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Come Camping and Caravanning all around Australia with us, on our twice-monthly travel podcast. Visit great destinations, places to stay and hear about new products, travel tips, and hacks.

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Shane Welcome back to The Adventures On The Road podcast proudly brought to you by Ranger Nick bush cook and his new recipe book radio recipe collection. He's considered a dinky-di Ozzy character who walks his talk. With no dull moments, Ranger Nick's colloquial language and unique sense of humor have earned him the reputation of the entertaining bush cook, keeping heritage and traditions alive. He combines educational information, yarns, poetry, and ballads during his camp oven cooking demonstrations without any further ado, welcome Ranger Nick. Ranger Nick Top of the morning to you, brother. How you going, mate I am on top of the world. What about you? I am unreal as always, Well that's good Now. Let's do a little bit of a quick catch-up. We're into 2021. And things are sort of getting back to what we think might be a new normal. What have you been up to? And what shows and events have you been at so far this year? Whoo, mate her tell you what the last? What is it now 16- 18 months has been a real slog. I mean, here everyone's had concerns, and all the rest of them no Robinson Caruso. We've certainly hit the ground running. But in that time, when we had nothing on no events to attend, and things like we were pretty well-grounded. I thought, gee, Wizz better do something about income. And I think I'm too grumpy to work for someone else. So we started looking at other things to what we could do. So we did a bit of live streaming and stuff like that with animal Action Day and so forth. We've launched a new product If you love your curries, it's good for your immune system get into this stuff. It's absolutely beautiful restaurant quality, easy cooking, do it at home, or on the road in your camp ovens and all that absolutely fantastic flavors you very good, very good. Very, very good. So and released the book. So over the last five to six years, I've done a session on the radio every Saturday morning with Danny P Hoyland. And yeah, we I thought, well, what am I gonna do with all these recipes? Let's chuck them into a book though. He published a new book radio recipes, which is the book that we're sponsoring the show with. So that's about the thick and thin of it. And now we've hit the ground running and hooly dooly, we've done Capella Mildura, six days of Brisbane Nimbodah, camp oven festival. Gosh, I'm sure I missed a couple in amongst that but we're about to head up the Cairns tomorrow. We'll be at the Cairns show what's going on. lots going on. He's very busy for the rest of the year. So keep a lookout around the place because I'm likely to show up on your doorstep. But do you ever sleep? yeah mate sleep like a baby no guilty conscience? Work hard play hard sleep well at night, Shane, that sounds like a good recipe to me. Now talking of recipes. Let's talk about this new book of yours. So you mentioned that it's a combination of all the recipes you've put on air during your radio program. Is that right? Yes, yes. Maybe not all there's probably a few that are on bits of paper because we were up the paddock or whatever and got misplaced and not used. Probably a good place for some of them. But mate Look, just just every Saturday morning we get together have a bit of a chat about the camp oven cooking, on West Bremmer radio now, an online radio site. So if you're interested in seeing what's going on some great stuff on me. But I'll do that every Saturday morning is free recipe comes up and shared on Facebook. And you can get added to the through the theme club on the website. Shane Excellent. All right now, I've got a copy of your, your book here. And I've been having a little bit of a browse. And there's a couple of things I want to bring up for us to chat about. First of all, in sort of the the introduction to the book you you talk about first of all, why you sort of started thi

Jul 14

24 min 51 sec

Welcome to Episode 32 and the first of 2021, this month we chat to the RSPCA about Travelling with Pets.As Pets are now such a part of our family, we thought a few basics for anyone who is new to pets on the road, might be helpful.

