mentioned in the show:Oura RingOur previous episode with Jarno Koponen - Head of AI at YLE  European Digital Media Observatory (EDMO)European University Institute (EUI)Crisis Management Initiative (CMI) - Martti Ahtisaari Peace foundation 

Feb 17

39 min 26 sec

Season 3 kicks off with #VeryFinnishProblems creator Joel Willans. Join David, Nick and Stefano for our season opener with Joel; bestselling author, creative director, leader, and a man for our times - a master of the digital and social media world!If you're an individual or an organization hoping to increase your digital reach and impact, or just a lover of the social media phenomenon, #VeryFinnishProblems, then  this is a must-listen! Joel describes how he became Finland's top online presence, which all started with a simple bet with a friend.Building a much loved brand online and competing against some of the top agencies from London to NY along the way, we explore Joel's 'manic focus' and hard work in learning how to create the right kind of content with as much reach and impact as possible.On Facebook alone he's heading towards 1m followers, growing at a rate of 10 - 20,000  every month.As a creative, Joel touches on the topic of artistic quality versus impact, and how to lead his talented team, and much more on this energizing kick-off to Season 3.

Feb 9

30 min 41 sec

Ready to travel to Sweden and meet George Brontén, lifelong entrepreneur with a never ending passion for sales? Have a listen to Stefano, Nick and David getting insights from George about:🎧 The secret to purposeful relationships – Trust, Align, Grow.🎧 Understanding problems from the customer’s perspective.🎧 How, after years of hiring and firing, George realized his leadership was the main problem.🎧 How you can see in the eyes of an interviewee if they’re into learning or not.🎧 And when you’ve got a big decision to make – get a coach! George and his team at collaborate with thought leaders and researchers to identify the success factors behind great sales organizations. Well worth a listen to  the learning journey of a successful an entrepreneur. Book recommendation from George; The Checklist Manifesto – How to Get Things Right : Atul GawandPlease contact us if you would like to be a guest, have a suggestion for a guest or give feedback to the team at info@nordicleadershipnetwork.comMusic: Spark Of Inspiration by Shane Ivers–

Dec 2020

29 min 12 sec

Robin Lindahl, CEO of Taaleri, the Finnish financial services company, chats with Nick and David about 🎧 leadership challenges  in 2020 🎧 senior executive team-building 🎧 how diversity is helping Taaleri reach its goals 🎧trends in impact & sustainable investing 🎧 and the formula for super productivity Worth a listen if you’re interested in windmills, leadership, […]

Nov 2020

27 min 57 sec

Salla Seppä, Chief Customer Experience Officer at the Nordic Business Forum, shares with Stefano and David some of the secrets behind the legendary standard of customer experience at NBF; from focusing on the strategy right down to sewing buttons onto the guests’ coats.  Have a listen to the story of how Salla came to work […]

Nov 2020

28 min 45 sec

Grab a pen and paper and join in the fun with Personal Brainer, Reidar Wasenius, and his mind gym. Listen in to this fun – free of charge! – bonus material and find out what happened when David, Stephano and Nick took a brain bungee jump with the most listened to voice in Finland, Reidar […]

Nov 2020

15 min 5 sec

How does it feel to be Finland’s most listened to voice? And what’s it like to post 3 videos on TikTok and get over 2 million views in just 3 weeks? Reidar Wasenius, Creative Director of Breaks Finland, voice actor (“the person you are trying to reach is speaking on the phone, please hold” – […]

Nov 2020

25 min 18 sec

We replay this episode recorded in May 2020: Antti Vasara President & CEO of VTT (Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd) in a rich and fascinating chat with the Nordic Leadership Network’s Stefano Mosconi, Nick Vertigans and David Goddard about purpose driven leadership, motivating very smart people, being an optimist with the belief we will […]

Nov 2020

27 min 35 sec

In this episode we chat with with Meeri Haataja, CEO of Saidot – a platform for teams to make their AI transparent and explainable – about how AI is impacting societies and everyday lives on a global scale, and what it’s like to be driving that as a positive change. Have a listen to insights […]

Oct 2020

33 min 5 sec

Peter Sarlin, CEO and Co-Founder of Silo.AI, the largest private artificial intelligence lab in the Nordics, chats with David, Nick and Stefano about leadership and what “AI for people” means in practice. Listen in for insights into: leadership in a rapid growth company cultivating a growth mindset and diversity in the thinking throughout the whole […]

