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Sound United Presents is a local-focused diverse, and inclusive podcast that candidly spotlights the "raw" stories" of entrepreneurs, professionals, and unsung community heroes. Within each episode, our guests share their triumphs, failures, lessons learned, knowledge and insight, wisdom, and ONE WORD. Our mission is to Empower with Sound.

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In this episode, we present Tony Perrone, a nonprofit professional, and advocate who for over 25+ years continues to touch many lives in our community. Our conversation touches on:Power of familyLife & Figuring it OutCareer Path vs. DestinyBeing a Stunt DoubleReal LeadershipWine-Making and morePress play and prepare to laugh, learn and gain some nuggets of wisdom: Ladies and gentlemen! Sound United Presents, Tony Perrone!Be sure to subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts and visit our new podcast website *This episode was originally slated for episode one. 

Aug 26

1 hr 12 min

In this episode, we present Bill Mullane, an Educator and Arts Advocate whose works extend beyond the Mahoning Valley. With 43 years of work experience in education, he has a keen perspective on the sector, but it doesn't stop here. We'll also discuss the world of art culture: Getting children involved  Surviving as an artist, andHow art impacts economic development  So hit the play button and be prepared to learn and even laugh a little. Ladies and gents, Sound United Presents, Mr. Bill Mullane (insert applause). Links to places discussed:Fine Art Council Trumbull CountyS.M.A.R.T.S.Trumbull Art GalleryOH WOW!Medici Museum of ArtBe sure to subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts and visit our new podcast website

Jul 29

55 min 11 sec

We're back for another season of Sound United Presents. Don't forget, we now have an official website for the podcast. New Podcast Websitehttps://soundunitedpresents.comPodcast and Audio Production Serviceshttps://thesoundu.comFollow Us on:Instagram @thesoundunitedFacebook @soundunitedstudio

Jul 26

2 min 3 sec

In this episode, we present Phillip Walker, CEO & Customer Advocate Leader for Network Solutions Provider, based in Los Angeles, CA. Despite a West Coast presence, Phil's roots are right here in the Mahoning Valley - Warren, Ohio, to be exact. Listen in on a dynamic conversation that touches: Midwest/West Coast Culture, Self-Discovery, Cybersecurity, and Blacks in the tech.Be sure to subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts. Thank you for hitting the play button.Connect with PhillipLinkedinKey Organizations DiscussedNetwork Solutions Provider

May 26

1 hr 8 min

In this episode, we present Vernard Richberg, regional director of the State of Ohio's Minority Business Assistance Center (MBAC). As a veteran, entrepreneur, and with an extensive professional career, he brings a multi-disciplined approach to assist aspiring, emerging, and established business owners. Listen in to get detailed knowledge on MBAC resources and opportunities, the certification process, and what it takes to grow a successful business. Be sure to subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts. Thank you for hitting the play button.Connect with VernardLinkedinOrganizations DiscussedOhio Minority Business Access CenterYoungstown Business Incubator

Nov 2020

51 min 40 sec

In this episode, we present James Guy, Jr... From the start of the podcast, you quickly feel the passion and dedication of a person who truly knows what he's doing is part of God's Plan. Few understand that everything that happens in our lives and where we land is part of a bigger picture, and we're just a supporting actor or actress. Listen in on a discussion that blended in faith, finances, life lessons, race, and love for the community. Be sure to subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts. Thank you for hitting the play button.Connect with JamesLinkedinDefend Warren PodcastLegend Group FacebookBooks DiscussedThe Holy BibleCan't Hurt Me by David GogginsExtreme Ownership by Jocko WillinkThink and Grow Rich by Napolean HillLearn to Earn by Peter Lynch

Nov 2020

52 min 24 sec

In this episode, we present Jeff Magada, the executive director of Flying HIGH Inc., based in Youngstown, Ohio. Years before Flying HIGH's founding, Jeff decided, in his words, "to get real with both himself and his Creator." You will hear the outcomes of that decision throughout our discussion and, in the end, understand why Flying HIGH Inc. is successful as it is. As the saying goes, an organization is only as good as its leadership.Connect with Flying HIGH Inc.FHI WebsiteFHI FacebookFHI InstagramLearn more about usSound United Podcast StudioSound United PresentsThe D5 Group (Parent Company)