Feb 15

18 min 46 sec

Hi Everyone and welcome back to take two of the Adventures On The Road Podcast, the last for 2020, and as usual proudly brought to you by Overedger Outdoors.Check out the Overedger Pack to make your camping a breeze. If you would like to know more about it have a listen to EP26.EP 31 | {EDIT}In our last episode for the year, we were going to do a short wrap up of restrictions but with the now every changing NSW situation, we will just list all the relevant websites pertaining to border restrictions on our website and in our show notes. And of course a Christmas recipe from Ranger Nick.Qld bordersNSW- bordersVictoria, see COVID Safe Summer restrictions, as there still are requirements for facemasks and other limits based on your activity.Entry into the ACTEntry into NT requires a Permit.Entry into SA Cross Border travel registrationEntry to Tas - through the Tas-e-Travel systemEntry to WA - G2G passEntry to Norfolk Island Entry passPlease remember folks these restrictions are subject to change at any time, so as we said, check the websites linked for up-to-the-minute advice.See the show notes or our website episode page EP 31We will be back bigger and better next year with some exciting news early on.2020 has been horrendous for the travel tourism and hospitality industries, so we need to do our best to get out and travel domestically and support the towns, operators, accommodation, and help start 2021 with some much-needed love for the local industries.To our various sponsors and our great guests through-out the year, thank-you you make this possible and great fun.To you, thanks for listening, your loyal support, keeps us inspired to make it bigger and better, so please tell your friends about us.May you have a safe and happy Christmas period and a great New Years' celebration, and we look forward to entertaining, informing, and educating you again in 2021.Until next month, I'm Shane have a safe journey everyone.

Dec 2020

9 min 57 sec

Hi Everyone and welcome back to the podcast, proudly brought to you by Overedger Outdoors. Check out the Overedger Pack to make your camping a breeze. If you would like to know more about it have a listen to EP26.This episode we hear Part 2 about the Outback Way, otherwise known as Australia's longest short-cut from Laverton in WA thru the Northern Territory to Winton in Qld.We chat with Helen Lewis from the The Outback Highway Development Council and also the Outback Way podcast,Part 2 sees us travel from the N.T thru to Winton.

Nov 2020

37 min 13 sec

Hi Everyone and welcome back to the podcast, In Episode 29, we check back in with Ranger Nick at home. This time we talk flavoursome curries in the camp oven. We are proudly. brought to you by Overedger Outdoors. Check out the Overedger Pack to make your camping a breeze. If you would like to know more about it have a listen to EP26.

Oct 2020

23 min 38 sec

Hi Everyone and welcome back to the podcast, proudly brought to you by Overedger Outdoors. Check out the Overedger Pack to make your camping a breeze. If you would like to know more about it have a listen to EP26.This episode we hear all about the Outback Way, otherwise known as Australia's longest short-cut from Laverton in WA thru the Northern Territory to Winton in Qld.We chat with Helen Lewis from the The Outback Highway Development Council and also the Outback Way podcast,We will do this in two parts, starting in Laverton this episode. So if you want to know more about what to see and where to stay, along the way, these 2 episodes are for you.

Sep 2020

27 min 36 sec

Hi Everyone and welcome back to the Adventures On the Road podcast, proudly brought to you by Overedger Outdoors. Check out the Overedger Pack to make your camping a breeze. If you would like to know more about it have a listen to EP26. In this episode we chat with the crew from Jumpers and Jazz in July which like some many other festivals was cancelled this year and how they are preparing for the come back festival in 2021. We also chat with some of the local business that are normally part of the festival and what they have to offer right now to anyone travelling around Qld.Do you know that you can listen to podcasts on Spotify! Just search for Adventures on the Road or use the link in the show notes.Well that's it for this episode, thanks again to Overedger Outdoors for their support, find them at, And if you are interested , get a discount code in EP 26, please stay safe and happy. Until next month, I'm Shane have a Safe Journey everyone.Show Sponsor | Overedger OutdoorsShow Edited and Produced by | SJA Media