Oct 2020

30 min 32 sec

In occasion of the publication of the Nordic Business Forum documentary here is a replay of our podcast with Hans-Peter Siefen where he goes behind the scenes of the NBF history and chats with Stefano Mosconi, Nick Vertigans and David Goddard about building leaders who change the world. Speaking to us from his boat, we […]

Oct 2020

27 min 2 sec

Raghunath Koduvayur, international leader and polymath with a past in Nokia, Tieto and currently Head of Marketing and Communications at IQM Quantum Computers has a chat with David, Nick and Stefano on leadership topics ranging from diversity, to AI and personal branding. Listen in for an inspirational journey onto: how to get a more diverse […]

Oct 2020

28 min 11 sec

Wilfrid Kroath, mobiliser and podcaster chats with David, Nick and Stefano about opening up entrepreneurship to high school age children. Listen in for insights into making his podcast – Dare to Suck – with his own children the importance of teaching entrepreneurship and soft skills in high schools how digital education is driving the need […]

Oct 2020

28 min 31 sec

Jarno Koponen, Head of AI and Personalization at Yle News Lab, goes deeper into the future of news with Stefano, Nick and David in Part 2: Social media is changing the role of traditional news media from gatekeepers to connectors. Journalists need a multidisciplinary approach – with data scientists and designers – to connect to […]

Sep 2020

26 min 59 sec

Jarno Koponen, Head of AI and Personalization at the Yle News Lab in Finland’s national public broadcaster, chats with Stefano, Nick and David about how the way news is gathered and distributed – and what is considered news –  is being disrupted by the new information ecosystem. Listen in to this first episode to hear […]

Sep 2020

26 min 44 sec

Get warmed up for next week’s episode on the future of AI and journalism! Have a listen to the highly popular episode from our archive with Taneli Tikka “how to adjust to the future.” Taneli Tikka – investor, serial entrepreneur and future teller – runs 52nd Ventures, the first venture builder in Finland and Epistemic […]

Sep 2020

24 min 47 sec

In this episode Nick, Stefano and David chat with Guy How, creator of the unique How Violins “experience shop”, on changing the culture in an old-fashioned field towards customer orientation in a way that everyone feels seen. Have a listen for insights into Radical transparency and being seen by the customer Using coaching skills to […]

Sep 2020

30 min 32 sec

Camilla Tuominen is a speaker, illustrator, author and former CEO & co-founder of Emotion Tracker. Camilla talks with energy to David and Nick about showing-up and being authentic managing emotional energy producing better results in the virtual world and having the courage to be herself Great fun returning to season 2 of the podcast! Please contact […]

Sep 2020

32 min 10 sec

With 20 episodes behind us, Nick, Stefano and David reflect on the learning opportunities from our first bash at podcasting, including thoughts on Trustful collaboration in an emergent process Facilitating a conversation that balances a script with spontaneity The mechanics of hosting, producing and publishing a podcast Humility, openness, a learning attitude, giving space and […]

Jul 2020

20 min 57 sec

In this first bonus episode, Stefano, Nick and David pick out the best bits from season one. We had huge amounts of fun, were brought closer together and got loads of insights into innovation resilience staying connected building a great culture the future of leadership And lots of ideas for season 2! Tune in to hear […]

Jul 2020

20 min 45 sec

Hans-Peter Siefen, Co-founder and Chairman of the Nordic Business Forum, chats with Stefano Mosconi, Nick Vertigans and David Goddard about building leaders. Speaking to us from his boat, we found out Who is Hans-Peter Siefen’s favourite Nordic Business Forum speaker of all time? What did Jim Collins tell him over a cup of tea? What […]

Jun 2020

26 min 52 sec

Tim Segaller, leadership coach, resilience trainer and co-founder of Rising Minds – a social enterprise providing life coaching and mindfulness training – chats with Nick Vertigans and David Goddard about His personal journey into mindfulness What mindfulness is and what it isn’t How mindfulness helps “to and step into a more intentional, conscious state” How […]

Jun 2020

26 min 46 sec

In part 2 of this special edition, Lucian Hudson, communications expert moves the focus his chat with Michael Gates, cross-cultural expert, to the Nordic area and different government responses to Covid19. Nick Vertigans and David Goddard join in the exploration of learning for leaders on crisis communication, trust, reputation, decision-making and leadership. Lucian Hudson has had his fair share of […]