Oct 2020

1 hr 11 min

In this episode, we present Sophia L. Buggs, a community hero and entrepreneur. We'll discuss urban agriculture, food access and safety, family, and what it "REALLY" takes to unite a community. If we could only use three words to define this episode, they would be passionate, vulnerable, and empowering - all qualities of a leader.Connect with SophiaFacebookInstagramTwitterWatchTEDx TalkBook Recommendation/Farming While BlackPublisherAmazonLearn more about usSound United Podcast StudioSound United PresentsThe D5 Group (Parent Company)

Sep 2020

1 hr 11 min

In this episode, we present, entrepreneur, former city councilman, and sushi lover, Greg Bartholomew, owner of All-American Comics. By the way, he's also the mastermind behind Ohio's largest comic book event - Comic-Con. As a kid, what started as a tool to keep him quiet on family trips blossomed into a passion and, ultimately, a business with multiple locations. We'll that, topics such as the "Why?," partnerships, taking care of your employees, health, Guerrilla Marketing, Silver Surfer versus Hulk, keeping business in the "black" during this pandemic, etc. Connect with All American ComicsAll-American Cards and Comics FacebookLearn more about usSound United Podcast StudioSound United PresentsThe D5 Group (Parent Company)

Aug 2020

1 hr 5 min

In this episode, we present, entrepreneurs and co-owners of Nova Coffee, Logan Reinard, and his brother, John Ramsey. What started as a passion sparked within Australia's coffee culture has led to a partnership uniting the skillsets of each to establish Nova Coffee, a popular destination in downtown Warren, Ohio. We'll candidly discuss how it all began, maintaining a healthy partnership, a little coffee education, and more. Thank you for hitting the play button.Connect with Nova CofeeNova Coffee WebsiteNova Coffee InstagramNova Coffee FacebookLearn more about usSound United Podcast StudioSound United PresentsThe D5 Group (Parent Company)

Aug 2020

58 min 23 sec

In this episode, we present, unsung community hero, community organizer & social entrepreneur, Myles J. One of his valuable skillsets is uniting people of different ages, cultures, and backgrounds for a common cause, and getting results. Doing this takes passion, moxie, and a vast array of skillsets - the source of many of these skills originated from family. We'll discuss family roots, the path the led him to community organizing, how to unify ALL people, and his connection to the youth through Zulu Boxing. Thank you for hitting the play button. Connect with Myles J.Trumbull Neighborhood PartnershipChess is LifeLearn more about Sound United Podcast StudioSound United Podcast StudioSound United Presents Website

Jul 2020

41 min 30 sec

In this episode, we present, award-winning filmmaker, David L. Walker. It all started with comic books and a vivid imagination that's bloomed into 22 show credits, over ten directed films including two feature films on the silver screen. We'll discuss a journey that includes expanding beyond local boundaries, collaborating, his definition of a mid-life crisis, helping create an opportunity for a local news host, and of course, his answers to our random question segment. You'll also discover and understand his one-word to define himself.David's Production CreditsIMDBYoutube Watch DeShawn Scott's PerformanceThe Interview

Jul 2020

1 hr 10 min

As we enter into our second season of Sound United Presents, it's only right and respectful that we give thanks to those who helped make our first season a success. Show host, DeShawn Scott does this and provides an update on what to expect in upcoming episodes. Connect with Sound United Podcast StudioSound United WebsiteSound United InstagramSound United FacebookConnect with Show Host, DeShawn