Aug 2020

35 min 47 sec

Hi Everyone and welcome back to the Adventures on the Road podcast Episode 1 Season 2. So much has happened or not happened in the world of travel both here in Australia and around the world, due to the Covid pandemic. Now with several states easing restrictions we are able to travel around our own state region or visit some other states with certain conditions. Our best wishes to the state of Victoria which at the time of recording are back to lock down .On a brighter note it's so important that we get out and about supporting all the various business in the tourism industry including cafes, caravan parks, pubs and regional towns.This is a slightly different episode to kick off the 2nd half of 2020, as we told you we have a brand new sponsor, Overedger Outdoors who has a great product. But we want to introduce the Aussie story behind the product, as it is now important more than ever, we support local Australian businesses. I meet Bevan at a local pitch night where a start-up program for entrepreneurs was being run, that was 18 months or so ago, we hit it off with so much in common. Fast forward to now and Bevan reached back out to us and here we are, happy to get the word out. Hope you enjoy the journey of the business and product and if you need a new way to store all that kitchen stuff! check it out.Well that's it for the first episode of Season 2 of AOTR, all be it slightly shorter than normal . Thank you for returning if you have been with us through season 1 and if you are new welcome, we hope to bring you great places to visit, stay eat and play along with camp cooking , tips and tricks as we get back to the new normal. Until then take care I'm Shane have a Safe Journey everyone.Produced and edited by | SJA Media Services

Jul 2020

16 min 23 sec

Hi Everyone and welcome to the Adventures on the Road Podcast. Proudly brought to by Overedger a great new product for those enjoining the camping lifestyle, more on this product next episode 1st July and we will have a special offer for our listeners. Well we are starting to see the light at the end of tunnel call Covid 19. It has been a very time for all of us involved in the caravanning and camping industry. With no one allowed to travel many businesses have gone through a long period of zero income. We have even missed out on our annual trip to state caravanning and camping shows. where we do research on where to travel to next and what's new in the way of vans and equipment. We all know its going to be awhile before we can travel overseas,so now is a good time to do as much domestic travel as we can visit places that we have not been to before and may be some of our favourite places along the way. Now more than ever it is time to travel, shop and support as many businesses in our local regions and state. If you are having trouble with where to go I suggest you visit your states Caravanning Associations website for some ideas also check out the websites of regional tourism groups. And some of park chains have some great information on their website like Family Parks, Big 4, Kuwi Discovery Parks, and Holiday Parks Down Under or you can also listen to some of our previous episodes to get some ideas of places to visit. I do highly recommend that you plan your trip at the moment and phone ahead and book your accommodation stays so you are not disappointed or find that some places may still not be open or are operating under certain restrictions or conditions. We will put some links in the show notes however it will not complete as there are so many. Next I have a chat to Peter Homan the CEO of Southern Qld Country Tourism with some suggestions on what there is to see and do in the region, so if your planning a trip to Western Qld there is plenty to do along the way.Links for Destinations and Travel Advice |

Jun 2020

17 min 52 sec

In Episode 24 during Covid 19 isolation, we hangout via the air-waves with Ranger Nick at home. We talk a Covid 19 soup, camp oven maintenance and a few recipes and have a heap of fun.

May 2020

26 min 25 sec

Episode 23 Podcast will now be limited to monthly on the 15th.Hear the new Camping and Caravanning Restrictions State breakdown as at 25 March 2020.

Mar 2020

2 min 33 sec

In Episode 22 of Adventures on the Road podcast, we find out about Inverell's name and staying at Copeton Dam, talk full time travel tips and personal discovery with the Daly trippers.Show Sponsors | Inverell Shire - Fossicking in InverellShow Partner | On the Road MagazineShow Supporter | The Daly Trippers

Mar 2020

21 min 11 sec

Welcome to Episode 21, we chat Katherine Gorge, Arnhem Land and travelling across the top of the NT with Glen Watts from Barefoot Fishing Safaris, and have a bit more fun with Ranger Nick, talking recipes and bush poetry. We are proudly partnered by on the Road magazine, March/April edition on Sale NowPartner | On The Road MagazineShow Participants | Barefoot Fishing Safaris | Ranger Nick Celebrity Bush CookSee our Episode page for links to places mentioned in the podcast. | Adventures On The Road Podcast

