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Everything Everywhere Daily is going under Erik and Dave's microscope. The description of the show is:Everything Everywhere Daily tells the stories of interesting people, places, and things from around the world and throughout history. Topics covered include, but are not limited to, history, science, geography, and culture. The website is https://everything-everywhere.com/everything-everywhere-daily-podcast What We Liked About the Podcast Good use of Audible. Nice job of going the extra mile to make the sponsor fit the show. You have a good tease to open the show. Great presentation. Very natural sounding. Nice shout out to the listener at the end (where this type of content belongs). Nice story arc Your photography is amazing on your website. Easy to find subscribe buttons on your website. What You Might Try In the Future You don't mention your website. For Dave, there were too many details (who is this for?). There is music for the sake of nothing. Add a voice over to that to help explain the show. Change the link on your gear page so it opens in a new window. In Libsyn add your JioSaavn destination. There isn't much about you or your unique past (at least in this episode). There is no close to the show. It just ends. At least ask them to share the show with a friend.    

Aug 23

1 hr

Today Dave and Erik review The Colon Health Podcast. Their description in Apple is, "Interviews with the world's leading professionals and experts in gastroenterology, research, nutritional science, medical technology, and more. If it impacts your colon health, we cover it here on the Colon Health Podcast. Hosted by Dr. Dac Teoli." Their website is https://www.colonoscopy.com/podcast/ What We Liked About The Show The intro is solid and gives you what you need. The phrase, "We have three big problems" really caught my attention (it's a great setup). I learned some stuff I could use at a dinner party. The host has great pipes. I love the “to be fair” and showing of both sides of the data. Really positioned the other Dr. Dale as the Expert. The website made it easy to find the podcast. Some Things You Might Try Moving Forward Add more about the benefit to the listener. You give lots of stats/data early in the episode. Numbers are hard to follow in audio. You can put the stats in the show description and direct people to the website. Erik thought you could sound friendlier, and Dave thought spelling the website and name was a little odd. You introduce the guest, and then we don't hear from him for a LONG TIME. Then you just dump the show into his lap, and he talks for a LONG TIME. It had the feel like you were doing a presentation instead of a conversation. At the end of the show, give the listener a benefit to take action. If possible (realizing Doctors may not be that tech savvy) get them off the phone. It was good that you sounded good and were on a microphone You have some "group Speak." Phrases such as, "Our listeners out there”, etc. “To you, our listener.” Who else would it be? A fair amount of calls to action at the end, and be sure to explain the benefits of those calls to action

Aug 17

32 min 31 sec

Today Dave Jackson from the School of Podcasting and Erik K. Johnson from Podcast Talent Coach take a look at the Pharmacist's Voice hosted by Kim Newlove. Here is the description of the podcast: The Pharmacist’s Voice The Pharmacist's Voice Podcast is a weekly, journey-style podcast about Ohio pharmacist Kim Newlove's career change from pharmacist to voice actor. She alternates solo shows and interview shows. The solo shows are about her career change, and the interview shows feature a variety of people who use their voices to advocate, educate, or entertain. What We Liked About the Show Kim does a good job explaining why the guest is on a show and has a clear idea of who should (and shouldn't be on her show). Kim does a good job of bringing the guest back on topic. Her audio sounds great. Her website is a PHENOMENAL example of someone who has a business AND a podcast and doesn't bury the podcast while keeping the business front and center. Some Things That Could Use Some Tweaking Kim is a voice actor, so her diction is perfect. Towards the end of the show, we conclude that when she slows down the speed of her talking it makes it appear that her diction and delivery is a bit stiff. Her demo is amazing and filled with energy. We want more of that. While Kim's website does a great job of promoting her business, she barely mentions her services in the podcast. She does ask people to visit her website but could boost this effort by explaining why. We provide a few examples of how to tie her business into her podcast. Conclusion As a journey podcast, Kim's podcast has already resulted in her getting some voice work. With 100 episodes under her belt, she is doing a lot of things correctly. He website is a great website where everything appears planned, and her brand just oozes professionalism. We wish her all the best. Check out her show at https://www.thepharmacistsvoice.com/ Mentioned In This Episode Get Your Show Reviewed at https://www.podcasterviewshow.com/reviewme Find Dave at https://www.schoolofpodcasting.com Find Erik at https://www.podcasttalentcoach.com Buy us a Coffee at   https://www.buymeacoffee.com/davejackson

Jun 30

1 hr 6 min

Book Marketing Mentors:  Jam-packed with smart, easy and simple ideas, this weekly podcast features experts who share proven techniques to add power and zest to supercharge your book marketing plan. Hosted by Susan Friedmann, CSP, international bestselling author, and founder of Aviva Publishing, this new and exciting podcast aims to rev up your marketing efforts with fewer struggles, and more success. Start listening today and discover how to get noticed in a crowded marketplace. Want Your Show Reviewed? Go to www.podcastreviewshow.com/reviewme What We Liked About the Show Dave enjoyed the Emotion Wheel and felt it was something he would look deeper into that topic when the show was over. Your voice over guy did a nice single call to action. Solid interview style. Very comfortable. The questions set him up to give a ton of useful info. I like the big “subscribe” button on the home page. The intro tells us exactly who the show is for and what it is about. I like the category section - easy to binge listen What We Thought Could Be Improved I would prefer you tell me why YOU are excited to have this person on instead of reading his bio. The show doesn't mention authors, and it would help to tie any strategies back to authors. Dave felt you repeating what the guest just said was not helpful. Remove Google Play from you website and add Google Podcasts and Spotify. (maybe make a subscribe page with directions) While there is an "About" for the podcast, We need a paragraph to answer, “Why should I listen to Susan?” The call to action would come across better if it came from you. The WordPress theme you are on is from a company that went out of business. Check out Second Line Themes. The answers were very technical. Get the guest to tell some stories. Engage. Examples. Lots of “schedule appointment” buttons. You ask “Need help with book marketing?” Is that the real pain? or is it “get noticed” “sell more books” “become a best seller”? “Contact” is just “schedule an appointment” again. Maybe e-mail or phone. Check Out Book Marketing Mentors Website: https://www.bookmarketingmentors.com/

Feb 14

1 hr 31 min

Today we look at Paypod the payments and fintech podcast. Here is their description from Apple podcasts: Welcome to PayPod, a show that explores the fast-changing world of payments and fintech. The show features interviews with leaders and entrepreneurs in the payments and fintech industries. Each episode, you’ll hear an interview directly with a leader of the payments industry. We talk with fintech entrepreneurs, security experts, mobile developers, eCommerce pros, and more... From credit card processing to bitcoin... from retail point of sale systems to cutting edge digital payments software… merchant accounts. mobile checkout, lending marketplaces, and beyond… we cover it all! What We Liked About the Show Once the interview started Scott seemed very relaxed and enjoyed having a conversation with his guest. While there was some "Bitcoin Rah Rah" it wasn't 100% a pep rally for bitcoin. Great short introduction that gets right to the point It was a good discussion about cryptocurrency itself worldwide. You do a good job balancing the discussion of the app with the discussion of the industry overall. The courage to cover contrarian views was great, and you did a great job of setting up the guest and then getting out of his way as his passion came through. I liked that you attempted to skip the guest's backstory (even though he admittedly went on some tangents). The website was clean and does a great job of having a podcast page without distracting from the business. Things That Might Need Improved You really need to determine who this show is for and talk specifically to that audience. There may be more than one type of listener, but you really need to embrace one. Erik thought a bit more on the benefit of the show for the listener. How am I going to benefit? Leave yourself a little room at the beginning of that before the discussion starts to demonstrate your authority in this space and what you do and how you help people. Not sure what you could do about this, but an Australian only app cuts out a chunk of the world. A walk through of the process of the app, what it does, and why I would use it. A fair amount of jargon. Depending on who the audience is, you might need to explain some of the terms. The guest had mentioned he had authored a book, and you mentioned you would put a link in the show notes (but didn't). You did a great job of having a single call to action, but that one call to action wasn't in alignment with your goals. You had stated you wanted more feedback on the topics that interest the audience. If this is the true goal, you need to specify this as your call to action. Add some more obvious subscribe buttons (instead of links) in the episodes (it is all about the subscribers). FIND THE PAYPOD​ THE PAYMENTS AND FINTECH PODCAST Check out the Paypod podcast at https://www.soarpay.com/podcast/      

