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Rich Lombino

Explores topics for maintaining good mental health through expanding your knowledge, developing insight and creating and sustaining behavior change, with the goal of improving the quality of your personal and professional lives. Visit to learn more about host Rich Lombino, Therapist & Lawyer, including his counseling practice, how to contact him and connect on social media, and read his blog and e-books to learn about other topics.

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Therapist and author Hope Kelaher (”The Friendship Therapist”) and host Rich Lombino explore opportunities and strategies for making and maintaining friendships in adulthood to build a more rewarding and happier life.

Mar 24

27 min 13 sec

Social Worker Polly Jansen and host Rich Lombino discuss how to keep and promote positivity in all of our lives during challenging times

Mar 6

18 min 18 sec

Lawyer John Rafferty and host Rich Lombino discuss legal rights and emotional support for survivors of sexual abuse

Feb 27

41 min 59 sec

Learn how to provide support to those you care about having a difficult time with their mental health

Jan 24

9 min 35 sec

Learn some strategies for managing your alcohol use, whether it’s New Years Eve or any time alcohol will be a part of your day.

Dec 2020

3 min 26 sec

Understanding the causes, symptoms, treatment and recovery from depression

Nov 2020

6 min 14 sec

Exploring whether divorce is or is not the right decision for a couple

Oct 2020

6 min 8 sec

Journaling is a concrete tool that can be used as a coping skill to help better manage your mental health

Sep 2020

6 min 56 sec

Learn ways to restore intimacy in your relationship

Aug 2020

5 min 18 sec

Learn how music can be a coping skill to help improve your mood and increase resiliency

May 2020

4 min 29 sec

Explore strategies and coping skills that could be helpful to manage your emotions during this challenging time

May 2020

9 min 29 sec

Career journey from lawyer to nonprofit director to therapist so you can see where his perspective on the episode topics is inspired by and comes from.

May 2020

2 min 32 sec