Jun 2020

2 min 18 sec

For 41 years, Willie Edwards owned and operated Willie's Carwash, on the east side of Warren, Ohio. Before taking the solo entrepreneurial leap-of-faith, leaving his job, ending a partnership, and overcoming the fear of uncertainty would be the first obstacles to overcome - mission accomplished.At the core of Willie's business success were guiding principles such as family, faith, giving back, supporting his community, solid-work ethic, high and keen attention to detail. These principles would position Willie's Carwash as an award-winning business with a reputation for excellence, and customers well-beyond city limits.  Grab a pen and paper because the knowledge, wisdom, and storytelling within this episode will serve as an invaluable material for your blueprint to business longevity. Let's Launch Your PodcastSound United WebsiteSound United InstagramSound United Facebook

Apr 2020

45 min 24 sec

What started as a 30-day challenge that included a little sabotaging turned out to be the start of an entrepreneurial journey for Tiffany King, owner of Bumpers Cheesecakery. Included in her journey was the closing of GM Lordstown, where for 23 years, Tiffany worked on the assembly line. For many workers at the plant, including Tiffany, the question was, "What to do next?" Learn More about Bumpers CheesecakeryBumpers Cheesecakery WebsiteBumpers Cheesecakery FacebookBumpers Cheesecakery InstagramLet's Launch Your PodcastSound United WebsiteSound United FacebookSound United Instagram

Mar 2020

52 min 57 sec

PūrYoga is a way of life, and it's lead by owner Shannon Shugart. From her beginnings to recently opening a second location, Shannon shares her thoughts on life and business growth as well as her expertise in Yoga and its benefits.Learn More About PūrYogaPūrYoga WebsitePūrYoga FacebookPūrYoga InstagramLet's Launch Your PodcastSound United WebsiteSound United InstagramSound United Facebook

Mar 2020

48 min 27 sec

"If you're doing what you love, you'll never work a day in your life." After listening to Micheal Hagyari, you'll realize there is truth to this. From the working jobs that he dreaded to being given a life-changing employment opportunity its all played a role in building his company, Impression Media (with his wife, Brandi.)Learn More About Impression Media Impression Media Website Impression Media Instagram Let's Launch Your PodcastSound United WebsiteSound United InstagramSound United Facebook

Jan 2020

47 min 50 sec

Opening a restaurant isn't easy. But deciding to open a restaurant with no experience in the industry or having started a business before, is risky. Tony Schoffer, co-owner of the Warren Speakeasy Lounge, in downtown Warren, Ohio, shares his leap of faith, and the rewards of doing so, four years later. Learn more about downtown Warren's best restaurants here. Learn about the Sound United Podcast Studio here. 

Dec 2019

26 min 15 sec

Nakilia Adams is an advanced Esthetician and owner of Bee and Bee, LLC, a Warren Ohio based business. Taking on the roles of wife, mother, grandmother, and boss, we discuss:Her journey into entrepreneurshipBee and Bee, LLC Loss and resiliency, and Building collaborationLINKSBee and Bee, LLC, Sound United Presents Podcast - Local Entrepreneurs and Community HerosSound United Podcast Studio - Studio Rental and Services

Nov 2019

51 min 2 sec

Sound United Presents... Michael Engram, the Executive Director of an organization that focuses on the social and academic development of student-athletes. That organization is called Game Changers Leadership and Peer Mentoring Initiative. Game Changers is designed for an immersive learning experience with activities focused on educating, empowering, and inspiring athletes to engage and pursue a holistic approach to becoming productive citizens in the community. This episode was recorded in September 2019. Learn more about Game Changers here. Learn more about the Sound United Podcast Studio here. 

Nov 2019

49 min 49 sec

Tim Drummond, the owner of Artististics Silkscreening, decided to plant his flag in downtown Warren, Ohio, well before it's resurgence as a vibrant downtown area. Hear his story of risks, mistakes, and the success of being in business for ten years. Local? Connect with Tim and Artistics Silkscreening here.Learn more about the Sound United Podcast Studio at

Nov 2019

43 min 53 sec

Gabriel Gouvas, Owner and Head Chef of downtown Warren, Ohio's newest restaurant, West & Main, candidly shares his background, thoughts, and answers a few random questions that you'll find interesting. Local? Check out the West and Main website. Interested in what Sound United offers? Check us out here

Oct 2019

30 min 57 sec