Dec 2020

45 min 41 sec

We reviewed Jayson's podcast  The Ankylosing Spondylitis Podcast  a year ago and so it was great to catch up with him and see how he and his podcast are doing. You can subsctibe to Jayson's show at https://www.spondypodcast.com/ TIME TABLE 01:33 A Little bit about "the show" 02:29 Jayson Starts His Show 03:24 Getting Feedback 04:28 The Power of the Niche 05:01 New Podcaster Expectations 07:08 Jayson Creates Better Notes 08:08 Jayson Gets Some Press 09:09 Did we give any bad advice? 10:36 Jayson's Newsletter 11:58 Dave Learns He Needs to Promote 12:22 Features and Benefits 13:54 Advertising in a Niche 17:47 Pricing Advertising 19:24 Jasyson is Tracking Growth 22:31 Two Types of Sponsors 26:00 What's Next 27:44 Panel Discussions Tip 29:44 Episode length 32:00 The Connection Power of Podasting 37:19 Big Agencies Get Your Show Reviewed We help make podcasts better! Get your show reviewed by going to podcastreviewshow.com/reviewme Find Dave at www.schoolofpodcasting.com Find Erik at www.podcasttalentcoach.com This show is part of the Power of Podcasting Network. Changing the world one download at a time.  

Dec 2020

40 min 42 sec

Today Dave and Erik touch base with Adam from Tactical Breakdown to see how his podcast is doing since the last time we reviewed his show. Adam niched down to his audience, and really focused on his target audience and realized not everyone is his audience. Adam has delegated the production work to a company that allows him to focus more on the courses and live events. He started and launched an online training program, and now does his podcast full time. Adam had questions about creating an Amazon Flash Briefing (and we explain there is a difference between an Amazon Skill, and an Amazon Flash Briefing). Adam also has people in his audience and industry to have Adam consult on running their event, and help with their podcast. Adam updated his intro based on our suggestions and fixed the audio issues he had in the past. Check out Adam at https://www.thebreakdown.ca/ and check out his monthly roundtable for instructors and SMEs Listen on Apple, Spotify, Google. at https://www.thebreakdown.ca/ Let Us Help You Improve Your Podcast Come on the Podcast Review Show so we can help you do more of the things that are working, and identify those things that might need to be tweaked. Sign up You can find Erik at PodcastTalentCoach.com You can find Dave at SchoolofPodcasting.com This show is part of the Power of Podcasting Network. The post Where are They Now? Adam Kinakin From Tactical Breakdown appeared first on Podcast Review Show - Get Your Podcast Reviewed.

Aug 2020

48 min 16 sec

Description Get actionable training and tactics from the best Law Enforcement, Military, and Emergency Response instructors in the world. Join us on our quest to make you, your agency, and your community safer. Our goal is to bring you a platform that gives an in-depth look at the most current training, tactics, and technology used by today's top Law Enforcement, Military, and Security experts. Our Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) bring you their real-world knowledge and experiences and breakdown the incidents, operations, and personal stories that influenced them. We are proud to have partnered with organizations from across Canada to raise awareness of Mental Health and Crisis Response for our First Responders, LEOs, Active & Veteran Military Members, and Security Personnel across the world. We will be bringing on experts to share information and resources that you can use yourself, another person, or your organization. What We Liked Great energy. Great guest Glad that reminded me who the guest is and why he's there. Good job of explaining CCTM might do that more often. Nice job of talking to one person most of the time. Nice job of teasing “coming up on the podcast” (maybe get more specific). Have a good shift – you really know your listener. Nice job of staying out of the guest's way, and letting him state his opinion. Nice job asking the guest to clarify. Nice focused call to action. Great resources and easy contact page. The website is easy to navigate. What Might Need a Little Polish A lot of history of the guest. Do we need all of his backstories? Your volume needs adjusting during the intro. Have a first question that gets into the content instead of a generic history question. Some low hanging ums, but not enough to worry about. No way to share episodes. If you're using an iframe, those are horrible for SEO. White text on a black background can be taxing on the eyes. The occasional use of group speak. Your newsletter needs more of an incentive. Listen to Show Listen on Apple, Spotify, Google. at https://www.thebreakdown.ca/ Get Reviewed Want to get your show reviewed? Go to www.podcastreviewshow.com/reviewme   The post Tactical Breakdown appeared first on Podcast Review Show - Get Your Podcast Reviewed.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KTl1ex_Llj4&feature=emb_logo

Jul 2020

1 hr 3 min

Description Rob Fonte is the host of the Leadership Jam Session Podcast, where every other week you'll get to hear leaders at all levels of management share their practical solutions to the management challenges you face every day. On this podcast, Rob shares leadership experiences with listeners by bringing in leaders from all different levels to “Jam” on a variety of leadership topics. Some of the best insights are captured from just listening and learning from each other as they share their experiences. More importantly, we learn to see things through the lens of a different perspective and how to move forward with a different approach. With that concept in mind, the Leadership Jam Session podcast was born. Be sure to stay up to date at leadershipjamsession.com. What We Liked About it Great short introductions and you got right to the content The intro identifies who the show is for and what to expect. Great stories and insights from your guests Great transitions from speaker to speaker and getting everyone involved I liked the occasional summary of what your guests said. You had a great space for guests to be vulnerable and share insights. What Might Need Some Polish Do a quick recap of the question when getting others involved. “almost out of time” is a holdover from the radio. Always talk to one person and avoid group speak Work more of who you are and why people should listen. Maybe work the guest's name in more so we know who is talking. Direct people to the website for calls to action. Add a Google Podcasts to the website and update Captivate to show subscribe buttons Position yourself as the expert and do a summary of “what did we learn” to inject YOU into the content. Determine who your true target audience member is and design the content with them in mind. Check out The Leadership Jam Session www.leadershipjamsession.comAvailable on Apple and Google along with wherever fine podcasts are available Get Your Show Reviewed Go to www.podcastreviewshow.com/reviewme The post Leadership Jam Session appeared first on Podcast Review Show - Get Your Podcast Reviewed.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q3uxIL5aZFw&feature=emb_logo

May 2020

1 hr 14 min

Description Developing Resilient Leaders What We Liked About The Show Nice opening. Nice story. You get right to it. Lovely Dirty Harry Imitation The website looks amazing and very professional It's precise. You make your point and get out. What We Thought Needed Tweaking Dave thought this was close to being a performance it was so well-read There was some confusion about who the story was about. Was this you golfing? The audio level on the Dirty Harry clip was a little low When you say “Folks” its “group speak” Add a “Book Trent” button to the website A little stronger connection of the opening story to the topic. “Today we are going to talk about” More Information Website: trenttheroux.comAppleGoogle Podcasts   The post SWIMMING IN THE FLOOD appeared first on Podcast Review Show - Get Your Podcast Reviewed.