Jun 2020

23 min 9 sec

In the first part of this special edition of the NLN podcast, Lucian Hudson, a strategy and communications specialist from the UK, discusses effective communication and communication in a crisis. Michael Gates, a previous guest on the pod, gives David and Nick some easy listening as he chats with Lucian about his experience of leading […]

Jun 2020

26 min 6 sec

In this episode we are reversing the roles: this is an interview Stefano Mosconi gave to Saku Tihveräinen for his short film “Future Finland” that delves into the topic of diversity, inclusion and future workforce, with a special focus on Finland. While we discuss specifically about the Finnish situation the tips can be applied to […]

Jun 2020

26 min 23 sec

Antti Vasara President & CEO of VTT (Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd) in a rich and fascinating chat with the Nordic Leadership Network’s Stefano Mosconi, Nick Vertigans and David Goddard about purpose driven leadership, motivating very smart people, being an optimist with the belief we will emerge stronger from the crisis, testing our resolve […]

May 2020

27 min 22 sec

Maija Fast is HR Director for the law firm Bird & Bird in Helsinki. Maija is helping to create the law firm of the future, but right now she’s focusing hard on looking after her colleagues during Covid19. Nick Vertigans and David Goddard talk with Maija about creativity, connection, and entrepreneurship, and how smart organisations […]

May 2020

29 min 29 sec

Peppi Stünkel is Head of International Sales and Marketing at Innovation House, an innovative coworking concept – a modern-day campfire, where people are at the centre. Have a listen to the energizing chat with David Goddard and Nick Vertigans to find out about Peppi’s fascinating leadership journey, taking in electronic arts, the gaming industry and […]

May 2020

26 min 22 sec

Ville Simola is the CEO of Maria01 the biggest startup campus in the Nordics, with more than 1.000 guests between VCs, startups and corporate partners. This episode is a trove of treasures… Stefano Mosconi, Nick Vertigans and David Goddard talk with Ville about: how to drive successful digital transformations how the startups in Maria01 are coping […]

May 2020

26 min 5 sec

Michael Gates gives tips on how to manage and benefit from cross-cultural diversity in the virtual world, in conversation with Nick Vertigans and David Goddard. Michael Gates is an Associate Fellow at Saïd Business School, University of Oxford and Vice Chairman at Richard Lewis Communications. Don’t forget to subscribe 😉 Music: Spark Of Inspiration by […]

May 2020

24 min 6 sec

Stefano Mosconi chats with Nick Vertigans and David Goddard about getting messages right, ramping up the listening and using principled communication strategies. And who really wrote, “I’m sorry this letter is so long, but I haven’t had time to make it shorter.” ? Don’t forget to subscribe 😉 Music: Spark Of Inspiration by Shane Ivers […]

May 2020

21 min 8 sec

Taneli Tikka is an investor, a serial entrepreneur, a seasoned executive, a future teller and an experienced speaker. He currently runs 52nd Ventures, the first venture builder in Finland and Epistemic Ventures, a venture fund focused on industrial transformation. In this episode we explore what are the characteristics of organizations that survive during transformational times, […]

Apr 2020

25 min 50 sec

Nick Vertigans and David Goddard “travel” to the Horn of Africa to hear from Abdi Jama, Talent Ignition CEO, how persistence and community spirit build resilience in Somaliland. Music: Spark Of Inspiration by Shane Ivers –

Apr 2020

22 min 48 sec

In this episode David Goddard and Stefano Mosconi are joined by Jason Staines to explore the importance of self-compassion in this time of change and the power of the circle of influence in taking back control of your life and your emotions. Music: Spark Of Inspiration by Shane Ivers –  

Apr 2020

20 min 57 sec

In this episode Nick Vertigans, Laura Vargas and Auli Luukkanen-Lääperi discuss about how the virtual world we are living in right now calls for leaders to be more intentional in their actions, distilling work to its essence, how fun becomes mandatory and about the power of remote work to equalise introverts and extroverts and unleash […]

Apr 2020

24 min 26 sec

In this episode Stefano Mosconi and David Goddard are interviewing Kristian Luoma, Head of OP ( Innovation Lab about innovation and leadership at the time of remote-work-first, the role of innovators in this era and what kind of culture you need to foster crazy ideas. Show notes 2:00 Going “remote-work-first” 4:30 Innovation is not coming […]

Mar 2020

24 min 4 sec