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The Inside Education and Society podcast invites guests from all over the world to share their experiences and knowledge of education. Also, we focus on how education and society interact with each other in different scenarios.

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After the massive protest against the national security law. The Hong Kong government has announced a reform of the education guideline including the subject of liberal studies. In this episode, we're joined by Lily Li, a Chinese and Mandarin teacher in Hong Kong. She's going to share her opinion as an educator on how politics can influence the education environment. - For further information about us, you can check out the following websites: The Inside Education and Society podcast on Twitter and Facebook. The Sonar Diplomacy: Yen-Chen’s personal website: (Music: «A New Beginning» from

Jul 3

29 min 8 sec

In the sixth episode, we’re joined by Dr.Immanuel Darkwa from Trinity College, Dublin. From his experience studying abroad and working in the industry, Dr.Darkwa started a project on the field of "Global experiential learning" which involved Irish and Tanzanian students. In our conversation with Dr.Darkwa, he shared how this project could have the students create a social impact on the local community through learning. And as well the difficulties they've encountered through the process. For further information about us, you can check out the following websites: The Inside Education and Society podcast on Twitter and Facebook. The Sonar Diplomacy: Yen-Chen’s personal website: (Music: «A New Beginning» from

Jun 10

30 min 58 sec

In this episode, we’re joined by Katrina Murdoch who recently graduated from SOAS, University of London. She studied development economics and we’re discussing female education from this perspective with her. In the conversation, Katrina shared some examples and causes of gender inequalities in terms of education. And we also talked about some possible actions that we could take to improve these situations. For further information: The start-up Katrina is helping found is called Barter. You can follow them on Instagram or Facebook. Also, follow the inside education and society podcast on Twitter and Facebook. Yen-Chen’s personal website: The Sonar Diplomacy: (Music: «A New Beginning» from

Apr 9

22 min 52 sec

Traditionally when we think about education, we imagine children following a strict curriculum which is usually established by adults. In this scenario, children often have a minimal role in deciding what or how they learn. Democratic education seeks to resolve this by emphasizing the freedom of children to chose their own path through education. In this episode, we will discuss what democratic education is and how it could affect society with Bruno Gioia Sandler. - Music: «A New Beginning» from

Mar 3

25 min 38 sec

In this episode, we are joined by Benedikt Gottshclich from Tübingen University. While discussing the current state of German education, we will also focus on Benedikt's research into the benefits of contextualizing science education. Physics is often rated as the most poorly taught and least popular science discipline in schools. Benedikt and his colleagues believe that by contextualizing the often abstract ideas and principles found in physics, students can gain a better understanding of the subject. Furthermore, we will also discuss the differences among genders in terms of academic performance, what might cause them, and how they could be resolved. Music: «A New Beginning» from

Jan 24

28 min 34 sec

In our second episode, we are joined by Nguyễn Hà My from Vietnam. In the past twenty years, Vietnam has opened up to the world, giving Vietnamese students more opportunities to study abroad. By focusing on the Erasmus + program, we will examine how these new opportunities have influenced Vietnamese society and some of the problems they pose for students. We will also discuss whether such programs have a purely educational role or they serve an additional role in cultural diplomacy as well. Music: «A New Beginning» from

Jan 12

42 min 46 sec

Many people have heard of Finland's well-known education system. It is considered an ideal model, of which children perform well on standardized tests, such as PISA, while it does not overemphasize these performances. But few people really know about what Finnish education is like. Also, people might have some misconceptions about it. In this episode, Joona shares his experiences of Finnish education with us, which includes the school systems in Finland, and how teachers play an important role in it. Music: «A New Beginning» from

Dec 2020

33 min 12 sec