Apr 2020

52 min 10 sec

Description The weekly podcast for and about firefighters, “Code 3” covers topics of interest to those in the fire service, through interviews with those who know it best. From Chiefs to Probies, Engineers to Firefighters, and Paramedics to EMTs, award-winning journalist Scott Orr talks with them all. Show notes at Code3Podcast.com What We Liked About The Show Nice and to the point ” The firefighter's podcast – strategies, tactics and other topics you need to know about” Love how you embrace Parkinson's right up front GREAT first question that really gets right to the good stuff Great discussion with the strategies. I could see a squad listening to this and having a discussion There is one aspect in the show firefighting What We Thought Needed Tweaked Have the store on your website open in a new window Make the newsletter option a bit more exciting Maybe a bit more promotion on the t-shirt and generic donation options Maybe a few more stories More Information Website: http://www.code3podcast.comAppleGoogle The post Code 3 – The Firefighters’ Podcast appeared first on Podcast Review Show - Get Your Podcast Reviewed.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ijFQP-rxcQ&feature=emb_logo

Apr 2020

52 min 31 sec

Description Rhonda Orr is the president and founder of Rhonda's STOP BULLYING Foundation. On this podcast, she expands on the newspaper advice columns she writes with Dr. Cheri L. McDonald, “Dear Rhonda & Dr. Cheri..” Rhonda speaks directly to you, with real-world, actionable adviceFind the show at https://bullyinglifeandstuff.com What We Liked About The Show The audio quality was great and Rhonda has an authentic passion for this topic and it comes through. The opening got right to the point Nice clip to open the show that really hit home The website has a nice clean look and easy to navigate. Good job of boosting the theater of the mind Good call to action at the end of the show What Needed Some Tweaking Some confusions with wording coming from a column to a podcast “She/Her” The intro was a bit long and you might want to focus in who is the show for, and what the goal of the show is for. Then right an intro to really pull in the listeners and use the parts of your background that fit the goal of the show (credentials that don't fit aren't needed). Dr. Cheri got a lot of attention for someone who is not on the show, and is barely on the website. Also do we care that she is from West Lake Villiage? If the goal is to get more speaking gigs, add some pictures of you in that setting to the website. You might also consider mentioning it to the audience. Example: “I was speaking to some high school kids….” The 12 seconds of music at the end could be faded out at the end. This opening really isn't focused on anyone. “from business management to fear”, but we are talking about bullying. Who are we really trying to reach? Additional Comments As Rhonda is transitioning to a new podcast and website, when the podcast isn't tied to the structure of the column this will free you up to speak more from the heart, and loosen up a bit (not that you were stiff). We look forward to hearing Bully Buster when it becomes available. More Information Find the show at http://bullybuster.us/Apple Podcasts Google Podcasts https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RY66EOq7smE&feature=emb_logo

Mar 2020

55 min 57 sec

Description Random is a podcast hosted by Larry Roberts featuring a RANDOM selection of interesting and insightful interviews with Motivators, Entrepreneurs, Survivors, Athletes, Podcasters, Bloggers and More! The goal is to READILY remind each listener through stories of success, recovery, and inspiration that you too can be larger than life!Find the show at www.readilyrandom.com What We Liked Great energy out of the gate Great audio Great passion A clean website with great graphics Great job covering when uncontrollable circumstances arrive Fun music. What Needs to be Tweaked The show needs an intro that describes what it's about and who it's for. Then describe what is on the episode in a way that makes people want to keep listening. There is quite a lot of “group talk” such as “Hey everybody.” Talk to ONE person to boost the intimate feel of podcasting. Be sure to mention whatever people are there to plug upfront and set the stage so people know where we are headed. While many podcasters don't share enough, at one point the interview flipped and she was interviewing you as we had taken a fairly long tangent. We LOVE your personality. Share that on your “10 minutes with” episodes, and make interviews where the guest shines. Add a call to action even if it is “tell a friend” and let people know where they can find more information about you and your guest. You can share about yourself in regards as to why YOU are excited about (reason) the guest is on today. This shows you did some homework while allowing people to get a glimpse into you. Be careful getting too random. Make sure there is a common theme amongst your guests. Find Us Find Dave at www.schoolofpodcasting.comFind Erik at www.podcasttalentcoach.comFind Larry at www.readilyrandom.com The post Readily Random Podcast appeared first on Podcast Review Show - Get Your Podcast Reviewed.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SH9gTWTw7vA&feature=emb_logo

Feb 2020

52 min 33 sec

Beyond Westworld Introduction DESCRIPTION Award-winning podcast duo Aaron Peterson & Troy Heinritz live without limits as they bring you into analysis mode on the very first podcast for HBO's Westworld. You may question the nature of your reality as the “hosts” dig deep into each character's journey through the maze to find the door. Break the code with a sectioned off part of the park for theories and deep dives into not just the show, but all the website, Instagram, and other ancillary items they can find. What are your drives? If you answered Westworld, then subscribe today! WEBSITE www.beyondwestworldpodcast.com WHAT WE LIKED Troy and Aaron put in a lot of work into each episode via research. Their audio quality is good and their intro gets right to the content quickly Their show notes included some GIF mini-movies that really grabbed your attention along with a quick history of Westworld There were passionate discussions of topics that were DEEP into the topics of die-hard fans. There is good chemistry between the hosts. WHAT NEEDS TWEAKED? Some of the tangents went a bit long and really stopped the momentum of the show (or were just inside jokes that the audience didn't get). Some of the information that is delivered in each weekly seemed rushed and at times, hard to understand. There were many calls to action at the end. You could use each other's names a bit more to help the audience keep track. Without doing a “and now its time to” type of segment remind the audience of the purposes of each segment (beyond “going deeper”). Your banding is a little clunky. This will be remedied when you switch to a new website but there is mention of Golden Spiral, as well as your website, which then has a header at the top with a different name. GET YOUR SHOW REVIEWED If you would like your show reviewed, go to www.podcastreviewshow.com/reviewme and get some honest, constructive feedback to help you make a better show. The post Beyond Westworld appeared first on Podcast Review Show - Get Your Podcast Reviewed.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_TnLffcqjQU&feature=emb_logo  

Jan 2020

56 min 41 sec

Description Explore human anatomy and physiology (A&P) teaching and learning with host Kevin Patton. An experienced professor, textbook author, and mentor, Kevin is a recognized leader in A&P teaching. The A&P Professor builds on the practical approach taken in Kevin's popular blogs, newsletters, and websites. Want some ideas to supercharge your A&P course? How about some support from a fellow A&P professor? This is the podcast for you! What We Liked Nice intro – I know where we are going, and you’re right into the content Did a great job of talking to one person – no “Group Speak” Lots of great tips for fellow teachers Nice job referring back to episode 50 Nice transitions and the ads were short, relevant, and to the point. Solid bio on the site Things That Need Polished Gave good qualifications at the end. Move it up to the front of the show. It's against Amazon's policy to say shopping through your link will help you (go figure…) A few too many calls to action at the end. The website lacked an overall style. The two players may cause confusion. We would like to hear who the show is for at the beginning. The A&P Professor Details Website: https://theapprofessor.org/ Apple Podcasts Google Podcasts Spotify Are You Looking For an Honest Podcast Review? Sign up today and get scheduled to come on with Erik and Dave and find out what you're doing right, and what needs polished (while getting exposure for your show). Subscribe to the Podcast Review Show The post The A&P Professor appeared first on Podcast Review Show - Get Your Podcast Reviewed.