Feb 2020

23 min 40 sec

In Episode 20, we learn about what was Top Secret WWII operations, based in Charleville, QLD between 1942 and 1946. We meet the Daly Trippers kids for a quick chat, and Peter is back talking that most popular and addictive pastime fossicking. Famous for sapphires, we learn there are plenty of other stones in the Inverell area.Show Sponsors | Experience Charleville - Top Secret WWII Tour | Inverell Shire - Fossicking in InverellShow Partner | On the Road MagazineFind out more about this and other Episodes here

Feb 2020

25 min 33 sec

Hi Folks and welcome to Ep 19 of Adventures on the Road…its February alreadyIn this episode we talk to Prime Tourist Park in Lakes Entrance Victoria, bushfires, being back OPEN, what that area has to offer the tourist, The Daly trippers are one month into their lap and we find out how they are adjusting to life on the road. We also chat with one of the Crack up Sisters, some of you may have seen them at various events around the countryWe are proudly partnered by on the Road magazine, next edition out Feb 27th.Before we start, I just want to let people know that the BRB now has a ticket reselling facility so jump on the to find out the details, now lets’ get on the road.Adventures on the RoadSponsors | On The Road MagazineSegments| The Prime Tourist Park The Crack Up Sisters The Daly Trippers

Jan 2020

28 min 52 sec

Welcome to Episode 18, we are off to the Apple and Grape Harvest Festival on in early March 2020. We chat Silo Art again, Gunnedah in NSW, Tumby Bay in SA and Thallon in QLD, all superb artworks with so much colour.So foodies, lovers of photography, art and of course wine settle in for 20 minutes of adventures you can put on this years list.Adventures on the RoadSponsors | On The Road MagazineSegments| Apple and Grape Harvest Festival Australian Silo Art Trail

Jan 2020

22 min 18 sec

Happy New Year everyone!The Qld College of Wine Tourism kicks off Episode 17 and 2020. We visit Stanthorpe and go to wine school, finish our introduction to the Daly Trippers and chat to Ranger Nick about his first cookbook.

Dec 2019

28 min 13 sec

In Episode 16, the lucky last for 2019, we find out about Inverell in NSW. The large Motor museum, the Historical village, National parks, caravan parks, and places to eat, all get covered in an interesting chat. We also meet the Daly Trippers. Steve Niki, and their 2 girls, 6 and 8. They have just sold the house downsized to the van and are hitting the road. Hear their incite into getting prepared.Episode Sponsor | Inverell Shire CouncilLearn more about what you do in Inverell | Website

Dec 2019

19 min 22 sec

Episode 15 sees us talk to a Australian Art Silo trail dedicated enthusiast Annette Green, Ranger Nick is back to talk camp oven cooking, pumpkin scone damper and we chat to the Country Style Caravan Park.

Nov 2019

20 min 55 sec

In Episode 14, we drink wine at Stanthorpe's Heritage Estate, and talk with owner Rob about why they keep winning awards. “Watty” from Barefoot Fishing Safaris is back sharing his knowledge about what to do in and around Darwin. And we continue our series about buying a second-hand van, a must hear for those doing it for the first time.Show Sponsor| A-Van2hireNeed to hire a Van for a trip away, or even try before you buy, contact these guys. Supporters | On the Road Magazine| What's Up Downunder | Family Parks | Wots On In Qld

Nov 2019

30 min 11 sec

In Episode 13 hear about the new glass bridge built across Cobbold Gorge, stand above the famous Gorge, and take in the magnificent view. We talk how it got there, what it weighs, Shane's fear of heights and how you now get to go to "the other-side". Also a treat for those who just "love Christmas", we visit the Granite Belt Christmas Farm, in Stanthorpe, where you can pick your very own REAL Christmas tree from the farm. Hear all about when and why you should visit in the lead up to Christmas. We also hear again from Aussie larrikin Ranger Nick, his world record attempt involving damper, and his story about camping in the snow.Show Sponsor | A-Van2hireNeed to hire a Van for a trip away, or even try before you buy, contact these guys.Episode Sponsor | Cobbold GorgeSee video's of the opening and spectacular pictures on our websiteShow Supporters | On the Road Magazine| What's Up Downunder | Family Parks| Wots On In Qld | Thermal Cookware

