Ceol FM Podcast

Darragh Ó Héiligh

The Ceol FM podcast features recordings from sessions and festivals around the country. Always with the musicians permission and always respectful of the music. The aim of these podcasts is to try to give you a sense of what these sessions and festivals have to offer.

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For many of us, it was the first festival for traditional Irish music lovers in two years and the Ennis trad FEst lived up to our expectations.   Back to back sessions, album launches and massive concerts.  In this podcast, I'm going to give you a quick run around Ennis. Turn the volume up, sit back and imagine what it was like to be there.  Now book your accomidation for next year! My sincere thanks to every committee member who made this happen.   Every year you surpass yourselves.  

Nov 17

22 min 12 sec

Scoil Acla is an annual festival where top class tutors teach at group classes for five days and sessions run well into the night.  This podcast will give you a sense of what it's like to be there. 

Jul 2018

17 min 41 sec

For over fifteen years now I have spent time each June visiting sessions all over Ireland. There's nothing quite like sitting in the middle of a group of lovely musicians listening and playing music that you may not have heard in some time. IN June 2018, I visited Carlow, Ennis, Cork and Doolin. The music you hear was recordd with the permission of the musicians. I am very grateful for their willingness to appear on this podcast. 

Jun 2018

2 hr 11 min