Nov 2019

1 hr 4 min

DESCRIPTION: Hosted by two World Record Holders, Kelly Palace and Maria Parker bring you conversations with champions. They interview the most elite Swimmers and Coaches in the sport on Odd-Numbered shows and Even numbered shows they discuss topics around Motivation, Mindset, Health & Wellness.WEBSITE: www.championsmojo.com What We Liked About it Shares with you what it takes to be a champion” – nice listener benefit Nice proof of qualifications at the beginning Did you have specific techniques you used…?” Solid question Good follow up questions. Great recap with stories Great chemistries Great line about spending TONS of time for a 2-minute race. What Could Use Some Polish “This is a question we ask all of our guests…” Signing off for myself and my champion co-host” Give your name again You guest was an um machine to the point it may impact her first impression CTA was subscribe and visit the website. Give me why. You mention “the object is to win the practice.” Your name isn't obvious its a swimming show You like to announce your transitions https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rx-UYFnHNks&feature=emb_logo

Nov 2019

1 hr 9 min

Description A podcast for people with Ankylosing Spondylitis. I am Jayson Sacco, a 34 year plus Ankylosing Spondylitis survivor. With this show, I want to bring the AS community together and talk with doctors, organizations, and individuals all dealing with AS. What Jason Was Doing Well The intro was short and to the point and you get right to the point. “I’m a 35-year plus survivor” Great example of authority “I want to bring experts together” Solid premise for the show. Great job of reading the email. Great tips to help listeners understand what they are fighting. Things That Need Tweaked You might want to put in a disclaimer. Need a menu. The about is at the bottom A lot of hidden menus Maybe a smidge more show notes? Missing About, Contact, Subscribe menu items “If you have questions, reach out.” How? Check out the show www.spondypodcast.com

Oct 2019

39 min 35 sec

The senior golfer advisor is helping the senior golfer with expert advice to drive it longer, play better, get healthier and enjoy the game!

Oct 2019

51 min 44 sec

Today we interview Jeremy Segal of the Why Influence podcast. Description: On the WHY INFLUENCE podcast, you’ll hear me interview influencers about their ‘Why’. During each episode, our guests share their journey of how they gained their influence, why they chose to influence, why they choose to continue influencing, what it’s like to be an influencer, and valuable tips/tricks anyone can use to gain more influence. What We Liked The intro was nice and short, and brought us into the show.I loved the recap.You did a great job of asking the questions and getting out of the way.The website has great branding and easy to navigate.When did you realize you were an influencer – great questionGreat social proof with photos of JLD & Pat Flynn What Needs Polished Give people a reason to sign up for your newsletterSome of your questions were good questions but can be polished.Focus your call to actionAvoid group speakHave music at the end be under your voice instead of on its own. Check out Why Influence www.whyinfluence.com

Aug 2019

1 hr 14 min

Description: A podcast that explores the beauty and connectedness of musical cultures from every part of the globe. We bring you interviews with world-renowned musicians from every part of the globe, as well as our own explorations of musical styles, instruments, and artists. If you believe, like us, that open ears = open minds, then come with us into broader horizons! What We Liked About the Episode Great storytelling. Feels like you are telling rather than reading. The format of storytelling mixed with interviews makes for a great pace. Great teasing of future episodes. Great mentions of the website without being a giant plugging machine Loved the passion, especially the “Aw C' mon!” Website makes it easy to subscribe What Might Need Some Work The introduction needs a little more information to explain what the SHOW is about (and maybe just a tab more about what was going to happen in the interview) The volume levels of some of the clips were low, and others were very high. While this didn't require the audience to grab the volume knob (Except for the very first bit of music) you want to keep an eye on it. As the goal is to get more people to support the foundation, add a button for the foundation on the website. Check Out the World Music Foundation Podcast The website is wmfpodcast.org. Available in Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts Work With Us Find Dave at www.schoolofpodcasting.com Find Erik at www.podcasttalentcoach.com Get Reviewed and Get Two Consultants to Critique Your Show, as well as added exposure of being on the show and YouTube.ORDER YOUR REVIEW TODAY   The post World Music Foundation Podcast appeared first on Podcast Review Show - Get Your Podcast Reviewed.

Aug 2019

1 hr 3 min

Description: Being an engineer is challenging, but can be such a rewarding career. Every Friday, Mel & Dom will be sharing a beer with an engineer who will tell you all about their career and provide thoughts and advice for future engineers. If you are concerned or interested about the current and future life as an engineer, then this Podcast is for you. What We Liked: Overall it's a good conversation. The open is nice & clear “On a mission to shine a light and share a beer with our incredible heroes that are today’s engineers.” The beer sound effects are a nice touch without being too cheesy. Some really good questions. What was the highlight of your career?” I love the quotes in the show notes. Nice touch with a video on the “about” page. The website looked good on the phone. Nice “be our guest” page on website. Suggestions For Improvement: Possible add a little more “ I’d like to hear what’s in it for me.” into your introduction The guest had a great background and we would've loved to hear more stories. Maybe use “Why did you get into engineering” as a first question instead of “tell us about yourself.” Some of the custom fonts might be a little hard to read. Check Out Beer With an Engineer www.beerwithanengineer.com or coming soon the engineeringheroes.com Get Your Show Reviewed You can have Dave Jackson from the School of Podcasting and Erik K Johnson from Podcast Talent Coach to go over your podcast, your website, and your goals from head to toe and get you doing more of those things you do well, and help you shine those things that need a little polish. Get your podcast reviewed by clicking here https://youtu.be/jf10aiBOfv4

Jul 2019

1 hr 15 min

Our Thoughts What this podcast was really missing was a better intro. “This is Unstructured.” It didn’t even give me the tagline “Dynamic Informal Conversations” or the host name. You had the curse of knowledge where you knew the guest and jumped write in, but never clued the audience in to who we were talking to.The introduction of the guest was, ““I read her first book a couple of years ago. I read her most recent book last year. This is Sharyl Attkisson.” There are other things the guest had on their resume that would've been very beneficial to the interview. She was a correspondent for CBS News from 1993-2014. Before joining CBS, Attkisson was an anchor and correspondent for CNN (1990-1993). From 1996-2001, in addition to her CBS News duties, Attkisson hosted a half-hour weekly medical news magazine on PBS entitled “HealthWeek. This would have made a better intro.For example, you stated, “you have an amazing past and a really wonderful history. It’s kind of a weird situation because I find you completely brave but at the same time I find it troubling that you’re having journalistic integrity as bravery.” I like the bold question. But we had no idea what you are talking about. If we had a better setup we might have. For Dave, he was preoccupied trying to figure out who this person was to the point that he was having a hard time listening to her answers. There was a really nice discussion on free speech in the middle of the interview. The questions were deep. It was clear he did his research. At the end, we talk about her lawsuit against the government and her podcast. Those sound like great topics. I wish we would have touched on those during the shows. The ending of the show was invisible. With no setup, you played two promos for other podcasts. With a better setup this might make more sense, but you also might consider coming up with a call to action to have people tell a friend and subscribe. If you want your audience to engage with you, you need to ask them to engage. The Website The website had a very clean look with a great contact page and social proof. Dave was curious why there was no “About” page. Also move the searchbox up (don't make people search for the search box) and move the RSS buttons down. Check out Unstructured www.unstructuredpod.com The post Unstructured Podcast appeared first on Podcast Review Show - Get Your Podcast Reviewed. Dave Jackson from the School of Podcasting and Podcast Talent Coach Erik K. Johnson review the Unstructured Podcast. https://youtu.be/RgH0WlvL0Us

Apr 2019

43 min 54 sec

You can get horror reviews anywhere but 2GuysTalking Horror gives you detailed, fan fact-filled reviews, along with the most important element that makes us love horror - WHY Description: You can get horror reviews anywhere but 2GuysTalking Horror gives you detailed, fan fact-filled reviews, along with the most important element that makes us love horror – WHY. Educate yourself with the dialog from host Nicholas J. Hearne and a growing number of guests hosts that help you understand all that is the horror genre in entertainment. Check out 2 Guys Talking Horror https://www.2gtdatacore.com/category/2guystalkinghorror/ What They Are Doing Great Nice “table of contents” letting us know what was coming Lots of great trivia Great graphics for each episode Great passion that comes through the show Great descriptions of the actors Great show notes Great Production Not afraid to share your honest opinion What Might Be Done Better Dave thinks the housekeeping needs moved to the end of the show (or at least not at the beginning (nobody cares about how the sausage was made) Three minutes of commercials seems a bit much (break them up throughout the show) The easter egg at the end was “meh” and the amount of silence was too long. The subscribe buttons are lost in a sea of text on your show notes Is it worth cussing in your show? Use your names more often so we can keep track of who is who https://youtu.be/rRMl32qe95w

