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Each week on the Logos Grace Church podcast, you’ll hear teaching from our senior pastor Charles Barksdale. Get practical, relevant, biblical perspectives on topics that matter to you. Visit us at www.logosgracechurch.org.

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In "Thank God for his Character,” Pastor Charles Barksdale of Logos Grace Church reveals that, when we have Godly character we can and will be like Jesus Christ would want us to be, furthermore we will learn the importance of Godly character and how it is necessary for Godly living.

Nov 25

11 min 28 sec

In this sermon we will be introduce to the First Psalm, in this brief introduction. We will seek to celebrate the “person who is ‘blessed’ because they meditate on the Torah, prayerfully reading and obeying it. Now-more than ever the Hebrew word ‘torah’ simply means teaching, but it also came to refer to the first five books of the Bible that contain the foundational laws of Judaism. It seems that the word has both of these meanings in Psalm 1. The book of Psalms is being offered as a new Torah that will teach us that God’s people can practice a lifelong practice of prayer as they strive to obey God’s commands in this first Torah.

Nov 21

10 min 34 sec

In this sermon series we will learn how God’s Word reveals who God is and his purposes for believers. Moreover we often struggle to engage with scripture in a meaningful way. This four-week series helps modern disciples prioritize God’s word in their lives. By reading our bibles daily, during weekly bible reading plans and interacting with scripture it should become more than just another item on our to-do list. Furthermore it is very important to focus on practical disciplines like consistency, memorization, meditation, and group study. This series will help the believer be informed and transformed by God’s Word.

Nov 14

12 min 47 sec

This sermon today will help you understand that no matter what you go through, God has it all under control. Moreover this sermon today will help you look at the faith, and truly know that God has you in his faithful and loving arms. No matter how busy your life gets God is truly worthy to praised. Jesus needs to come first in your life.

Nov 7

13 min 6 sec

This sermon today will help churches when they are restarting ministry after a break, and will help congregants who are in need of a reset in their faith walk. This sermon will look at the simple fact that in our busy lives full of commitments, Jesus needs to come first, no matter what.

Oct 31

11 min 16 sec

In this sermon we will learn how Jesus reorients our peaks and valleys according to his own mission. Moreover it is very important to think of times when you’ve gone ahead of Jesus’s mission or lagged behind. It is our hope that you pray for intimacy with Jesus to know the difference.

Oct 24

14 min 37 sec

In today's sermon you will learn about Joseph and how he learned how to forgive his brothers for how they treated him. God orchestrates all things—even calamity—for his glory and our good. After listening to this sermon today, consider habits that keep you coming back to God and to community. This sermon will help you reorient when you’re tempted to believe that you’re forgotten by God and a victim of the valley moments in your life. Nevertheless in this sermon you will learn the importance of forgiveness and what it truly means to forgive. Forgiving someone isn't easy but with God's help its more easier todo.

Oct 17

14 min 56 sec

In this sermon we will investigate how prayer is essential for all circumstances of life. Furthermore we will learn the importance of praying our way through in any given circumstance.

Oct 10

13 min 52 sec

In the sermon we are going to investigate who is Moses. The objective of this sermon is for you to be more familiar with Mose's life and how God used his life to become a powerful prophet. Moreover in this sermon be encouraged and recognize that God can use you for his great purpose.

Oct 3

8 min 9 sec

In this sermon we will investigate contentment and how our shepherd is our great provision and is enough for our physical and material needs. We will also learn how our contentment is unaltered in any circumstance, because the Shepherd is the source of our great provision and he does everything well.

Sep 26

9 min 42 sec

Sometimes our spiritual lives feel like a series of peaks and valleys. One moment, we feel like we are soaring high; the next, we experience a crushing low. This is a series about when we do and don't fell God's presence. We'll examine the journey of faith through the story of biblical characters: Elijah, Paul, Moses, Daniel, Joseph and Peter. Along the way, we'll talk about God's provision, contentment, doubt and trust, gratitude, God's sovereignty and the mission of Jesus Christ.

Sep 19

6 min 44 sec

In this sermon we will learn the importantacy of been allied with oneself and attend to one's mental emotions sufficiently. Moreover we will learn how to have peace of mind which makes the body healthy, but therefore shunning the appearance of jealousy which is like cancer. After hearing this sermon today, it is our prayer and hope that you will be slow to become quick-tempered and become more of who God says you are to be.

Aug 15

13 min 20 sec