Oct 2019

30 min 15 sec

We visited Stanthorpe on an Adventure on the Road, to help lift the spirit of locals who have had it a bit rough lately. However you won't hear them complaining, they love their town and want to shout about it, so everyone will look them up and stay a few days. There is so much to see and do, even if you don't drink wine!.However if you do drink wine, well get on a tour and you will be in heaven!We fished for Barra in Darwin, and crawled around a 2nd hand van looking for leaks.Show Sponsor | Avan2HireSee our Website for Show details AOTR

Oct 2019

32 min

In Episode 11, hear how Capital Country's new pet friendly sites set them apart from other holiday parks. Listen to Ranger Nick quirky Aussie humour and great Beef Ribs recipe! And finally meet "Watty" from Barefoot Fishing Safaris, as we begin our fishing journey in the Northern Territory.Show Sponsor | A-Van 2 Hire @A-van2hireCooking Sponsor | Thermal CookwareShow Supporters| Canberra Capital Holiday Park | Ranger Nick | Barefoot Fishing Safaris

Sep 2019

28 min 35 sec

In Episode 10, We chat about working in a caravan park, and how you can get qualified to do that. We also continue our chat with Cm about buying a second hand van. And for all the Big Red Bash fans, we talk to the guys about the 2020 artist line up, which has just been announced.Have you entered our Free Competition do it now!Show Sponsor | Avan-2-Hire

Sep 2019

30 min 22 sec

In Episode 9 We talk about hiring a van to try before you buy. Or just hire instead of purchasing. We chat to Cam about what you need to think about when its time to buy a secondhand van and Macca's back for Part 2! So come with us and enjoy a bit of fun, on the road.Supporters | A-Van 2 Hire

Aug 2019

27 min 13 sec

In Episode 8, We chat all things starry with the Cosmos centre. What the upgraded centre has for the visitor these days. Day tours, Night tours, Sky Photography, and the new Mega telescope and Planetarium opening later in the year.We also talk a great quick winter dessert, Poached pears, that creates a Mulled wine for drinking before after or with your delicious pears.We also chat with the Aussie larrikin, Macca, from What's Up Downunder about camping and caravanning from the Tip of Cape York to the Grampians in Victoria.Have you entered our Free Competition do it now!Show Partner |On The Road magazineEpisode Sponsor |Cosmos CentreExperience Charleville

Aug 2019

31 min 7 sec

Episode 7 sees us up off the Savannah Way talking beautiful place to walk and paddle at Cobbold Gorge. Whilst Allan from Thernal Cookware talks damper made easy and gets involved in our giveaway. We also chat Tool kits for your trip away, and what is a must take. And don't forget to enter the compettion, it's free.

Jul 2019

29 min 41 sec

In Episode 6, we get our Foodie vibe happening. With Penny from Ezicaf Solutions talking about her ingenious product Coffee for One. Allan from Thermal Cookware explaining the Thermos theory and how we can apply this easy cooking still to our life both on the road and at home. He also runs through a great Beef Stew, that can be prepared at the beginning of the day and be ready to eat when you get to your destination. We also introduce a new segment that offers tips and tricks when it comes to RV safety and maintenance. This episode we talk about basic maintenance and where to start.

Jul 2019

32 min

Extra episode to provide travellers to the BRB an up to date road conditions report July 2019.

Jul 2019

14 min 16 sec

Talk Jumpers and Jazz in July, camping in WA, thermal cooking with Allan, and BRB road conditions from Birdsville.

Jun 2019

35 min 22 sec

Episode #3 and we talk 2 K's, Kids and Kimberleys! How to keep the Kids entertained, and some cruising and fishing in the Kimberley.

Jun 2019

38 min 55 sec

In our first full episode, we chat the Big Red Bash, the Qld Caravan Camping and Touring Super Show, Cooking and how not to tip over your wine glass, so come with us on our adventure on the road.

Jun 2019

37 min 37 sec

Love Camping and Caravanning in Oz, this new podcast is for you.

May 2019

6 min 47 sec