Mar 2019

52 min 5 sec

The Stuff We Liked Great inside look at being a cop Great stories – would have loved even more Great introductions Good quick transitions Great music Erik liked the “game” of guessing how much the movie made (once) I didn't even look at my phone until we were two hours in The Items that Need to be Polished While you explained that some of the cops were authors, Dave thought the inclusion of content that leaned toward “Film school” was the weakest content. If you cut ut out the show would be amazing Use their names more often so we can keep track. The one person had a very identifiable accent, but the others didn't Be aware you are exporting at a very high bit rate that is slower to download, takes up more room on your audience's devices and doesn't really deliver much better quality than 128 kbps. As the movie was old, Erik would've been a bit more description of what was happening in the scene. The Website Whatcopswatch.com is a wall of text, no play buttons or subscribe buttons when you go to whatcopswatch.com The site has improved since the last review You do a good job of including every single thing in the show notes. The black background can cause eye-strain after a while Check out What Cops Watch http://www.whatcopswatch.com Here is their description in Apple Podcasts: “Hollywood continues to tell tales on the Silver and smaller HD screens. What do they get “right” and – what could they use a panel of experts on when it comes to process and law enforcement? Go Behind the Badge and get educated with the real-life law-enforcement industry hosts, guests and entertainment experts of WhatCopsWatch.Com to understand more about what you see in Hollywood.”   https://youtu.be/Z_g0yaU1Nyk

Jan 2019

54 min 49 sec

Today we look at Curious Goods a show that takes a deep dive in the Friday the 13th television series and looks at the storytelling aspects and other areas that made this a great show. Audio Player at the bottom of the page The Stuff We Liked We enjoye... The Stuff We Liked We enjoyed the sarcasm and entertainment as you did the re-enactment of the episode The ads were well done and to the point The show is a very unique mix of story writing clinic and very old television series Nice production The female voiceover at the start of the show Nice job of mentioning other shows and cross-promotion without being too spammy. Good call to action “What was your curious good from this episode?” Stopping the music let the audience know we've moved to a new section The Items that Need to be Polished Dave found the intro confusing. Erik would've liked a bit of a table of contents. Explain what a curious good is sooner (you did a great job at the 35-minute mark) Try to talk to one person and avoid group speak Dave felt the background music got too loud at times Identify yourselves sooner (but no need to say “I'm your host) Add some credentials – why am I listening to you? You guys agree on everything. Maybe find some different points of view. The commercials break was very long. Possibly break these up into smaller chunks Didn't get to the content until 7 minutes in and Dave thought this was too long The easter egg at the end didn't deliver much value and the space between the end of the show and the easter egg is VERY long. The Website The site is cluttered and hard to navigate Needs a style guide iTunes link goes to the wrong show (and your subscribe buttons are lost in the clutter) The Curious Goods show is missing on your show page. The tag cloud ads no value to the visitor. See if you can move it down the page. There is a lot of material for your business. There is more than enough advertising on each page. Convocation is a very fancy word. The logos have a nice theme that is followed in each logo. Check out Curious Goods http://curiousgoodspodcast.com   The post Curious Goods appeared first on Podcast Review Show - Get Your Podcast Reviewed.   https://youtu.be/Fateuk6WB7Y

Dec 2018

1 hr 18 min

Wake Up Eager Workforce Description: Helping senior leaders build and sustain an energetic, committed and drama-free workforce, including tools and resources for hiring and promoting the right people. Information to reduce turnover and improve producti... Wake Up Eager Workforce Description: Helping senior leaders build and sustain an energetic, committed and drama-free workforce, including tools and resources for hiring and promoting the right people. Information to reduce turnover and improve productivity. You’ll learn everything you need to know about building a high performing and successful Wake Up Eager Workforce: Insightful insider tips and best practices;Revealing employee selection and development expert resources; Helpful guidance and action steps for building energy, commitment and communication in organizations; Ongoing motivation, encouragement and support for all of your hiring and development efforts. Website: https://www.pricelessprofessional.com/wakeupeagerworkforce.html What we liked about the podcast You have a great website, with phenomenal show notes. There was often good content, but it needed to be shortened It's nice that your transcript is separate from your show notes What Could Be Improved There was an issues with “popping P's” that can be fixed with better microphone placement Your little wrap-up up points were not little. These could be improved by shortening them. These are summaries (bullet points) The “fun” questions were entertaining, but putting them at the very beginning may not be a good first impression Be listening for places where a guest can tell stories The recap led into a show close that felt like it lasted forever. You have too many calls to action The post Wake Up Eager Workforce appeared first on Podcast Review Show - Get Your Podcast Reviewed.

Oct 2018

1 hr 8 min

Description Corporate access and investing insights for the value investor. Investing with the Buyside is a podcast that was founded on the idea that all investors should have the opportunity to hear management teams from public companies talk about th...

Sep 2018

1 hr 15 min

Today we are joined by Leslie Eiler Thompson who is the host of The Rogue Ones podcast. Description Conversations with extraordinary individuals on their own unique “rogue” journeys. We explore the experiences and opportunities afforded these rogues as they share successes and failures they've encountered along the way. We then, in turn, learn ways to adopt this rogue attitude for ourselves. These are the rogue ones, and these are their stories. What Is Working One of the best intros ever. Leslie is awesome at talking to one person and sounding sincerely friendly. You can hear your smile I love the definition of what makes something rogue, and what the show is about, “We explore extraordinary people doing fascinating things. And we learn from them so we may adopt the same attitudes to develop a rogue lifestyle.” You did a great job of incorporating the listening into the conversation as if they were sitting at the table with you. Great website, great about page, and nice use of the logo/glasses Nice tease at the end of the show for future episodes What Needs Some Work There were sometimes when you had some great opportunities for stories, and you didn't follow up with a question (Billy Joel, “I learned a lot of lessons…”). “I spent a lot of time asking for forgiveness rather than asking for permission.” Give me an example. “Tell me about the time you really pushed the limit or broke the rules to get a result.” With such great content, I would've left off the travel down memory lane about a pseudonym. Check out The Rogue Ones Podcast Website: http://rogueonespodcast.com Subscribe on Apple, Spotify, Stitcher The post The Rogue Ones appeared first on Podcast Review Show - Get Your Podcast Reviewed.

Jul 2018

1 hr 1 min

The description of the Route 66 Podcast is “talks with people living and working along the Mother Road.” You can find it at http://www.route66podcast.com/ The episode we reviewed is http://www.route66podcast.com/18-mojave-desert-route-66/ What We Thought Was Done Well The opening with Dennis’ voice was unique. The phone quality added to the nostalgia of the episode. Nice rustic opening music Nice plug of the earlier episode You do a good job of asking the questions and letting the guest talk Nice tease with the trivia answer to keep people listening What We Might Tweak Dave thought taking 11 minutes to get to the interview was a bit too long, but Erik thought it was OK but would change the “Now let's start the show” to something different as you had been doing the show for 11 minutes. There are times when you read that you need to add a bit of voice inflection and make some effort (either via pauses, or music) to make smoother transitions. Your website has not title tag which is a vital ingredient to SEO and being found Three calls to action at the end of the show. try to narrow that down to one. The yellow highlighter color is a bit much to look at for long periods. As your audience may be older, you might want to add a page with instructions on how to subscribe to the show You have a great resource page, but didn't mention it much on the podcast.  You can drive traffic by saying, “we have a video of this at the website route66podcast.com” Check out the Route 66 Podcast Website: http://www.route66podcast.com/ Apple Podcasts: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/route-66-podcast/id1136548932?mt=2 iHeart: https://www.iheart.com/podcast/263-Route-66-Podcast-29214146/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/route66podcast Click To Listen The post Route 66 Podcast appeared first on Podcast Review Show - Get Your Podcast Reviewed. https://youtu.be/tDxax0NO6ho

Jul 2018

50 min 27 sec

A Midlife Traveler Description: Travel vacation destinations come to life in your ears through the Amidlife Travler podcast. Discover countries, culture, history, tours, sightseeing advice and travel tips through the voices, humor and opinions of locals who live there or travelers who have been there… like hearing about Scotland from a Scotsman and Ireland from the Irish. Indulge your travel curiosities and find ideas for your next vacation. Helpful information for world travelers and those who want to travel. Season 1 explores Scotland through the voice, opinions and stories of a Scotsman named James. Topics include Scottish Culture, History, Whiskey, the Kilt, Brexit, Vikings, Highland Games and other fun stories.. Website http://amidlifetraveler.com/ What we loved about the show: Laura has a great voice and you can hear her passion. I did like that you were talking to me. You seemed relaxed. You were talking to one person. It was Nonscripted and loose. Your website is a phenomenal resource. It's great that you are interviewing the local people and getting that information you can't get anyplace else. What Can Be Tweaked The laundry list of people that we’ll hear from at the beginning was hard to follow. Figure out what you want your audience to take away from the episode and move that to the front. You had said, “Famous for their moonlight kayak – sunset, near the woods, luminescence in the water, starlight serenade, violin and Irish songs.” Those are the details we were wanted. There is a tremendous opportunity to create a theater of the mind, and when someone did start to explain the lights on the water they were interrupted. You brought friends on to help explain their experience, and they said: Amazing Awesome Cool Experience Fun and Super Cool amazing and beautiful Awesome, I love it Great Day Fantastic Great fun but you never dug in deeper as to why it was cool or great, etc. You seemed to be explaining how qualified the guides were to the point where I started to wonder if you were getting paid. You had already stated that you would be going back, so for me, that is enough to know the guides were good. I'd rather hear more about the experience than the guide. You have a GREAT website, and we would get people excited about the destination, and then direct them to the website. Get Your Podcast Reviewed In today's episode, you don't hear the extra questions and a private lesson on Hindenburg Journalist that Laura received. If you'd like to be on the show CLICK HERE https://youtu.be/RV9E_WGB748

Jun 2018

39 min 15 sec

Ageless Hockey has a description of ” This is a podcast for hockey players over 50 years old.” The website is agelesshockey.com Things We Liked in This Episode There was some wise advice about not coming back from an injury early and how to NOT get your gear stolen He did a great job talking to a single person. There was no group speak. Shared some vulnerability which builds intimacy with his audience. The audio sounded fine The website is simple and easy to navigate. Great “Start Here” option on the website Great tease to get people to your website. Things He Might Want to Teak The transitions were very rough. You might want to see if the stories you are covering and be lined up in a way that makes it easier to transition from one to the other. Use your voice to signal you're changing topics. If nothing else, pause for a half a second. The “something about me” section at the end didn't really tie into anything. Erik would like to see you “turn up” the grumpy old man character a bit more. Be sure to turn the focus around and ask your self, “Whats in it for the listener?” Your call to action needs to be refined down to ONE. Ageless Hockey www.agelesshockey.com Subscription Page

Jun 2018

45 min 49 sec

Description The Copeland Coaching Podcast is made for job seekers who want to jump-start their job search. Each week we dive into career topics from interviewing to personal branding to applying and negotiating. If you want to switch industries, change careers, or make more money, this is the podcast for you! Website https://www.copelandcoaching.com/ What We Thought Was Great Intro: “Turn job search into a slam dunk”. Great, short intro that told me everything You did a good job of connecting the interview into this theme. Your website the clean look. The homepage is very focused. It shows a lot of credibilities. The second half of the interview had great questions that would be immediately beneficial to your audience. What Could Use a Little Effort Part of the audio had a fair amount of static There were no links to his books in your show notes There was some low hanging fruit (The guest said, “That's a good question, and stammered at times) that Dave would've edited out. Work some more stories into the conversation and drop hints into what services you offer Your audio is being exported at 320 kbps stereo which is overkill Avoid talking about things that happened before the recording Avoid any group speak “Hey everyone.” talk to a single listener Your courses button takes you away from your main page, and has no way to get back to the main site. Try to limit your calls to action to one at the end of the show.

May 2018

1 hr 12 min

Description of Show The show is about the Delaney Family and living with someone with dementia. My mother has had dementia for two years now and I ‘m hoping that this podcast will help someone who's in the some situation. Also, I talk about my feeling on a lot of things like religion, politics, and there may even be a lot electronics.So basically the shows is a little bet of everything that we do and get into as a Family. Check out the show at https://babymountainradio.com/ What We Found Michael Was Doing Well Started off the show with a story and got to the story quickly The stream of consciousness of the show. The listeners feel the emotion and frustration. Transparency of “I don't know all the answers.” Nice call back at the end Things that Need Tweaked The opening line of where podcasting’s hard work made fun is a bit confusing. Maybe explain more what the show is about and what is in it for the listener. I don’t see where I leave you a comment. Is it just on the “contact us” page? The website is somewhat hard to read and the links get lost in the background You are publishing at a very high bit rate, and that makes the file download slower and take up more room on people's devices. Check out the show at https://babymountainradio.com/ The post Caregiving For Dementia appeared first on Podcast Review Show - Get Your Podcast Reviewed.

May 2018

55 min 15 sec

Today Dave and Erik review the podcast “A Modelerslife.” All modelers have a life but what do we know of it. This podcast is as much about the people in model railroading has it is about the hobby itself. I've met so many interesting people in the hobby over the years I decided it would be fun to share their back stories with everyone else. So come along with me, Lionel Strang my trusty sidekick, Jim Rindt and Bruce the mail boy as we discover just how many fascinating folks there are in this great hobby. Checkout their website at https://www.amodelerslife.com/ Things We Liked Good chemistry with the crew The audio quality was good for having such a large crew Good follow up questions A lot of in-depth analysis and tips on being a model railroader Erik loved the story of how the father got his son into trains at an early age (because that's how most people get into trains) Things that Could Be Better As new listeners, there was no introduction to the show (Welcome to the ___ where we ____). This doesn't have to be long, but tell people what the show is about and tell them what is coming up on the show, if you're not sure, this can always be added in post. Dave is afraid having the name modelerslife all one word will make it harder to find in directories like Apple iTunes While there is a nice “guys just hanging out working on their stuff” vibe, Dave felt there were time when you could edit some of the “Where should we go now?” discussion out of the show (and just leave you moving on to the next topic) On your website, you have a link to explain what Patreon is, but on that page, there are no links to actually join and become a patron. The music at the end could be used underneath the “goodbyes” and then shortened. Toward the end when you were flipping through the facebook, it seemed like you were running out of ideas. This would be a good strategy for topics, but maybe do it in show prep, and then frame it better. There are no links to subscribe to the show for Android people. Check out A Modelerslife Checkout their website at https://www.amodelerslife.com/ iTunes/Apple Podcasts https://youtu.be/RV9E_WGB748  

Mar 2018

1 hr 5 min

Garbled Twistory is a retelling of common history in the most unconventional style. What The Show is Doing Right Lots of creativity making the show very unique Audio quality is not bad (mixing issues) What The Show Might Consider Doing Moving Forward S...

Dec 2017

38 min 53 sec

Description: Join host Sean Perrin as he discusses “all that’s new and neat with clarinet, with the neatest people in the industry” on the world’s most popular clarinet podcast. Past guests include distinguished artists such as Martin Fröst, Michael Lowenstern, and Lori Freedman, and product manufacturers such as Legere Reeds, Backun Musical Services, and Royal Musical Instruments. Check out the website at www.clarineat.com and be sure to subscribe to our email newsletter for a chance to win giveaways. What is Working I love the beginning of the show. There was a great tease and the housekeeping was quick The advertisement was quick and to the point and the music behind it was fine. I like that you gave a shout out to the latest patron Good follow questions Nice about page on your website The shopping cart was smooth and looks nice. It sounded more like a conversation than an interrogation.   What Needs Work The intro music was a little long The biggest issue is your guests audio, and you don' have much control over that. You ask the question, and then you frame it. It's better to frame it and then end with the question The menu area at the top of the website was annoying. Be sure to keep the newbies in the loop Check out Clarineat Website: www.clarineat.com Subscribe in iTunes Subscribe in Android Check it out https://www.clarineat.com/  

Dec 2017

1 hr 6 min

Description: Podcast Junkies was born out of a genuine interest in and curiosity for this growing league of podcast hosts. It's hosted by Harry Duran. It features wide-ranging, authentic and sometimes candid interviews with this family of voices behind... Description:Podcast Junkies was born out of a genuine interest in and curiosity for this growing league of podcast hosts. It's hosted by Harry Duran. It features wide-ranging, authentic and sometimes candid interviews with this family of voices behind the microphone. The shows themselves cover a variety of topics such as Business, Finance Entrepreneurism, History, Comedy, Storytelling and more. Podcast Junkies explores the motivations behind the podcast's inception and allows the listener to connect on a more personal level with some of their favorite hosts Websitewww.podcastjunkies.com What Podcast Junkies is Doing Right Great clip at the beginning to make the audience curious You get right into the interview and questions You LISTEN to your guest and ask great follow up questions Get your audience telling stories Nice job teasing the next episode Good job of introducing topics while keeping the story going Easy to use website. What Podcast Junkies Might Work On The beginning of the show had a weird chit chat about the hassles of scheduling. A long music outro at the end. Join us on FB – If you want people to subscribe, make that your CTA Maybe add a little about you to the about page, and a little about the show Check Out Podcast Junkies Website iTunes Stitcher   https://youtu.be/2UR2wf9WJU8

Nov 2017

56 min 30 sec

Do you need directions to a solid financial future? If so, The Money Answers Show with Jordan Goodman will provide you with a roadmap to making smart money decisions in every area of your personal finances. Join Jordan every Monday at 12 PM/PST 3 PM/EST for The Money Answers Show, on the VoiceAmerica Business Channel. Learn how and where to get the best deals on mortgages, cars, and insurance; find out the best ways to save for college and retirement, get out of debt, improve your credit rating, and save on your taxes. The Money Answers Show with Jordan Goodman will provide you with great tips on investment opportunities in real estate, stocks, annuities, and other investment vehicles. That’s The Money Answers Show with Jordan Goodman on the VoiceAmerica Business Channel, every Monday at 12 PM/PST. Find it at http://www.moneyanswers.com and in iTunes What We Liked About the Show You get right to the guest quickly Very comfortable as an interviewer. Solid journalist. The audio quality was fine. You did a great job of asking questions and letting the guest talk What You Might Consider Tweaking The first segment of the interview seemed a bit like a giant pitch for your guest Your podcast is a bit hard to find on the site, and you have text links, but those could be hard to find on a mobile device. Tell me about your history and how you got here” is like asking the guest to tell you their life story with no real direction. You know what your audience needs to know. Your guest doesn’t. Intro your guest and ask a question. While you do a great job of spotlighting the guest, I didn't get to hear about you at all. I would take the ad spots and use them for your products instead of promoting the competition Your phone system breaks up on a consistent basis. There is a lot of calls to action to call the show (and yet there is nobody calling). You might look into voicemail, and then set up a call. More information on The Money Answers Show Find out more about Jordan at his website http://www.moneyanswers.com as well as iTunes

Oct 2017

43 min 44 sec

Today we are joined by Dave the Producer and Juliette Miranda of the Unwritable Rant podcast. A great podcast featuring bourbon and great stories. Find the show at http://www.theunwritablerant.com/ as well as in iTunes What The Podcast Did Well Juliette did a phenomenal job describing the bourbon, and the stories were great. The nicknames you had for your characters and the way you described them really showed off your writing chops. The theater of the mind was in full effect and had both of us laughing out loud. It was like we were in a scene of a movie as you revealed all the action (especially in the second story). The audio quality is great, and you had nice pacing of the story. The web design had a very minimalist approach making it easy to find things. What Needed a bit of Tweaking Both Erik and Dave were a bit confused as the intro didn't really explain what the show was about and at first, we thought the show was about bourbon. Juliette slid into her first story so smoothly, and neither one of us picked up on the fact that she was starting her story. The website is a little confusing as you have two websites that bounce back and forth between the two. You might be losing some “Google Juice” by embedding a page with all your shows. Instead, why not write some notes as a blog post and put the podcast player on the post. It might bring more traffic to your site. The call to action mentioned other stations, but if the goal of the podcast is to promote Juliette's books, it didn't do that very well. You might want to step back and consider what is the goal of the podcast and focus your call to action on that. You can do things like have all your subscription buttons on one page, and all the ways to contact you on one page (and then promote the site) Your delivery was a bit like a casual reading of an author at a store. It was still being read but sounded very practiced. You sounded very close to being “off the top of your head.” If you're going to read, then announce it, and if you're not then maybe not practice so much so that it sounds more like a play performance than a friend telling a story. Check out Their Show https://youtu.be/xqH66yIkVEA http://www.theunwritablerant.com/ as well as in iTunes

Sep 2017

54 min 29 sec

Today we have Logan Anderson from the Say the Damn Score Podcast. His description is, “Say the Damn Score: An unprofessional podcast on professional sportscasting.” you can find it at www.saythedamnscore.com Here is what we liked About the Show The intro helped shape the atmosphere and branding of the show (a fun, edgy podcast) You got to the guest in less than 1 minute. The volume levels were good. The website has a clean and easy to navigate. The interview was great Logan did a TON of homework for his interview and it showed He asked great questions, and because he paid attention to his guest, great follow-up questions. What Might Need Some Tweaking His link to iTunes on his website started with “itpc://” which works, but you don't get credit for the subscribers (add your iTunes link in PowerPress under the destinations tab). Erik enjoyed the somewhat sarcastic opening but thought that spirit got a little lost and would advise “putting a little more smile” into his voice at times. At the beginning of the show, you might consider explaining what the show is, “Welcome to the Say the Damn Score show where we _____ for (typical audience).  The average user can figure out it's a sports show but we should identify if we are talking about teams, leagues, etc. Instead of having multiple calls to action (iTunes, email, etc) put those items on a single page so you can give one call to action. Make the about page a little more outward focuses on what the show is about, how you're going to benefit, and who it's for. Check out Say the Damn Score Podcast Website: www.saythedamnscorepodcast.com Subscribe in iTunes Listen   Find Erik at www.podcasttalentcoach.com Find Dave at www.schoolofpodcasting.com This podcast is part of the Power of Podcasting Network The post Say the Damn Score appeared first on Podcast Review Show - Get Your Podcast Reviewed.

Jul 2017

43 min 45 sec

The Fish Nerds podcast has a tagline, “Best fishing podcast that is always interesting, usually funny & mostly true.” This week Clay comes on to has us put the Fish Nerds Show under the microscope. Here is What We Liked Great branding. Everything seems well coordinated between the website and the podcast. You instantly know that you take fishing seriously, but not so much yourself (and this show is going to be fun). Hugo's cooking segments were “Super Real” and we loved the quality from a field reporter. The “Take one for the team” mention of mercury in the fish was humorous. Clay does a great job of sending people to his Facebook Group to keep the conversation going. Loved that his guest was someone he didn't agree with and brought him on to have a dialogue. You got to the content quickly. Some Thing That Need Polishing A couple of dead links on the website If Hugo could paint a picture a bit more with his words Clay refers to “We” when it's really only him. He has to be careful to not make sponsors sound like “the bad guys.” You might want to change the word “Blog” to podcast (or make two categories and have both) You might consider getting some swag made at Tee Spring as you have great quotes from your show that could make great swag There were a couple of Facebook pings during the recording. At times the volume was a little unbalanced (check out www.auphonic.com) Don't forget about the new people (or people outside the US) to explain the details. Check out the Fish Nerds Website is www.fishnerds.com Check out them out on iTunes and Sticher

Jul 2017

1 hr 18 min

Today Dave and Erik take a listen to a Time For Horses hosted by Abby Nemec What She is Doing Correctly You did a good job of explaining what these were and who would like them. Solid intro – great details in the stories Interesting mix of facts and op...

Mar 2017

1 hr 7 min

Toastmasters 101 is a podcast for those people looking to know more about Toastmasters. Think if it is a beginning course for toastmasters. Kim Krajci, is the host and she also does the onthetablepodcasts.com (which for more advanced toastmasters) Here are the things we liked I like that what you’re reading is not in the show notes. Liked real life example of leaning on one arm I like that you showed your own struggles Love the actionable items, like “take the role of the toastmaster of a meeting” Love the production, gavel tap & “meeting adjourned” I like the light heated Tease Some Things That Need Tweaked There is nothing wrong with reading your podcast unless it sounds like you're reading. Most of the time you can't tell, but you had a few glitches. Where can I contact you or find more info? Where do I go from here? What if I am not in a Toastmasters group? You mentioned the manual. Yet I can’t find a link to it. Maybe change subscribe on spreaker to subscribe on Android. Click Play to Hear Toastmasters 101   Subscribe to Toastmasters 101 Subscribe in iTunes Subscribe on Android Find Kim at www.toastmasters101.net Find Erik at www.podcasttalentcoach.com Find Dave at www.schoolofpodcasting.com

Dec 2016

50 min 6 sec

This week we look at This is Rammy a podcast that  is here to keep you informed and entertained about news and events in and around Ramsbottom, that’s the one line description right there. Lee is a super nice guy. Here Is What We Liked Good audio, and the website is nice and clean. We loved the hyper local focus. Lee could become THE source for local news. Lee shared some short stories about what was going on with this life. We both felt like he was talking directly to us. He put the personal stuff at the end for the die-hard fans. He did a good job of “Shouting out” his audience The events section is a great resouece Things He Could Tweak He was a little stiff (announcer-ish) at the beginning. We both thought he should invest in some stickers to promote the show. It's a touch call because he doesn't need to state the obvious, but there may be people listening that need those details. We both would've appreciated a way to help the person who had the fire Maybe give a little more details on the owner of the restaurant (again, hard to balance) Promote your website address a bit more to help drive people to your website. Maybe give bonus content to the email list. Check Out This is Rammy www.thisisrammy.co.uk   Subscribe in iTunes Subscribe on Android Mentioned in This Show Music Radio Creatve Podcast Talent Coach School of Podcasting Get Your Show Reviewed

Nov 2016

1 hr

Today Eric and Dave review 3H2 Humans which according to their website a 3Hs Human is: The name 3H2 HUMANS is a shorthand, mathematical way to express 3H x 2 = 6H. Hungry Horse Humans, Health Happiness Humble are the 6 H’s. In plain English,

Sep 2016

1 hr 21 min

Punched up is a podcast by Michael Malone and this is not your typical comedian interview show. Mark takes the stories that are only heard in the “Green room” backstage at comedy clubs and brings them to life in a well produced format similar to a style you might hear at NPR. The Good Things This show is so well edited, and produced. We liked the quick into and how he got right into the story The website has a simple/clean design, and the occasional colors make things stand out. There are lots of opportunities to subscribe on every episode. Things That Could Use a Tweaking In the event someone downloads your episode (which Mark had turned off) you are missing the ID3 tag for the image. Eric thought the music at times should be used more as a transition, not to be used to set the mood (there are times when that works, and other times when it becomes distracting). Be more specific with your call to action. If you want tweets, give your Twitter handle, make it easy to subscribe. Mark is using Feedburner, which was a good idea in 2006. It does occasionally stall, and its not needed (it causes some issues every now and then). Punched Up Links www.PunchedUpPodcast.com iTunes

Jul 2016

48 min 35 sec

Today we talk with Bruce from the Germ Free Zone. Bruce has done something no other podcaster has done. He has brought Dave and Erik in before he even launched his show. He wanted feedback before he gets into iTunes. Here is what we found: Good Stuff: Bruce has a great intro, his kids are cute, and his passion is obvious. Bruce has great fats, and great personal stories that really sucked you in. Things That Could Be Improved: His use of music throughout the episode became distracting. He needs to get his kids to slow down when they read. Work on the layout of the show. It might make better as a shorter show with a great tease about the next show. A little focus on the germ free zone, and the membership site, and the complaint form. Bruce's show will be coming soon

Apr 2016

1 hr 4 min

Today Dave and Eric take a look at the VR Workforce Studio. Here are the things we feel are working: Like the highlight intro and creative intro. It got our attention, had a certain “what’s coming next” with the changing voices. Nice job getting guests to tell stories. Very descriptive in Rick’s intro, and we knew what to expect. “Tell us about the view from the passenger seat” great question Great pace, and you keep things moving. Here are some things we feel could be improved: You introduced George's story, got me teased in and then went to the other guest. Music in middle of George’s answer was a little distracting. Music between George and Mary sounded like we were going into another story Your headline, “George Dennehy and his rise to stardom as a guitarist and singer” has no mention that he has no arms Dave felt a little lost going to Mary's story and then back to George. At time some radio cliche's snuck in. Click The Player to listen to the VR Workforce Studio Podcast   Subscribe via iTunes Subscribe via Android

Mar 2016

50 min 4 sec

Today we look at Joe’s US Daily History Lesson. You can find it at http://joesdailyushistorylesson.com/ Great Stuff Keep Doing This: This content is solid. I like the way it includes a variety of topics from landmarks to business to sports.

Feb 2016

54 min 57 sec

Doug Salamone aims to bring interesting stories and interviews with points of view from a different mindset on his Mind Drippings show. The world needs innovative, artistic, entrepreneurial disruption to develop and evolve. Today Eric and Dave go over his episode, his audio, and his website. Here is what we found: What is Working The intro was nicely produced and made a great first impression. It sets the stage and let's people know what to expect. He made some really good points, and worked in some stories to help make points The website has a clean interface The podcast feels like a discussion rather than a question/answer session. Great logo What Could Be Tweaked Doug could work on starting out the show by introducing his guest and really explaining who the person is, what they bring to the table, and why they are on the show. Then the first question could push the conversation in the direction Doug is looking to go. At time his transitions from topic to topic was a bit choppy. There is no reason to announce that you are changing topics (just change topics). There are no ID3 tags in his mp3 file. While the mp3 file will still download the file, you can look like a hack when  someone listens in certain programs. You image is set to a resolution that can't be viewed by web browsers. Change the image to 90 DPI, and I would resize it (it's currently thousands of pixles). The paragraphs above the subscribe buttons didn't quite fit. There were two “About” pages, it might make more sense to combine these with the top section being about the show, and a second paragraph about the host. Great discussion of the history of work and the possible future. It might've been nicer to have more useful info that listeners can put to work today Dave felt that the show could've used a bit more editing to get rid of what he felt was “excessive” ums. If the goal of the show is to build your email list, you might want to add incentives to get people to sign up. Check out MinddrippingsListen in iTunes, Stitcher, or on Android

Jan 2016

56 min 29 sec